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The "Sarmatian" was built by R.Steele & Co of Greenock, Scotland in 1871 for the Allan Line. She was a 3647 gross ton vessel, length 370.9ft x beam 42.2ft, one funnel, three masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 13 knots. She had accommodation for 100-1st, and 850-3rd class passengers. Launched on March 7, 1871, she sailed from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to Quebec and Montreal on August 8, 1871. In 1874 she was chartered as a troopship for the Ashanti Expedition and on January 3, 1889 commenced her last voyage from Liverpool to Halifax and Portland. On June 21,1889 she transferred to the Glasgow - Quebec - Montreal service until 1903. [In 1900 her passenger accommodation was altered to 2nd and 3rd class only.] On June 3, 1903 she commenced running from Glasgow to Boston and on April 22, 1904 commenced the London - Quebec - Montreal run. On July 20, 1907 she left Boston on her last voyage to Glasgow and in 1908 was scrapped at Rotterdam. [Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Ted Finch - 12 September 1997]

The Sarmatian, of the Allan Line, built in 1871, was large and very comfortable. The Sarmatian appears October 22, 1871 carrying emigrants to Canada and this may have been her maiden voyage. She was removed from service in 1908.- [E-Mail from Marj Kohli - 10 Mar 1998].

Allan Line - years of service 1874-1908 - built at Clyde, Steele shipyard. 3650 tons, 371 x 42 ft. 1 funnel, 3 masts twin engines, 13 knots troop carrying during Ashanti War 1874. original accomodation 120 saloon, later had 200 first, 75 second, 850 steerage. ref; Gibbs, Passenger.Liners of the Western Ocean. "...the earliest straight-stemmed Allan steamer, began a much improved series." [Posted to The ShipsList by Paul Petersen - 18 March 1998]

I also have a document published by the Allan Line in 1880s and it states: "The Sarmatian, a favourite steamer of the Line, was the vessel selected for conveyance of H.R.H. Princess Louise and the Marquis of Lorne to Canada, in November, 1878, on His Excellency assuming the post of Governor General of Canada." --it goes on about that and then -- "The sleeping apartment of the Marchioness of Lorne is fitted up most elegantly in the French style, and her sitting-room, immediately adjoining, is a perfect model of refinement and exquisite taste, the panels being richly upholstered in crimson satin. A heating apparatus has been fitted up between the two apartments, and there is a bath-room immediately adjoining." [Posted to The ShipsList by Marj Kohli - 19 Mar 1998]

Code letters:  KNBW                    Official Number:  63844
Rigging:  iron single screw Bark
Tonnage:  3,647 tons gross, 3,611 under deck and 2,160 net
Dimensions: 370.9 feet long, 42.7 foot beam and holds 35.6 feet deep
Construction:  1871, R. Steele & Co. in Greenock
Propulsion:  compound engine with 4 cylinders of 41 & 86 inches diameter each pair;
                     stroke 48 inches; 600 horsepower; engine built by MacNab & Co. in Greenock
Owners: J. &  A. Allan
Port of registry:  Glasgow