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This is a picture of John Caleb Vincent one of the Ohio Vincents who developed the Vincent Rifle.
A picture of one of the rifles is at the bottom of this page.(click on it to enlarge)
The article was written by a descendant Alice Laflin Mitchell.
It is not know where this article appeared.


John Dillon Vincent, son of William Vincent, Sr. , married Elizabeth Dustin in 1832
and lived at the home farm east of Vincent Station.
He worked as a cabinet maker until he learned the gun-smithing trade from Arran Ford.
His account book, now in the possession of the Ohio Historical Society,
shows that Edward Lawton paid $7.00 for a gun in 1852.
The prices increased with the years and now Vincent rifles are collectors’ items.
His children were Mary (1833-1926) married James Arthur Bridges and lived in Iowa;
John “Caleb” (1841-1918) married Rose Bartlett, daughter of the Reverend John G. And Mary (nee: Parker) Bartlett.

My grandfather, John “Caleb” Vincent continued the gun making business
as well as being “Mr. Fix It” for the village as his father had been.
His children were
1. Herman “Lyle” (1867-1887),
2. Arkley Bartlett (1869-1938) married Madge Tuttle in 1893 and had Margaret Salety and Lyle “Dustin”.
3. Greta (1872-1938) married James Harley Laflin.

My parents, Greta and James Laflin were married in 1899
and had two children.
1. John Vincent who married Ruth Hutchison in 1932.
Their children are Margaret Ruth, James Winan, and
John Hutchison who married in 1956 in New Jersey and lives in McLean, Va.
(NOTE: Marriage didn't last and they had no children)
Margaret Ruth married Robert McWhirter in 1956.
Their children are
Robert Steven and Staci Ruth.
2. I (Alice) married Oscar William Mitchell in 1931.
Our two children are William Vincent who married Rosemarie Christy in 1960 in Pennsylvania.
Their children are David Robert, Elizabeth Ann and Michael William.

Little has been said of Elizabeth Earle, the wife of William Vincent, Sr.
If her birth certificate could be located, her ancestral line would go back to the early settlers of RI.
And the pilgrims of Massachusetts.
She lived with my great grandfather, John, after the death of her husband and
the story of her life has been passed on to me in written form.
She was the daughter of David and Abigail (nee:Lawton) Earle ...
One of the younger ones of a large family.
Seven of her eight brothers were sea captains and she remembered her mother and father
walking the floor in anguish over the fate of one of their sons who was a prisoner on one of General Howe’s
prison ships during the Revolutionary War.
She also remembered the signing of the Declaration Of Independence.

I have a picture of one of her brothers, Caleb, who commanded a privateer vessel before the Revolutionary War.
The corners of the picture were trimmed so that it would fit in a sea chest on its way to Ohio.
After leaving RI. Elizabeth never saw but one of her father’s family.
That one, was Benjamin Gorham, a son of her sister, Sarah who came to Washington county.

It is believed that William Vincent Sr. was the son of
Caleb and Abigail (nee:Smith)Vincent of Providence,RI.
[NB: my research indicates this is correct.]

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This is a link to a web site where you can order a kit to make a replica of the Vincent Rifle.



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