Capt. Zachary and Elizabeth Heard Meriwether Bible

Bible Records of Capt. Zachary Meriwether [TMSI #4764]

          Bible of Capt. Zachary and Elizabeth Heard Meriwether
Page 1 Marriages  
Zachary Meriwether was married to Betsey Heard on Sunday the 20th of October 1805
John Abner Meriwether and Candis Parham were married Dec. 15 1892
Dora Meriwether was born Oct. 13 1893
Abner Meriwether departed this life 10 July 1899
John B. Richardson and Elizzibeth C. Meriwether were married Aug. 3, 1984
Robert Glen Richardson was born April 28th 1895
Annie Lois Richardson was born Dec. 22, 1897
John Dewey Richardson was born March 5, 1900
Mr. W. I. Meriwether was married to Miss Fannie Mae Mallown on the 20th of Nov 1904
Burton T. Hyche and Janie E. Meriwether was married May 2 1909
Page 2 Births  
Zachary Meriwether was born on Monday the 6th of Nov 1775
Betsey Meriwether his wife was born the 16th of February 1787
The Births and Names of the Sons & Daughters of Zachary & Betsey Meriwether
Carr Meriwether was born Sunday 14th Sept 1806
Jane Meriwether was born on Friday 29th of April 1808
James  Heard Meriwether was born 22nd of February 1810
Louisiana Meriwether was born the 20th Febry 1812
Zachary Lewis Meriwether was born Wednesday the 29th of June 1814
John Armstrong Meriwether was born Wednesday 6th of Nov 1816
Emily Meriwether was born Monday the 8th of February 1819
Betsey Meriwether was born Monday 8th of Jany 1821
Charles Meriwether was born Saturday 21st of December 1822
George Washington Meriwether was born Wednesday 25th of January 1826
Robert Isaac Meriwether was born Wednesday the 13th of August 1828
Page 3 Births  
Robert Isaac Meriwether & Martha Esther Cochran was married on Wednesday 28th of May 1867
Robert Isaac Meriwether departed this life Feb 12 1884
Robert Isaac Meriwether departed this life Feb the 12, 1884
Martha Esther Cochran departed this life July 22, 1911
John Belton Richardson departed this life Oct 12th 1916 age 55 years 9 months 9 days
John Abner Meriwether was born 8 of April 1868
Elizabeth Clementine Meriwether was born Friday 24th of March 1871
William Isaac Meriwether was born Wednesday 15th of January 1873
Martha Louisa Meriwether was born Oct 4th 1875 and departed this life Oct 25, 1879 age four years and 21 days
Jane Emma Meriwether was born the  ____ of Feb 1882
Page 4 Deaths  
The infant girl the twin with Emily departed this life the first day of March 1819 age twenty one days
John Armstrong Meriwether departed this life the 12 Sept 1843
John A. Meriwether age was 25 years 11 months & 14 days
Charles Meriwether died the 27 September 1847
Charles Meriwether was 24 years 11 months & 24 days
George W. Meriwether died the 31 July 1851
George W. Meriwether was 24 years 7 months old
Zachary Lewis Meriwether departed this life the 15 of November 1861  His age 47 years 4 months and 17 days
Zachary Meriwether departed this life the 5th of Nov 1861  85 years 11 months and 29 days
Carr Meriwether departed this life on Thursday 11 of Nov 1869
Page 5 Additional data listed on the New Testament tile page.  
Esther Elizabeth Richardson was born Jan 11 1903
Janie B. Richardson was born June 2, 1906
Amie Estelle Richardson was born Oct. 22, 1909
Mary Olivia Richardson was born Nov 13 1913
Walter Clifford Richardson was born Oct 25 1914
William Earl Cochran was born April 9 1920
This bible record is taken from the Bible that belonged to Capt. Zachary Meriwether and his wife, Elizabeth Heard. Zachary was the son of Capt. John Meriwether and Esther McGehee of Virginia and Abbeville Dist., SC. The bible was published in 1829 by H. & E. Phinney in Cooperstown, New York.
Location of original bible is unknown.
Transcription published in "Family Bible Records" by Old Ninety-Six District Chapter, South Carolina Genealogical Society, 1992

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