Family Bible of James Bradley Meriwether [TMSI #3077] and Lucy Ann Sophia Taliaferro. 

These records were copied from a typed record, not the original handwritten Bible pages, found in the Alabama Archives, Alabama Bible Records, Microfilm #0835114. At the time it was filmed, the records were in the possession of Mrs. Cornelia Meriwether, Mathews Station, Ala., year not recorded. Some discrepencies have been found between these records and another Bible record in possession of another branch of this family.


James B. Meriwether was born January 12th 1806

Lucy A. S. Meriwether was born Jan 16th 1814

Mary Sophia Meriwether was born August 6th 1831

Elizabeth L. Meriwether was born June 4th 1833

Rebecca M. Meriwether was born May 9th 1835

Nicholas J. Meriwether was born Feb 4th 1837

James B. Meriwether was born Apr 16th 1839

Sally Marie M. Meriwether was born March 27th 1841

William B. S. Gilmer Meriwether was born January 10th 1843

Valentine Ham Meriwether was born Jan 17th 1845

Lucie Mildred Meriwether the daughter of James B. & L. A. S. Meriwether was born July the 12th A.D. 1847

John Lucius di Yampert Meriwether was born on Thursday Nov 29th 1849

Warren T. Meriwether was born on Saturday Dec 18th 1852

Lucy Taliaferro Meriwether May 2, 1878

Herman Mathews Meriwether Oct 30, 1880

Caroline Burgin Meriwether Mar. 30, 1886

Cornelia Woodward Meriwether Mar 16, 1891

Warren Levi Meriwether Oct. 17, 1916

Frances Lucille Meriwether Mar 13, 1918

Mary Elizabeth Meriwether April 25, 1919

Nellie Mathews Meriwether Oct 30, 1921

__llie Warren Meriwether March 22, 1922

James Bradley de Yampert the son of Epaminondas & Elizabeth de Yampert was born Tuesday July 8th 1851

L.  Z. C de Yampert was born on Thursday March 18th 1853

Rebecca J. de Yampert was born Friday Sept 31st 1855

Lucy Roberta Meriwether born Dec 27, 1868

Mary Rosa Taylor was born Saturday the 19th of Feb 1853

Zachary Taliaferro Taylor was born Jan 1st 1855

David Taylor was born Jan 26th 1857

Lucy Marie Dansby born Oct 17, 1878.

Lucy Marie Dansby died June 8th 1879.

Esmonde Mathews Meriwether May 18, 1923

Josephine Caroline Meriwether Jan. 1, 1924

William Burgen Meriwether Dec. 18, 1924

Maregrette Eugene Meriwether Feb. 22, 1926

Susie Dansby, daughter of Gussie & Charles Dansby born Apr 11, 1890

Nicholas Lewis Merriwether was born 17 day of Jany 1782

Mary Merriwether his wife was born 25th Oct 1789

James Bradley Merriwether Ist son of Nicholas L & Mary Merriwether was born 12th Jany 1806

Francis David Merriwether 2nd son of same couple was born 7th Feby 1808

Nicholas Merriwether 3rd son of same couple was born 5th Feby 1810

Thomas Merriwether 4th son of the same couple was born 15th March 1812

George Mathews Merriwether 5th son of same couple was born 15th June1814

Charles Lewis Mathews Merriwether 6th son of same couple was born 11th Augt 1816

Nicholas Merriwether 7th son of same couple was born 11th March 1819

William Lucius Meriwether 8th son of same couple was born 7th October 1825

William Lucius Merriwether 8th son of N L and Mary Merriwether died Oct 23rd 1900 about 2 A.M.

Father of N L Merriwether Francis Merriwether was born in Va. Oct 31, 1737

Martha Jameson wife of Francis Merriwether was born 13th June 1743

Mattie Sue Merriwether daughter of T. G. & E. T. Merriwether was born Oct 30th 1874

George Pierce Merriwether son of Thomas G. & Edna T. Merriwether was born Jan 14th 1882



James B. Meriwether and Lucy A. S. Taliaferro were married the 30th Sept 1830

Epaminondas de Yampert and Elizabeth Meriwether were married the 1st of May 1850

Zachary T. Taylor and Mary S. Meriwether were married the 29th of April 1852

N. F. Meriwether Jr. & A. E. Green married Dec. 22nd 1857

W. B. S. G. Meriwether & M. A. Mathews were married the 22 Dec. 1864

Valentine H. Meriwether & Susan E. Powell were married Nov 8th 1865

Jacob V. Dansby and Rebecca M. Meriwether married December 19, 1877

Warren Taliaferro Meriwether and Cornelia Mathews Jan. 19, 1876

Herman M. Meriwether and Josephine Cooper Dec. 14, 1915

Esmonde Meriwether and Cornelia W. Meriwether Mar 20, 1921

Nicholas L. Merriwether & Mayr DeYampert was married March the 14th 1805

James B. Meriwether and Lucy A. S. Taliaferro was married the 30th of September 1830

Thomas Merriwether and Elizabeth M. Baldwin were married on the 19th of April 1838

Nicholas L. Merriwether & Eliza Yeomanz was married by Rev. Charles Stillwell December 30, 1838

Thomas G. Merriwether & Edna T. Pierce were married by the Rev. Jr. J. H. Johnson Nov 5th 1873



James Bradley Meriwether died Aug 16th, 1868.

Lucy A. S. Meriwether died Aug. 29th, 1877.

Sallie Marie Meriwether died Dec. 30th 1866

William B. S. G. Meriwether died Dec. 2nd 1867

Nicholas Francis Meriwether did Oct 27, 1873

Elizabeth Lewis de Yampert died Dec. 1876

Rebecca Marks Dansby died Dec. 1878

Lucie Marie Dansby died June 8th 1879

Valentine Ham Meriwether died 1880

Susie Ella Powell, wife of Valentine H. Meriwether, died Dec. 27th, 1893.

J. L. Meriwether died Jan 2nd 1905

Johnnie Y. Adams died Nov. 1st 1906

Warren Taliaferro Meriwether died Jan 30th 1908

James Bradley Meriwether Jr. died Apr 17, 1914

Lewis Hartwell Meriwether son of Nicholas F. Meriwether & Anna Eugenia Meriwether died Apr 19, 1914

Lucy M. Meriwether died Jan 12, 1919

Maregrette Eugene Meriwether died Oct 13, 1926. The daughter of Herman and Josephine.

Francis Merriwether Father N. L. Merriwether died January 3rd 1803

Martha Merriwether mother of N. L. Merriwether died the 29th of May 1818

Nicholas Merriwether the son of Nicholas L. and Mary Merriwether died the 23rd August 1818

Francis D. Merriwether the son of Nicholas L and Mary Merriwether died the 9th day of December 1833

Mary Merriwether the wife of Nicholas L. Merriwether died on the 10th of May 1838

Nicholas L. Merriwether ninth child of Francis and Martha Merriwether died on the 27th September A. D. 1863. Aged 81 years 8 months and 10 days.

George Pierce Merriwether son of Thomas G. & Edna Merriwether died 3 o’clock P. M. Aug 10th 1882.



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