Bible Records of John Cochran and his wife, Elizabeth Lumsden McGehee

Bible Records of John Cochran and his wife, Elizabeth Lumsden McGehee,
daughter of Dabney O. McGehee and Esther Meriwether. 

  New testament published by H & E Phinney in 1835, Cooperstown, New York.

            Page 1 Births

            John Cochran & Elizabeth L. McGehee children

            Martha Esther Cochran was born February 20th 1843
            William McGehee Cochran was born August 11, 1845
            John Walter Cochran was born July 8th 1848
            James Edward Cochran was born January 24th 1851
            Hazel Estell Cochran was born Nov 11, 1903
            (Note from Nancy Grisham says "Hazel is a child of James Edward Cochran and Willie McCracken Colvin.)

            Hyche - Ruth, Clara, Janie May, Woodrow, Fred Sarah

            James Edward Cochran and Willie M. Colvin were married Jan 12, 1881
            Willie M. Colvin was born August 10th 1862
            Their Children:
            Janie Ella Cochran was born January 9th 1882
            Mabel Elizabeth Cochran was born January 7th 1884
            Clifford Cochran was born Dec 14th 1886
            Annie Mat Cochran was born July 4th 1891
            Thomas Colvin Cochran was born Feb 17th 1893
            Shack Cochran was born Sep 11th 1896
            Byrd Cochran was born Dec 7 1899 

            Page 2  Marriages

            John M. Yarborough and Frances E. Meriwether was married Oct 28th 1836
            John Cochran and Elizabeth L. McGehee was married November 9th 1841
            J. E. Cochran and Willie M. Colvin was married January 12th 1881
            J. W. Cochran and Jessie J. Hall was married May 11th, 1882
            Robert I. Meriwether was married to Martha E. Cochran May 28th 1867
            Their Children:
            John Abner Meriwether born April 8, 1868
            Elizabeth Clementine Meriwether born March 24, 1871
            William Isaac Meriwether born
            Janie Emma Meriwether born

            John Abner Meriwether married Candis Parham had one daughter, Dora
             Elizabeth Clementine Meriwether married John Belton Richardson, had seven children - Glen, Lois, Dewey, Esther, Janie B., Amie and Mary
            William Isaac married Fannie Malone, had 2 girls, Edna and Georgia
            Jane Emma married Burton N. Hyche had ??

            Page 3  Deaths

            John W. Yarborough, Jr. died on the 3rd day of August 1843 at 9 o'clock p.m., aged 2 years, 5 months and 13 days
            Thomas Shackleford Colvin died Dec. 3, 1927 at the age of 65. He was born May 9, 1858
            John Cochran died on the 18th day of April 1852 in the 43rd year of his age, was born 1809
            Elizabeth L. Cochran died on the 28th February 1878
            Annie Mat Cochran died Sept. 29, 1892
            James Edward Cochran departed this life Feby. 10, 1921
            Willie McColvin Cochran died Oct.

            Page 4  Births

John W. Yarborough was born March 1809
            Frances E. Yarborough (Meriwether) was born August 2, 1816
            Thomas Alfred Yarborough was born September 25th 1837
            Lucy Mary Yarborough was born 11th April 1839
            John Wesley Yarborough was born 21st Feb. 1841
            Catharine Sophronia Yarborough was born April 10th 1844

            John Abner Meriwether was born on Wednesday the 8th day of April 1868
            Lizzy Meriwether was born the 24 of May 1871 (Elizabeth Clementine Meriwether)

            Location of original bible is unknown.
            Transcription published in "Family Bible Records" by Old Ninety-Six District Chapter, South Carolina Genealogical Society 1992

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