Bible of Zachary Meriwether

Bible Records of John Henry Meriwether Family [TMSI #4781]

            Page 1 Births 
            Lewis Franklin Meriwether was born Saturday the 16 of December 1826 
            Charlot Matilda Meriwether was born on Thirsday the 1 of October 1829 
            Enoch Grigsby Meriwether was born on Wensday the 5 of June 1831 
            Elizabeth Jane Meriwether was born Thirsday the 23 of July 1834 
            John Henry Meriwether was born Wensday 25 of October 1836 
            Mary Lewis Meriwether was born on Saturday 3 of February 1839 
            Edward Armstrong Meriwether was born on Thirsday 17 of November 1842 
            Doritha Ann Meriwether was born on Tusday 8 April 1845 
            Zachary Herndon Meriwether was born Wendsay 26 January 1848 
            Elizabeth Jane Meriwether departed this life Oct. 15, 1845 at 5 o'clock in ma 
            Mary Lewis Meriwether departed this life 12 min after 3 o'clock Oct. 1, 1847 
            Page 2 Births 
            John Herndon Meriwether was born November the 4 1772 on Wednesday 
            Mary Lewis Meriwether was born October the 19 1781 
            John H. Meriwether, Jr. was born on Tusday 31 day of July 1804 
            Jane Meriwether, wife of J. H. Meriwether Jun was born Friday the 29 of April 1808 
            John H. Meriwether died Friday the 26 February 1847 
            Mary Lewis Meriwether died on Wensday the 13 of Mach 1844 
            Charlot Matilda Meriwether died on Sunday morning at 8 o'clock the 31 day of October 1847 
            John H. Meriwether departed this life on Wensday the 15 of September 1852 at 3 o'clock 
            John H. Meriwether died the 29 November 1862 
            Edward Armstrong Meriwether was killed at Vicksburg May 28th 1863 during the seige of that place. 
            He was a member of Greene County Group No. 2 210 Ala. Regiment. 
            Page 3 Births 
            John Meriwether was born March 12th 1752 
            Esther Magehe was born November 24th 1743 
            Jane Meriwether departed this life on the 25 day of July 1884 the wife of J. H. Meriwether 
            Mrs. A. G. Meriwether was born on the ____ day of Apr 1861 
            Jane Meriwether departed this life on 25 day of Jul 1884 
            John Meriwether died on the 31st day Jany 1820 
            Esther Meriwether died March the 3 1807 
            Doritha Ann Meriwether 
            Doritha Ann Mereiwether died on Wensday the 5 of September      10 minutes 
            Enoch Grigsby Meriwether died on Sunday 23 of February at 11 o'clock in the morning 1851 
            Page 4 Marriages 
            John Meriwether Sen and Esther Mackgehee was married April the 16 1771 
            Z. H. Meriwether and A. G. Stephens was married on the 12 day of August 1886 
            Z. H. Meriwether died Oct 15 1887 
            John H. Meriwether Ju was married to Jane Meriwether on Thirsday 10 of November 1825 
            Zachary Herndon Meriwether was born Wednesday 26 of January 1848; Died Oct. 15, 1887 

            Original bible was in the possession of Nora Belle (Thompson) Payne, Jefferson Co., Alabama, in 1992. 
            Transcription published in "Family Bible Records" by Old Ninety-Six District Chapter, South Carolina Genealogical Society, 1992.


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