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Francis Meriwether [TMSI #121]

Francis Meriwether born Oct. 31, 1737, married Martha Jameson about 1765.

Their Children:
Thomas Meriwether born 1766 married Rebecca Matthews.
Valentine Meriwether born 1768 married Barbara Crosby.
Mary Meriwether born 1770 married William Barnett.
Elizabeth Meriwether born 1772 married William Matthews.
Mildred Meriwether born 1774 married Joel Barnett.
Margaret (Peggy, Jr.) Meriwether born 1776 married John A. Bradley.
D. Nancy Meriwether born 1778 married William Glenn.
Lucy Meriwether born 1780 married Grover Howard.
Sarah Meriwether born 1782 married James Oliver.
Nicholas Meriwether born 1784 lived in Montgomery, Ala.

Francis Meriwether died Jan, 2, 1803.
Martha Jameson Meriwether, wife of Francis Meriwether, died May 29, 1818.
Margaret J. Meriwether Bradley, wife of Dr. John a. Bradley, died March 14, 1819.

Francis Meriwether was a son of Col. Nicholas Meriwether of Va. He came to Georgia in 1784. He was educated at William and Mary College and began the study of medicine in Edenboro, Eng. But on account of the War between France and England did not receive his degree. However he used his knowledge for the benefit of the needy without charge. And was much beloved by his friends and neighbors.

This bible was in the possession of Mr. J. B. Jenkins, Albany, Georgia.
This transcription was copied from Volume 25973, Georgia Genealogical Records, submitted to DAR 1933.

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