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 John Merriwether was born in Louisa County, Virginia on the 9th of Jun 1774
Mollie Bell was born in King and Queen County, Virginia on the 27th of August 1777
Said John Merriwether and Mollie Bell were married on the 27th of Aug. 1799

Their children:
            Ann T. Merriwether b. in Albermarle Co., VA. 9 Jun 1800
            Eliza P. Merriwether b. in Jefferson Co., KY. on Beargrass Creek on 4 Apr 1802
            James P. Merriwether b. City of Louisville, Ky. 8 Mar 1804
            Hough F. L. Merriwether b. Jefferson Co., Ky. 14 Apr. 1808
            Louisa and Caroline Merriwether b. 9 Apr 1806 (twins)
            Mary Jane Merriwether b. 6 March _______ and died 7 Jul 1823
            Virginia Merriwether b. 4 of Apr 1813 d. 18 Apr 1830
            John M. Merriwether b. 11 Mar 1813
            Sarah C. Merriwether b. 15th of Sep 1817
Ann Merriwether was married to Clement W. Benton [sic - Burton] on the 12th of July 1818 in Floyd Co., In.
Eliza Merriwether was married to Richard Redfield.
James P. Merriwether was married to Mary Eversole on the 12th Aug 1830
Louisa Merriwether was married to Riley Donnelison  [sic] on 27th Aug 1830
Caroline Merriwether was married to Jonathan L. Smith on 18th Oct 1835
Mollie Merriwether the mother of the above persons, departed this life on 2nd of Sep at 12:30 o’clock in the morning – being 59 years, 5 days old in the year 1836.
Anna T. Benton [sic] departed this life on the 25th of Dec 1840 being 40 years, 6 months and 16 days old.
Hugh F. L. Merriwether departed this life on the 29th Sep 1844.
John M. Redfield, grandson,  was born Jun 30, 1823 and died with the cholera Jun 3, 1857.
John Merriwether departed this life on the 11th of Jan 1854 at 8:30 p.m.
Mary Merriwether departed this life on the 8th of Jul 1829.
Virginia ______ departed this life on the 13th of Apr 1830.
Louisa Donnelison [sic] departed this life on the 2nd day of Oct 1875, aged 69 years, 8 months and 22 days.
John M. Merriwether departed this life on the 29th of Nov. 1884.
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 James P. Merriwether was born March 8th 1804
Mary C. Merriwether was born 14th of June 1809
Louisa Merriwether was born 20 of Jun 1831
George Merriwether was born 1st of Sep 1833
Sarah Merriwether was born 5th of Feb 1835
Mary J. Merriwether was born 2 Jan 1838
James M. Merriwether was born 20 Jun 1841
Clarissa Merriwether was born the 12th of April 1843
John M. Merriwether was born 23rd of Nov 1844
Joseph Merriwether was born the 22nd of Feb 1847
Mary Merriwether departed this life 14th of Sep 1851
Louisa Merriwether departed this life27th of Jul 1848
Clarissa Merriwether departed this life – a few months old
James M. Merriwether departed this life 23rd Sep 1851

Source:Three Swartz/Schwartz Men of Floyd and Clark County, Indiana
By Elsie Swartz Eberhart
4141 N. Rockton Ave.
Rockford, IL 61103-1593
Published by Ye Old Genealogie Shoppe, Indianapolis, 1986

Page 165 "As editor, I feel that these Merriwether Bible Records should be preserved. The fifth known child of George Schwartz was John Brown Schwartz (M.2.5.) who married Mary Jane Merriwether 2 Nov 1854."

Note by webmaster: I found that Mrs. Everhart is deceased and her heirs do not know who owns the bible that was cited.
If you know of the location of this bible please contact. me. It has surely passed into the Schwartz family.

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