Nicholas Meriwether Bible
Nicholas Meriwether Bible [TMSI #2]
My father Mr. Nich. Meriwether Departed this life the 19th day of December in the Year of our Lord 1678.  [TMSI #1]
Nicholas Meriwether was born ye 26th Octr. 1667. [TMSI #2]
Mrs. Elizabeth Bray Dept. this life ye 4th Jan. 1732 on Tuesday 6 o’clock in the afternoon. [TMSI #113]
Mrs. Sarah Littlepage Deptd. this life 2d July 1732. [TMSI #111]
Nicholas Meriwether my grandson Departed this Life ye 12th Day of May 1738.  [TMSI #304]
Mr. William Meriwether my grandson Departed this Life ye 12th Day of May in the year of our Lord 1748 [sic 1740 *] on board the Colechester Man of War, Capt. Simons commander. [TMSI #23059]
Mrs. Anne Smith wife to Mr. Ballard Smith and Daughter of Col. David Meriwether was born ye 11 Day of Nov. 1721. [TMSI #103]
Sarah Meriwether daughter to Col. David Meriwether was born 12th Day of Feb. 1724 and dyed Sept. ye 5th 1725. [TMSI #104]
David Meriwether son to Col. David Meriwether was born ye 5th Day of Octbr. in the year 1726. [TMSI #105]
Jas. Meriwether son to Col. David Meriwether was born ye 1st Day of June 1729. [TMSI #106]
William Meriwether ye son of Col. D. Meriwether was born ye 25 Day of December 1730. [TMSI #107]
[Entries by Nicholas son of David ]
Col. David Meriwether Departed this Life 25th December 1744. [TMSI #3]
Anne ye wife of Col. David dyed ye 11th March 1735-36. [TMSI #15]
Nicholas Meriwether son to Col. David and Anne his wife was born ye 11th of Feb. 1719. [TMSI #102]
Nicholas Meriwether my son was born Sept. ye 9th 1741. [TMSI #677]
John Meriwether was born ye 17 Jan 1743, dyed Mch ye 6th 1743. [TMSI #678]
Reuben Meriwether was born ye 15 Dec 1743. [TMSI #679]
George Meriwether was born ye 25 Mar 1745. [TMSI #680]
Anne Meriwether was born ye 19 May 1747. [TMSI #5718]
Nicholas Meriwether was born ye 4 June 1749. [TMSI #5719]
Mary Meriwether was born ye 1 Mch 1752. [TMSI #5720]
Francis Meriwether was born ye 24 Octbr 1754, dyed 25th Novbr 1757. [TMSI #5721]
Mary Sydenham was born ye 22 Mar 1719. [TMSI #21124]
Capt. Samuel Pryor Departed ye 26 July 1765. [TMSI #5717]
Nicholas Meriwether died May 3d 1758. [TMSI #102]

* Griffith shows the death of Willim Meriwether on the bible leaf as May 12, 1748. This is a typo. Two articles by Guy Meriwether Benson in Meriwether Connections (Vol. XXI, No.3 p.8 & No.4 p. 5) showed that the year should be 1740. Actually, according to the Royal Navy report he died on May 13, 1740.

The Nicholas Meriwether bible, one of the oldest Meriwether family records, has been quoted  but never located.
Called the Meriwether bible page or ledger book, it was brought to Kentucky from Virginia by the early Meriwethers.
William Ridgely Griffith, in his  book, "The Record of Nichols Meriwether of Wales", in 1899, said:
"There is in possession of  the Meriwethers of Louisville, Ky., an old family Bible of Nicholas Meriwether 
of James City, New Kent, Hanover, and Goochland Counties. Mrs. Paul Caine of  Louisville, one of the descendants,
sends me a copy of a leaf of this bible. .  . " Griffith listed all the records shown above.

Mrs. Paul Caine, was Annie Atmore, the daughter of Charles Atmore  and Leah Williams. Leah was the daughter of
Sarah Lewis Meriwether and her  second husband, Ebenezer Williams.

Paul and Annie (Atmore) Caine had a daughter,  Idelle Meriwether Caine and a son, Sidney Atmore Caine.
Following Paul Caine's death in 1903, the family left Louisville, Kentucky and settled in Boston, Massachusetts.
Idelle married William O. Kimball and they had a son Meriwether Kimball, born about 1914.  Sidney became
an Episcopal Minister in Boston and never married.

No information has been found on the deaths in this family or who may have inherited the Meriwether Bible page.
It seems likely that Meriwether Kimball received it following his mother's death. If you have any information please
contact the webmaster.

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