Surname Letter F

Complete listing for surname FIELDEN



Birth place
Fielden Abraham Sandholme u 29 overlooker Todmorden
Fielden Abraham General Wood m 30 PLW Walsden
Fielden Abraham Watty m 34 overlooker Todmorden
Fielden Abraham Clough m 34 grocer Walsden
Fielden Abraham Thistle Hall m 36 cotton mule spinner Walsden
Fielden Abraham Square m 38 PLW Walsden
Fielden Abraham Cheapside m 39 grocer & tea dealer Stansfield
Fielden Abraham Henshaw Barn m 44 stone dealer, mason, emp. 8 men Walsden
Fielden Abraham Ridge Foot w 44 twister-in Stansfield
Fielden Abraham Square m 44 beer house keeper Walsden
Fielden Abraham Lower Barn m 45 farmer 30 acres emp. 1 labourer Walsden
Fielden Abraham Pexroyd m 45 stone Todmorden
Fielden Abraham Pot House m 68 farm servant Rochdale
Fielden Ambrose Lumbutts m 57 gardener Stansfield
Fielden Ann Square u 23 PLW Walsden
Fielden Betty Clough w 37 laundress Walsden
Fielden Betty Dobroyd m 47 charwoman Walsden
Fielden Betty Friths w 50   Todmorden
Fielden Betty Swineshead Clough w 56   Rochdale
Fielden Betty Square w 66 housekeeper Walsden
Fielden Betty Hollings w 67 housekeeper Todmorden
Fielden Ellen 9, Market Street w 47 housewife Stansfield
Fielden Ellis Butcher Hill m 24 labourer Heptonstall
Fielden Enoch Shade m 33 jobber in factory Walsden
Fielden George Friths m 33 outdoor labourer Todmorden
Fielden George Todmorden Rd. Bottoms m 38 picker maker Todmorden
Fielden Hannah Cockden w 38 HLW cotton & worsted Stansfield
Fielden Hannah York Street u 38 charwoman Todmorden
Fielden Hannah Bond Street m 54 Temperance Hotel Keeper Stansfield
Fielden Hannah Shade w 54 housewife Langfield
Fielden Hannah Warland w 66 annuitant Todmorden
Fielden Hiram Stansfield Bridge End m 28 carter Stansfield
Fielden Isaac 3, Bridge Street m 57 spectacle mender Walsden
Fielden James Square m 21 grocer Walsden
Fielden James Ewood Mill m 27 PLW Stansfield
Fielden James Lower Birks m 28 cotton weaver Stansfield
Fielden James Swineshead Clough m 28 PLW Walsden
Fielden James Bridge End m 29 Whitesmith Walsden
Fielden James Peel Cottage m 31 picker maker Todmorden
Fielden James Hollow Dean m 32 farmer 18 acres Walsden
Fielden James Inchfield Fold m 35 carter Walsden
Fielden James Swineshead Clough m 37 overlooker Walsden
Fielden James Speke Edge w 41 Farm labourer Todmorden
Fielden James Pexwood m 47 book keeper cotton mill Todmorden
Fielden James Hollins Hall m 48 gingham weaver Stansfield
Fielden James North Street m 48 draper & grocer Todmorden
Fielden James Clough m 52 picker maker emp. 14 men, 3 boys Todmorden
Fielden James Dobroyd m 63 cotton manufacturer Todmorden
Fielden James Friths m 74 ag. Lab Todmorden
Fielden James Baron Allescholes u 46 farmer 22 acres, landed prop. Walsden
Fielden James Baron Gauxholme m 48 grocer & mason, emp. 6 men Walsden
Fielden James Baron Butcher Hill w 66 sizer Walsden
Fielden John Old Cote m 22 coal miner Todmorden
Fielden John Stansfield Hall m 25 PLW Stansfield
Fielden John Hollins Lock House m 26 stone mason Walsden
Fielden John Bottomley m 27 stone mason Walsden
Fielden John Cheapside m 32 grocer Walsden
Fielden John Knowlwood m 32 PLW Heptonstall
Fielden John Toad Carr m 33 machine grinder Halifax
Fielden John Clough m 34 carter Walsden
Fielden John Gauxholme m 35 PLW Walsden
Fielden John Thistle Hall m 38 book keeper Walsden
Fielden John Lineholme m 39 cotton spinner Todmorden
Fielden John Warland Gate End m 39 stone quarry labourer Walsden
Fielden John Waterside m 42 school master Stansfield
Fielden John Pastureside m 42 farm servant Walsden
Fielden John Gauxholme Bar House m 46 stone getter Walsden
Fielden John Top o ' Close m 46 stone getter Walsden
Fielden John Wadsworth Mill m 48 overlooker Walsden
Fielden John Lodge Hall m 49 occupies 9 acres, HLW Walsden
Fielden John Shade m 50 medicine manufacturer Walsden
Fielden John Lumbutts u 52 carter Langfield
Fielden John South Hollingworth m 52 farmer 20 acres Walsden
Fielden John Bottomley m 54 farmer 11 acres, ridgin hewer Walsden
Fielden John Castle Street m 56 stone leader, small farmer Erringden
Fielden John Swineshead Clough m 56 warehouseman Walsden
Fielden John 16, Shade Street w 62   Halifax
Fielden John Dobroyd m 63 PLW Walsden
Fielden John Pighill m 81 farmer 12 acres Walsden
Fielden Joseph Pexroyd m 38 fancy weaver HL woollen Walsden
Fielden Joseph Knowlwood m 52 butcher Lancs
Fielden Joshua Bottomley m 28 stone mason Walsden
Fielden Joshua Union Street m 33 plumber & glazier Stansfield
Fielden Joshua School Lane m 56 iron smelter Walsden
Fielden Joshua Ewood Mill m 59 cotton manufacturer Newbridge
Fielden Joshua Mount Pleasant m 85 proprietor of houses Todmorden
Fielden Mary Pudsey w 43 housekeeper Whalley
Fielden Mary Hollins Bottom w 76   Walsden
Fielden Robert Inchfield Fold m 58 picker manufacturer, emp. 32 men Stansfield
Fielden Sally Gauxholme w 36 parish relief Heptonstall
Fielden Sally Staveley Cote w 42 housekeeper Stansfield
Fielden Sally Higher Scout w 77 annuitant Walsden
Fielden Samuel Gauxholme m 22 PLW Walsden
Fielden Samuel Hanging Ditch m 30 boatswain seaman Walsden
Fielden Samuel Centre Vale u 35 cotton manufacturer Todmorden
Fielden Samuel Wadsworth Mill m 36 piece plater Oldham
Fielden Samuel Lower Birks m 44 farmer & carter Stansfield
Fielden Samuel Gauxholme m 47 navigator Walsden
Fielden Samuel Stonehouse m 49 farmer 20 acres, stone mason, emp. 3 men Walsden
Fielden Samuel Top of Field m 50 cotton weaver Stansfield
Fielden Samuel Hanging Ditch m 70 pauper - former boatswain Walsden
Fielden Sarah George Street w 66 kept by son Gloucestershire
Fielden Sarah Millwood w 70 annuitant Erringden
Fielden Sarah Waterside u 70 Gentlewoman Todmorden
Fielden Susan Clough Mill w 68 annuitant Walsden
Fielden Susannah Salford w 71   Heptonstall
Fielden Sutcliffe Copperas House m 47 coal miner Todmorden
Fielden Thomas Woodcock Inn m 27 licensed victualler Walsden
Fielden Thomas George Street m 29 carter Stansfield
Fielden Thomas Meadow Bottom m 30 stone mason Walsden
Fielden Thomas General Wood m 37 outdoor labourer Walsden
Fielden Thomas Gauxholme m 42 masons labourer Walsden
Fielden Thomas George Street m 43 boatman Wadsworth
Fielden Thomas Hollingworth Gate m 47 HLW Walsden
Fielden Thomas Inchfield Mill m 48 school master Todmorden
Fielden Thomas Grove m 56 retired HLW Stansfield
Fielden William North Street m 23 manufacturer Accrington
Fielden William Stansfield Bridge End m 26 PLW Todmorden
Fielden William George Street w 29 PLW Todmorden
Fielden William Owler Carr m 30 PLW Todmorden
Fielden William York Street m 35 grocer & carrier emp. 3 men Langfield
Fielden William Nicklety m 36 Chelsea Pensioner & milkman Walsden
Fielden William Shade m 37 saddler Todmorden
Fielden William Wood Bottom m 40 outdoor labourer Walsden
Fielden William Middle Stoodley m 41 mechanic Walsden
Fielden William Butcher Hill m 44 sizer Todmorden
Fielden William Lower Birks m 46 cotton weaver Manchester
Fielden William Hollins Hall m 62 Chelsea Pensioner Stansfield
Fielden William Clough Mill m 62 cotton manufacturer emp. 86 hands Walsden
Fielden William Gate Bottom m 69 yeoman Stansfield