TODMORDEN (Lancashire side) - PART ONE



We are very grateful to Ernest Law for the

following transcription



Address Name Status Cond Age Occupation Born
North Street William Howorth head m 50 carrier Lancs, Walsden
  Susey Howorth wife m 37   Yorks, Elland
  Mary Howorth dtr u 23   Yorks, Langfield
  Sarah Howorth dtr u 19   Lancs, Todmorden
  James Howorth son u 17 carrier Lancs, Todmorden
  Martha Howorth dtr   15 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Jane Howorth dtr   13 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Ellen Howorth dtr   11 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  William Howorth son   7 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Emma Howorth dtr   1   Lancs, Todmorden
North Street James Astin head m 43 millwright in partnership firm of 20 empl 7 men & 4 apprentices Yorks, Langfield
  Susan Astin wife m 43   Yorks, Langfield
  Mariah Astin dtr u 19   Yorks, Stansfield
  Henry Astin son u 17 millwright in partnership firm of 20 empl 7 men & 4 apprentices Lancs, Rossendale
  Maria Close wifes niece   2   Yorks, Langfield
North Street William Taylor head m 48 cotton manufacturers warehouseman Yorks, Stansfield
  Jane Taylor wife m 47   Yorks, Halton Gill
North Street Betty Wood head u 79 charwoman Yorks, Hebden Bridge
North Street Shadrack Sutcliffe head widower 60 throstle overlooker Yorks, Stansfield
  Susan Sutcliffe dtr m 36 general servant Yorks, Stansfield
  Hannah Sutcliffe dtr u 16 throstle spinner Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Sutcliffe son   15   Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Sutcliffe dtr   11 scholar on Sunday Lancs, Todmorden
  Isabella Rodgers lodger m 37 maker & hawker of womens stays Ireland, Newry
  Henry May lodger widower 52 cordwainer & shoemaker Essex, Colchester
  James Radford lodger m 29 journeyman hatter Ches, Fradstone
  Elizabeth Radford lodger m 29 hatters wife Lancs, Wigan
  Barbary Dickenson lodger u 64 formerly hand loom weaver Lancs, Wigan
  John Barker lodger u 71 no trade Lancs, Wigan
  Patrick O'Neal lodger m 40 nail maker by hand Ireland, Dublin
  Mary O'Neal lodger m 40 maker & hawker of womens caps Ireland, Sligo
  Coughran Cartwright lodger u 20 journeyman stone mason Scotland, Glasgow
  George Wilson lodger m 61 stone masons labourer Yorks, Gisburn
  Patrick McGorman lodger u 35 travelling musician Ireland, Cavan
  Thomas Green lodger u 32 travelling musician-piper Ireland, Kingstown
  James Hagan lodger u 30 rail labourer Ireland, Roscommon
North Street James Scholfield head m 51 master carpenter & joiner empl 2 men Lancs, Todmorden
  Sally Scholfield wife m 49   Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Scholfield dtr u 24 power loom weaver Yorks, Langfield
  Richard Scholfield son u 22 journeyman carpenter & joiner Yorks, Langfield
  Betty Scholfield dtr u 20 power loom weaver Yorks, Langfield
  Hannah Scholfield dtr u 15 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Scholfield dtr   12 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  James Scholfield son   10 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Emma Scholfield dtr   5   Lancs, Todmorden
North Street Mary Ann Greenwood head widow 38 inn keeper Yorks, Sowerby
  Sarah Moorhouse servant u 17 general servant Yorks, Mirfield
  Jane Lawrence servant u 14 waiter Yorks, Mirfield
  John Law visitor u 28 butcher Yorks, Stansfield
North Street William Marshall head m 28 billposter Yorks, Stansfield
  Susey Marshall wife m 27   Yorks, Stansfield
North Street William Fielding head m 23 master hat manufacturer empl no men Lancs, Accrington
  Ann Fielding wife m 23   Worc, Dudley
  Mary Ann Fielding dtr   3 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
North Street Anna Scholfield head u 28 ironmonger Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Scholfield sister u 33 ironmonger Lancs, Todmorden
North Street James Fielden head m 48 grocer & draper Lancs, Todmorden
  Susan Fielden wife m 53   Lancs, Todmorden
  Alice Maria Fielden dtr u 19   Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth H Fielden dtr   15   Lancs, Todmorden
  Emily Ann Fielden dtr   13   Lancs, Todmorden
  John J Fielden son   8   Lancs, Todmorden
North Street Richard Smith head m 33 rope maker Lancs, Warrington
  Martha Smith wife m 34   Lancs, Walsden
  John Smith son   10 scholar Yorks
  Mary Smith dtr   6 scholar Lancs, Bacup
  Richard Smith son   8 mths   Lancs, Dunnocshaw
  Alice Oddy servant u 22 general servant Lancs, Clitheroe


North Street James Thomas head u 39 grocer Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Sutcliffe servant u 46 servant Yorks, Langfield
North Street John Roberts head u 39 master tailor & draper empl 5 men Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Roberts brother u 36 journeyman tailor Lancs, Todmorden
  Timothy Roberts brother u 32 journeyman tailor Lancs, Todmorden
  Susan Sutcliffe servant u 40 servant Yorks, Stansfield
North Street William Catley head m 26 draper empl 1 apprentice Lancs, Todmorden
  Caroline Catley wife m 30   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Jane Catley dtr   1   Lancs, Todmorden
  Ellen Hoyle servant   14 servant Yorks, Stansfield
  Edward Crossley apprentice   15 apprentice draper Yorks, Stansfield
Smith Hill Mary Hartley head u 49 pauper, formerly servant Lancs, Colne
  Mary Hartley dtr u 20 seamstress Lancs, Colne
Smith Hill Hannah Greenwood head widow 38 char woman Yorks, Stansfield
  Joseph Greenwood son   14 apprentice rope maker Lancs, Todmorden
  James Greenwood son   9 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Greenwood dtr   7 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  William Greenwood son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  James Ingham lodger u 27 journeyman stone mason Lancs, Todmorden
Smith Hill Thomas Stephenson head m 33 power loom overlooker Yorks, Langfield
  Jane Stephenson wife m 34   Yorks, Stansfield
Ecclesfold James Lord head m 60 gardener empl 2 men Lancs, Redleas
  Elizabeth Lord wife m 39   Yorks, Sowerby
Ecclesfold James Walker head widower 69 bookkeeper to gingham manufacturer Lancs, Prestwick
  Mary Walker sister u 67   Lancs, Prestwick
Ecclesfold, White Hart Inn Jane Firth head widow 42 innkeeper Lancs. Walsden
  Reuben Firth son   3   Lancs. Walsden
  Samuel Haigh brother u 25 brewer Lancs. Walsden
  Sarah A Ingham servant u 21 barmaid Lancs, Todmorden
  William Smith servant m 25 ostler Yorks, Hebden Bridge
  Ann Butterworth servant u 44 general servant Lancs, Blatchinworth
  D B Harrison lodger u 25 accountant Lancs, Blatchinworth
I uninhabited at railway station            
Railway Station John Holmes head u 31 railway clerk & collector Yorks, Fixley
  Sarah Holmes sister u 21 housekeeper Yorks, Fixley
Railway Station, Queens Hotel Peter J Bowker head m 24 innkeeper Lancs, Denton
  Ellen Bowker wife m 26   Derbys, Glossop
  Elizabeth Bowker dtr   1   Yorks, Stansfield
  Charla E Bowker dtr   under 1 mth   Lancs. Todmorden
  Ann Bowker mother widow 58 retired inn keeper Lancs, Lowick
  Margaret Walton wifes cousin u 38 teacher of the French language Yorks, Sheffield
  Mary Scott servant u 28 nurses Yorks, Sowerby
  Susannah Gledhill servant u 26 housemaid Yorks, Stanland
Todmorden Hall Sarah A Martin servant u 26 house servant Worcs, not known
  Mary Foulds servant u 35 house servant Yorks, Luddenden
3 uninhabited            
Todmorden Hall Barn Susan Lean head widow 68 stone masons widow Yorks, Wadsworth
  William Lean son u 40 stone mason empl 7 men Lancs, Todmorden
  Helliwell Stott apprentice   16 apprentice mason Yorks, Stansfield
  Frances Lean grand dtr   10 scholar Yorks, Langfield
Rise Lane Mary Houlding head u 47 grocer Yorks, Stansfield
Rise Lane Thomas Crabtree head m 45 farm servant Lancs, Todmorden
  Susey Crabtree wife m 43   Yorks, Stansfield
  Samuel Crabtree son u 16   Lancs, Todmorden
  Joseph Crabtree son   10 throstle doffer Lancs, Todmorden
  Amos Crabtree son   9 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Young Crabtree son   3   Lancs, Todmorden
Church Gates John Barritt head m 31 linen draper Yorks, Heptonstall
  Jane Barritt wife m 24   Yorks, Langfield
  John H Barritt son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Barritt sister   29   Yorks, Heptonstall
  Elizabeth Armistead servant   20 servant Lancs, Wray
1 house with school attached uninhabited            
good school unoccupied            
building formerly occupied as a church now only used for burials            


Church Street Hannah Parker head widow 56 confectioner Yorks, Stansfield
  Betty Pickles sister m 39 confectioners assistant Yorks, Stansfield
Church Street Timothy Roberts head m 55 master cabinet maker empl 3 men & 3 appr Shrops, Churton
  Sarah Roberts wife m 51   Lancs, Todmorden
  William H Roberts son   15 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Caroline Roberts dtr   12 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Alfred Roberts son   7 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
Church Street Robert Sykes head m 43 barber Lancs, Heald
  Betty Sykes wife m 46   Yorks, Langfield
  Ann Sykes dtr u 22 power loom weaver Yorks, Stansfield
  Mary Ann Sykes dtr u 20 power loom weaver Yorks, Stansfield
  Harriett Sykes dtr   14 power loom weaver Yorks, Stansfield
  Selina Sykes dtr   12   Yorks, Stansfield
  Bently Sykes son   11 scholar Yorks, Stansfield
  Luke Sykes son   6 scholar Yorks, Stansfield
Church Street Edmund Roberts head widower 60 tailor & draper empl 4 men & 1 appr Shrops, Churton
  Elizabeth Storey dtr u 27   Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Roberts dtr u 16   Lancs, Todmorden
  Frank Roberts son   12 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  James E Storey grand son   3 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  William Firth ? u 22 journeyman tailor Lancs, Todmorden
Church Street James Barker head m 25 fish dealer Yorks, Langfield
  Sarah Barker wife m 32   Yorks, Halifax
Church Street Nathan Buckle head m 33 spirit merchant Yorks, Well
  Ellen Buckle wife m 29   Yorks, Midgly
  Mary Buckle dtr   4   Yorks, Keighly
  Mary Buckle mother widow 64   Yorks, Gatenby
  Thomas Buckle half brother u 24 warehouseman Yorks, Snape
Church Street John Wade head m 26 chemist & druggist Yorks, Mayroyd
  Rachael Wade wife m 31   Yorks, Langfield
  John Wade son   3   Lancs, Todmorden
  Joe Wade son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
  Alice Ann Wade dtr   under 1 mth   Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Blakey wifes sister widow 46 visitor Yorks, Stansfield
  Thomas H Wade brother u 17 apprentice Yorks, Wadsworth
Church Street Sally Greenlees head widow 68 saddlers widow Lancs, Todmorden
  Charles Greenlees son widower 33 joiner empl 1 appr Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Greenlees dtr u 23 dress maker Lancs, Todmorden
  Sally Greenlees grand dtr   7 scholar Yorks, Langfield
Church Street, Royal George Inn James Howorth head u 33 innkeeper Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Howorth sister u 30   Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Howorth sister u 28   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Howorth sister u 26   Lancs, Todmorden
  George Howorth brother u 23 ale 7 porter dealer Lancs, Todmorden
  Susan Sutcliffe servant u 21 general servant Yorks, Stansfield
Canal Side Maria North head widow 26 pauper Yorks, Langfield
  Betsy North dtr   5   Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas North son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
Holts Yard Thomas Newholme head m 48 sawyer Yorks, Kilburn
  Jane Newholme wife m 44   Yorks, Sutton Forest
  Richard Newholme son u 18 apprentice joiner & cabinet maker Yorks, Sutton Forest
  John Newholme son u 16 apprentice sawyer Yorks, Royd
  William Newholme son   14 apprentice grocer & tea dealer Yorks, Huddersfield
  Thomas Newholme son   11 scholar Yorks, Hebden Bridge
  Robert Newholme son   9 scholar Yorks, Hebden Bridge
Holts Yard Thomas Dobson head m 42 joiner Yorks, Snaith
  Esther Dobson wife m 39   Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Dobson dtr   14   Yorks, Langfield
  Mary Ann Dobson dtr   12 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Jane Dobson dtr   9 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  John Dobson son   5 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Dobson dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
Pavement John Blomley head m 35 attorney at law Yorks, Langfield
  Elizabeth Blomley wife m 28   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Jane Blomley dtr   9   Yorks, Langfield
  John Walter Blomley son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
Pavement Richard Foster head u 37 general practitioner, MRCS London & LSA London Yorks, Sowerby
  Thomas Foster father widower 70 retired farmer & grocer Yorks, Heptonstall


Pavement ?Buildings James N Walton head m 55 postmaster, printer & bookbinder empl 2 men Yorks, Stansfield
  Ann Walton wife m 50   Yorks, Delph
  Samuel W Walton son u 22 shop man Derbys, Dronfield
  Zipporah Ann Walton dtr u 17   Yorks, Langfield
Pavement John Redman head m 33 joiner Lancs, Cartmel
  Mary Redman wife m 32   Yorks, Elland
  Mary Redman dtr   9 scholar Westm, Grayrigg
  Sarah A Redman dtr   8 scholar Westm, Grayrigg
  Alfred Redman son   8 mths   Yorks, Langfield
Pavement Jane King head u 40 leather dealer Yorks, Langfield
  Elizabeth Brook sister widow 46   Yorks, Langfield
Pavement Robert Walmsley head m 43 grocer & baker empl 2 men Lancs, Burnley
  Mary Walmsley wife m 43   Lancs, Gaulksholme
  Ann Law wifes dtr u 19   Lancs, Walsden
  Ann Walmsley dtr u 17   Lancs, Dodroyd
  Thomas Law wifes son   13 scholar Lancs, Walsden
  Robert Walmsley son   8 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Emma Law wifes dtr   8 scholar Lancs, Rochdale
  John Walmsley nephew u 25 baker Lancs, Burnley
  John Fisher servant u 21 baker Lancs, Manchester
Pavement John Wallwork head m 36 ale & beer retailer Lancs, Milnrow
  Mally Wallwork wife m 35   Lancs, Walsden
  James Wallwork son   7 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Richard Wallwork son   5 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Alice Wallwork dtr   4   Yorks, Langfield
  Whitaker Wallwork son   3   Yorks, Langfield
  John Wallwork son   1   Lancs, Rochdale
Pavement Joseph Knowles head u 57 chemist & druggist Lincs, Wainfleet
  Charles Lord nephew u 24 chemist & druggist Lancs, Walsden
  Betsy Lord niece u 24   Yorks, Thorne
  Thomas Howard apprentice u 19 chemist & druggist Apprentice Lancs, Burnley
Pavement Charles Sutcliffe head m 30 general practitioner, MRCS London & LSA London Yorks, Stansfield
  Jane Sutcliffe wife m 32   Lancs, Todmorden
  Frederick J R Sutcliffe son   6   Yorks, Langfield
  Frank Sutcliffe son   5 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Sara M Ann Sutcliffe dtr   3   Lancs, Todmorden
  Tom Sutcliffe son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
  Jane Eliza Uttley servant u 17 house servant Yorks, Wadsworth
Salford Ann Ramsbottom head u 43 grocer & draper Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Peter Davies head m 60 sawyer Lancs, Preston
  Margaret Davies wife m 68   Lancs, Cliviger
Salford Anthony Hodgins head m 35 iron founder in partnership firm of 3, empl 15 men & 6 boys Ireland
  Ann Hodgins wife m 33   Lancs, Todmorden
  James Hodgins son   11 scholar Scotland
  William H Hodgins son   8 scholar Warwks, Coventry
  Richard Hodgins son   7 scholar Ireland
  Walter Hodgins son   3   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah E Hodgins dtr   1   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Richard Stansfield head m 32 iron founder in partnership firm of 3, empl 15 men & 6 boys Lancs, Todmorden
  Grace Stansfield wife m 31   Yorks, Langfield
  William Stansfield son   7 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  James Stansfield son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford John Chaffer head m 42 master wheelwright Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Chaffer wife m 40   Yorks, Stansfield
  Elizabeth Chaffer dtr u 16 dressmaker Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary J Chaffer dtr   15 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Young Chaffer son   12 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Richard Chaffer son   11 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Chaffer dtr   8 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Lucas apprentice u 16 apprentice wheelwright Lancs, Rochdale
Salford Richard Scholfield head m 29 iron moulder Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Scholfield wife m 29   Yorks, Stansfield
  Fred Scholfield son   2 mths   Yorks, Stansfield
Salford Susannah Fielden head widow 71   Yorks, Heptonstall
  Hannah Fielden dtr u 44 weaver Yorks, Heptonstall
  William Fielden son u 24 weaver Yorks, Heptonstall


Salford Hezikial Crossley head m 29 iron moulder Lancs, Walsden
  Ann Crossley wife m 33   Yorks, Stansfield
  Eleana Crossley dtr   7 scholar Lancs, Walsden
  Jeremiah Crossley son   3 scholar Lancs, Walsden
  Abel Crossley son   10 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Joseph Brownbridge head m 53 mechanic Yorks, Ackworth
  Grace Brownbridge wife m 52   Yorks, Langfield
  Jeremiah Brownbridge son   19 apprentice mechanic Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Joseph Nelson head m 32 iron moulder Scotland
  Catherine Nelson wife m 32   Scotland
  Margaret Nelson dtr   6 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  John Nelson son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Thomas Pemberton head m 52 sizer Yorks, Tatton
  Mary Pemberton wife m 54   Yorks, Idle
  Jane Pemberton dtr   24 cotton factory operative Lancs, Burnley
  Elizabeth Pemberton grand dtr   9mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Mary Fortune head widow 36 pauper, employed at home Lancs, Todmorden
  Edward Fortune son   11 mule bobbin putter-on Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Fortune dtr   9 throstle piecer Lancs, Todmorden
  Emily Fortune dtr   6   Lancs, Todmorden
  Henry Fortune son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford John Whitaker head m 26 cotton manufacturers clerk Yorks, Langfield
  Hannah Whitaker wife m 26   Yorks, Stansfield
  Betsy Whitaker dtr   4 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Edwin Whitaker son   2 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford James Greenwood head m 45 pensioner Yorks, Heptonstall
  Rebecca Greenwood wife m 44   Yorks, Heptonstall
  John Speak wifes son u 22 power loom weaver Yorks, Heptonstall
  Joseph Speak wifes son u 20 power loom weaver Yorks, Heptonstall
  Jesse Speak wifes son u 14 errand boy Yorks, Heptonstall
  Joseph Cockcroft visitor m 25 wool comber Yorks, Stansfield
  Bette Cockcroft visitor m 25 power loom weaver Yorks, Heptonstall
Salford Sally Uttley head widow 60   Yorks, Erringden
  John Uttley son   30 dyer Yorks, Langfield
  Joseph Uttley son   24 power loom weaver Yorks, Langfield
  Jacob Uttley son   17 power loom weaver Yorks, Langfield
  Grace Oldfield dtr m 32 power loom weaver Yorks, Langfield
Salford Henry Ramsbottom head m 64 mechanic & roller coverer Yorks, Langfield
  Sarah Ramsbottom wife m 67   Yorks, Stansfield
Salford Charles Chambers head m 38 cotton manufacturer empl 50 men, 35 women, 25 boys & 21 girls Lancs, Todmorden
  Ruth Chambers wife m 39   Yorks, Stansfield
  Hannah Chambers dtr   16 scholar at home Lancs, Todmorden
  John Chambers son   12 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Chambers son   9 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Betsy Chambers dtr   7 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Martha Chambers dtr   5   Lancs, Todmorden
  William Chambers son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  James Chambers brother ? 30 bookbinder Lancs, Todmorden
  Walter Barton brother in law m 37 accountant Lancs, Manchester
  Martha Barton sister in law m 33   Yorks, Stansfield
  Julia Ruth Barton niece   9 mths   Lancs, Liverpool
  Mary Nash niece u 16 servant Lancs, Todmorden
  Maria Fielden servant u 21 servant Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Samuel Parkington head m 61 sizer Lancs, Blackpool
  Mally Parkington wife m 61 cotton reeler Lancs, Todmorden
Salford Hannah Marshall head widow 39 charwoman Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah A Marshall dtr   14 throstle spinner Lancs, Walsden
  Sam Marshall son   11 throstle doffer Lancs, Todmorden
  James Marshall son   9 throstle doffer Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Marshall dtr   6 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Marshall dtr   4 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Ann Marshall dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  Frederic Marshall son   2 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
  John Stansfield lodger u 36 iron moulder Lancs, Todmorden


Salford Martin Atkinson head m 24 rag dealer & lodging house keeper Ireland
  Mary Atkinson wife m 24   Ireland
  Ann Atkinson dtr   2   Yorks, Harrogate
  Margaret Atkinson dtr   4 mths   Lancs, Burnley
  Patrick McCann lodger m 32 agricultural labourer Ireland
  Honor McCann lodger m 35   Ireland
  Biddy McCann lodger   10   Ireland
  Mary McCann lodger   8   Ireland
  Martin McCann lodger   4   Ireland
  Catherine McCann lodger   2   Ireland
  George Smith lodger m 32 rail labourer Somerset, Bristol
  Mary Ann Smith lodger m 25   Somerset, Bristol
  John Smith lodger   2   South Wales, Glamorgan
  Gilbert Houlding lodger u 66 sizing house labourer Lancs, Crompton
  James Walsh lodger u 24 butcher (out of work) Ireland
  John Gallacher lodger u 27 chair maker Ireland
  Andrew Stephenson lodger u 20 chair maker not known
  James O'Brien lodger u 21 rag collector Ireland
  Anthony Murphy lodger m 24 rag collector Ireland
  Bridget Murphy lodger m 22   Ireland
  John Noon lodger u 20 brush maker Ireland
  James Doherty lodger u 20 agricultural labourer Ireland
  Mary Doherty lodger m 30 rag collector Ireland
  Margaret Noon lodger u 29 throstle spinner Ireland
Salford John Banks head m 30 cordwainer or boot & shoe maker Lancs, Littleborough
  Sarah Banks wife m 28 boot & shoe binder Yorks, Bradford
  William Banks son   7 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  George Banks son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  Jane Metcalf lodger widower 65 pauper - boot & shoe binder Lancs, Liverpool
Salford Thomas Collins head m 33 journeyman tailor Ireland
  Ann Collins wife m 34   Cumb, Whitehaven
  Honora Collins dtr   12 ? hat trimmer Cumb, Whitehaven
  Mary Collins dtr   6 scholar Cumb, Whitehaven
  Isaac Collins son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
Salford James Bowles head m 43 cordwainer or boot & shoe maker Lancs, Bolton
  Maria Bowles wife m 38   Lancs, Bolton
  Luke Bowles son   14 boot & shoe & clog maker Lancs, Bolton
  Sarah Bowles dtr   9 scholar Lancs, Bolton
  Charlotte Bowles dtr   5 scholar Lancs, Bolton
  Joseph Bowles son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  George Mills lodger ? 31 cloth draper Gloucester
  Ann Mills lodger ? 28 hand loom weaver Gloucester
  James Ashworth lodger u 32 cotton spinner Lancs, Oldham
  James O Dooland lodger u 53 agricultural labourer Ireland
Salford George Twiner head m 34 stripper & grinder - cotton card room Lancs, Walsden
  Harriet Twiner wife m 38   Lancs, Manchester
  James Twiner son   13 tin plate worker - not apprentice Lancs, Todmorden
  Joseph Twiner son   7   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sidney Twiner son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
Cheapside Richard Chambers head u 34 printer & bookbinder empl 2 apprentices full time & 1 journeyman half time Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Chambers brother u 31 manager in cotton mill Lancs, Todmorden
Cheapside Thomas Priestley head m 34 linen draper Yorks, Halifax
  Hannah Priestley wife m 34   Yorks, Halifax
  Richard Priestley son   8 scholar Yorks, Halifax
  Samuel Priestley son   2   Yorks, Halifax
  Frederick Priestley son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Scholfield servant u 21 general servant Lancs, Cliviger
Cheapside William Houlding head m 36 dealer in shoes, hats etc Lancs, Preston
  Mary Houlding wife m 40   Yorks, Stansfield
  Edward S Houlding son   11 scholar Lancs, Manchester
  Charles P Houlding son   9 scholar Lancs, Bolton
  Elizabeth P Houlding dtr   6 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
Cheapside, Nelson Inn Richard Stansfield head m 26 inn keeper Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Stansfield wife m 25   Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Fielden niece   9 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Ann Greenwood servant u 27 general servant Lancs, Cliviger
Cheapside Abraham Stansfield head m 48 mechanic Yorks, Stansfield
  Hannah Stansfield wife m 44   Yorks, Langfield
  Barker Stansfield son   17 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  George Stansfield son   13 mule piecer Lancs, Todmorden
  Robert Stansfield son   6 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  James Stansfield brother   40 labourer at iron foundry Yorks, Stansfield


Cheapside William Greenwood head widower 59 cooper Yorks, Heptonstall
Cheapside Richard Crowther head widower 60 boot & shoe maker Lancs, Cliviger
  Mary Crowther dtr u 35 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Grace Helliwell lodger u 24 power loom weaver Yorks, Stansfield
Cheapside Charles W Turner head m 49 master tailor empl 1 apprentice, and lodging house keeper Middlesex, London
  Sarah Turner wife m 52   Yorks, Todmorden
  John Barker wifes son u 20 tailors apprentice Yorks, Todmorden
  Edmond Ashworth lodger u 57 rag gatherer Lancs, Rossendale
  Samuel Jackson lodger m 41 iron moulder Lancs, Walsden
  William Cameron lodger widow 56 wood turner Scotland
Cheapside Abraham Fielden head m 39 grocer & tea dealer Yorks, Stansfield
  Maria Fielden wife m 46   Yorks, Stansfield
  Ann Sutcliffe wifes dtr u 20   Yorks, Stansfield
  Henry Sutcliffe wifes son u 19 joiners apprentice Yorks, Stansfield
  Charles Sutcliffe wifes son u 17 tailors apprentice Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Sutcliffe wifes dtr   15 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Frances C Fielden dtr   13 silk piecer Lancs, Todmorden
  Young R Fielden son   6 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah M Fielden dtr   4 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  James Fielden son   1   Lancs, Todmorden
Cheapside John Fielden head m 32 grocer Lancs, Walsden
  Susannah Fielden wife m 31   Lancs, Walsden
  Rebecca Fielden dtr   4 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary D Fielden dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Fielden dtr   2 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Cheapside John Greenwood head m 44 cotton twister & tea dealer Yorks, Stansfield
  Susan Greenwood wife m 38 milliner Yorks, Stansfield
  John Greenwood son u 17 scholar Yorks, Langfield
Cheapside William H Cleiver head m 22 watch maker Yorks, Whitby
  Hannah Cleiver wife m 23   Lancs, Walsden
  Susy E Cleiver dtr   8 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Sutcliffe Building John Sutcliffe head m 43 carter Lancs, Todmorden
  Love Sutcliffe wife m 43 char woman Yorks, Langfield
  Heplizibeth Jenkinson lodger u 29 power loom weaver Yorks, Hebden Bridge
Sutcliffe Building William Halstead head m 62 grocer & baker Yorks, Stansfield
  Betty Halstead wife m 58   Yorks, Erringden
Sutcliffe Building William Crowther head m 54 green grocer Lancs, Cliviger
  Mary Crowther wife m 39   Lancs, Todmorden
Sutcliffe Building Thomas Dewton head m 40 nail maker Yorks, Napwell
  Mary Dewton wife m 41 boot & shoe binder Kent Greenwich
1 uninhabited            
Sutcliffe Building John Casey head m 40 lodging house keeper Ireland
  Mary Casey wife m 38   Ireland
  James Casey son   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  John Casey son   6 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
  Peter Fogg lodger widower 36 rail labourer Cheshire, Stockport
  William Fogg lodger u 53 rail labourer Cheshire, Stockport
  William Ryecroft lodger m 37 gingham hand loom weaver Lancs, Colne
  Jane Rycroft lodger m 36 gingham hand loom weaver America, Halifax
  Michael McDonald lodger m 30 collier Scotland
  Bridget McDonald lodger m 30   Ireland
  Robert McDonald lodger   9   Lancs, Liverpool
  Ann McDonald lodger   3   Lancs, Liverpool
  Thomas Mitchell lodger u 22 rail labourer Lancs, Liverpool
  Peter McBride lodger m 20 plumber & glazier Ireland
  Bridget McBride lodger m 21   Ireland
  John McBride lodger   7 mths   Lancs, Rochdale
  John Cowan lodger m 28 rail labourer Ireland
  Ann Cowan lodger m 30   Ireland
  John Cowan lodger   9   Ireland
  Catherine Cowan lodger   6   Ireland
Hall Ing George Whitehead head m 30 tin plate worker - partnership of 3 empl 3 apprentices Lancs, Todmorden
  Ellen Whitehead wife m 26   Lancs, Entwistle
  William Whitehead son   4   Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Whitehead dtr   1   Lancs, Todmorden
  Frank Whitehead son   2 mths   Lancs, Todmorden


Hall Ing Henry Whitehead head m 23 tin plate worker - partnership of 3 empl 3 apprentices Lancs, Todmorden
  Isabella Whitehead wife m 26   Lancs, Burnley
  James Whitehead son   4   Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Whitehead dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
Hall Ing John Whitehead head m 60 iron & tin plate worker Lancs, Bury
Hall Ing Mary Whitehead head m 47 tin plate worker - partnership of 3 empl 3 apprentices Yorks, Halifax
  William Whitehead son u 24   Lancs, Todmorden
Hall Ing John Marshall head m 57 backman Yorks, Stansfield
  Judith Marshall wife m 38 mule piecer Lancs, Calderbrook
  William Marshall son   16 mule piecer Yorks, Stansfield
  James Howard wifes son   14 mule piecer Lancs, Calderbrook
  Mary Howard wifes dtr   12 throstle doffer Lancs, Calderbrook
  Hannah Howard wifes dtr   10 throstle doffer Lancs, Calderbrook
Dawson Weir William Stevenson head u 20 chemist & druggist Lancs, Walsden
  John C Stevenson brother u 15 chemist & druggist apprentice Lancs, Calderbrook
  Jane Stevenson sister u 17   not stated
1 house and shop building            
Dawson Weir David Hoosey head m 33 master tailor empl 3 Yorks, Greavelthorpe
  Ann Hoosey wife m 33   Lancs, Colne
  Richard Hoosey son   13 tailors son Lancs, Colne
  Johnathan Hoosey son   9 tailors son Lancs, Colne
  Margaret Shoesmith wifes sister   26 dress maker Lancs, Colne
  John Skinner servant m 26 tailor Isle of Man
Dawson Weir John Holt head m 55 manager of cotton mill Yorks, Langfield
  Jane Holt wife m 55   Yorks, Stansfield
  Sarah Holt dtr u 24   Lancs, Walsden
  Sarah Lord grand dtr   13   Lancs, Todmorden
  Ellen Foulds servant u 29 general servant Yorks, Suddenden
Dobroyd Abraham Taylor head m 36 gardener Lancs, Blackley
  Eliza Taylor wife m 40   Chesh, Northen
  Mary Taylor dtr   12   Lancs, Blackley
  Sarah J Taylor dtr   6   Lancs, Todmorden
  James Taylor son   3   Lancs, Todmorden
  Ann Taylor dtr   1 mth   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Thomas S Law head m 47 clerk in a cotton factory Yorks, Langfield
  Hannah Law wife m 45   Yorks, Stansfield
  Ellen Law dtr u 17 apprentice dress maker Lancs, Todmorden
  Zachariah Law son   16 office boy in cotton factory Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Law dtr   12 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Deborah Law dtr   13 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Agnes Law dtr   3   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd James Turner head m 77 retired throstle overlooker Lancs, Spotland
  sally Turner wife m 65   Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Turner dtr u 48 warper in cotton mill Lancs, Walsden
  Sarah Ann Turner dtr u 20 throstle spinner Lancs, Todmorden
            Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Ann Walton wife m 57 coal pit basket makers wife Lancs, Todmorden
  James Walton son u 17 power loom weaver Lancs, Rossendale
  Walter A Walton son   9 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Samuel Hoyle head m 34 carter Yorks, Langfield
  Elizabeth Hoyle wife m 27 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd William Slater head m 66 cotton spinner Yorks, Heptonstall
  Susan Slater wife m 65   Lancs, Heywood
  William Slater son   29 cotton spinner Lancs, Todmorden
  Susannah Slater dtr   14 throstle piecer Lancs, Crawshawbooth
  Richard Newson lodger   40 master mason empl 5 men Yorks, Halifax
Dobroyd Betty Fielden head m 47 char woman Lancs, Walsden
  Sarah Fielden wife? u 21 card room worker Lancs, Todmorden
  Elizabeth Fielden dtr   11 nurse Lancs, Walsden
  William Fielden son   7 scholar Lancs, Walsden
  Hannah Parker lodger u 41 cotton warper Yorks, Stansfield
Dobroyd William Barker head m 34 silk carder Lancs, Walsden
  Grace Barker wife m 30   Lancs, Walsden
  Allan Barker son   6 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Abraham Fielden brother in law m 25 power loom weaver Lancs, Walsden
  Jane Fielden wife m 21   Lancs, Walsden


Dobroyd John Fielden head m 63 power loom weaver Lancs, Walsden
  Olive Fielden wife m 53   Yorks, Heptonstall
Dobroyd James Fielden head m 63 cotton manufacturer Lancs, Todmorden
  Grace Fielden wife m 55   Lancs, Todmorden
  Alice Standring servant u 30 house servant Lancs, Rochdale
  Mary Green servant u 26 house servant Lancs, Over Houtton
Dobroyd Martha Lord head u 40 power loom weaver Lancs, Calderbrook
  Hannah Stevenson lodger u 18 power loom weaver Lancs, Walsden
Dobroyd Richard Stephenson head m 42 striker in smiths shop Yorks, Stansfield
  Rosehannah Stephenson wife m 40   Yorks, Otley
  Mary Stephenson dtr u 17 throstle spinner Yorks, Stansfield
  William Stephenson son   14 throstle doffer Yorks, Stansfield
  Susan Stephenson dtr   9 throstle doffer Lancs, Walsden
Dobroyd John Hollinrake head m 32 stone masons labourer Yorks, Stansfield
  Sally Hollinrake wife m 36   Lancs, Walsden
  James Hollinrake son   10 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Edward Hollinrake son   5   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Ann Hollinrake dtr   3   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Hiram Fortune head m 40 stone masons labourer Yorks, Stansfield
  Sarah Fortune wife m 39   Yorks, Stansfield
  Martha Fortune dtr   15   Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Fortune dtr   12   Lancs, Todmorden
  Jane Fortune dtr   7   Lancs, Todmorden
  Margaret Fortune dtr   4   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Thomas Mitchell head m 50 hand loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Mitchell wife m 41 capper in cotton factory Yorks, Halifax
  James Mitchell son   15 tailor - not apprentice Lancs, Todmorden
  Greenwood Mitchell son   12   Lancs, Todmorden
  Susy Mitchell dtr   7   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Jackson dtr   21 general servant Lancs, Walsden
  William Jackson grand son   9 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Mercy Ogden head widow 57   Yorks, Elland
  Jane Ogden dtr u 25 cotton warper Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Ogden son u 19 cotton factory worker Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Thomas Marshall head m 30 clogger Yorks, Stansfield
  Mary Marshall wife m 28   Lancs, Todmorden
  Isabella Marshall dtr   5 scholar Lancs, Burnley
Dobroyd William Cockcroft head m 41 butcher Lancs, Todmorden
  Jane Cockcroft wife m 36   Yorks, Edge Hey Green
  Hannah Cockcroft sister u 56 annuitant Yorks, Stansfield
  George Cockcroft son   4   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd John Cockcroft head m 60 butcher Yorks, Rawtonstall
  Sarah Cockcroft wife m 57   Yorks, Longbottom
  Jane Cockcroft dtr u 23 dress maker Lancs, Todmorden
  James Cockcroft son u 21 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Richard Cockcroft son u 19 butcher Lancs, Todmorden
  William Cockcroft son u 17 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Thomas Ingham head m 36 grocer & draper Lancs, Todmorden
  Rebecca Ingham wife m 30   Yorks, Hebden Bridge
  Mary E Ingham dtr   4   Lancs, Todmorden
  Eliza Ann Ingham dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sarah Jane Ingham dtr   under 1 mth   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd William Halstead head m 60 butcher Yorks, Erringden
  Sally Halstead wife m 50   Yorks, Stansfield
  Mary Ann Halstead dtr u 25 bonnet & dress maker empl 3 assistants Yorks, Erringden
  Betty Jackson grand dtr   5   Yorks, Langfield
Dobroyd Richard Halstead head m 58 carter Yorks, Erringden
  Hannah Halstead wife m 59   Yorks, Langfield
  John Halstead son u 18 gardener Yorks, Erringden
  Robert Halstead son   14 apprentice mechanic Yorks, Erringden
Dobroyd Samuel Nuttall head m 39 quarry man Lancs, Todmorden
  Sally Nuttall wife m 37   Yorks, Erringden
  Robert Nuttall son   16 mule piecer Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas Nuttall son   12 bobbin setter-in Lancs, Todmorden
  Samuel Nuttall son   4 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Martha Nuttall dtr   1   Lancs, Todmorden


Dobroyd David Mitchell head m 39 steam fireman Yorks, Warley
  Martha Mitchell wife m 35   Yorks, Stansfield
  Sally Mitchell dtr   13 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  Betty Mitchell dtr   9 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Grace Mitchell dtr   3   Lancs, Todmorden
  Emma Mitchell dtr   10 mths   Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd James Pickles head m 21 reed maker Yorks, Stansfield
  Jane Pickles wife m 25 dress maker Lancs, Todmorden
  Hellen Pickles dtr   2   Yorks, Langfield
Dobroyd John Firth head m 74 joiner & cabinet maker Yorks, Stansfield
  Grace Firth wife m 61   Yorks, Soyland
  Rachel Firth dtr u 24 dress maker Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Gibson Cockcroft head widower 64 cotton mill warehouse clerk Yorks, Stansfield
  John Clegg son in law m 39 power loom overlooker Yorks, Stansfield
  Hannah Clegg dtr m 40   Yorks, Stansfield
  Amanda Cockcroft grand dtr   15 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd Nathan Firth head m 29 joiner Lancs, Todmorden
  Martha Firth wife m 22   Yorks, Langfield
Dobroyd Ruth Crowther wife m 27 dealer in fruits & sweets Lancs, Todmorden
  Philip Crowther son   7   Lancs, Todmorden
  George Crowther son   5   Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Crowther dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  Sally Gibson lodger u 23 power loom weaver Yorks, Heptonstall
  Jane Gibson lodger u 20 power loom weaver Yorks, Heptonstall
  Henry Taylor lodger widower 47 labourer Lancs, Bolton
  William Taylor lodger   14 labourer Lancs, Manchester
Dobroyd Sally Ashworth head widow 67 bread baker Lancs, Cliviger
  Margaret Ashworth dtr u 32 heald knitter Lancs, Todmorden
  Jane Ashworth dtr u 29 power loon weaver Lancs, Todmorden
  James Ashworth son u 26 groom Lancs, Todmorden
  Hannah Ashworth dtr u 23 power loon weaver Lancs, Todmorden
Dobroyd William Marshall head m 62 silk twister - disabled Yorks, Stansfield
  Ann Marshall wife m 62   Yorks, Stansfield
  Sally Marshall dtr u 34 card room frame tenter Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary Marshall dtr u 27 card room frame tenter Yorks, Langfield
  James Marshall son u 22 mule piecer Yorks, Ovenden
  Robert Marshall son u 20 lain in bed for 9 years Yorks, Ovenden
  Jane Marshall dtr u 18 throstle tenter Yorks, Ovenden
  Robert Marshall grand son   5 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
1 uninhabited            
Dobroyd James King head m 30 clogger Yorks, Langfield
  Mary King wife m 31   Yorks, Langfield
  Mary E King dtr   4 scholar Lancs, Todmorden
  Charlotte King dtr   2   Lancs, Todmorden
  Thomas King son   under 1 mth   Lancs, Todmorden
1 uninhabited            
Waterside John Fielden head m 42 school master Yorks, Stansfield
  Lydia Fielden wife m 40 schoolmistress Lancs, Todmorden
  Martha Fielden dtr u 17 dress maker Yorks, Langfield
  Henry H Fielden son   15 apprentice turner Yorks, Langfield
  Mary Fielden dtr   13 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Alice Fielden dtr   9 scholar Yorks, Langfield
  Thomas W Fielden son   3   Yorks, Langfield
Waterside James Taylor head u 62 Unitarian minister of Honey Hole Chapel Lancs, Rochdale
  Mary Firth servant u 32 general servant Lancs, Todmorden
  Mary A Helliwell ?   14 power loom weaver Lancs, Todmorden
I uninhabited            
Waterside Sarah Fielden head widow 70 gentlewoman Lancs, Todmorden
  Ellen Hodkinson companion u 85 companion Lancs, Todmorden
  Ann Smith servant u 30 general servant Lancs, Radcliffe
  Hannah Sutcliffe servant u 20 general servant Yorks, Langfield
  Abraham Fielden visitor m 34 coachman Lancs, Todmorden