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Address Name Status C Age Occupation Work Born County
112 Dale St Milnrow William Holt head M 46 licensed victualler own account Castleton Lancs
Entwistle Arms Sarah Holt wife M 36     Radcliffe Lancs
  Reginald Holt son   11     Radcliffe Lancs
  Gwendoline Holt dtr   9     Milnrow Lancs
  Selwyn Holt son   8     Milnrow Lancs
  Augusta Holt dtr   8     Milnrow Lancs
  Lancelot Holt son   6     Milnrow Lancs
114 Dale St Milnrow James T Wolfenden head M 30 greengrocer own account Newhey Lancs
  Emma Wolfenden wife M 29     Rochdale Lancs
  Fred Wolfenden son   1     Milnrow Lancs
116 Dale St Milnrow Thomas Hornby head M 64 woollen weaver worker Milnrow Lancs
  Charlotte Hornby wife M 61 housework   Milnrow Lancs
  James Hy Hornby son S 24 machine fitter worker Milnrow Lancs
118 Dale St Milnrow Arthur King head M 51 tailor own account Cuckney Ntt
  Betty King wife M 54 woollen winder worker Milnrow Lancs
  Walter? King nephew   13 doffer bobbins worker Sheffield Yks
120 Dale St Minlrow John Kershaw head W 77 scavenger road sweeper worker Milnrow Lancs
  Lydia Kershaw dtr S 34 cotton card room hand worker Milnrow Lancs
  William Kershaw g/son   1     Milnrow Lancs
122 Dale St Milnrow Ann Chadwick head W 49 woollen weaver worker Rochdale Lancs
124 Dale St Milnrow Benjamin Barrett head M 45 woollen spinner worker Milnrow Lancs
  Susan Barrett wife M 48 woollen twister worker Milnrow Lancs
5, Back Dale St Minlrow Robert Buckley head S 54 woollen weaver worker Milnrow Lancs
6, Back Dale St Milnrow James Smith head W 75 woollen weaver worker Milnrow Lancs
7, Back Dale St Milnrow Benjamin F Buckley head M 49 living on own means   Milnrow Lancs
  Martha A Buckley wife M 44 woollen weaver worker Rochdale Lancs
8, Back Dale St Milnrow George Rigby head M 35 fellmonger worker Newhey Lancs
  Sarah Anne Rigby wife M 33 woollen weaver worker Milnrow Lancs
  George A Rigby son   7     Milnrow Lancs
129, Dale St Milnrow Sarah Ann Lord head W 51 housekeeper at home Milnrow Lancs
  Annie M Haigh dtr S 23 cotton operative worker Rochdale Lancs
  Harry K Haigh son S 20 cotton card room hand worker Rochdale Lancs
133 Dale St Milnrow James Stott head M 42 carter for corn carrier worker Smallbridge Lancs
  Barbara Stott wife M 46     York Yks
  Harry Stott son S 18 coal miner worker Milnrow Lancs
  Robert Stott son   14 coal miner worker Milnrow Lancs
  Ada M Stott dtr   9 at school   Milnrow Lancs
  Ernest Stott son   8 at school   Milnrow Lancs
  James Stott son   7 at school   Milnrow Lancs
  Clara Stott dtr   4 at school   Milnrow Lancs
  John M Stott son   3     Milnrow Lancs
  Melia Stott dtr   2     Milnrow Lancs
  John Suthers boarder S 35 farrier worker Leeds Yks
135 Dale St Milnrow William Morrey head M 40 mineworker worker Milnrow Lancs
  Martha Morrey wife M 40     Oldham Lancs
  Hannah E Morrey dtr   7 school girl   Milnrow Lancs
137 Dale St Milnrow William Taylor head M 57 woollen weaver worker Milnrow Lancs
  Elizabeth Taylor wife M 58 cotton weaver worker Hollingworth Lancs
  Sarah J Sladen adopted dtr S 18 cotton weaver worker Milnrow Lancs
139 Dale St Milnrow John Thos Sheard head M 26 coal miner worker Castleton Lancs
  Emma Sheard wife M 22     Rochdale Lancs
143 Dale St Milnrow William Whitehead head M 31 railway carter worker Milnrow Lancs
  Emma J Whitehead wife M 30 washerwoman own account Castleton Lancs
145 Dale St Milnrow Charles Rigg head W 52 fulling miller worker Littleborough Lancs
  James A Rigg son M 28 fulling miller worker Littleborough Lancs
  Muriel M Rigg dtr in law M 22     Middleton Dby
  Mary Sheldeon visitor W 65 monthly nurse worker Middleton Dby
4, Sarah Jane St Milnrow Henry Woodcock head M 45 general labourer worker Farnsfield Ntt
  Anne Woodcock wife M 44     Pleasley Hill Dby
  Mary A Woodcock dtr S 20 cotton card room hand worker Pleasley Hill Dby
  William Woodcock son   12 woollen piecer worker Warsop Ntt
  Sam Woodcock son   10     Warsop Ntt
  Bertha Woodcock dtr   7     Milnrow Lancs
  Walter Woodcock son   5     Milnrow Lancs
5, Sarah Jane St Milnrow Ernest Rose head M 24 cotton spinner worker Rochdale Lancs
  Edith Rose wife M 22     Stockport Lancs
6, Sarah Jane St Milnrow James Butterworth head M 29 gas stoker worker Mold Flintshire
  Harriet Butterworth wife M 29     Milnrow Lancs
  Lilian Butterworth dtr   5     Milnrow Lancs
  M. Alice Butterworth dtr   2     Milnrow Lancs
7, Sarah Jane St Milnrow Fred Howard head M 37 labourer for corporation worker Milnrow Lancs
  Martha E Howard wife M 38     Cuckney Ntt
  Alice Howard dtr   15 card room hand worker Milnrow Lancs
  Maud Howard dtr   13 woollen piecer worker Milnrow Lancs
  George W Howard son   9 school boy   Milnrow Lancs
  Lizzie Howard dtr   6     Milnrow Lancs
  John Howard father W 68 street sweeper worker Milnrow Lancs
8, Sarah Jane St Milnrow Thomas Adamson head M 44 tailor worker Stockport Chs
  Eliza Adamson wife M 44     Stockport Chs
  William Adamson son S 18 throstle layer on worker Stockport Chs
  Ellen Adamson dtr S 17 card room hand worker Stockport Chs
  Eliza Adamson dtr   14 woollen piecer worker Stockport Chs
  Thomas Adamson son   11     Stockport Chs
  Florence Adamson dtr   8     Milnrow Lancs
  Emily Adamson dtr   5     Milnrow Lancs
2, Entwistle St Milnrow Charles K Meadowcroft head M 39 coal miner worker Milnrow Lancs
  Emma Meadowcroft wife M 39     Nottingham Ntt
  Rose Meadowcroft dtr   9     Milnrow Lancs
  Mabel Meadowcroft dtr   7     Milnrow Lancs
  Nelly Meadowcroft dtr   4     Milnrow Lancs
  Herbert Meadowcroft son  



    Milnrow Lancs
4, Entwistle St Milnrow James T Williams head M 31 iron tool maker milling machine worker Marchwood Hants
  Fanny Williams wife M 26     Manchester Lancs
  Lilly Williams dtr   4     Milnrow Lancs
  Edith Williams dtr   1     Rochdale Lancs
6, Entwistle St Milnrow John Hill head M 42 general labourer worker Rochdale Lancs
  Ann Hill wife M 41 woollen weaver worker Rochdale Lancs
  William Hill son   13 woollen piecer worker Rochdale Lancs
8, Entwistle St Milnrow Henry Slaney head M 62 caretaker diningroom worker Pleasley Hill Ntt
  Harriet Slaney wife M 62     Alfreton Dby
  Alice Slaney dtr S 24 woollen weaver worker Pleasley Hill Dby
  Lucy Slaney dtr S 22 office cleaner machine works worker Pleasley Hill Dby
10, Entwistle St Milnrow Stanley Chadwick head M 25 under carder cotton mill worker Milnrow Lancs
  Bertha Chadwick wife M 22 machine tenter cotton mill worker Reddish Chs
  Beatrice E Chadwick dtr   11 mth     Milnrow Lancs
12, Entwistle St Milnrow Noah Chadwick head M 44 fellmongers labourer worker Milnrow Lancs
  Isabella Chadwick wife M 43 woollen weaver worker Manchester Lancs
  Alfred Chadwick son S 17 fellmongers labourer worker Milnrow Lancs
  Frank Chadwick son   13 woollen piecer worker Milnrow Lancs
14, Entwistle St Milnrow Adam N Green head M 32 machine tool maker worker Atherstone Warwick
  Laura Green wife M 31     Coventry Warwick
  William Green son   9     Coventry Warwick
  Elsie Green dtr   5     Salford Lancs
16, Entwistle St Milnrow John Chadwick head M 28 cotton mule spinner worker Milnrow Lancs
  Bertha M Chadwick wife M 27     Milnrow Lancs