Further reading





A wonderful book about Todmorden and Walsden families

"A Rough Path near the Holly Tree" by Rosemary Stevenson

a story about the Hollinrakes and related families around Todmorden 1558-2008


Containing 168 glossy pages with many photographs and other illustrations, detailing the histories and stories about some of the Hollinrake, Astin, Haigh, Shackleton, Hartley, Travis, Hackett, Greenwood, Lingard, Marshall, Taylor, Kershaw, and Lord families of Todmorden and Walsden. It was lovingly researched, compiled and published by Rosemary, herself a Hollinrake.

It is available from ROSEMARY at £10 plus £2.50 postage, or from the TODMORDEN TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE at £10. A very good present!



Industrial Heritage - Bacup and Stacksteads by Mike Rothwell

A guide to the industrial archaeology of Bacup including Britannia, Weir, Cowpe, and the Upper Dulesgate Valley. Comprehensive details of all locations, with a history and description of the site. Industries include textiles, coal mining, quarrying, and brick making. Number 16 of a series covering N.E. Lancs.

Obtainable from MIKE ROTHWELL     Price £10, post and package £1.50.



A new book by Freda and Malcolm Heywood (Upper Calder Valley History Group) and Brian Heywood

In a League of Their Own:

Cricket and Leisure in 20th Century Todmorden


This book, made possible by the support of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, is in three parts, each over 110 pages and is lavishly illustrated.

It is not a season-by-season account of matches and scores, although there is chronology running through the structure and some key matches are described. The book is chiefly about people, many of whom have contributed their personal stories. It attempts to show how people opt to spend their leisure-time, how they react and adapt to change and, not least it demonstrates their dedication to and passionate involvement in their chosen pursuits.

Obtainable at local bookshops and TODMORDEN TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE for £10 hardback and £5 paperback.



An excellent book by Frank T. Haylett

"The Law families of Todmorden and the Upper Calder Valley

16th to 20th Centuries"

This book is a result of 30 years' worth of detailed research. It is a 500 year history of the Law family of this area as it spread throughout the English speaking world. It links and pulls together the many branches of the Law family in 258 size A4 pages, giving details of each family branch, who they were, what they did, and where they lived. There are 35 Law family trees spreading 500 years, a map of the area showing the location of their farms and homes, and 13 pages of glossy photos. It is normally priced at £20 but it will be available from TODMORDEN TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE, THE BORDER BOOK SHOP in Todmorden, and THE BOOK CASE in Hebden Bridge at a significant reduction from that price. It can be purchased directly from Frank Haylett at an offer price of £10+p&p. Details can be obtained from Frank on [email protected]



An unmissable searchable CD ROM produced

by Colin Hinson

The Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Almanacks

11 Volumes for the years 1876, 1889, 1892, 1898, 1901, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1912, 1913 and 1914

These almanacks are a real gem for anyone interested in the lives of the people of Todmorden and Hebden Bridge throughout the 19th Century and up to the First World War. Don't be fooled by the years of each of the volumes as events from many preceding years are covered. The almanacks give a unique insight into the lives and activities of very real people that cannot be equalled by any history book, and are the best source of information you are likely to come across. They were written by ordinary local people for ordinary local people, detailing local events, personal profiles, obituaries, life stories, births, deaths, marriages, accidents, retirements, celebrations, probates of wills and so much more. Alternate pages are given over to adverts for local businesses, with some that will make you weep with laughter. Be assured that even if your ancestors don't get a personal mention, their friends and neighbours will, and by the time you have read them you will be a great deal wiser about their lives. Obtainable from YORKSHIRE CD BOOKS price £15 post paid to your door anywhere in the world.