In 1814 the Methodists built their own chapel at Mankinholes, a small hamlet adjacent to Lumbutts in Langfield. This served the whole community for a time. However, shortly before 1830 there was serious disagreement within the Methodist society, sparked by the installation of an organ in a chapel in Leeds.

The great majority of the Wesleyan Methodists were opposed to organs, quoting John Wesley's immortal words:


"Still let us on our guard be found,

And watch against the power of sound,

With sacred jealousy;

Lest haply science should damp our zeal,

And music's charms bewitch and steal

Our hearts away from thee."

The dissention grew stronger during the following few years, and in September 1836 the people withdrew from the Methodist Society at Mankinholes rather than submit to the internal politics they could no longer endure. A new chapel was planned further down the lane at Lumbutts. The first meeting in connection with the building of the chapel was held at the home of Mr. W. Bayes in September 1836.

The chapel prospered and by 1877 was demolished and replaced with the present larger building on the same site, with the school underneath the chapel. John Fielden Esq. JP of Dobroyd Castle and James Ingham Esq. of Bradford donated additional land on which to enlarge the burial ground.

Photo kindly supplied by Frank Woolrych

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The chapel was opened July 9th 1837 and was originally named the Wesleyan Association Chapel. It was the first United Methodist Free Church in the district. The attendance throughout the first day was large; the collections amounting to £28.2s.2d. The school was opened two weeks later when about 50 children were enrolled.

The chapel celebrated its 50th. jubilee on 9th. July 1887. Over 240 people attended the party, being past and present scholars, teachers and members of the congregation. A great effort had been made to clear the long-standing debt on the chapel prior to the anniversary. However, £61.8s. was still left. Mr. John Fielden of Dobroyd Castle generously cleared the balance out of his own pocket.


The chapel is still operating today and is home to The Old Lady of Lumbutts - a huge 3-ton organ installed about a hundred years ago. It is one of very few left in the country and was renovated in in 1989 when villagers raised £11,500 to repair it. She can be seen in the photo below, taken about 1920



Burial Ground

The burial ground is planted with trees and is orderly and well maintained. The chapel is well worth a visit if only to admire the magnificent setting and the attractive villages of Lumbutts and Mankinholes. This photo, which shows Stoodley Pike in the distance, was sent to us by Karen Greenwood.

In 1872, the churchwardens were in need of a new grave digger, as this advertisement from the Todmorden & District News indicates:

Todmorden and District News

January 5th 1872

WANTED a grave digger for Lumbutts graveyard: may have also the care of of the chapel if he wishes.

Apply to Thomas Sutcliffe Lumbutts or James Gaukroger, Crescent, Todmorden


All the graves in the burial ground have been sorted and transcribed by members of the Todmorden Antiquarian Society, and we are grateful for their permission to publish their work.


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A collection of photographs of gravestones within the burial ground is reproduced below.

In Memory of James TAYLOR of Mount Pleasant Todmorden

who died 3rd August 1859 aged 74 years

His manners mild, his temper such

His language good, and not too much.

Also of Ralph TAYLOR brother of the above

who died May 15th 1861 aged 78 years

Also of Ann, wife of the above named James TAYLOR

who died January 11th 1869 aged 63 years.


In Loving Memory of John SUTCLIFFE,

Rope and Anchor, Todmorden

Who died July 23rd 1920 aged 36 years

“At Rest”

Also James William HOYLE died 19th June 1968 aged 87 years

Also Mary Elizabeth HOYLE died 16th July 1967 aged 77 years


In Memory of James Knowles PILLING of Stones Villas Walsden

Born July 14th 1834, Died January 10th 1882

Also an infant

Also of Sarah his wife

Born August 1st 1830, Died January 4th 1898

Also of James Watson PILLING

Born February 20th 1899, Died August 29th 1899

Also of Tom Lord PILLING Father of the above

Born October 13th 1862, Died Sept 17th 1943

Also of Ada PILLING his wife

Born September 5th 1870, Died February 19th 1853


In memory of Syndonia HOBBINS

the beloved daughter of the late James HIRST of Walsden,

who died October 25th 1878 aged 22 years.

“Be ye also ready”

Also of William HOYLE of Clough Walsden,

who died October 13th 1880 aged 28 years

Also of Sarah Ann his daughter

who died July 7th 1880 aged 3 months

Also of Ann, relict of John PEDDER,

who died at Alma Street, Walsden April 1st 1881 aged 76 years

“She Sleeps In Jesus”


In Loving Memory of Martha

beloved wife of William HIGHLEY, of Rochdale

who passed away March 27th 1922 aged 73 years

“Lead Thou Me On”

Also of the above named William HIGHLEY,

retired pharmacist of 54, Drake St., Rochdale

Who died June 18th 1932 aged 85 years

“At Rest”


In Memory of James HALSTEAD of Top O'Th' Hill Walsden,

who departed this life April 30th 1874 in the 66th year of his age.

When from the dust of death I rise

To claim my mansion in the skies

Even then, this shall be all my plea

Jesus hath lived, hath died for me.

Also of Sally, daughter of the above

who died August 11th 1876 aged 35 years

Also of Mary, wife of the above James HALSTEAD

who died January 19th 1879 in her 67th year.


kindly sent by Karen Greenwood

In loving memory of Mabel daughter of Robert and Fanny JACKSON

of Chapel St. Walsden who died Sept. 25th 1889 aged 17 years .
Also of Fanny wife of Robert JACKSON

who died Sept.30 th 1902 aged 47 years .
Also of Private Arthur JACKSON son of the above .
Killed in France on active service April 25 th 1917 aged 21 years .
Also of the above Robert JACKSON-----.


of 34, Square Rd. Walsden, died Sept. 14 th 1933 aged 19 years .
Also Constance JACKSON died April 27th 1924 aged 3 years

Sacred to the memory of Mary
for 24 years the devoted wife of Robert JACKSON, Henshaw, Walsden Born July 18th 1852 Died Nov.15 th 1902.
Also of Robert JACKSON Mayor of Todmorden 1911 - 1920.
Died Nov. 28 th 1922 aged 68 years .

Left hand side.
Also Anna Mary, daughter of Robert and Mary JACKSON

beloved wife of Rev. A, Bayfield ,
who passed over Dec. 12 th 1935 aged 52 years .
" We shall meet again".

Right hand side.
Also of Amy their daughter Born Dec. 22 nd 1885 Died Sept. 18 th 1887,
Interred at St. Peter's Church Walsden.
Also of Ann sister of Robert JACKSON who died Sept. 2nd 1931 aged 71

kindly sent by Karen Greenwood


In affectionate remembrance of Mary Hannah the wife of Elias LORD

of Mankinholes
who died Feb.25 th 1879 aged 27 years .
Also in loving remembrance of Jane the beloved wife of Elias LORD
who died Jan. 11 th 1918 aged 69 years .
Also of the above Elias LORD who died July 28 th 1919 aged 78 years

(kindly sent by Karen Greenwood)


Treasured memories of a dear husband and Dad Percy WOODHEAD
who fell asleep March 20 th 1954 aged 49 yrs.
Also Jessie his dear wife , a loving mother , grandma and great grandma
who fell asleep Dec 7th 1989 aged 83 yrs.

(kindly sent by Karen Greenwood)


kindly sent by Gillian Wilson

In loving memory of Isabella wife of Greenwood BALDWIN Stansfield Rd. Todmorden died Aug. 29th 1895 aged 44 years
Also of the above named Greenwood BALDWIN

who fell asleep Dec. 6th 1918 aged 66 years .
Also of Anne, daughter of the above,

died Aug. 15th , 1923 aged 38 years .
Also of Hannah wife of the said Greenwood BALDWIN

Died May 19th. 1925 aged 74 years .
Also of Mary Ellen daughter of the above

died Nov. 9th , 1931 aged 48 years .
Also of Wilson Henry son of the above

Greenwood BALDWIN

Died Dec. 12th 1932 aged 53 years .

Also Sarah Hannah daughter of Wilson H. BALDWIN

died March 1st 1949 aged 75 years


In Affectionate Remembrance of Wilson LAW of Moor-Gate

who died Sept 28th 1869 aged 24 years.

Also an infant born June 10th 1869.

Also of Betsey wife of Samuel LAW of South Lodge, Centre Vale Park

who died may 23rd 1924 aged 59 years.

Also Edith Annie LAW, died March 1st 1969 aged 68 years.


In Memory of John LAW of Moor-Gate

who died July 30th 1850 in his 3rd year.

Also of Alice LAW who died January 25th 1852 in her 13th year.

Also of Sally WILSON, mother of the above,

who died April 22nd 1884 in her 73rd year.

Also of Abraham WILSON who died May 24th 18??

in his 85th year.


In Memory of Albert son of James and Elizabeth LAW of Longfield

who died March 2nd 1885 aged 9 years and 10 months.

Also of the above named Elizabeth LAW

who died March 22nd 1899 aged 45 years.

Also of James LAW who died May 21 st 1918 aged 64 years


In Loving Memory of Robert CROSSLEY of Knowsley in Walsden

who died January 23rd 1903 in his 89th year.

Also of Betty his wife who died March 6th. 1906 in her 80th year.

Also Thomas son of the above

who died August 18th 1916 aged 55 years.

At Rest.


Amanda, daughter of George Wm. GILL and Katherine of Walsden,

born Dec. 12th 1868, died January 21st 1888.

Also of Linda Maude their daughter born Dec 20th 1876, died May 24th 1890.

Also of Florence their daughter, born July 14th 1874 died Nov. 6th 1899.

Also of the above named Katherine Grace Gill

born August 24th 1846, died October 28th 1909.

Also of the above named George William Gill born February 11th 18??

Died April 3? 1912


In Loving Memory of William CROWTHER

of 541 Rochdale Rd. Walsden

died Dec 8th 1903 in his 47th year.

Hannah wife of the above died March 21st 1937 in her 83rd year.

Also Henry son of the above died April 16th 1889 aged 3 months.

Also 3 infants.

Also Elsie their daughter died November 30th 1962 aged 73 years.

Also Linda CROWTHER died March 26th 1972 aged 78 years.


In Loving Memory of William ROBERTS of Beswick Street, Walsden,

born June 20th 1844, died June 20th 1898?

Also of Martha wife of the above William ROBERTS

born November 23rd 1842, died December 4th 1911


Nancy, daughter of Zechariah and Mary JACKSON of Bottoms, Walsden,

born November 20th 1846, died September 8th 1884.

Also of the above named Mary JACKSON

born November 9th 1816, died July 12th 1889.

Also of Sally their daughter who died December 19th 1895 aged 45 years.

Also of the above named Zechariah JACKSON

born March 27th 1816 died August 4th 1897


In Loving Memory of Sarah Ann wife of Abraham FIELDEN

of Throstle Terrace Walsden,

who died December 31st 1899 in her 59th year.

At Rest.

Also of the above Abraham FIELDEN

who died July 30th 1904 aged 64 years.

Also of Betsey Hannah wife of William WOOD

of 14 Co-operative Street Walsden

who died May 17th 1916 aged 51 years.

Also of above named William WOOD

who died September 27th 1919 aged 60 years.


In Affectionate Remembrance of Grace W. FIELDEN,

beloved wife of John FIELDEN, of Greenfield Terrace Todmorden,

born August 31st 1857, died June 10th 1882.

Also of Elsie HOLDEN

eldest daughter of John and Sarah Emily FIELDEN

who died at Elland July 25th 1891 in her 7th year.

Also of May Eveline daughter of the above John and Sarah Emily FIELDEN who died at Halifax March 23rd 1913 aged 26 years.


In Memory of Thomas FIELDEN of Hey Head, Langfield,

who died November 30th 1877 aged 48 years.

Also of Anne beloved wife of James Howorth FIELDEN of Smallbridge, Rochdale who died October 15th 1907 aged 33 years.

Also of Betsy wife of the above Thomas FIELDEN

who died February 24th 1909 aged 75 years.

Also Mary Elizabeth wife of the above James Howorth FIELDEN

who died July 24th 1916 aged 45 years.


In Loving Memory of William FIELDEN

of 23 Hollins Road, Walsden

who died March 5th 1918 in his 61st year.

Also of Elizabeth his beloved wife

who died April 15th 1918 in her 57th year.

At Rest.


In Affectionate remembrance of Eliza wife of James HALSTEAD

of Birks Terrace, Walsden who died January 3rd 1887 aged 31 years

Also of Betty wife of James HALSTEAD

who died July 10th 1896 aged 42 years

Also of Dorothy Mary an infant

Also of the above James HALSTEAD

who died January 10th 1937 aged 82 years.


In Loving Memory of Joseph HALSTEAD of Chapel Steps, Knowlwood Road

died May 26 th 1908 aged 68 years

Also of Sarah wife of the above who died Novr. 23rd 1923 aged 82 years

Also of Abraham son of the above who died June 7th 1928 aged 52 years


In Loving Memory of James HENSON

died December 13th 1918 aged 67 years

Sarah Elizabeth SPARKS died November 6th 1968 aged 83 years

Jane Ann her daughter and beloved wife of Stanley CROSSLEY

died 18th August 1973 aged 65 years