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By the mid 1800's the population had increased in the Littleborough area and a Chapel of Ease was needed for the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Littleborough, so St. James at Calderbrook was built. The cost of the site and the construction of the building were paid for by the Lord of the Manor, Mr. James Dearden, and his son laid the foundation stone on 23 August 1860. This also coincided with his 21st birthday and there were great festivities on the day.

A district holiday was declared and there were street parties, dinners, processions and even the cavalry took part amidst salvoes of gunfire. Lots of eating and drinking was involved and no doubt there would have been a few sore heads the morning after. James Dearden died before the building was completed in 1863 and it wasn't consecrated until 1865.   It was licensed for worship on 2 April 1870. The total cost of the building of the church was £3,000 and it was able to hold a congregation of 600. A Sunday school was opened in the same year.

In 1866, Holy Trinity was given £100 for taking on the duties at St. James and it wasn't until 1896 that Calderbrook became a new parish in it's own right, and the responsibility for appointing a vicar was taken over by them. The vicarage wasn't built until 1910 and until that time the vicar would live in the homes of the local people.

It is an imposing church, high up on Calderbrook Road, with views over the countryside.

Burial Ground

The graveyard is well kept and the church is still well supported by the local community. A collection of Memorial Inscriptions from the churchyard

is transcribed below.


In Loving Memory of Emily the beloved wife of John HAIGH

of Higher Calderbrook

Who died March 13th 1907 aged 36 years

Also of Harry their beloved son

Who died May 11th 1916 in his 25th year


In Loving Memory of Frank, only son of Walter & Bessie HAIGH

of Littleborough

Who died Sept. 26th 1923 in his 18th year

Also of Annie their only daughter,

who died March 22nd 1910 in her 2nd year

“Thy Will Be Done”

Also of the above named Walter HAIGH, J.P., C.C.

Of Frankfield, Littleborough

Who died Nov. 4th 1933 in his 57th year

Also of Bessie HAIGH beloved wife of Walter HAIGH

Who died Sept. 11th 1967 aged 88 years and was cremated


In Loving Memory of James HAWKARD

Of Higher Calderbrook

Who died 10th January 1886 Aged 70 Years

“His end was Peace”

Also of Susan, his wife who died 24th May 1889

in her 67th year

Also of Fielden HAWKARD Son of the above

Who died 18th May 1923 aged 62 years


In Memory of John YATES Handle Hall

Who died 22nd April 1871 aged 39 years

Also of George HAWKARD

died Oct. 31st 1871 aged 69 years

Also of his daughter Betty FIELDEN

Who died Oct. 28th 1904 in her 72nd year?

“At Rest”

Also of Margaret

the beloved wife of William HAWKARD of Shore

Who died February 25th 1907 in her 70th year

Also of the above named Wiliam HAWKARD

Who died July 24th 1917 aged 76 years


In Loving Memory of James

Son of John and Sarah UTTLEY

of Woodock Inn, Walsden

Who died 22nd ?.  of Novr. 1874 Aged 13 years

Also of the said John UTTLEY

who died April 25th 1887 In his 69th year

Also of the said Sarah UTTLEY

Who died June 16th 1896 in her 75th year

Also of John son of the above

John and Sarah UTTLEY

Who died January 8th 1900 aged 50 years


In Affectionate Remembrance

Frances UTTLEY daughter of John and Mary UTTLEY

Of Summit

Who died September 14th 1874 in her 44th year

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”

Also of Mary the beloved wife of John UTTLEY, of Summit

Who died 12th of June 1876 in her 84th year

Also the said John UTTLEY

who died on the 19th August 1879 in his 87th year


In Affectionate Remembrance of Robert UTTLEY of Summit

Born June 24th 1835 Died July 6th 1878

Also of Margaret his wife Of Garden Terrace, Todmorden

Born May 8th 1840 Died Feb. 17th 1905

Also of Emily, their beloved daughter

of Welbeck Avenue, Littleborough who died June 6th 1938

“Love’s Last Gift, Remembrance”

Also of John William the beloved husband of

Frances Alice HOWARTH

Born Jan. 21st 1871 Died May 17th 1928

“Until The Day Breaks”

Also of Frances Alice his beloved wife who died May 1st 1939

“United In Heaven”

In Loving Memory of

Alice the beloved wife of Michael UTTLEY

of Longlees, Calderbrook

Who died June 8th 1880 in her 35th year

Also Ada their beloved daughter

who died February 9th 1877 aged 6 years

Also of the above Michael UTTLEY

who died April 6th 1922 aged 75 years

Also of Aneta, daughter of the above

who died Oct. 21st 1933 aged 65


In Loving Memory of Fanny

The beloved wife of James KERSHAW of Calderbrook

Who died Jany. 11th 1883 aged 72 years

Also of James their son and beloved husband of


Who died Feb. 6th 1884 aged 36 years

Also of Sarah, their daughter

who died Dec. 28th 1897 aged 61 years

Also of Mary Jane, widow of the above

And wife of Robert HIGHLEY

Who died June 7th 1932 aged 84 years


In Affectionate Remembrance of Betty the beloved daughter of

Robert & Grace HOWARD of Chelburn, Summit

Who died February 9th 1894 aged 22 years

Also of Hannah their daughter

Who died September 29th 1871 aged 7 weeks

Also of Grace the beloved wife of Robert HOWARD

Who died Nov. 9th 1901 aged 69 years

Also of the above named Robert HOWARD

who died September 16th 1911 in his 81st year

Also of Sarah Ann, their daughter

who died March 20th 1941 aged 65


In Loving Memory of Martin the beloved husband of

Sally Mitchell FIELDEN

Of Todmorden Rd., Littleborough

Who died May 21st 1916 aged 57 years

Also of Sally MitchellL

The beloved wife of the above who died

October .. 1928? Aged 71 years

Sacred to the Memory of Betty,

the beloved wife of Peter McINTYRE, Laneside, Littleborough

Who died on the 2nd April 18 (stone broken)

aged 44 years

“Thy Will Be Done”

Also of Peter McINTYRE White House, Littleborough

Born December 15th 1841 Died October 23rd 1896

Also Ethel, the beloved daughter of

Peter & Ellen McINTYRE

Who died December 6th 1899 aged 15 years

Also of Jessie, their daughter’s ...

In affectionate remembrance of Clara daughter of John and Sarah TRAVIS

of Summit who died November 22nd . 1871 aged 18 months.

Also of Priscilla their daughter who died August 11th 1872 in her 4th year.

Also of Bertha their daughter

who died September 28th 1876 aged 2 years & 4 months.


In loving memory of Lelles wife of John CRABTREE of Steanor Bottom Walsden

who died 12th Feby 1880 aged 60 years.

Also of the above John CRABTREE who died July 30th 1896 aged 77 years.

"We all do fade as a leaf"


In Memoriam Alexander William FOTHERGILL

born January 17th 1853 died November 3rd . 1870

"In the day of judgement Good Lord deliver us"


In Loving Memory of John ASHWORTH of Littleborough

who died 23rd July 1878 aged 70 years.

Also of Mary Hannah wife of Thomas ASHWORTH

who died 14th Decr 1890 in her 45th year.

Also the above named Thomas ASHWORTH

who died May 17th 1909 aged 62 years.

Also of Ann the beloved wife of Thomas ASHWORTH

who died May 2nd 1928 aged 76 years.


In Loving Memory of Thomas the beloved husband of Susannah CRYER

who died May 23rd 1924 in his 84th year.

Also Susannah wife of the above who died Jan 3rd 1931 in her 95th year.

Also Alice DICKSON of Laneside who died Dec 20th 1877 in her 56th year.

Also of Elizabeth her daughter & beloved wife of Allen FIRTH

of 5, Oak St., Ealees who died Dec. 25th 1921 in her 70th year.


In loving memory of Alfred HAIGH of Hare Hill Rd., Littleborough

who died October 2nd 1914 aged 55 years

Also of Mary , his beloved wife

who died December 26th 1937 aged 77 years.


In loving memory of John , the beloved husband of Ruth HAIGH

of Centre Vale, Littleborough who died December 1st 1917 aged 48

Also of Ruth, his beloved wife who died Nov. 10th . 1946 aged 80 years.

In loving memory of John HAIGH

who died Oct. 8th . 1932 aged 82 years.

Also Elizabeth the beloved wife of John HAIGH

who died August 15th 1929 in her 76th year

Also Emily the beloved daughter of John and Elizabeth HAIGH

of 21, Halifax Rd., Littleborough who died July 27th 1924 aged 44

Also of James Henry their beloved son who died in infancy.


In Loving Memory of John HAIGH of Durn

who died 4th . March 1884 aged 70 years.

Also Mary his wife who died 29th . August 1874 aged 53 years.

Also of John William WILD their grandson

who died 6th . January 1886 aged 3 years and 4 months.

Also of John Thomas , their son who died 8th . June 1891 aged 44 years.

Leslie , beloved son of John William and Rose HAIGH

of Handle Cottage died Dec. 11th 1918 aged 7 years

Also the above named John William HAIGH ,

died Feb. 22nd . 1938 aged 62 years.


In Loving Memory of Thomas HAIGH of Laneside,

died Aug. 4th . 1913 aged 61 years.

Also Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Thomas HAIGH of Laneside

who died March 21st . 1908 aged 54 years

Also of Fred their beloved son, died Nov. 28th . 1918 aged 31 years.

Also of Thomas their beloved son died Sept. 24th . 1925 aged 33 years.


In loving memory of James HAIGH of Swaindrod Farm, Littleborough

who died Dec. 13th . 1895 aged 63 years

Also of Sarah , his wife who died July 28 h . 1911 aged 69 years.

Also of James the beloved son of James Samuel and Mary KERSHAW and grandson of the above.

Born August 17th . 1902. Died July 2nd . 1903.

Also of Mary , the beloved wife of James S. H. KERSHAW who died Oct. 10th . 1949 aged 76 years.

Also of the above named James S. H. KERSHAW who died Jan. 15th . 1951 aged 79 years.


In affectionate remembrance of William HAIGH of Laneside

who died 31st . March 1883 aged 59 years.

Also of Betty his beloved wife who died 24th . March 1906 in her 80th . year.

Also of Henry HAIGH , son of the above who died 9th . Dec. 1926 aged 70 years.


In loving memory of William HAIGH of Slack died Dec. 3rd . 1882 in his 70th year.

AlsoMary , wife of William HAIGH who died Dec. 16th 1880 in her 68th year.

Also William, the son of William and Mary HAIGH of Slack who died Sept. 8th 1873 aged 31.

Also Grace their daughter who died 18th Dec. 1877 aged 41 years.

Also of Henry HAIGH who died Dec. 15th 1902 in his 63rd year

Also Hannah his wife who died 9 Feb. 1907 aged 65 years.

Also William son of the above died Nov. 2nd 1932 aged 57 years.


In Loving Memory of Sarah wife of John MORTIMER of Durn who died 9 July 1871 aged 39 years.

Also William Henry, their son died 21 August 1871 in his 14th year.

John Mortimer HAIGH , son of Hezekiah and Jane

Also Maud MILLER their grand daughter who died Nov. 27th 1887 aged 2mths

Also of Hezekiah HAIGH who died 16 April 1887 in his 27th year

Also Mercy the beloved daughter of John and Jane HARTLEY of Littleborough

who died October 27th 1893 aged 13 weeks

Also Harold their son who died March 5th 1899 in his 4th year.