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site of Banks Mill




Known occupiers

HAMMERTON Thomas Edward


MADEN Henry & Bro. (Henry and Joshua Maden)




SUTCLIFFE Henry and HARRIS Joseph William


TAYLOR Abraham & Co.


PILLING Andrew & Sons


Banks Mill Co.


BARKER Robert (owner of part of site)

12 April 1876

Burnt down


Pulled down

Pit inspected by M. Heywood in 1976 and would take wheel 47’ x 6’ 11”


Notes by John Travis, local contemporary historian:

Henry Maden was one of the brothers who were tenants at Banks Mill. When Maden Bros. lease for the factory had run out they removed to Shanter, having in the meantime erected a weaving shed there.

T.E. Hammerton, solicitor of Todmorden, came in to possession of the Old Banks Estate. He made a storage reservoir and built Banks Mill across the valley. The water was inadequate in the summer, and the owner put in a boiler and engine, and another small water lodge in the pasture above the mill for water suitable for the boiler. These alterations and additions were made when J. and H. Maden of Bacup were the occupiers. They were there for several years. The mill at that time was the highest cotton mill in the district.

Andrew Pilling and Sons had for a short time been at Banks Mill, Dulesgate.

Banks Mill burnt down. It was owned by Hammerton, solicitor. It was occupied by a co-operative from Bacup. When it burnt down, the co-operative found another mill in the Bacup area, and Banks Mill was not rebuilt.


Additional notes

mainly researched, recorded and referenced by Mrs Sheila Wade

Hebden Bridge WEA Local History Group

1823 map of Todmorden shows James Barker owned the site on which Banks Mill was later built.


List of voters 30th July 1842

Henry Maden, living at Rock Nook, occupier of the mill, Banks Mill.

Joshua Maden living at Rockcliffe near Bacup, occupier of the mill, Banks Mill.

Whites Directory 1847

John Sutcliffe, cotton manufacturer, Banks Mill

Manchester Times, Wednesday, October 31, 1849


On Monday, the wife of Mr. Platt, manager of Banks Mill Dulesgate, fell down and instantly expired. She has left 5 young children to lament her loss.

Manchester Times, Wednesday, February 6, 1850

To be sold by private treaty the machinery for spinning and manufacturing cotton now standing in Banks Mill, Dulesgate near Todmorden, consisting of 1 willow, 1 double beater lap machine by Mason, 1 single lap machine, 8 single carding engines 40” on the wire with patent coilers attached, 1 new drawing frame; 3 heads and 4 deliveries, 2 dyer’s frames 24 tubes each; 2 dyers frames 16 tubes each; 10 throstles, 1490 spindles; a winding frame, 120 spindles; 2 pairs of mules, 1734 spindles; 1 pair of new mules, 1064 spindles by Roe and Boyd; 36 narrow and 28 broad looms, mostly new; new cop reel; beam frame; twisting frame; cloth press; patent weighing machine; warping mill; cans; bobbins; shafting; gearing; lathe; tools; grinding frame; 2 emery rollers; clock bell and other property and effects.

The mill is newly erected, in good repair and has 30 horse steam and water power and two 20 horse boilers. There are 14 cottages attached, which may be let with the mill, the rent of the whole being extremely moderate. For further details apply to Thomas Edward Hammerton esq. Todmorden.

Manchester Times, Wednesday, March 12, 1851.

Petition of adjudication for bankruptcy filed on 10th January 1850 against Henry Sutcliffe and Joseph William Harris, both of Rochdale, cotton spinners and manufacturers carrying on business in partnership at Banks Mill in Dulesgate near Todmorden under the name of Thomas Mill …

Whites Directory 1853

Abraham Taylor & Co. cotton spinners and manufacturers, Banks Mill

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1860-65

Occupier Banks Mill Co. owner T. E. Hammerton, cotton mill, Banks, rateable value £46.13s.8d. 70 looms, 1992 throstles, 2400 mules, 19hp. Rateable value £31.

1861 census;

Banks Co-operative Cotton Mill employing 21 persons.

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1866-73

Occupier Banks Mill Co. owner T. E. Hammerton, mill and power, Banks Lower, RV £95.4s.0d.

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1866-71

Occupiers Banks Mill Co. owner Robert Barker, waste and warehouse, Banks, RV £2.16s.0d. (1867 RV £12.14s.0d.)

Todmorden and Walsden Poor Rates 1867

Banks Mill Company.

Joshua Maden, waste dealer, Bacup;

Elizabeth Nuttall, Swan Hotel, Bacup;

James Hargreaves, waste dealer, Bacup;

John, Odd Fellows Arms, Bacup;

Richard Smith, rope maker, Bacup:

Edmund Cropper, George Inn, near Bacup;

William Jones, 18a Mosley Street, Manchester;

Charles Mitchell, engineer, Dulesgate, Todmorden;

Abraham Henry Hardman, Edge Side, Newchurch;

Charles Buckley, Market Street, Burnley;

David Hardman, Dulesgate, Todmorden;

Thomas Sugden, Back Union Street, Bacup.

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1873-76

Occupier Banks Mill Co. owner T. E. Hammerton, warehouse and office, Banks, RV £12.14s.0d.

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1874-75

occupiers Banks Mill Co. owners T. E. Hammerton, mill and power, Banks Lower, RV 107.8s.0d.

Halifax Guardian 22nd March 1879

Thomas Edward Hammerton, late of West Lodge, Stansfield, died 25th August 1875.

The Leeds Mercury, April 13, 1876

A cotton mill belonging to Banks Mill Company Ltd. and situated between Todmorden and Bacup was burnt down yesterday. The loss is estimated at about £5000.

Fielden documents 12th April 1876

Fire at Banks Mill, Dulesgate, Bank Mill Co. Ltd. Fielden Bros. fire engine attended, set out 3.20 and returned 9pm.

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1876

Demolished, owner T. E. Hammerton, mill and power, Banks Lower.

Todmorden and Walsden Rates Book 1879-80

Empty, owner T. E. Hammerton, warehouse and office, Banks Higher, RV £3.15s.0d.