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Caldervale Mill 2009



Known occupiers


Calder Vale Mill Co.






CROSSLEY John, William and Henry












DRAKE William






LEAH William & Co.






Cotton mill on OS 25” map



before 1912 - 1979

GREENWOOD Crossley & Son Ltd.


Lois Fabric Printing Co. Ltd.


Caldervale Mill 2009



Additional information

researched, recorded and referenced by Mrs Sheila Wade

Hebden Bridge WEA Local History Group



Notes from John Travis, contemporary historian

Many of the shareholders for the Todmorden Commercial Cotton Spinning and Manufacturing Company of ALMA MILL were residents of the Burnley Valley. They called a meeting at the Waggon & Horses, Redwaterfoot, to raise more capital for the company, but instead the meeting decided to form a new company, The Calder Vale Mill Company.

The Calder Vale Mill Co. erected a weaving shed about 1856, intending to let it in small sections. The place in the first instance was for 300 looms and it was immediately occupied, some of the small beginners doing very well in the trade.

Heap and Ashworth (from Bacup and Rochdale) worked at Calder Vale weaving shed throughout the depression of the cotton famine period. After 4 or 5 years there they built a weaving shed for 400 looms and carding and spinning mill at Frostholme (near Waggon & Horses, Redwaterfoot) and moved their looms from Calder Vale.

At Pitts higher up than old Pudsey about fifty years ago, (c.1855) Mr Thos. Marshall, grocer, erected a shop and house. Afterwards he became a manufacturer in partnership at Caldervale Weaving Shed out of which venture he did pretty well.   Higher up still, but whether at Lower or Higher Pitts, the writer does not know, there dwelt Mr Abm. Marshall, a shoemaker, and cousin to the Thomas Marshall before mentioned. This gentleman was reported to have been in London; consequently he went by the name of "the Londoner." Mr Marshall was a ripe politician and always ready for an argument and for a country dweller he was a very well known man. He also later entered the weaving trade and his going "On Change" in Manchester gave him still greater opportunities of manifesting his skill in debate. He was one of the prime movers in the erection of the Cornholme Town Hall (so-called), which was not a very late event. Mr Abm. Marshall was in his later days very enterprising as a manufacturer, and it is believed that he got through the cotton panic of 1862-5 with a whole skin. At any rate he went forward for a good while with new energy and was as lively as a young man who had made his fortune.

Edmund Barker of Calder Vale Mill bought HIGHER HOLME weaving shed.


Cornholme, a Border Village. Winnie Marshall 1984

Shuttles were made in the bottom portion of Caldervale Mill. Pickers were made in a building previously used by Wilson’s Bobbin Works. Both buildings still standing. Picker trade declined with automatic looms, and Crossley Greenwood closed March 1979, though still making shuttles.


workers from Crossley Greenwood & Son, shuttlemakers, taken about 1912 at Caldervale Mill. Crossley Greenwood is the elderly man in the middle of the back row.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser July 1855

To be let by tender on 13th July 1855, the erection of a weaving shed, at the house of George Howarth, Waggon & Horses in Cornholme. Particulars from Astin & Barker, millwrights, Todmorden.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser February 1857

Calder Vale Co-op Building Society, Pudsey near Todmorden, prepared to let Room and Power. Apply Secretary Thomas Marshall, grocer, Pudsey.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 17th July 1858

Partnership between Dan Mitchell of Lilybank, Stansfield, and William Greenwood of Vale Cottage situated partly in Todmorden and partly in Stansfield, as cotton manufacturers under the firm of Mitchell and Greenwood at Calder Vale, Stansfield, dissolved and all debts owing to and from received and paid by Dan Mitchell.


Stansfield Rates Book 1860

Owners and occupiers Calder Vale Mill Co; Pudsey; mill and power; rateable value £73.9s.6d.


The weaving sheds at rear of mill

have recently been demolished 2009


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 28th January 1860

Messrs Heap, Ashworth and Fielding, Calder Vale Mill. Treat to work people at Waggon & Horses, Cornholme.


1861 census

Henry Crossley, Pudsey, aged 26, cotton manufacturer

Abraham Marshall, Pitts, aged 54, cotton manufacturer

Thomas Marshall, Pitts Terrace, aged 45, grocer

John Crossley, Pitts Terrace, aged 50, cotton manufacturer

Alfred Crossley, Pitts Terrace, aged 19, warehouseman (son of above John Crossley)


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 21st September 1861

Partnership of John Crossley, Henry Crossley and William Crossley, Calder Vale Mill Pudsey, trading as John Crossley & Sons, dissolved. In future John Crossley will be alone.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 2nd November 1861

Dissolution of partnership of Abraham Marshall of Pitts, Thomas Marshall of Pitts and Henry Cunliffe of Stiperden, cotton manufacturers at Calder Vale Mill. In future carried on by Thomas Marshall and Henry Cunliffe.


Factory Inspector’s Reports for half year ending 31st October 1865

17th August 1865

Edmund Barker of Calder Vale

Case heard before J. C. Sutcliffe and A, Ormerod at Todmorden

Employing six young persons without registering their names

Penalty £11-0s-0d

Costs £4-1s-6d

Two informations withdrawn on payment of costs.


Stansfield Rates Book 1867-78

Owners and occupiers Calder Vale Mill Co; Calder Vale; mill and power; rateable value £77.19s.0d.


White 1866

Heap and Ashworth, cotton manufacturers.

Marshall and Cunliffe, cotton manufacturers.

Abraham Marshall, cotton manufacturer.

Edmund Barker, Calder Vale, cotton spinner and manufacturer

Joseph Horsfall, cotton manufacturer.

Mitchell Sutcliffe, cotton manufacturer.


1871 census

John Heap, Sun Terrace, aged 26, cotton manufacturer partner in firm employing 200 hands.

Thomas Marshall, Pitts Terrace, aged 55, manufacturer and grocer employing 8 females, 1 man, 3 boys.

Abraham Marshall, Pitts, aged 65, cotton manufacturer.

William Drake, Woodcote Cornholme, aged 40, manufacturer of cotton employing 4 males and 5 females.

Mitchell Sutcliffe, Holme House, aged 39, grocer and manufacturer of cotton employing 5 men and 7 females.

Mary Stansfield, Sun Terrace, aged 34, cotton manufacturer employing 4 hands.


Kelly 1871

Heap and Ashworth, Frost Holme and Calder Vale Mills, cotton spinners & manufacturers.

Thomas Marshall, Calder Vale Mill, cotton manufacturer.

Abraham Marshall, Calder Vale Mill, cotton manufacturer.

William Drake, cotton manufacturer.

Mitchell Sutcliffe, Calder Vale, grocer, draper and cotton manufacturer.

Miss Mary Stansfield, cotton manufacturer


3rd June 1873

During a gale, a large stone was blown from the chimney at Calder Vale Mill, Burnley Valley. The stone alighted upon the roof of the weaving shed, which it smashed, and also the gearing beneath, and one loom was damaged.


Caldervale chimney 2009


Slater 1875

Heap and Ashworth, Cornholme Mill, cotton spinners and manufacturers.

Thomas Marshall, Calder Vale Mill, calico manufacturer.

Abraham Marshall, Calder Vale Mill, calico manufacturer

John Stansfield, Calder Vale Mill, calico manufacturer

Joseph Horsfall, Cornholme Mill, cotton spinner and manufacturer

William Drake, cotton spinner and manufacturer

Mitchell Sutcliffe, Calder Vale Mill, cotton spinner and manufacturer.


Halifax Courier 30th October 1877

Bankrupt. William Leah, cotton manufacturer of Calder Vale Mill Todmorden.


Halifax Guardian 6th July 1878

Leah & Co. Calder Vale, now working at reduction of 10% in wages.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 1st August 1879

Heap and Ashworth, Calder Vale Mill, 220 looms working 3.75 days a week.

John Crabtree, Caldervale Mill, 24 looms full time.


Halifax Courier 23rd August 1879

Heap and Ashworth, Calder Vale and Frostholme, wages reduced further 1d. per cut (7.5%). 200 hands at mill, 7650 spindles and 520 looms.


Halifax Courier 18th October 1879

Accident at Calder Vale Co-op Co. Ltd. mill at Cornholme. Will be closed 5 to 6 weeks due to connecting rod and beam breaking, and engine falling to the floor.


Stansfield Rates Book 1880

Owners and occupiers Calder Vale Mill Co; Calder Vale; mill and power; rateable value £81.


Stansfield Rates Book 1881

Owners and occupiers Calder Vale Mill Co; Calder Vale; mill and power; rateable value £72.10s.0d.


Todmorden Advertiser 9th May 1884

Public meeting in Board Room, Calder Vale, to form a fustian manufacturing limited company.


Caldervale Mill 2009


Slater 1887

Albert Wilson, manufacturer of cotton goods.


Manchester Examiner 22nd July 1887

Albert Wilson, 360 looms running full time


Stansfield Rates Book 1890-97

Owners and occupiers Calder Vale Mill Co; Calder Vale; mill and power; rateable value £69.15s.0d; one-third empty.


Worrall 1891

Albert Wilson, Calder Vale Mill, 440 looms, twills, regattas, T cloths and sateens. Goods to be addressed to Portsmouth Station, Burnley branch.


Kelly 1893

Albert Wilson, cotton manufacturer


Cornholme Rates Book 1894-97

Owned and occupied by Calder Vale Building and Commercial Society Ltd; loomshed; Calder Vale; rateable value £197.10s.0d.

1895 – additions £3.


27th April 1895

The employees of Mr. Albert Wilson, cotton manufacturer, Caldervale Mill, were the recipients of an excellent tea provided by Mr. Wilson to celebrate the coming of age of Miss Alice Mary Wilson. Mr. G. Walton, confectioner, served tea in the Cornholme British School, when over 200 persons partook of the good things provided. An adjournment was made to the new building at Caldervale, where Miss Wilson was presented with several silver articles, including biscuit basket and ornaments.


Factory Inspectors prosecutions

18th July 1895

Albert Wilson, cotton manufacturer, Calder Vale Shed, Cornholme, near Todmorden

Case heard at Todmorden Police Court

Failure to supply sufficient particulars

Penalty 2s-6d and Costs of £2-6s-0d

2s-6d and costs in 1 case and costs in another 3 cases.


Kelly 1897

Albert Wilson, cotton manufacturer


Demolition work in progress 2009