owner occupier description acres rods perches
Deanroyd James Taylor Esq Widow Law Higher Clough Field   2 4
      Lower Clough Field 1 2 30
      Meadow 3 3 36
      Road     13
      Barn&Gardens     14
      Building/Garden/Shed   1 22
      Cow Bank   3 38
      Higher Field 2 0 30
      Higher Field Wood   1 16
      Daisy Croft   1 0
      Ley Field 2 1 31
      Near Bank Field 1 1 3
      Daisy Field 1 0 2
      Woody Bank 34   34
      Kemp(Hemp?) Cross   1 4
      Dean Royd Wood 6 2 31
      Far Bank Field   2 35
      Building&Yard     9
      Gardens     10
      Lower Holme 2 3 2
      Part of Lower Holme   2 15
      Higher Holme   1 6
      Road     21


  Name Age Occupation Birthplace
Deanroyd Thomas Law 65 farmer y
  Alice Law 60   y
  Thomas Law 30 cotton spinner y
  John Law 15   y
  Betty Law 12   y
  Alice Law 7   y
  William Southwell 20 carter y
Deanroyd Zachariah Law 25 carter y
  Mary Law 25   y
  Susy Law 7   y
  Sally Law 5   y
  Thomas Law 2   y
Deanroyd Sally Chadwick 40 independent y
  Benjamin Chadwick 15 carter y
  Sally Chadwick 14 cotton steam weaver y
  Hannah Chadwick 4   y


  Name Age Relationship Status Occupation Birthplace
Deanroyd Matthias Law 36 head w farmer of 20 acres employing no men Walsden
  Samuel Law 13 son u billy piecer cotton factory Walsden
  Mary Law 11 dtr   farmer's dtr Walsden
  Matthias Law 6 son   scholar Walsden
  John Law 4 son   scholar Walsden
  Peter Law 2 son     Walsden
  Emma Law 8 mths dtr     Walsden
  Alice Law 74 mother w formerly farmer's wife Walsden
  Alice Law 16 niece u house servant Walsden
2 houses uninhabited.            


  Name Age Relationship Status Occupation Birthplace
Deanroyd John Scholefield 39 head m farmer & stone quarrier Walsden
  Betty Scholefield 45 wife m   Walsden
  Abraham Scholefield 14 son u cotton feeder Walsden
  James Scholefield 12 son   cotton bobbin setter in mules Walsden
  Sarah Scholefield 10 dtr   cotton throstle doffer Walsden
  Wilson Scholefield 8 son   cotton throstle doffer Walsden
  Betsy Scholefield 6 dtr   scholar  
Deanroyd John Mills 31 head m iron founder's clerk Manchester
  Emma Mills 29 wife m   Rochdale
  Mary Emma Mills 2 dtr     Walsden
  Abram Lord 13 half brother u cotton factory worker Rochdale
  Mary Clegg 59 wife's mother w formerly cook & nurse servant Rochdale
  John Hermode (?) 17 lodger u mechanic & fitter Douglas Isle of Man


  Name Age Relationship Status Occupation Birthplace
Deanroyd John Scholfield 49 head m farmer of 36 acres Walsden
  Betty Scholfield 54 wife m   Walsden
  Abraham Scholfield 24 son u cotton carder Walsden
  James Scholfield 22 son u cotton spinner (self acting) Walsden
  Sarah Scholfield 20 dtr u domestic servant Walsden
  Wilson Scholfield 18 son u cotton weaver Walsden
  Betsy Scholfield 16 dtr u cotton weaver Walsden
Deanroyd John Hiley 24 head m cotton scutcher Todmorden
  Eliza Hiley 28 wife m cotton weaver Manchester
Deanroyd Sarah McGuire 47 head w house keeper Dublin Ireland
  Margaret McGuire 16 dtr u cotton weaver Dublin Ireland
  Michael McGuire 14 son   cotton self acting mule piecer Dublin Ireland
  Mary Jane McGuire 11 dtr   cotton card room creeler Dublin Ireland
  Sarah Ann McGuire 7 dtr   scholar Dublin Ireland


  Name Age Relationship Status Occupation Birthplace
Deanroyd William Clough 60 head m farmer of 30 acres Burnley
  Betty Clough 59 wife m house duties Burnley
  Stephen Clough 20 son u butcher Burnley


  Name Age Relationship Status Occupation Birthplace
Deanroyd John Watson 54 head m cotton manufacturer Nelson
  Mary Watson 52 wife m   Nelson
  Annie Watson 29 dtr u dress maker Nelson
  Edwin Watson 24 son u cotton factory manager Nelson
  Lilly Watson 22 dtr u dress maker Nelson
  Ada Watson 20 dtr u school teacher Burnley
  Richard Watson 16 son u cotton warp twister Burnley
  Florence Watson 14 dtr     Burnley
  Alice Watson 9 dtr   scholar Burnley
  Marion Watson 6 dtr   scholar Burnley