complete from 1781 to 1837



Year Date Name Parish Spouse Parish Witnesses/Notes
1781 05-Jun Elias tp Mary Combs tp

Jonas Southwell

Valentine Knowles

1781 06-Nov Ann tp John Sunderland tp

Thomas Dawson

John Jackson

1782 11-Apr John tp Hannah Heap tp

John Haworth

Thomas Dawson

1783 04-Mar John Heptonstall Betty Taylor tp

James Nash

Nicholas Fielden

1783 21-Jul James Heptonstall Mary Simpson tp

William Uttley Mary Lord

Betty Veevers

1784 31-May John tp Deborah Eastwood tp

Nicholas Fielden

John Scholfield

1784 23-Sep Zaccary tp Mary Shackleton tp

James Nash

Elias Cockcroft

1784 11-Nov William tp Betty Kershaw tp

James Lord

William Ogden

1786 26-Feb Mally Heptonstall James Lord tp By Licence
1786 07-May Sally Heptonstall John Sharples tp

James Lord

John Shackleton

1786 02-Nov Elizabeth tp John Hollinrake tp

John Fielden

James Fielden

1788 13-May Peggy tp John Fielden tp

William Fielden

James Greenwood

1788 27-May Alice tp James Fielden tp

John Fielden

James Scholfield

1789 01-Feb Elias tp Mary Mitchell tp

Thomas Greenwood

Jeremiah Horsfall

1789 19-Aug James tp Betty Law tp

John Fielden

Abraham Fielden

1790 27-Sep William tp Sally Highley tp

Henry Greenwood

John Shackleton

1792 15-May Henry tp Ellen Holt tp

Abraham Fielden

John Holt

1792 06-Sep John tp Ann Law tp

James Fitzgerald

John Shackleton

1792 18-Oct John tp Mary Fielden tp

William Greenwood

James Greenwood

1794 30-Dec John tp Mary Ogden tp

Charles Lord

John Highley

1795 07-Apr John tp Martha Windle tp By Licence
1795 29-Dec James Stansfield Betty Holt tp

William Muir

Ann Crossley

1796 24-Mar Mary tp Robert Dawson tp

Abraham Fielden

James Ogden

1796 24-Apr James tp Betty Mitchell tp

Enoch Greenwood

John Shackleton

1796 04-Aug Betty tp John Scholfield tp

Abraham Fielden

William Greenwood

1796 17-Nov Mary tp Thomas Irdall tp

James Taylor

Robert Greenwood

1797 19-Jan John tp Ann Farrer tp

Thomas Dawson

John Barker

1798 08-Nov John tp Alice Fielden tp

Ely Fielden

James Fielden

1798 30-Dec Betty tp Joseph Feber tp

Sarah Feber

John Shackleton

1799 31-Mar John tp Betty Clegg tp

Thomas Woolfenden

Robert Wilkinson

1801 11-Jun Elias tp Alice Hollows tp

John Helliwell

Samuel Whitaker

1801 16-Jun Henry Heptonstall Hannah Stott tp

James Barker

Samuel Whitaker

1801 20-Aug Susan tp Edmund Holt tp

John Ratcliffe

Robert Dawson

1803 30-Jan Daniel tp Sarah Crossley tp

Abraham Whittles

John Shackleton

1804 26-Apr John Todmorden Mally Crowther Walsden

Joseph Travis

William Greenwood

1805 07-Apr Hannah tp James Hudson tp

John Greenwood

John Shackleton

1805 06-Jun Susan tp Joshua Crabtree tp

James Mills

Samuel Fielden

1807 10-Feb James tp Susan Law Halifax

William Jackson

John Shackleton

1807 11-Jun Betty tp Thomas Holt tp

James Ogden

Henry Lacy

1807 15-Nov Betty tp John Crowther tp

George Hollows

John Crowther

1808 04-Mar James Cliviger Mary Crowther tp

Thomas Brierley

Abram Stott

1809 30-Mar Mary Heptonstall Abraham Binns Todmorden

Thomas Crabtree

Henry Haworth

1810 28-Jun Betty tp Thomas Crabtree tp

John Crabtree

John Holt

1810 25-Oct Nancy tp John Butterworth tp

William Butterworth

George Howorth

1810 27-Dec Mary tp Thomas pearson tp

Edmund Howard

Thomas Sutcliffe


Year Date Name Parish Spouse Parish Witnesses Notes
1816 14-Nov Ann x tp James Lord tp John Greenwood x & Edmund Taylor x  
1817 23-Jan James tp Alice Butterworth x tp John Law & John Shackleton  
1820 28-Dec Susan x tp Daniel Sutcliffe tp Samuel & John Fielden  
1821 29-Jan James x tp Mary jackson x tp William Ogden & ????  
1821 19-Apr Anne x tp John Blakey x tp Thomas Blakey & Joseph Sutcliffe  
1821 09-Sep John Stansfield Tabitha Sunderland x tp John Shackleton & John Uttley With consent of Tabitha's parents
1822 03-Nov Grace x Scaitcliffe William Spencer x Shade Rchd. Lee & Richard Greenwood  
1823 25-Dec Hannah x Gauxholme Joseph Stansfield x Gauxholme William Ogden & Abm. Stansfield x  
1824 25-Jan Hannah x Bottomley John Fielden Bottomley William Crabtree & Samuel Fielden  
1824 17-Nov Edward tp Ann Whiteley tp Betty Woodhead x & Ely Fielden  
1827 11-Mar Richard tp Ann Wild x tp James Wild & John Shackleton  
1827 25-Dec John tp Alice Taylor tp James Greenwood & Thomas Dawson  
1828 09-Apr Mary Ann x tp Thomas Sykes tp Robert Rigg & Mary Holt x  
1828 18-Aug Betty x tp Thomas Ormerod tp William Feber & William Greenwood x  
1828 29-Dec Sarah x tp James Worthington tp Joseph Greenwood & Ely Fielden  
1829 22-Feb Hannah x tp John Bentley tp George Bentley & Hannah Royds  
1830 22-Mar John x tp Grace Smith x tp James Greenwood & John Shackleton  
1830 12-Jul John x tp Mary Farrow x tp John Wilson & Wm Crowther  
1832 10-Jun John tp Martha Higgins x tp Henry Marcroft x & John Shackleton  
1832 25-Jun Thomas tp Mary Stephenson x tp John Marshall & Mary Sutcliffe x  
1832 09-Dec Mally x tp Joseph Hargreaves x tp James Gledhill x & Mary Greenwood x  
1833 18-Feb Sally x tp Thomas Law x tp Abraham Dawson & John Hollows  
1833 10-Nov Benjamin tp Alice Wild x tp James Holt & Mary Butterworth x  
1834 18-May William tp Mary Netherwood x tp John Shackleton & Jn. ????  
1834 26-Jun Sarah x tp William Fielden tp Thomas Dawson & Charles Woodhead  
1834 17-Aug Betty x tp John Nuttall tp Abraham Boswell & Ann Hill  
1837 16-Apr John x tp Mary Stansfield x tp Samuel Greenwood & Samuel Scholfield