complete for the years 1594 to 1837


Taken from transcriptions by Douglas Wilson, M.A., which are published in several volumes and available for purchase at the Tourist Information Office in Todmorden

1604 Nov-27 Hugh     Dorothy Cockcroft    
1605/6 Feb-27 Johne     Mary Grenwod    
1607 Apr-16 Richard     Alyce Mychell    
1608/9 Jan-03 Mary     William Thomas    
1610 Oct-30 Sara     William Waddesworth    
1616 May-22 Ester?     John Sutcliffe    
1621/2 Jan-22 John     Susan Mitchell    
1632 Nov-02 Georg     Elizabeth Whitticarr    
1635 Dec-29 Dennell     Mercy Grenewod    
1645 May-19 Hester     John Fletcher   married at Halifax
1646/7 Jan-18 John     Susanna Sutcliffe   married at Halifax
1650/1 Feb-24 Mary     Michaell Ashworth    
1655 Oct-29 Robert Stansfield yeoman Tamar d of Michael Kay Colden Wadsworth Wit:Michael Kay Timothy Wadsworth
1660 August John Erringden   Mary Ashworth Erringden banns only
1666 Nov-03 Jane     William Eastwood    
1667 Jul-31 Paul     Sara Walker    
1668 Sep-14 Jane     John Crossley    
1671 Jul-19 Mercy     John Horsfall    
1671 Aug-05 George     Martha Cockcroft    
1672 Oct-14 Sara     William Crabtree    
1678 Dec-31 Elizabeth     Abraham Gibson    
1682 Jun-01 Mary     Thomas Varley    
1684/5 Mar-03 Susan     John Barrett    
1689 Dec-05 Robert     Ann Crossley    
1692/3 Jan-18 George     Grace Wadsworth    
1696/7 Jan-18 Robert     Jane Spencer    
1700 May-20 Mary     John Dickson    
1701 Apr-22 Sarah     Anthony Wild Sowerby  
1701/2 Feb-16 John     Sarah Sutcliffe Wadsworth  
1702/3 Feb-04 Robert     Grace Sutcliffe Heptonstall  
1703 Sep-28 John     Mary Jagger    
1704 Nov-02 Mary     George Normanton Sowerby  
1707 May-22 Grace     Matthew Normanton Erringden  
1711/12 Mar-04 Robert     Judith Greenwood Langfield  
1717 Nov-14 Mary     Thomas Butterfield Erringden  
1717/8 Jan-16 Robert     Hannah Knowles Midgelden  
1733/4 Feb-29 Tamar Todmorden   Jonas Shackleton Wadsworth webster
1747 Oct-15 William Langfield   Mary Hargreaves Langfield  
1751 Sep-24 Ann Crossley Erringden   Abraham Sunderland   Ann alias Halstead
1756 Feb-12 Betty Erringden   Matthew Wadsworth Erringden webster
1757 May-05 Robert Wadsworth webster Mary Shackleton Wadsworth  
1761 Aug-20 Henry Wadsworth mason Ann Ackroyd Heptonstall  
1763 Jan-27 George Erringden webster Mally Walker Sowerby  
1764 Jul-09 Hugh Langfield woolcomber Ann Hardman Heptonstall  
1765 Dec-24 George Erringden webster Hannah Greenwood Heptonstall  
1768 Jan-10 Robert Erringden webster Patience Helliwell Stansfield  
1771 Nov-20 Susannah Erringden   George Patchett Wadsworth stocking weaver
1772 Dec-29 Henry   mason Sarah Greenwood Wadsworth  
1773 Sep-05 John Langfield woolcomber Betty Unsworth Hundersfield  
1773 Dec-16 Robert Erringden yeoman Elizabeth Gibson Wadsworth  
1774 Dec-26 John Langfield webster Susannah Holding Langfield  
1775 Nov-30 Hugh Langfield   Susan Stansfield Erringden Hugh widowed
1776 Dec-05 Ann Wadsworth   John Sutcliffe Midgelden webster
1777 May-29 William Heptonstall mason Betty Greenwood Heptonstall  
1778 Dec-28 William Langfield webster Mary Hollinrake Langfield  
1779 Apr-04 James Langfield webster Susan Sutcliffe Langfield  
1779 Nov-28 Tamar Heptonstall   James Shackleton Wadsworth webster
1781 Nov-01 Betty Heptonstall   John Walton Stansfield webster
1784 Feb-23 Mary Heptonstall   John Spiess Heptonstall soldier
1784 Jul-15 Sally Erringden   William Chatburn Erringden webster
1784 Dec-28 Mary Erringden   John Mitchell Erringden webster
1785 Apr-24 Grace otp   William Greenwood otp yeoman by licence
1785 Dec-04 Sally otp   John Stott otp cloth m/nr by licence
1786 May-18 Mary Heptonstall   William Leah Heptonstall William widowed
1786 Jun-13 William Heptonstall webster Susan Greenwood Heptonstall  
1787 Apr-17 John Stansfield yeoman Betty Halstead Heptonstall  
1787 Dec-27 John Heptonstall webster Ann Marshall Heptonstall  


1788 Dec-04 George Erringden webster Sally Sutcliffe Stansfield  
1790 Oct-05 Mary Heptonstall   William Eastwood Erringden webster
1791 Sep-12 William Wadsworth mason Nanny Parker Heptonstall  
1791 Oct-11 Betty Wadsworth   Michael Uttley Heptonstall woolcomber
1794 Jan-14 Robert Stansfield webster Mary Greenwood Heptonstall  
1794 Sep-11 Robert Erringden webster Mary Eastwood Stansfield  
1795 Jan-01 George Erringden webster Ann Wadsworth Erringden  
1795 May-26 John   mason Grace Ratcliffe   no banns
1796 Dec-27 Henry   mason Mary Helliwell Wadsworth  
1797 Aug-31 George Erringden webster Mary Helliwell Stansfield  
1798 Nov-01 John Heptonstall   Mary Hargreaves H John widowed
1798 Dec-25 John Erringden webster Sally Dearding Erringden  
1799 Apr-04 Mally Burnley   John Uttley otp by licence
1802 Sep-07 Thomas Langfield labourer Ann Hartley Stansfield  
1802 Sep-16 Hannah Langfield   Joseph Riley Langfield webster
1803 Feb-22 Sally Langfield   John Clayton Langfield webster
1803 Dec-27 Hannah Heptonstall   Robert Sutcliffe Heptonstall webster
1804 Sep-13 Grace Heptonstall   John Cockcroft Erringden webster
1805 Feb-28 Martha Erringden   Lawrence Lord Langfield weaver
1806 Dec-25 Ann Langfield   Joseph Riley Langfield Joseph widowed
1807 Jun-25 John Langfield weaver Mary Halstead Heptonstall  
1807 Dec-27 Bannister Langfield weaver Sally Chatburn Erringden  
1808 Oct-09 Ann Erringden   John Baron Langfield weaver no banns
1809 Sep-10 John Langfield c spinner Hannah Oldfield Erringden banns Dec 1806
1810 Apr-19 Olive Heptonstall   James Robertshaw Stansfield weaver
1810 Apr-19 Susanah Heptonstall   William Greenwood Heptonstall  
1810 Jun-12 William Heptonstall weaver Mary Robertshaw Heptonstall  
1814 Sep-25 William Langfield c spinner Betty Leah Langfield  
1815 May-17 Hannah Erringden   Adam Collinge Langfield weaver
1816 Apr-11 Grace Erringden   John Sutcliffe Erringden weaver
1816 Oct-10 Betty Heptonstall   John Wood Wadsworth weaver
1816 Dec-05 Richard Erringden   Hannah Cockroft Erringden Richard widowed
1817 Mar-30 Hannah Erringden   John Greenwood Stansfield weaver
1819 Mar-25 John Erringden weaver Susey Cockcroft Erringden  
1819 Jun-01 George Stansfield weaver Hannah Clark Heptonstall  
1819 Sep-09 Robert Erringden weaver Hannah Baron Langfield  
1819 Nov-14 John Erringden weaver Betty Morley Erringden  
1820 Jan-02 John Langfield   Betty Hollingrake Langfield  
1820 May-22 William Heptonstall stonemason Mary Ingham Heptonstall  
1821 Feb-11 Mary Heptonstall   William Gill Heptonstall weaver
1821 Mar-11 James Heptonstall stonemason Mary Greenwood Heptonstall  
1822 Jan-10 Grace Erringden   Joseph Mitchel Langfield weaver
1822 Jul-28 James Langfield weaver Sally Sutcliffe Langfield  
1822 Dec-10 Bannister Langfield c spinner Betty Taylor Stansfield  
1823 Sep-30 George Erringden weaver Elizabeth Stell Langfield  
1823 Sep-30 Hannah Erringden   John Cockcroft Erringden weaver
1824 Apr-01 Sally Erringden   Jonathon Dawson Langfield weaver
1825 Feb-21 Mary Heptonstall   Thomas Farrar Wadsworth carriage man
1825 Sep-25 Grace Heptonstall   William Southwell Stansfield weaver
1825 Nov-20 James Heptonstall stonemason Jane Pickles Stansfield  
1826 Jun-11 George Heptonstall   Sally Stansfield Heptonstall both widowed
1827 Mar-10 John Stansfield weaver Mary Shackleton Stansfield  
1827 Nov-06 Sarah Stansfield   John Thomas Stansfield weaver
1828 Jul-17 Robert Stansfield weaver Barbara Gledhill Stansfield  
1829 Apr-16 Betty Heptonstall   John Stansfield Stansfield ctn cutter
1829 Sep-13 Grace Erringden   William Dawson Erringden weaver
1831 Jul-12 Hannah Heptonstall   Robert Oldfield Wadsworth tailor
1831 Dec-25 Henry Wadsworth weaver Sarah Walton Wadsworth  
1832 Apr-29 Martha Stansfield   Henry Crabtree Wadsworth ctn dyer
1832 Jul-23 William Heptonstall weaver Mary Rushworth Heptonstall  
1833 Feb-19 William Erringden weaver Mary Barker Stansfield  
1833 May-26 Mariah Stansfield   John Greenwood Stansfield weaver
1834 Apr-17 William Stansfield turner Sarah Greenwood Stansfield  
1834 Apr-20 Henry Heptonstall weaver Liddea Lord Heptonstall  
1834 Sep-08 John Heptonstall shuttlemaker Mary Lord Heptonstall  
1834 Dec-18 John Erringden weaver Elizabeth Barns Stansfield  
1835 Sep-28 William Erringden schoolmaster Sarah Sunderland Stansfield  
1836 Jul-10 John Langfield overlooker Mary Lord Langfield