Underbank, Callis Bridge, Charlestown

near Hebden Bridge


The chapel opened in 1842, although there had previously been Baptist Meetings in the vicinity. It was a sister chapel to the Mount Zion Baptist Chapel at Heptonstall Slack. It closed for worship in 1909, the congregation moving down to halifax Road. The building was demolished about 1946.
Memorial Inscriptions

There is a small burial ground at the old site.

The grave memorials have been transcribed by the Todmorden Antiquarian Society who have kindly allowed us to publish them. There are three or four other graves, but these are either unmarked or illegible.

In memory of Helliwell Wilson, the son of John and Sarah Greenwood of Hill House
who died March 11th 1870 in his 5th year.
Also of John William their son who died Feb. 23rd 1871 in his 2nd year.
Also of the above named Sarah Greenwood who died Jan. 2nd 1872 aged 37 years.

Also of the above named John Greenwood of Edge Hey Green,
who died Dec 17th 1925 in his 83rd year.

In affectionate remembrance of Sarah
daughter of Henry and Grace Varley of Cornholme,
died Oct. 29th 1869 aged 7 months.
Also John their son died May 17th 1879 aged 20 years.
Also of Benjamin their son died Jan. 7th 1880 aged 5weeks.
Also of William their son who died Nov. 26th 1881 aged 18 years.
Also of Annie Jane their daughter who died Nov. 25th 1884 aged 10 months.
In memory of Mary their daughter who died Jan. 12th 1886 aged 25 years.
Also of Grace the wife of Henry Varley who died May 15th 1887 aged 44 years.
Also of the above named Henry Varley who died June 29th 1912 aged 74 years.

In loving memory of William Roland
the beloved son of Thomas and Anne Greenwood
who died 14th August 1891 aged 7 weeks.
Also of Sarah Hannah who died 27th August 1891 aged 2 years.
Also of Gertrude who died 14th March 1899 aged 18 years.
At rest.
Also of the above Anne Greenwood who died March 20th 1908 aged 54 years.
Also of the above Thomas Greenwood who died June 23rd 1933 aged 73 years.

God is love.
In memory of Pickles, the son of Sutcliffe and Grace Helliwell of Winters,
who died Oct. 26th 1862 aged 10 weeks.
Also of William their son who died March 10th 1868 aged 6 years and 10 months.
Also of Sutcliffe, their son, who died April 27th 1868 aged 2 years and 9 months.
Also of Fred their son, who died. August 15th 1869 aged 1 year and 6 months.
Also an infant of theirs.
Also of the above Sutcliffe Helliwell, who died Dec. 24th 1879, aged 49 years.
Also of Grace, relict of the above Sutcliffe Helliwell

died Sept. 2nd 1899 aged 66 years.

In memory of John Pickles of Winters who died Feb. 16th 1858 aged 75 years.
“ Death's terror is the mountain faith removes,
Tis faith disarms destruction.”

Also of Thomas Pickles, son of the above who died May 9th 1886 aged 70 years.
Also of James, son of Sutcliffe and Grace Helliwell
who died March 3rd 1890 aged 36 years.

In memory of William Crossley who died May 3rd 1854 aged 63 years.

In memory of Eva daughter of William and Hannah Pickles of Hebden Bridge Lanes

who died 20th April 1870 aged 2 days.

“ Not lost but gone before.
Thy will be done. “

In memory of Mary daughter of James and Judith Hodgson of Charlestown
who died May 24th 1873 aged 22 years and 11 months.
Also of William their grandson who died March 24th 1879 aged 9 months.
Also of the above named Judith Hodgson died July 10th 1884 aged 63 years.
Also of James Hodgson her husband who died Feb. 11th 1889 aged 72 years.

In memory of Lawrence Wild of Callis Bridge End

who died May 20th 1875 aged 66 years.
Also Hannah widow of the above who died Feb. 23rd 1904 aged 92 years.
Also of Ellis Wild son of the above who died Dec. 9th 1924 aged 76 years.

Hannah the beloved wife of John Wadsworth of Underbank
who died July 20th 1875 aged 24 years.
Also of Betty, wife of Henry Greenwood who died Jan. 21st 1882 aged 71 years.
Also of Henry, son of John and Martha Wadsworth of Cowhurst, Stansfield,
who died Jan. 25th 1886 aged 5 years.
Thy will be done.
Also of the above named John who died May 31st 1932 aged 80 years.
Also of Martha the above named who died July – 1912 aged – years.

Thomas Carter, born March 27th 1847, died April 13th 1900.
Also Arthur son of the above Thomas and Elizabeth Carter
born March 13th 1878, died April 15th 1880.
Also Elizabeth, wife of the above who died Jan. 18th 1922 aged 76 years.

In loving memory of Thomas Greenwood of Underbank
who died Dec. 21st 1878 aged 59 years.
Also of Sarah, relict of the above who died March 21st 1895 aged 70 years.
Also of Ann, daughter of the above who died Dec. 26th 1929 aged 77 years.


For more information about the chapel and the area in which it was located, please visit the

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