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TATHAM John James


Cotton mill on OS 25” map

TATHAM family to the 1960’s then sold to Smith & Nephew. Now divided in several units including a canal boat-building yard.



Notes from local 19th century historian John Travis:

Barker Sutcliffe of Todmorden, manufacturer of fancy goods, previously had room and power at Clegg’s VALE MILL. He built Nanholme Mill by Shaw Road, leading to Langfield, between the River Calder and the canal. Abraham Marshall, his son-in-law, continued it after his death.


Additional information

partly researched, recorded and referenced by Mrs Sheila Wade

Hebden Bridge WEA Local History Group


Census 1851

Barker Sutcliffe, Duke Street, aged 38, cotton manufacturer.


Kelly 1861

Barker Sutcliffe, Nanholme Mill, cotton spinners and manufacturers.


Langfield Rates Book 1861-64

Owned and occupied by Barker Sutcliffe; Nanholme; mill, engine & boiler house; rateable value £80.8s.0d.

Occupied by Gaukroger & Merrall; owned by Barker Sutcliffe; mill; 14hp; rateable value £80.14s.4d.


Census 1861

John Gaukroger, Bank Bottom, aged 36, cotton spinner & manufacturer.

Edwin Merrall, Stoodley Bridge, aged 23, cotton spinner.


Langfield Rates Book 1865-68

Owned and occupied by Barker Sutcliffe; Nanholme; mill and power, scutch room; rateable value £151.15s.6d.


Nanholme Mill letterhead


White 1866

Gaukroger, Merrall & Co, Nanholme Mill, Edwin Merrall house Nanholme; John Gaukroger house Millwood; cotton spinners & manufacturers.


Rivers Pollution Commission 1869

Nanholme Mill; employ 80 hands; rateable value £158.5s.0d; mill erected 10 years ago; water from Rochdale Canal; if the river were cleared it would be worth £20 a year for supplying boilers alone, besides for value for other purposes; manufacture yearly 111 tons of goods, value £13,564; nominal hp 75; 720 tons of coal yearly.


Langfield Rates Book 1869-70

Owned and occupied by Barker Sutcliffe; Nanholme; mill and power, scutch room; rateable value £151.15s.6d; new warehouse rateable value £6.7s.6d.


Census 1871

Barker Sutcliffe, Bank House, aged 58, cotton manufacturer employing 107 people.


Langfield Rates Book 1871-75

Owned and occupied by Barker Sutcliffe; Nanholme; mill and power, scutch room; rateable value £151.15s.6d; warehouse rateable value £6.7s.6d; new office and warehouse rateable value £5.9s.0d.


Slater 1875

Barker Sutcliffe, Nanholme Mill, cotton spinners and manufacturers.


Langfield Rates Book 1878-1893

Occupied by Abraham Marshall; owned by Barker Sutcliffe; mill and power etc; Nanholme; rateable value £163.14s.0d.

1893 – rateable value £133.15s.0d.


Nanholme chimney from the canal tow path


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 1st August 1879

Nanholme Mill; 5,000 spindles; 208 looms; full time except 40 looms are idle.


29th November 1883 Factory Act prosecutions.

Abraham Marshall, worsted manufacturer Nanholme.

Case heard before Abraham Ormerod, John Ingham, J.W. Horsfall and Thomas Riley

  1. Employing 12 women etc., after 5.30 pm
  2. Employing children several months without certificates of fitness

Penalties No 1 - £2.10s.0d  - accepted in 5 cases

No 2 - £1.0s.0d in one case

Costs of £5.10s.0d.


Slater 1887

Abraham Marshall, Nanholme Mill, cotton spinner & manufacturer.


Manchester Examiner 22nd July 1887

A Marshall; 5,000 spindles; 200 looms; working full time


Yorks Times 27th Sept 1889

Nanholme Mill – The production of weft at Nanholme Mill, near Todmorden, has been abandoned, and the machines for producing the same from scutchers, to the mules, have been broken up. The room occupied by this work, is, however, being taken up by additional looms. About 40 are first of all to be put into the room in question.


Kelly 1893

Marshall & Tatham, Nanholme Mill, cotton spinners & manufacturers.


from the bridge over the River Calder


8th November 1893

Married at Springside Chapel by licence, Abraham Marshall Esq. JP. CC., of Calderbank House, to Mrs. Sandbach of Stoodley Hall. The hands employed by Mr. Marshall at Nanholme Mill subscribed amongst themselves and presented to him a silver plate, with suitable inscription, in honour of his marriage.


6th June 1895

A new engine was started at the works of Messrs Marshall & Tatham, Nanholme Mill, Springside.


23rd October 1896

Early this morning a fire was discovered in the room immediately above the boiler house at Nanholme Mill, Springside, in the occupation of Messrs Marshall & Tatham manufacturers. Before the fire could be extinguished damage to the amount of £33 had been done.


Langfield Rates Book 1896

Occupied by Marshall & Tatham; owned by Abraham Marshall; mill and power etc; Nanholme; rateable value £170.15s.0d.


Views and Reviews 1896


"The mills with their adjuncts of nearly two acres are a source of output for all kinds of plain and fancy shirtings, the more notable items of manufacture being oxfords, sateens, grandrelles, flannelettes, skirtings, ticks, dungarees, denims, galeteas, jeans, Bedford cords etc. The products of the Nanholme Mills sustain a market reputation of high standing, both for home and export; and the business which has been established between 30 and 40 years is conducted by both partners, Mr Tatham taking a very active part in the concern. Mr Marshall is a member of the County Council, and represents Langfield and Todmorden, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and has held this position from the first. He is also a justice of the peace for the County."



Kelly 1897

Marshall & Tatham, Nanholme Mill, cotton spinners & manufacturers.


17th November 1900

The workpeople employed by Messrs Marshall & Tatham, Nanholme Mill, Springside, held their annual gathering at the Co-operative Hall, Dale Street. During the evening a presentation of an electro-plated fruit stand was made to Mr. Gibson Ashworth of Millwood, as a token of respect for 15 years service as a tackler.


Census 1901

J. J. Tatham, Stoodley Lodge, aged 37, cotton manufacturer.

Abraham Marshall, Calderbank House, aged 67, cotton manufacturer.


Todmorden in Coronation Year 1902

Councillor John James Tatham, Stoodley Lodge, firm of Marshall & Tatham of Nanholme Mill.


Kelly 1908

John James Tatham, Nanholme Mill, cotton manufacturer.