(Glen Dye Works)



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Pudsey Glen about 1910. Lishman's office is on the left. The mill/dyeworks are in the background. By kind permission of Roger Birch


Known occupiers



FIELDEN Thomas & William

HEAP & Co.


WILSON Lawrence



John Helliwell and Parker Astin



Pre 1860


John Gaukroger, John Barker and William Shackleton




HELLIWELL William, James, Mitchell, Thompson and Samuel






HALSTEAD Sutcliffe




Cornholme Bleaching Co.




LISHMAN & Co. Ltd.


Manchester Rubber Co. Ltd.


The dyeworks in 2009, derelict



Additional information

researched, recorded and referenced by Mrs Sheila Wade

Hebden Bridge WEA Local History Group



Extract from diary of Sam Banks (1849-1930’s)

From the Todmorden Advertiser 3rd September 1926

The place known as Pudsey Mill was composed of 2 or 3 little cottages. John Heap of Toadcarr was connected with this place as a malt or corn mill.

John Helliwell turned the place into a bobbin mill. It was a cotton mill at one time. There was never constant work, but they managed quite well at times. They employed a few orphans from Halifax – Tommy Red and Skipsey.

At last it was pulled down and a substantial shed built, which was filled with looms by Jonathan Crabtree, (Old Jonty). After a time, he removed his looms and Sutcliffe Halstead brought looms in.


Extracts from the writings of John Travis

Amongst 6 small factories at work carding and spinning cotton at the time of the birth of American cotton as an industry (1790’s) was one at Pudsey, worked by Heap & Co. This Mr. Heap was the father of George Heap, corn miller of FRIELDHURST MILL.

At Pudsey, John Hodgson and family had the land and the freehold right to Paul Clough water, which first came to Pudsey Mill.

Pudsey water in former days turned a small cotton carding and spinning factory; the bags of cotton being carried to it on the back of a Galloway. The factory was run by the grandfather of the late John Heap. Afterwards, the place was occupied by John Helliwell as a bobbin manufactory.

John Helliwell built a shed for 300 looms near his bobbin works in Pudsey Valley. He let these as room and power. Later, he sold the shed and the bobbin works to Smith Starkie.

John Gaukroger of Upper Lumb Mill, John Barker a grocer of Pudsey, and William Shackleton his son-in-law took room and power at John Helliwell’s Pudsey Mill. After a few years they separated. Barker and Shackleton moved to SPRINGWOOD MILL (also in Pudsey), whilst Gaukroger took MILLSTEADS NEW SHED.

Jonathan Crabtree was previously an employee at Knotts Mill, then a tenant of room and power at John Helliwell’s Pudsey shed.

Sutcliffe Halstead & Sons took vacant room and power formerly occupied by Gaukroger, Barker & Shackleton, at Pudsey Mill. They later removed to LINEHOLME.


Cornholme – A Border Village (Winnie Marshall 1984)

William Shackleton of Vale Manse (1828-96) was educated at the Salem School in Hebden Bridge. He became a bookkeeper to Astin & Barker, ironfounders of Todmorden. For 10 years he travelled for Bairstows’, corn millers of Hebden Bridge. He entered the cotton trade in partnership with Gaukroger and Barker at Lumb and Pudsey Mills. His first wife died after 4 years marriage – no children. His second wife was Jane Barker, daughter of his partner John Barker, grocer and cotton spinner of Pudsey. They had 8 sons and 1 daughter. John Barker and William ran Pudsey Mill during the 1860’s,later moving to SPRINGWOOD MILL where they did spinning and weaving. The mill engine was Christened Jane after his wife. William was a member of VALE BAPTIST CHAPEL, was on the Cornholme Local Board 1869-1875, was president of Cornholme Brass Band, a founder member of the Friendly Club, and a member of Cornholme Liberal Club.


Stansfield Township map 1805

The map is damaged in this area, but appears to say “factory”.


Valuation of Stansfield Township 1805

Pudsey; factory; house; lodge; waterfall; owned by Thomas Hodgson; occupied by Thomas and William Fielden; 4 perches; annual value £16.


Crompton’s 1811 spindle enquiry

Pudsey Mill; 1080 mule spindles (5 x 18doz) and 144 throstle spindles.


Stansfield Township map 1816

Pudsey Mill and 2 dams shown, but not named, on land owned by John Hodgson.


Extracts from the Centenary Booklet of Wilson Bros.

One Hundred Years 1823-1923.

In 1825, Lawrence Wilson left HOUGHSTONE MILL and took on Pudsey, 2½ miles away. He was there about 5 years before acquiring a site at Cornholme, which eventually became Wilson’s CORNHOLME BOBBIN MILL.


Bradford Observer 16th October 1834

Partnership dissolved between John Helliwell and Parker Astin, bobbin turners of Pudsey.


Stansfield Rates Book 1835-36

John Helliwell; Pudsey Mill, annual value £6.3s.3d.


White 1842/3

Helliwell & Mitchell, bobbin turners etc. Pudsey.


White 1847

Helliwell & Mitchell, bobbin turners etc. Pudsey.


Census 1851

John Helliwell, Pudsey Mill, aged 48, bobbin maker employing 54 men.

William Helliwell (son) aged 24, bobbin turner.

James Helliwell (son) aged 19, bobbin turner.

Mitchell Helliwell (son) aged 16, bobbin turner.

Thompson Helliwell (son) aged 13, working at mill

Samuel Helliwell (son) aged 3.


Halifax Guardian 18th December 1852

To be sold by auction 6th January 1853 – freehold bobbin mill called Pudsey Mill, steam with water wheel etc. now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Helliwell.


Halifax Guardian 1st January 1853

Pudsey Mill sold by private treaty, so withdrawn from advertised auction.


White 1853

Helliwell & Mitchell, bobbin turners etc. Pudsey.


Stansfield Rates Book 1854

Owned and occupied by John Helliwell; Pudsey; mill and power; rateable value £40.


Stansfield Rates Book 1860

Owned and occupied by John Helliwell; Pudsey; mill and power; rateable value £47.2s.0d; additions £19.4s.0d.


Interior of the dyeworks 2009


Murgatroyd family papers 1863

John Murgatroyd of Oats Royd Mills purchasing spinning bobbins at 4/3d gross, and roving bobbins at 14 shillings gross from Pudsey.


White 1866

John Helliwell & Sons, bobbin turners, Pudsey Mills and Burnley; (John Helliwell house – Vale Manse, William Helliwell house – Burnley Wood, James Helliwell house – Cliviger Mill, Burnley.)


Stansfield Rates Book 1867-1878

Owned and occupied by Helliwell Bros; Pudsey; mill and power; rateable value £50.1s.9d; new warehouse £3.5s.0d.


Kelly 1871

  1. John Helliwell & Sons, bobbin manufacturers, Pudsey Mills.
  2. Sutcliffe Halstead & Son, cotton manufacturer, Pudsey Mill.


Census 1871

  1. Samuel Helliwell, Pudsey Mill, aged 23, bobbin manufacturer.
  2. Mitchell Helliwell, Spring Holme Road, aged 35, bobbin manufacturer.
  3. Grace Helliwell, Oakleigh House, aged 63, bobbin manufacturer’s widow.
  4. Thompson Helliwell, Oakleigh House, aged 33, bobbin manufacturer.
  5. Sutcliffe Halstead, C-op Building or Studley Holme, aged 54, cotton manufacturer


Halifax Guardian 1st February 1879

Bobbin turners strike at Helliwells and Wilsons no nearer settlement.


Halifax Guardian 15th March 1879

Bobbin turners’ strike at Helliwells and Wilsons commenced 6 weeks ago and still continues.


Halifax Guardian 1st April 1879

Bobbin turners strike at Helliwells and Wilsons practically at an end. Reduction of wages by 10%. Work resumed.


Stansfield Rates Book 1880

Owned and occupied by Helliwell Bros; Pudsey; mill and power; rateable value £98.15s.0d; reduction on appeal.


Stansfield Rates Book 1881-1884

Owned and occupied by William Helliwell; Pudsey; 16hp steam; 2hp water; rateable value £82.5s.0d.


Halifax Courier 13th October 1883

Petition for liquidation. William Helliwell, Oakleigh House, Stansfield, and Pudsey Mill. Also Cliviger. Bobbin manufacturer. Liabilities £5,000.


Halifax Courier 3rd November 1883

Creditors meeting of William Helliwell, bobbin manufacturer of Pudsey Mill. No offer of composition, so resolved to liquidate.


Halifax Courier 10th November 1883

William Helliwell, Pudsey, liabilities £2,918. Assets £509.


Todmorden Advertiser 18th January 1884

Auction 30th January by order of mortgagees. Lot 1 – bobbin mill; 3 storeys; Pudsey Mill; also loom shed capable of holding 316 looms, adjoining, with chimney etc; lately occupied by William Helliwell; also water wheel, steam engines, boiler, shafting and fixed machinery in mill and shed; also cottages and Oakleigh House.


Halifax Courier 2nd February 1884

Auction of Pudsey Bobbin Mill and loomshed – no offers.


Todmorden Advertiser 18th April 1884

To let – room and power for 200 looms, rent very low. J. A. Helliwell, Pudsey Mill.


Stansfield Rates Book 1887

Occupied by Barker & Greenwood; owned by Helliwell Bros; mill and steam power (water power not used); Mawking Bottom; rateable value £45.


24th September 1887

Fire at Pudsey Mill, Cornholme. Damage £250.


Stansfield Rates Book 1889

  1. Owned and occupied by Smith Starkie; boiler house and power; Mawking Bottom; rateable value £29.15s.0d.
  2. Occupied by Cornholme Bleaching Co; owned by Smith Starkie; bleaching works; Mawking Bottom; rateable value £18.5s.0d.


Stansfield Rates Book 1890

Owned and occupied by Smith Starkie; boiler house and power; Mawking Bottom; rateable value £29.15s.0d.


Cornholme Rates Book 1894-97

Occupied by Lishman & Co; owned by Smith Starkie; part dyeworks and power; Pudsey; rateable value £121.10s.0d.


Stansfield Rates Book 1894-99

Occupied by Lishman & Co; owned by Smith Starkie; dyeworks and power; Glen Dyeworks; rateable value £169.15s.0d.


Kelly 1908

The Lishman Process Bleaching Co. Ltd. Glen Dye Works, bleachers

Lishman & Co. Ltd., Glen Dye Works, dyers and bleachers.