Extracts from Quaker minute books for the

Brighouse Monthly Meetings (Yorkshire)


29th April 1688

Thomas Sutcliffe published his intention of marriage, whereupon John Wharley and Joshua Fielden with Martha Fielden and Jane Crossley are appointed to enquire into their clearness.


Joshua Fielden and Daniel Sutcliffe are appointed and ordered to make dilligent enquiry within their respective meetings whether there be any births, marriages, and burials of any Friends who through neglect have not been duly brought up to Meeting.


John Fielden and James Bancroft certify that the marriage of Jo. Barker was decently accomplished.

28th May 1693

Joshua Fielden of Swineshead published his intention of marriage with Mary Veepon of Marsden Monthly Meeting. Thomas Sutcliffe and Anthony Crossley are ordered to make enquiry into their clearness.

26th June 1693

Joshua Fielden the second time published his intention, and being found clear he is left to his freedom, and the further management thereof to the Friends of Marsden Monthly Meeting.


Joshua Fielden and Alice Fielden appointed to enquire about a marriage.


Joshua Fielden of Bottomley published his intention of marriage with Mary Sutcliffe. John Greenwood and Anthony Crossley ordered to enquire as to his clearness.

29th November 1696

Second time published (as above) and being found clear are left to accomplish the same.

26th January 1697

Henry Kayley and James Bancroft give account of the decent accomplishment of Joshua Fielden's marriage.

31st February 1697

Joseph Wharley gives second time notice of intention to marry Hannah Fielden and being found clear are left to accomplish the same.

28th March 1697

Friends that are ordered in each Meeting for the inspection of Friends' lives and conversations, and to see that the Monthly Meetings be attended duly:

Mankinholes - Joshua and John Fielden and William Greenwood.

23rd October 1698

Friends of Mankinholes Meeting ordered to give John Fielden a certificate as to their freedom and unity with him in his visiting Friends in the north for a month or six weeks of time.

28th January 1701

Nicholas Fielden laid his intention of marriage with Anne Helliwell of Marsden Monthly meeting. Richard Shires and Richard Houlden ordered to enquire etc.

25th February 1701

Declared a second time and pronounced clear.


Abraham Fielden and Nicholas Fielden appear for Mankinholes, as well as Joshua and John Fielden.

26th January 1702/3

Samuel Fielden published his intention of marriage with Elizabeth Veepon, a member of Marsden Monthly Meeting. Usual enquiry to be made.

19th July 1707

John Fielden and Tamar Halstead of Mankinholes Meeting published intention of marriage etc.

30th November 1707/8

Abraham Fielden and Grace Sutcliffe of Mankinholes Meeting given notice of marriage.

18th April 1711

A certificate read and signed to our Friends at the Quarterly Meeting at Huntington touching Friends unity with Joshua Fielden late of Mankinholes Meeting. Abraham, Nicholas, John, Joshua and Samuel Fielden attend meetings.

Extracts from Quaker minute books for the

Marsden Monthly Meetings (Lancashire)



Joshua Fielden gave testimony that for several years he had not paid tithes etc. to Steeplehouses.


Joshua Fielden, his wife and son, fined. Taken in pewter and a bible worth 17 shillings.

1683/4 1st month 7th day

The Officers of the Justice took from Joshua Fielden linen cloth worth 9 shillings, demanded 4d. and 2d. and returned 6d. again for tithes.

1684 3rd day 5th month

A party of Friends met at house of Daniel Greenwood in Heptonstall and were reported on and fined, for which goods were taken from Joshua Fielden, bedding and 1 brass mortar worth 5 shillings.

The following items were found in the minutes from the Quaker School at Gildersome held at Leeds University under references P.33 and P.35 extracted by Betty Longbottom


21st of 4th Month 1777

William Greenwood of Todmorden brought his sons William and John again to this place as full Boarders

8th 12th Month 1777

John and William Greenwood left this Place on the 2nd of 12th Month 1777

19th 12th Month 1800
John Ellis (schoolmaster) informs us that Lawrence King continues still at the school, he is requested  to speak to some of the Todmorden Friends in order that he may return home as soon as possible after the Quarterly Meeting.

Same date

It appearing that widow Mary Stansfield's daughter is a suitable object for the School and there being a vacancy, Josiah Firth is requested to confer with the Todmorden Friends on the subject and if no objection appears to doubt, that she be sent suitably cloathed, as soon as convenient.

19th 6th Month 1801
John Ellis (schoolmaster) informs us that Hannah Stansfield came to the School on 16th 5th Month 1801.

Extracts from the Quaker records for the Brighouse Monthly Meeting, submitted by John Alan Longbottom


Brighouse MM 14th 12th Month 1887

p. 266

The Friends appointed to visit Edward Nussey of Rastrick have brought in a report, after consideration of which this meeting decides to admit him into Membership. We appoint Albert B. Bayes to inform him. - Report was number 492

Brighouse MM 8th 7th Month 1896

p. 128

The desirability of holding our Monthly Meetings occasionally on a 7th day afternoon, so that some of our members who cannot attend mid-week meetings should have an opportunity of attending Monthly Meeting had been suggested by Rawdon Preparative Meeting. We appoint the following Friends to consider the proposal, collect some information regarding the matter, and think over the best method of carrying it out should the Monthly Meeting ultimately decide to make the change Viz :- Joseph Edmondson, Samuel Southall, Henry Harris, Robert Wood, Charles Binns, Eliza Latchmore, Sarah R. Hodgson, George Whiteley, James Amery, A. B. Bayes, William Helliwell and Elizabeth Dyson. Henry Harris to act as Convenor.

Brighouse MM 9th 2nd Month 1898

p. 222

Brighouse Preparative Meeting has nominated Albert Ben Bayes as a Peace Correspondent , this being acceptable to the Monthly Meeting.

Brighouse Monthly Meeting 8th 2nd Month 1899 at Huddersfield

p. 288

Albert Ben Bayes

One of the Overseers of Brighouse Monthly Meeting reports that Albert Ben Bayes a member of that meeting has been obliged to call his creditors together. We appoint Samuel Southall and Thomas Walker to investigate the matter and report.

Brighouse Monthly Meeting 11th 3rd Month 1899 at Leeds


Albert Ben Bayes

The Friends appointed in the case of Albert Ben Bayes of Brighouse have brought in a report. We Conclude to take the case off our Books. The Clerk is directed to inform A.B. Bayes of this decision.

Brighouse MM 12th 5th Month 1899

p. 309

Special Certificate for A.B. Bayes

A letter has been received from Albert Ben Bayes in which he states that he has a prospect of visiting America for a period of about six months, leaving England on the 17th instant. The Clerk is directed to forward the following Certificate to A.B. Bayes.

This is to certify that Albert Ben Bayes formerly of Brighouse Yorkshire, is a member of Brighouse Monthly Meeting of London Yearly Meeting and is held in good esteem by us.

Brighouse MM 8th 1st Month 1913

p. 573

Notification of Burial of Margaret Ellen Bayes

A notification has been received from York Monthly Meeting of the burial of Margaret Ellen Bayes of Heslington Road, York, a member of this Monthly Meeting, wife of Albert Ben Bayes, of Bradford, who died on the 7th 9th Month 1912, aged about 70 years, and whose death was registered at the Public Registry Office for the District of York on the 16th of 9th Month 1912. The burial took place in the Friends Burial Ground, Heslington Road, York on the 11th of 9th Month 1912.