complete from 1669 to 1834


Year Date Name Parent Address Notes
1730 19-May William John and Susan    
1735 01-Jul James Robert and Elizabeth    
1737 07-Apr John Robert and Betty    
1738 23-Nov Mary & Martha Robert and Bessy    
1739 09-Dec Sarah Robert and Betty    
1741 06-Dec Robert Robert and Elizabeth    
1743 12-Jun Elisabeth Robert Todmorden  
1745 12-May Henry Robert Todmorden  
1749 04-Feb Susan William Todmorden  
1750 24-Feb Mary William Todmorden  
1753 29-Dec John William and Ellen Walsden  
1756 15-Aug Sara William and Nelly Walsden  
1766 20-Sep Esther Henry Walsden by Betty Fielden
1769 04-Jun Sarah Benjamin and Sarah Cliviger  
1770 25-Nov Sally Robert and Martha Todmorden  
1772 31-May John Robert and Martha Todmorden  
1774 20-Mar Betty Robert and Martha Walsden  
1776 25-Feb Mary Robert and Martha Walsden  
1778 04-Oct Mary John and Susan Walsden  
1781 02-Sep William John and Susan Walsden  
1783 10-Dec John John and Susan Royside Todmorden  
1786 19-Mar Robert John and Susan Todmorden  
1786 30-Jul John George and Betty Dean Cliviger  
1788 04-Feb Henry John and Susan Todmorden  
1790 24-Jan Mally John and Sarah Todmorden  
1790 14-Jun Samuel Benn. And Mary Cliviger  
1790 09-Dec Susan John and Susan Todmorden  
1792 15-Jan Hannah John and Ann Todmorden  
1793 29-Mar Ellen John and Susan Todmorden  
1793 16-Sep Martha Benjamin and Mary Cliviger  
1795 02-Aug Joseph John and Susan Todmorden born 8 July
1796 18-Jun George George and Betty Cliviger  
1796 17-Jul John John and Ann Gauksholm  
1796 28-Sep Thomas Ben and Mary Cliviger  
1797 20-Oct Abm John and Susan Todmorden  
1798 06-Oct Sally George and Betty Dean  
1799 14-Jul Sarah John and Ann Gauksholm  
1800 06-Apr Jimmy John and Betty Todmorden  
1801 16-Aug Ann John and Ann Todmorden  
1802 19-Apr Sarah John and Betty Todmorden  
1803 09-Oct William John and Betty Todmorden  
1804 10-Aug Thomas John and Ann Lower Kilnhurst  
1805 04-Jun Mally John and Nancy Platshouse  
1805 15-Sep Abraham John and Betty Todmorden  
1807 28-Mar Elizabeth John and Betty Todmorden  
1808 24-Jan William Robert Walsden by Sally Howorth
1808 10-Oct William John and Sally Bottoms  
1808 06-Nov Sally John and Betty    
1809 22-Jan William John and Nancy Hanging Dych  
1809 06-Apr Thomas John and Betty Clark Todmorden  
1810 25-Mar Abraham John and Sally Lanebottom  
1811 23-May Hannah John and Ann Newgate Bottom  
1811 19-Jun George John and Betty Knowlwood  
1812 28-Mar Susan John and Sally Lanebottom  
1812 21-Jun John John and Nancy Knowlwood  
Year Date Name Parents Address Occupation Notes
1813 30-Aug William John & Betty Newgate Bottom spinner  
1813 29-Sep Thomas Benjamin & Mary Whitehaven collier born 27 May 1799
1814 28-Mar James John & Betty Knowlwood blacksmith  
1814 01-May Betty John & Sally Lanebottom weaver  
1814 06-Nov George John & Betty Mereclough weaver  
1815 10-Sep Samuel John & Ann Newgate Bottom spinner  
1816 24-Mar Mary John & Sally Lanebottom weaver born 1 Dec 1815
1818 12-Jan Sarah John & Sally Lanebottom weaver born 5 Dec 1817
1820 06-Apr John John & Sally Bottomley Lane Foot weaver  
1821 12-Apr John James & Martha Stansfield bridge spinner  
1822 26-Apr Ann John & Sally Royd Bottom Parish Clerk born 14 Jan 1822
1822 29-Sep Thomas James & Martha Stansfield bridge spinner  
1822 30-Sep Susan Ellen Crampton   born April 1815, son of Joseph Taylor, weaver
1824 05-Feb John Sarah Rochdale   by Abraham Williamson, woollen weaver
1824 16-Mar Robert Eli John & Sally Royd Bottom Clerk at this chapel  
1824 01-Aug Ann William & Sally Knowlwood spinner  
1825 01-Apr Thomas John & Mary Royd Bottom Clerk  
1827 08-Jul Elizabeth William & Sally Whitworth spinner  
1828 27-May Mary William & Sally Whitworth spinner  
1828 07-Jul Elizabeth John & Mary Royd House    
1828 21-Nov James Abraham & Mary Rochdale spinner  
1829 10-May Elizabeth Sarah Todmorden   by George Butterworth, saddler of Rochdale
1830 01-Jun John William & Sally Whitworth spinner  
1830 02-Jul Elizabeth Abraham & Mary Rochdale spinner  
1830 12-Jul Ruth John & Mary Royd Bottom Clerk  
1831 10-Jul Sarah Ann Abraham Royd Bottom overlooker son of Sarah Ashworth
1832 12-Jun Sarah William & Sally Whitworth spinner  
1832 28-Jul John Abraham & Mary Facit spinner  
1833 21-Apr Henry John & Mary Todmorden Parish Clerk  
1834 28-Sep Thomas Abraham & Mary Leavengreave spinner