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Springwood Mill - derelict apart from weaving shed


Known occupiers




James HODGSON and Parker ASTIN







Proposed Fustian Company


COTTON William & Thomas


Room and power to let




SMITH Joshua


Disused on 25” OS map

Venue for Burnley Valley Flower Show


Sides of the weaving sheds 2009



Additional information

researched, recorded and referenced by Mrs Sheila Wade

Hebden Bridge WEA Local History Group


Notes from John Travis, contemporary historian

Turning under the arch we come to Pudsey where John Hodgson and family had land and the freehold right to Paul Clough water, which came first to PUDSEY MILL in the bottom, which was afterwards changed to bobbin manufacturing by Mr John Helliwell. Pudsey Clough divides Cliviger from Stansfield. Mr John Hodgson built the Springwood Mill about 1840, intending to run it by water power, but the goit to bring the water as it left Pudsey Mill was not made and later a steam engine and boiler were put in, and his sons began the bobbin making trade. Afterwards a son-in-law, Mr Parker Astin, used the higher rooms for powerloom manufacturing. About 1857-8 both the bobbin making and the cotton manufacturing came to grief and the place stood derelict until there was a boom in cotton again, when Mr Shackleton took it and began carding and spinning cotton once more.


Todmorden Advertiser 3rd September 1926

Springwood, once called Th’ Oction, was a small bobbin mill owned by Jamie Hodgson, who at one time boasted of his wealth and future prospects in the bobbin trade, saying he had a cap full o’ brass. His sunny prospects were soon overshadowed and the place became a cotton mill.


Stansfield Rates Book 1835

John Hodgson; Pudsey; land and tenements; rateable value £1.10s.7d.


White 1847

John Hodgson, turner, bobbins etc. Pudsey


Census 1851

  1. Pudsey, John Hodgson aged 65, farmer of 4 acres.
  2. James Hodgson (son) aged 35, bobbin turner.
  3. Pudsey Lane, Parker Astin aged 38, manufacturer
  4. John Astin (son) aged 15, bobbin turner


Halifax Guardian 4th December 1852

Partnership dissolved between James Hodgson, Thomas Hodgson, and Parker Astin, bobbin makers of Springwood Mill in Stansfield under the firm of Hodgson & Astin. Debts received and paid by James Hodgson, who will carry on the business.


White 1853

John Hodgson, turner, bobbins etc. Pudsey


Stansfield Rates Book 1854

  1. Occupied by James Hodgson; owned by John Hodgson; Pudsey; cotton mill & power; rateable value £22.16s.0d.
  2. Occupied by Parker Astin; owned by John Hodgson; Pudsey; cotton mill & power; rateable value £22.16s.0d.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 5th June 1858

For sale or to let – Springwood Mill including wheel race, steam engine, steam boiler, shafting & gearing, waterfall, head goit, tail goit, stable, smithy and vacant land in the late occupation of Mr. Parker Astin or his undertenants. Held under lease for 2,000 years commencing 8th April 1847. Ground rent £5.8s.0d per annum. 1,030 square yards. Mill 15 yards by 12½ yards inside measurement, 3 storeys high. Steam engine 10hp. Boiler 18hp. Near mill waterfall of 31 feet 6 inches on Redwater Brook and late owner expended large sum of money on erection of a wheel race capable of containing a wheel 31½ feet diameter by 4 feet broad and in construction of head and tail goits. Mr. Parker Astin of Pudsey will show the premises. Further particulars from James Suthers of Todmorden, beerseller, Mr. Thomas Hodgson of Pudsey, farmer, or at the offices of T. E. Hammerton.


Notes from John Travis

John Gaukroger of Upper Lumb Mill, John Barker, grocer of Pudsey and William Shackleton his son-in-law took room and power at John Helliwell’s PUDSEY MILL. After a few years they separated. Barker and Shackleton moved to Springwood Mill, Pudsey (spinning and weaving), whilst John Gaukroger took MILLSTEADS weaving shed.


Todmorden Advertiser 3rd September 1926

Springwood Mill changed from bobbin to cotton, with winding and spinning, and additions were made with a weaving shed. It was owned by William Shackleton who also had looms in a large portion of PUDSEY MILL. Springwood Mill had to stop, and after a time, the empty shed was used for the Burnley Valley Flower Show.


Stansfield Rates Book 1860

  1. Occupied by John Barker & William Shackleton; owner John Barker; Springwood Mill; mill and power; rateable value £45.12s.0d.
  2. Occupied by John Barker; owned by Barker & Shackleton; boiler house; Pudsey; rateable value £24.


Stansfield Rates Book 1867-1881

Occupied by William Shackleton; owned by John Barker executors; Springwood Mill; mill and power; rateable value £54.11s.5d.

1868 – new loom shed £72.6s.6d.

1871 – new scutch room & warehouse £6.4s.0d.

1878 – new office £2.

1880 – re-valued £175.

1881 – re-valued £155.15s.0d.


Census 1871

Vale Manse, William Shackleton aged 43, cotton manufacturer


Halifax Guardian 29th January 1876

140 work people at William Shackleton’s Springwood Mill


Halifax Courier 23rd June 1877

Bankrupt – William Shackleton, Springwood Mill, Cornholme, cotton spinner and manufacturer. The debtor made an offer of composition of 7/6d in the pound, which was rejected. Estate to be liquidated by arrangement.


Halifax Courier 1st December 1877

Springwood Mill, Cornholme, stopped whole of week.


Halifax Guardian 30th March 1878

Mentions William Shackleton, manufacturer of Vale Manse and Springwood Mill.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 1st August 1879

Todmorden trade depressed. Springwood – 4,000 spindles and 216 looms, closed.


Halifax Courier 23rd August 1879

William Shackleton of Vale Manse, occupier of Springwood Mill, re-opened half the looms on full time.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 6th February 1880

Weavers at William Shackleton’s shed at Cornholme resumed work on old terms.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 10th March 1882

Meeting of creditors of William Shackleton, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Springwood Mill, Cornholme. Liabilities £3,234. Assets £943.


Halifax Courier 7th April 1883

Todmorden trade very depressed. Springwood Mill, lately run by William Shackleton, closed.


Halifax Courier 17th May 1884

For some time past, attempts have been made by a number of residents in the Burnley Valley to form a limited liability fustian company at Springwood Mill. Meeting to be held next Wednesday.


Stansfield Rates Book 1885

Occupied by William and Thomas Cotton; rateable value £120.


Todmorden Advertiser 27th May 1887

To let – room and power, Springwood Mill and shed, Cornholme. 220 looms with room for extension.


Stansfield Rates Book 1890



Stansfield Rates Book 1893-1899

Occupied by Joshua Smith; owned by William Shackleton; loomshed; Springwood; rateable value £39.5s.0d.

Rest of mill demolished.