The column on the far right is a "best guess" as to the current number of the house




Square Thomas Fielden head m 57 twister in Walsden 40
  Martha Fielden wife m 54   Walsden  
  Ann Fielden dtr u 23 powerloom weaver Walsden  
  Martha Fielden dtr u 18 powerloom weaver Walsden  
  Susan Fielden dtr u 15 powerloom weaver Walsden  
  Abram Fielden son   12 picker maker Walsden  
Square Thomas Chadwick head m 37 picker maker Walsden 42
  Sarah Chadwick wife m 28   Walsden  
  Charlotte Chadwick dtr   14 piecer Walsden  
Square John Mills head m 41 spinner & manufacturer Walsden  38
  Betty Mills wife m 42   Stansfield Yorks  
  John Mills son   4   Walsden  
Square George Marshall head m 35 engineer Halifax Yorks 36
  Grace Marshall wife m 41   Todmorden Lancs  
  Hannah Marshall mother w 60 servant Todmorden Yorks  
  Richard Marshall brother u 32 cotton scutcher Todmorden Yorks  
  Willam Marshall son u 16 mule piecer Todmorden Lancs  
  Lydia Marshall dtr   11 cotton doffer Todmorden Lancs  
  Sarah Ann Marshall dtr   9 cotton doffer Todmorden Lancs  
  John Marshall son   2   Todmorden Lancs  
Square Abraham Crossley head m 56 mechanic loom frames Walsden 34
  Hannah Crossley wife m 57   Walsden  
  Mary Crossley dtr u 32 winder Walsden  
  Peter Crossley son u 26 railway plate layer Walsden  
  Abraham Crossley son u 24 mechanic Walsden  
  William Crossley son u 20 loom jobber Walsden  
  Alice Crossley dtr u 16 powerloom weaver Walsden  
Square John Howarth head m 61 labourer Walsden 32
  Sally Howarth wife m 61   Walsden  
  Susan Howarth dtr u 24 servant Walsden  
  Mary Howarth dtr u 19 throstle piecer Walsden  
  Jane Harrison lodger w 38 weaving frame tenter Walsden  
  Thomas Harrison nephew u 18 labourer Walsden  
  John Harrison nephew u 13 twister in Walsden  
Square Enoch Law head m 48 tanner Walsden 30
  Sarah Law wife m 45   Stansfield Yorks  
  Ingham Law son u 21 picker maker Walsden  
  Mary Law dtr u 17   Walsden  
  Samuel Law son u 15 spinner Walsden  
  Thomas Law son u 15 spinner Walsden  
  Sarah Ann Law dtr   6 scholar Walsden  
Square James Walton head m 51 picker maker Walsden 28
  Nancy Walton wife m 44   Walsden  
Square Thomas Newell head m 33 grinder Walsden 26
  Martha Newell wife m 34   Walsden  
  Sarah Ann newell sister in law u 20 winder Walsden  
  Tom Newell son in law u 17 spinner Walsden  
Square William Rigg head m 58 joiner Yorkshire 24
  Betty Rigg wife m 58   Walsden  
  William Rigg son u 26 iron turner Walsden  
  Robert Rigg son u 19 stripper & grinder Walsden  
  Richard Williams lodger u 44 labourer Cheshire  
Square Abraham Taylor head m 26 turner Walsden 22 
  Mary Taylor wife m 26 stubbing frame tenter Walsden  
  Thomas Taylor son   4   Walsden  
Square Susan Walton head m 24   Walsden 20 
  Jane Walton dtr   3   Walsden  
  James Walton son   9 mths   Walsden  
Square Mary Thompson head m 61 annuitant Yorkshire 20 
  Elizabeth Thompson niece u 26 annuitant Walsden  
  Martha Southwell visitor   35 farmer Yorkshire  
Square William Helliwell head m 41 labourer Sowerby Yorks  20
  Hannah Helliwell wife m 41   Sowerby Yorks  
  Eli Helliwell son u 20 skip maker Sowerby Yorks  
  Mary Helliwell dtr u 18 card room hand Sowerby Yorks  
  Ellen Helliwell dtr u 15 card room hand Sowerby Yorks  
  Nimrod Helliwell son   12 spinner Yorkshire  
  Sarah Helliwell dtr   10 spinner Yorkshire  
  William Helliwell son   8 spinner Yorkshire  
  John Helliwell son   6 scholar Yorkshire  
  Thomas Helliwell son   1   Yorkshire  
Square John Fielden head m 36 picker maker Walsden 14 
  Sally Fielden wife m 37   Walsden  
  Thomas Fielden son   1   Walsden  
Square John Fielden head m 27 weaver & local preacher Walsden 16
  Elizabeth Fielden wife m 23   Walsden  
Square Abraham Fielden head m 49 weaver Walsden 16 
  Mary Fielden wife m 49   Walsden  
  Samuel Fielden son u 23 turner Walsden  
  Sarah Ann Fielden dtr u 15 weaver Walsden  
  Mary Fielden dtr   12 piecer Walsden  
  Greenwood Fielden son   8 doffer Walsden  
Square Thomas Crossley head m 42 weaver Walsden 14 
  Elizabeth Crossley wife m 41   Walsden  
  Helliwell Crossley son u 16 piecer Walsden  
  Abraham Crossley son   14 bobbin setter Walsden  
  Mary Crossley dtr   10 piecer Walsden  
  Sarah Crossley dtr   7 scholar Walsden  
Square Samuel Fielden head m 36 blacksmith Walsden 12 
  Hannah Fielden wife m 38   Walsden  
  Joseph Forrester lodger m 40 manager Walsden  
Square John Duckworth head m 40 clogger Rossendale Lancs  10
  Sarah Duckworth wife m 44   Rossendale Lancs  
  Elizabeth Duckworth dtr u 17 weaver Rossendale Lancs  
  Thomas Duckworth son   13 telegraph clerk Rossendale Lancs  
Square James Crossley head m 48 weaver Walsden
  Maria Crossley wife m 46 laundress Walsden  
  Mary Crossley dtr   8   Walsden  
  William Crossley father w 87   Walsden  
  Sarah Crossley lodger u 46 frame tenter Walsden  
Square Thomas Rigg head w 73 wood turner Yorkshire  6
Square Samuel Law head m 43 clogger Walsden
  Elizabeth Law wife m 42   Walsden  
  Susan Law dtr u 15 weaver Walsden  
  Abraham Law son   12 jobber Walsden  
  John Law son   7 scholar Walsden  
Square John Greenwood head m 46 corn miller Walsden  2
  Sally Greenwood wife m 47   Walsden  
Square Reuben Haigh head u 77 land breaker Walsden  
  Mary Haigh sister u 79 house keeper Walsden  
Square Joseph Newell head m 40 picker maker Walsden  
  Hannah Newell wife m 40   Walsden  
  James Newell son (dumb) 17 doffer Walsden  
  Thomas Newell son   12 doffer Walsden  
  Reuben Newell son   9 scholar Walsden  
  Martha Ann Newell dtr   7 scholar Walsden