The numbers in the left hand column are the original house numbers, reflecting the fact there were homes at the backs of some of the existing houses. These numbers were changed during the 1890's to the current numbers, and that must be when the back houses were done away with.

The column on the far right is a "best guess" as to the current number of the house




2 Square Samuel Scott head m 29 mule spinner Tewkesbury Glos. 2
  Ann Scott wife m 30 house wife Wigan  
  Frank Scott son   8 scholar Walsden  
  Alice Ann Scott dtr   6 scholar Walsden  
  Florence Scott dtr   4   Walsden  
  Joseph Scott son   1 mth   Walsden  
4 Square Richard Halstead head m 24 picker maker Walsden 4
  Sarah Ann Halstead wife m 25 house wife Burnley  
  James Halstead son   4   Walsden  
  William Halstead son   1   Walsden  
6 Square Sally Fielden head w 52 house wife Walsden 6
  Thomas Fielden son u 21 clerk at brewery Walsden  
  Alice Fielden dtr   14 throstle piecer Walsden  
  Mary Fielden dtr   12 scholar Walsden  
8 Square Sarah Knott head u 65 dress maker Walsden 8
10 Square Eliza Scott head w 63 house wife Walsden 10 
  George Scott son u 35 stone mason Walsden  
  John Stott son u 31 blacksmith Walsden  
  Ruth Stott dtr u 27 weaver Walsden  
  Fred Stott son u 21 mule spinner Walsden  
  Mary Ann Stott dtr u 20 cotton rover Walsden  
  Lewis Jones adopted   2   Bradford Yorks  
12 Square John Roberts head m 45 ale & beer seller Bradford Yorks 12
  Elizabeth Roberts wife m 54 ale & beer seller Lancs  
  Alice Law dtr u 22 weaver Yorks  
  Mary Law dtr u 20 weaver Yorks  
  Martha Law dtr u 17 weaver Yorks  
  Mary ElizabethLaw g/dtr   2   Walsden  
14 Square Charles Travis head m 32 bread baker Portsmouth Todmorden 14
  Elizabeth Ellen Travis wife m 29   Rochdale  
  Martha Travis dtr   10 scholar Walsden  
  Bertha Travis dtr   8 scholar Walsden  
  Emily Travis dtr   3   Walsden  
16 Square Greenwood Helliwell head m 23 picker maker Walsden 14 
  Sarah Ann Helliwell wife m 30 house wife Birmingham  
18 Square John Openshaw head m 28 railway plate layer Bury  16
  Susan Openshaw wife m 26 cotton drawer Redruth Cornwall  
  Eliza Openshaw dtr   4 scholar Walsden  
  Kate Openshaw dtr   3 scholar Walsden  
20 Square not recorded            
22 Square Samuel Fielden head m 56 blacksmith Walsden  20
  Hannah Fielden wife m 55 house wife Walsden  
24 Square William Marshall head m 37 weaver Walsden 20 
  Mary Marshall wife m 36 house wife Walsden  
  Margaret Marshall dtr   9 scholar Walsden  
  Alice Marshall dtr   7 scholar Walsden  
  Mary Emma Marshall dtr   1   Walsden  
26 Square James William Fletcher head m 26 picker maker Walsden 20 
  Emily Fletcher wife m 29 dress maker Walsden  
28 Square Abraham Taylor head m 46 weaver Walsden 22
  Mary Taylor wife m 46   Walsden  
  Thomas Taylor son u 24 weaver Walsden  
30 Square William Rigg head w 78 income from club Stansfield Yorks 24
32 Square Joseph Newell head m 66 picker maker Walsden 26
  Maria Newell wife m 67 house wife Walsden  
  Susey Newell dtr u 23 throstle piecer Walsden  
  Young Newell son u 20 mule piecer Walsden  
34 Square John Newell head m 58 railway plate layer Walsden 28
  Mary Newell wife m 57 house wife Walsden  
  William Newell son u 23 warehouseman Walsden  
  Greenwood Newell son u 20 weaver Walsden  
36 Square Barker Fielden head m 31 machine turner & mechanic Walsden 30
  Mary Fielden wife m 28 house wife Walsden  
  James Fielden son   8 scholar Walsden  
  Betty Fielden dtr   6 scholar Walsden  
  Sam Fielden son   2 mths   Walsden  
38 Square Thomas Crabtree head m 54 tanner & labourer Todmorden 32
  Elizabeth Crabtree wife m 57 house wife Todmorden  
  Joseph Crabtree son u 21 weaver Walsden  
  Fred Crabtree son u 18 picker maker Walsden  
40 Square John Howarth head m 60 railway plate layer Walsden 34
  Susan Howarth wife m 56 house wife Walsden  
  John Howarth son u 22 weaver Walsden  
  Betsy Howarth dtr u 22 weaver Walsden  
  Hannah Howarth dtr u 20 weaver Walsden  
  Emma Howarth dtr   15 weaver Walsden  
42 Square William Marshall head m 35 throstle overlooker Walsden 36
  Hannah Marshall wife m 36 house wife Stansfield Yorks  
  Betsy Marshall dtr   12 scholar Stansfield Yorks  
  Annie Marshall dtr   6 scholar Walsden  
  Mary Marshall dtr   2   Walsden  
  Grace Marshall dtr   2 mths   Walsden  
44 Square George Marshall head m 54 engineer Halifax 38
  Grace Marshall wife m 63 house wife Walsden  
  Hannah Marshall dtr u 24 weaver Walsden  
  Betty Marshall dtr u 19 weaver Walsden  
  Hannah Marshall mother w 80 cotton picker Walsden  
46 Square William Harrison head m 57 tanner Walsden 40
  Martha Harrison wife m 57 house wife Walsden  
  Sarah Ann Marshall dtr u 31 cotton rover Walsden  
  Olive Harrison dtr u 25 cotton rover Walsden  
  John Harrison son u 27 weaver Walsden  
  Willie Harrison son u 20 picker maker Walsden  
48 Square William Pearson head w 43 whitesmith at cotton mill Todmorden 42
  Stansfield Pearson son u 20 whitesmith at cotton mill Todmorden  
  James Pearson son u 17 weaver Walsden  
  Reuben Pearson son   10 cotton heald opener Walsden  
  Jane Pearson dtr   7 scholar Walsden  
  Ann Crabtree aunt w 72 house wife Todmorden