Burnley Road

Holme Chapel



We include this church because Cliviger is the neighbouring town to Todmorden, on the way to Burnley. Many folk flitted between the two and just maybe your ancestor is buried there.

We have included just a few memorial inscriptions of people we know to have Todmorden connections, and may well be adding some more in the future.



In memory of John CHAFFER of New Hey,

who departed this life June 21st 1847 aged 70 years

Also Alice wife of John CHAFFER of New Hey

who departed this life February 13th 1845 aged 68 years

Also of Thomas their son

who departed this life July 28th 1861 aged 55 years

Also John their son,

who departed this life April 15th 1816 aged 7 years

Also Jeremy their son

who departed this life December 11th, 1819, an infant

Also of Richard their son,

who departed this life June 9th 1861 in the 48th year of his age

Also of Benjamin their son

who departed this life May 31st 1854 aged 36 years

Also of Mary Jane,

daughter of the above named Benjamin CHAFFER

who died September 23rd 1849 aged 28 weeks

Also of Thomas William CHAFFER of Fiddlers Well,

son of the above Benjamin and Susanna CHAFFER

who died January 15th 1871 aged 22 years

Also Hannah MARSHALL of Frieldhurst

who died May 29th 1891 aged 70 years


To the memory of Betty, wife of Richard EDMUNDSON

late of York Tavern, Todmorden,

who departed this life  October 27th 1847 aged 69.

Also of the above named Richard  EDMUNDSON

who departed this life April 8th 1854 aged 73 years

Also of Richard EDMUNDSON son of the above

who departed this life July 17th 1867 aged 49 years


Mr. John HILL of Todmorden, corn dealer

died at Rochdale 27th Nov. 1842 aged 41

To the stranger

His virtues

Cannot be known

To his friends

His memory

Is his best epitaph


Benjamin CHADWICK of Stone House Coat, Cliviger

died January 13th 1870 aged 25 years

Also Haigh HOLLINRAKE of Scaitcliffe

died June 19th 1890 aged 39 years

Also of Alice Hollinrake,

widow of Benjamin CHADWICK

and relict of Haigh HOLLINRAKE

who died March 17th 1919 aged 70 years

Also Sarah Elizabeth HOLLINRAKE

died April 19th 1963 aged 80 years

Also of Thomas CHADWICK

died January 17th 1950 aged 81 years


Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth

the wife of Benjamin BLOMLEY of Todmorden

and daughter of William and Mary WHITAKER

of Holmes Chapel,

who died February 29th 1832 in the 25th year of her age.

Long Verse

Also Whitaker BLOMLEY their son who died an infant.


In memory of Betty the wife of Robert CHAFFER of Todmorden

who departed this life March 17th 1845 aged 20 years.

Also of the above named Robert CHAFFER

who departed this life the 23rd day of September 1856 aged 35 years.

Also of James, son of the above Robert CHAFFER,

born January 12th 1854, died January 12th 1878.