A church has stood on the present site for over 500 years. The exact date is not known, but the church was there in 1476 and it is possible the base of the square tower is original. It served the people of Lancashire, being a chapel of ease for the mother church of ST. CHAD'S in Rochdale. The Yorkshire part of the township was served by the chapel of ST. PAUL AT CROSS STONE. They are only a mile or two apart, but Cross Stone church is 300 feet higher up the valley side. Until living memory, the valley between the two was often flooded and always marshy. St. Mary's was known as an Extra Parochial Chapel with unusual rights and privileges, but Todmorden did not become a separate parish until 1866.

A self-styled "rustic court magician" by the name of HENRY CRABTREE descended on Todmorden in 1662 to take up the curacy of St. Mary's. He has to be the most eccentric odd-ball ever to hold the position of vicar, yet he lasted there for an unbelievable 23 years. He wasn't a scholar, but was a blunt and honest Yorkshire man, born in Sowerby. He worked in an age when superstition and belief in witches and wizards was rife, and all daily misfortunes were blamed on these witches and wizards.

Henry was not only a clergyman but also a physician, mathematician and astrologer. His wages of £12 a year from the Parish were augmented by attempts at healing the sick. Blood letting was his favourite treatment, but he preferred prevention rather than cure. In 1685 he wrote and had published a book entitled "Merlinus Rusticus", or Country Almanac, in which he gave a month by month prescription for keeping healthy.

photo by kind permission of Faye

of Western Australia


Henry is credited with being the first incumbent to keep Parish records of baptisms, marriages and burials at St. Mary's. Far from the often brief entries of his counterparts to follow, he added many an astrological comment to the register, and sometimes very caustic remarks.

On June 23rd 1669 he buried Edmund Kershaw, adding in the register "with all men's consent", whilst Ruth Fielden was "well buried" on 24th May 1670. In 1685 he baptised James Taylor, who he comments "was born near the setting of the sun and also near a full moon - a sure sign of a short life." His parents were more than likely very unimpressed.

His actions as a physician were eventually his downfall. His biggest mistake was treating a young man who suffered from fits by over-zealous blood letting; "enough for six men at once". He was accused of being in league with the devil and discredited for the rest of his life. He died before 1695 in Todmorden and is buried in an unmarked grave with no reference to the burial in the registers he so carefully created. His wife outlived him and was buried at St. Mary's on December 15th. 1718.


Tablet commemorating Anthony Crossley

of Scaitcliffe

Anthony Crossley of SCAITCLIFFE HALL was the chief contributor to a virtual re-build of the church in 1770 at a cost of £605. A new nave was built and galleries were added.

The parish records include a list of pew sittings in 1778, which states there were a total of 694 seats with over 300 of them being in various lofts, including 27 in the west end reserved for singers.


The Choir

During the incumbency of Rev. Joseph Atkinson (1775 to 1819) the choir at St. Mary's was well known for its prowess. The choir master and instructor was Jeremy Howarth of Knowlood and he offered his home for rehearsals. He was great friends with Moses Dawson, a neighbour from Knowlwood, and together they sang both for wages and for the love of it. The other male voices were Abraham Crossley and John Unsworth, also of Knowlwood, James Woodhead of Swineshead, John Hollingrake of Causeway, James Sutcliffe of Longfield, and Abraham Fielden of NORTH HOLLINGWORTH who also played the bassoon. Joseph Travis of CLOUGH MILL played the organ after its installation in 1805. The lady members were Mary Bottomley, wife of Edmund Woodhead of CLOUGH, and Sarah, wife of John Crowther. Later additions were Betty Fielden and Hannah Barker of Hollingworth, Betty Crossley of Henshaw, Sarah Unsworth and Susan Barker of Knowlwood and Susan Haigh of Pexwood. Other singers joined later, namely; Thomas Barker and James Dawson of Knowlwood, Abraham Crossley junior of Knowlwood Bottom, Thomas and John Law of Watty Farm, and brothers Ely, Abraham and Ned Crossley of GAUXHOLME STONES.

It was the custom after the service for the men to adjourn to the Royal George Inn, where some satisfied worshipper would stand them their drinks, and on many an occasion some of them stayed there too long and were often much the worse for wear by the end of the day.

Moses Dawson was the bass singer and had charge of the index board showing the congregation the numbers of the hymns to be sung. Moses continued in the choir all his life, moving to the new church after it was built. By then he was quite old and frail, but insisted on singing, having to prop himself up on a pillar to avoid falling over. His wife always attended the services with him, dressed in a red cloak. Moses sang to the end of his days.

The clerk of the church during the reign of this particular choir was John Shackleton the eldest. John Shackleton was a very well known name in the circles of St. Mary's. Three generations of John Shackletons were the clerks at the old church. John the eldest was the most notorious, born in 1753 and twice married. In addition to his parish clerk duties, he was the sexton, he was a handloom weaver, and he was a newspaper carrier. He also enjoyed a spot of hunting on the moors and often spent too much time at the Royal George Inn, having to be hauled out and carried to his home at one of the Todmorden Hall cottages by his long-suffering wife. After the Sunday morning service he would act as town crier in the churchyard, giving notice in a very loud voice as to where a beast would be killed and the anticipated price per pound so the people would know where to go for fresh meat. Saturdays he went to Wakefield, and later to Halifax, to collect a supply of newspapers, which he distributed to the townsfolk that evening at a cost of 10 pence each. People would seem him arriving with the newspapers in all weathers, summer and winter, without hat, clogs or stockings. He was frequently late for burials, and being the sexton, this could be quite disastrous. He died in 1820 at the age of 67, and is buried in his beloved churchyard with both his long-suffering wives.

Last but not least in this small profile of the singers is the vicar, the Rev. Joseph Atkinson. He had the charge of both St. Mary's and St. Paul's at Cross Stone. He would take a service in the morning at St. Mary's and then a service in the afternoon at St. Paul's. The following week he would reverse the order. The distance between the two churches is maybe only a couple of miles, but the journey in those days was hazardous. Cross Stone lies hundreds of feet up the hill side and St. Mary's is in the valley bottom. Between the two the ground was almost always flooded and very marshy, and the climb up to Cross Stone was steep. Joseph lived at Roomfield House, part way between the two, where he farmed a small estate of his own. He was often to be seen in the village, driving his stirks to graze in the churchyard or fetching spent grain for his cattle from the Royal George Inn with his wheelbarrow. He was curate for 45 years and was well-missed when he died at the age of 74.

In 1805 an oratorio was held in the church. The tickets were 3 shillings and sixpence. The performers were paid a total of £31 and the profit, £15.4s.0d. was handed over to the fund for purchasing an organ from Mr. C. Rawson of Underbank at a cost of £250. This organ was duly installed and remained there until the church closed, at which time it was moved to Christ Church.

a recent view of the interior

A new vestry was built that year, and there were other ambitious schemes to build a new tower with a peal of bells, but they never came to fruition. However, in 1813 more galleries were added and it was said that 743 seats were available.
During the incumbency of Joseph Cowell it was clear something had to be done as the church was very dark and overcrowded and was falling in to disrepair. Rev. Cowell submitted proposals for taking down the church and re-building a larger church on the same site, or removing to some other site, or moving to a site in the new burial ground. There was a lot of local feeling against closing the old church and war broke out amongst the townsfolk. However, a new church was built in the grounds of the new cemetery and St. Mary's was made redundant.

The new church, known as CHRIST CHURCH, was opened in 1832. Burials were still allowed in the old churchyard and for this reason a few pews were left behind, the rest being taken over to Christ Church.

Despite the new church, local folk loyal to St. Mary's continued to agitate for its re-opening. In 1845 Walsden had been made a Peel Parish and had been granted its own church, dedicated to ST. PETER. With this, the old church of St. Mary lost half its potential congregation. Nevertheless, the agitators succeeded in enlisting the support of the Archdeacon and the Bishop of Manchester, who promised money for the renovation of St. Mary's and the stipend of a minister.

Very little happened to the old Church for several years. There were the occasional funerals, conducted by Rev. Cowell or his curate. The windows in the bottom part were taken out and flagstones put in to the openings. Little was done to keep the place clean, and the dust was only disturbed when a funeral took place. Charles Greenlees of Church Street held the keys and had the job of winding up the clock in the tower. Men were sent every year or so to paint up the windows and doors white and to weed and trim the graveyard. It was a sad sight for the supporters of the old church. Even the Rev. Cowell had to admit that building a new church rather than re-building the old one was the biggest mistake of his life. Feelings ran high for many years and there was almost civil war amongst the opposing factions. The friends of the old Church began raising subscriptions from the townsfolk towards a restoration fund and secured promises of up to £200 towards the estimated cost of £700.

The Old Church Committee consisted of:

Samuel Crossley of Patmos

John Sutcliffe of West End

John Heyworth of Dalton St.

Amos Scholfield of York Place

John Travis of Ridge Street

Thomas Fielden of Dobroyd

James Heap of Church Street


John Travis, member of the committee, wrote at the time, 1858:

"Instead of being the chief ornament of our town, it has a most wretched appearance; and that if anything here deserves the sympathy of the public, it is this fabric where the ashes of most of our forefathers repose in silence and neglect; and we sincerely hope that this appeal may not be made in vain, but that a suitable response will be made by rich and poor in her behalf, and that ere long we may not only have the same restored, but that she may again be placed in charge of those who will care for her and for the spiritual prosperity of her people, and that they may here within her walls once more the sound of a gospel message."


Steps were taken at this time to have two churchwardens for St. Mary's appointed. A meeting of ratepayers was called for 8th April 1858 at which John Sutcliffe, draper of Patmos and John Heyworth, joiner of Dalton Street, were appointed. There was no opposition from the incumbent and despite the incumbent of Rochdale, the Vicar in overall charge, being opposed, the Archdeacon agreed the appointments. The new wardens convened a meeting and it was agreed to levy a rate for the cleaning and repair of the old church and graveyard. Steps were taken to stop the misuse of church property - the graveyard railings were being used to dry clothes, pigs were prowling in the graveyard and the boys from the Endowed school used the graveyard for a playground.

The burial ground was closed by order of the Secretary of State effective from 12th. October 1857 apart from walled vaults. A movement to have the tower raised, a new bell, an illuminated clock, and the planting of shrubs in the yard was brought to the fore.

The following committee was constituted :


Josiah Lord, Dale Street

Charles Greenlees, Church St.

John Heap, Burnley Road

John Howorth, Church St.

John Sutcliffe, Patmos

John Heyworth, Rose Street

John Stansfield, Vale Cottage

James Heap, Church Street

Richard Stansfield, Salford;

Luke Suthers, York Street

Richard Ingham, Albert Terrace

John Holmes, Church Street

Samuel Crossley, Patmos

Amos Schofield, York Place

James Astin, North Street

Hartley Proctor, Oddfellows' Hall

Abraham Lord, Bankfield House


It was decided that Messrs. A. and T. Stansfield should plant the churchyard. Mr. Horsfall's plans as amended by Mr. Wild, architect, Halifax, were eventually adopted in substance and Benjamin Scholfield's tender of £50 for the masons' work was accepted. The works were under the supervision of Josiah Lord of York Place. The alterations were completed by 1868. Meanwhile, the church had been opened as a Sunday school with a strong staff of helpers. On 14th. January 1865 the solemnisation of marriages was revived, and on 11th. August 1866 Todmorden was made a parish in its own right, completely segregated from Rochdale.


St. Mary's about 1868 by kind permission of Roger Birch

Sadly for the supporters of the old church, Christ Church was made the Parish Church of Todmorden, but St. Mary's was allowed to function as a Chapel of Ease with full privileges. This left the incumbent with a unique situation of having to run two churches a few hundred yards apart. For the next 130 years St. Mary's and Christ Church both operated fully. Having two churches so close together in the same parish caused many problems but none that weren't overcome.

photo by kind permission of Tony Leah

In 1885, it was decided to make some much needed improvements to the church. One of the firms of architects to submit plans was Whitfield & Thomas, Architects, 20 Cockspur Street, London SW, who submitted the drawing on the left and the one below as part of their proposals.

On 24th February 1886 the church re-opened after being closed for 8 weeks to enable the contractor to complete the erection of a new chancel, the re-pewing of the nave, and other improvements that entirely changed the interior aspect of the church. The plans for the exterior shown on the right seem not to have been accepted, certainly as far as the tower is concerned.

photo by kind permission of Tony Leah


St. Mary's in 1889 by kind permission

of Roger Birch

Eventually, St. Mary's won the day. Christ Church was closed in 1992 and is now in a state of dereliction, whilst St. Mary's has been renovated and modernised to make it comfortable for the modern worshipper.

The Bells

The first known bell was a single bell cast in 1603 by William Oldfield of Doncaster and York. On the original bell were the letters S.R.A.L., and A.D. 1603, along with this:

In jucunditate et soni sonambo Tibi Dme. (Doinine)

In dulcidine vocis cantabo Tuo nomine.

(With pleasantness of sound I will make a noise unto Thee, O Lord,

With sweetness of voice I will sing unto Thy name.)

When the renovations were ongoing in 1860, the bell was recast by George Mears of Whitechapel in London. The following inscription was added:

Cast AD. 1603. Re-cast, tower raised, new clock by public subscription, 1860.

The old bell had weighed over 5cwt. and the new one was even heavier at nearer 7cwt. The committee sold the old one for £32.6s.10d. and paid £59.13s.6d. for the new one. Christ Church eventually closed its doors in 1992, and St. Mary's once again became the main church.

In anticipation of this event, a new set of bells was made ready for St. Mary's. One of the small chiming bells from Christ Church was re-tuned and given to St. Mary's, and a full set of seven new bells were cast by Taylors of Loughborough.
There was much preparation work to be done in St Mary's tower including the removal of a chimney breast, removal and replacement of three floors and installation of a bell frame. This work was done by the Todmorden Ringers.

The photographs above, below and left show the Todmorden Ringers meeting the bells on their arrival at the church. They are shown here with kind permission of Ian Swain.


The bells were finally hung in 1990, two years before the church was reopened. St. Mary's tower now has a peal of 8 bells with a tenor of 6cwt. and the electric clock bell. The tower also contains a small clock bell weighing just 1cwt., recovered from ALL SAINTS CHURCH at Harley Wood before it was demolished. This clock was made in 1860 and has been fully restored and converted to electric winding.

The Burial Ground

In 1930 a road widening scheme in Church Street meant that the present raised pavement was constructed over part of the graveyard, and in 1968 the gravestones were removed to allow for further widening of the road, and were re-laid around the churchyard. A survey showed there were 425 in all. Most of the stones date from the 18th and early 19th century, with a few from the 17th century. More recently the churchyard has been renovated, some stones have been lifted, cleaned, and used as decorative walling for a memorial patio. Stones have been laid to good effect round the Church Street boundary for passers-by to see. The ones within the old yard are mainly laid flat, and are deteriorating rapidly. Many are broken and some are propped up against a back wall. Many have disappeared forever. A selection is shown below:


This grave was near the wall at the west end of the church. It was destroyed many years ago

In memory of Alice wife of Thomas FIELDEN of Wellfield, Crumpsall

died Aug 29th 1856 aged 72 years

Also of the above named Thomas FIELDEN

who died December 7th 1869 in the 79th year of his age.

This grave was on the east side of the churchyard. It was a raised monument surrounded with iron rails. It was destroyed many years ago

Sacred to the Memory

Of Joshua the son of Joshua and Alice FIELDEN of Waterside near Todmorden who departed this life 2nd day of January 1820 aged 19 days.

Also of the aforesaid Joshua FIELDEN of Waterside who departed this life on the 24th day of November 1847 in the 70th year of his age

Also of John their son who died at Greenbank, Caton,

on 1st September 1852 aged 32 years

Of Alice the wife of Joshua FIELDEN of Waterside near Todmorden who departed this life the 20th day of March 1831 aged 37 years

Also Maria his wife

who departed this life the 9th day of September 1840 aged 45 years.

On a different stone but within the same rails:

In memory of James FIELDEN of Dobroyd near Todmorden

who departed this life on May 9th 1852 aged 64 years

Also of Grace his wife who departed this life January 1861 aged 65 years

This grave was at the east end of the churchyard on a raised tombstone with iron rails round it. It was destroyed many years ago.

In memory of Henry LACY of Stoadley

who departed this life Jan 8th 1842 aged 82 years

Yes, the Christian course is run,

Ended is the glorious strife,

Fought the fight, the work is done,

Death is swallowed up in life.

Also of Walter David the son of David and Phoebe LACY

who departed this life December 17th 1848 aged 3 years and 8 months

Also of Sarah FIELDEN daughter of Thomas FIELDEN and Mary KAY of Montreal obt. Jan 25th 1851 aged 12 years.


In remembrance of Henry the son of Henry and Betty LACY of Stoodley

who departed this life March 27th 1811 aged 2 weeks and 6 days

Also of the said Betty LACY

who departed this life Sep 18th 1836 in the 61st year of her age.

Also of Martha the wife of David LACY of Knowlwood Mill

son of the above Henry LACY and Betty LACY

who departed this life January 7th 1843 aged 30 years

Also of the above named David LACY

who died at Stoodley Hall Dec. 31st 1866 aged 58 years

Also of Fielden Robertshall LACY son of Daniel and Martha LACY

who died Dec 28th 1868 aged 32 years.


In Memory of Reuben HAIGH of Pexhouse

who died 28th June 1857 aged 69 yrs

Also Grace his wife

who died 28th December 1827 aged 40 yrs

Also Betty his second wife

who died 1st October 1849 aged 47 yrs.


Underneath this stone lieth the body of

Reuben HAIGH of Dean

who departed this life 11th March 1806 aged 55yrs.

Also Mary his wife who died 3rd July 1831 aged 81yrs.

Also Susan daughter of Reuben HAIGH

who died 25th April 1797 aged 3yrs.

Also Ruth their daughter

who died 22nd July 1797 aged 13yrs

Also John their son

who departed this life 25th March 1801 aged 26yrs,

Also Sarah Alice their daughter

who died 12th March 1803 aged 9yrs.

Also Sarah wife of Joseph HAIGH

who died 1st July 1804 aged 22yrs.

Also the aforesaid Joseph HAIGH late of Inchfield Fold

who died 2nd March 1855 aged 76yrs.


John LAW

Bridge Master for Salford Hundred

died at Heywood 24 May 1781 in his 50th year.

Also Robert his son died 22 Nov 1806 in his 40th year.


John HAIGH departed this life 18 July 1772

in the 69th. year of his life

and Mary his widow died 9 April 1781

in the 71st year of her age.

Also Ann wife of John HAGUE jnr.

died 3 Sept 1797 aged 50 years.

Also the aforesaid John HAIGH jnr.

of Inchfield Pastureside

who died 18 Dec. 1831 in the 84th year of his age.


Here lies the body of Reuben HAIGH jnr.

who departed this life Oct. 3rd. 1729.

Also here resteth the body of Edward NOWEL

who departed this life 6 Nov. 1747.

Also here lieth the body of Martha

the wife of John HAIGH of Watty

who died 7 Nov. 1765.

Also the body of the aforesaid John HAIGH

who departed this life 7 March 1791 aged 71 years.


Sacred to the memory of David STANSFIELD of Clough Foot

who departed this life August 21st 1851 aged 72 years.

Great is the loss but greater is his eternal rest.


In memory of Hollinrake, son of Samuel and Mary LORD of Hanging Ditch

who died Sept. 7th 1844 aged 11 months.

Also of Tom their son who died Feby 2nd . 1845 aged 7 months.

Also of John their son who died May 16th 1849 aged 18 years.

Also of the said Samuel LORD who died Oct. 21st 1849 aged 47 years.


Here resteth the body of Sarah the wife of John BENTLEY of Todmorden

who died on the 27th of November 1825 aged 21 years.

Also John their son who died August 16th 1828 aged 5 years.


In memory of John the son of Joseph and Ann RATCLIFFE of Clinton

who departed this life February 23rd 1857 aged 37 years.

Also of Esther their daughter who died March 14th 1857 aged 33 years


Here lies the body of John son of Samual LAW of Toad Carr

who died December 17th 1775 aged 3 years.

Also the body of Samual LAW of Square in Walsden

who was interred on 11th June 1824 aged 79 years

Also of Sarah his wife who was interred on 9th October 1836 aged 90 years

Also of Abraham LAW who died at Birks Cottage June 10th 1850 aged 54



Here resteth the body of Ambrose GREENWOOD of Carrhouse

who died November 20 th . 1819 aged 62 years.

Also Susan the wife of Ambrose GREENWOOD

who departed this life September 24th . 1794 aged 56 years.

Also Betty the daughter of Ambrose and Susan GREENWOOD

who died September 15th . 1789 aged 5 years.

Also Mally their daughter who died May 19th . 1792 aged 2 years.

Also William , their son died October 25th . 1805 aged 13.

Also John GREENWOOD their son died February 27th . 1842 aged 52 years.

Also Mally wife of said John GREENWOOD who died March 16th . 1819 aged 32 years.

Also Betty their daughter who died September 17th . 1816 aged 2 and half years

Also Enoch Ambrose their son who died March 13th . 1819 aged 13 days.


Here resteth the interred remains of Sarah the wife of James GREENWOOD of Deanroyd

who departed this life 30th . August 1783 aged 47.

Also Mary his wife who died March 18th . 1792 aged 47.

Also the above named James GREENWOOD who died October 19th . 1802 aged 86 years.


Here lieth the body of Mary late wife of John TATTERSALL

who departed this life 3rd January 1774 aged 39 years 43 weeks and 6 days

Also the above named John TATTERSALL who departed this life 3rd November 1795 aged 66 years

Also Moses DAWSON who died January 3rd 1835 aged 73 years

Also Hannah his wife who died May 13th 1847 aged 80 years

Also Betty their daughter who died May 1st 1847 aged 51 yrs


Here lieth the body of Elizabeth the wife of Robert SHACKLETON

who departed this life 23rd January 1772

Here resteth the body of Susan the wife of John SHACKLETON late of this place

who died April 13th 1798 aged 43 years

Also the above named John SHACKLETON who died October 3rd 1820 aged 67 years

Also the body of Betty his second wife who died July 16th 1825


Hic Sepeliumtur Reliquiae Rev Josephi ATKINSON Qui Pastoris Boni Et Fidelis Functus Officio In Haec Ecclesia Per Annos 45 Obit Aug 20 AD 1819 Aged 74

In fondest remembrance of Rev Joseph ATKINSON of Roomfield

who died August 20th 1819 aged 74 years

(Minister of this church and Cross Stone for 45 years during which he laboured faithfully

and is come to receive a glorious reward)

Also Sarah his beloved wife who died November 23rd 1834 aged 79 years

(God's Will Be Done)

Also Mary LORD of Roomfield House daughter of the above

who departed this life February 17th 1866 aged 75

Also of her daughter Charlotte Amelia WATSON who died March 13th 1886 aged 77 years


In memory of Susan wife of John MILLS of Todmorden Edge

who departed this life December 2nd 1814 aged 34 years.

Also of the above named John MILLS who departed this life April 8th 1839 aged 60 years.


Here resteth the body of Mary the wife of John FIELDEN of Hollingworth

who departed this life August 10 1786 in the 45th year of her age.

Also the body of the above named John FIELDEN

who departed this life Aug 14 1807 in the 70th year of his age.

Also the body of Mary, the wife of Abraham FIELDEN of Hollingworth

who died on 24 June 1828 aged 64 years.

Also the above named Abraham FIELDEN

who died at Knowlwood Bottom on 2 Dec 1840 in the 79th year of his age.


Here lieth the body of Martha, wife of John FIELDEN of Clough in Walsden

who departed this life July 30th 1794 aged 45 years

ALSO Susan, his daughter who departed this life January 22nd 1796 aged 6 years

ALSO here lieth the above named John Fielden of Clough who died August 8th 1802 aged 43 years


In memory of Nancy, the wife of William FIELDEN of Clough Mill, Walsden,

who departed this life in full triumph of faith on 4th June 1843 aged 49 years


In memory of Samuel FIELDEN of Clough in Walsden

who departed this life October 3rd 1809 aged 80 years.

He had been a member of the Methodist Society for 60 years

ALSO the remains of John FIELDEN of Clough Mill

one of the grandsons of the said Samuel FIELDEN who died April 20th 1840, aged 54 years


Here lieth the body of Samuel the son of Samuel FIELDEN of Clough

who died December 29th 1774 aged 17 years


Abraham FIELDEN of Clough Head November 2nd 1714

Sarah and Ann, daughters of Samuel FIELDEN, May 31st 1766

Also lies the body of the daughter of Samuel Fielden who died August 2nd 1796 aged 62



Here lieth the body of Reuben HAIGH JNR . Who departed this life October 3rd.

Also here resteth the body of Edward NOWELL who departed this life 6th November 1747

Also here lieth the body of Martha the wife of John HAIGH of Watty who died 7th November 1765

Also the body of the aforesaid John HAIGH who departed this life 7th March 1791 aged 71 yrs.


Here lieth the body of John HAIGH

departed this life 18th day of July 1772 in the 69th year of his age.

Also here lieth the body of Mary his widow

who departed this life the 9th April 1781 in the 71st year of her age.

Also Ann the well loved wife of John HAIGH Jnr. Who departed this life Sept. 3rd 1797 aged 50yrs.

Also the aforesaid John HAIGH JNR. of Inchfield Pastureside

who died December 18th 1831 in the 84th year of his age.

Also Ann the daughter of the above John HAIGH Jnr. who died December 28th 1847

in the 76th year of her life


Here resteth the body of Betty the wife of Thomas HAIGH of Tankard Hall in Todmorden

who departed this life 27th March 1825 aged 43 years

Also the body of Betty his wife who departed this life on 12th September 1840 aged 52yrs.


Joseph Crossley son of James Joseph Hague and Ann TAYLOR

died August 24th 1836 aged 30yrs.

Ann only child of Anthony and Betty CROSSLEY relict of James Joseph Hague TAYLOR

born May 30th 1784, died at Torquay, Devon November 21st. 1848

and was buried in this vault on the 29th of the same month.

James Joseph Hague TAYLOR died January 8th 1810 aged 28yrs and was buried at Whitworth

George son of James Joseph Hague and Ann TAYLOR died September 4th 1829

and was buried at Whitworth


Under the north side of this stone lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of Reuben HAIGH

who departed this life 30th December 1709

Also the body of Elizabeth his daughter who died 30th October 1724

Also the body of Susan wife of Reuben HAIGH who departed this life 18th April 1735

Also here lieth the body of Reuben HAIGH who departed this life 21st March 1750


Here resteth the body of John HAWORTH late of Todmorden Hall

who died 5 Dec. 1802 aged 65 years.

Also Mally his wife who departed this life Feb 23rd . 1806 aged 68 years.

Also Hannah HAWORTH daughter of John HOWARTH of Todmorden Hall

who departed this life Jan 26th . 1789 aged 10 years.


Here lieth the body of Betty the daughter of John HAWORTH Junior of Todmorden

who died June 24th 1802 aged 15 months.

Also Hannah his daughter who died Jan 25th 1815 aged 16 years.

Also the body of the said John HAWORTH JUNIOR who died June 13th . 1816 aged 52 years.

Also the body of Mally his wife who died July 11th . 1820 aged 55.

Also Charles their son who died Oct 21st . 1825 aged 22.

Also James their son of the Royal George Inn who died Sept. 30th . 1845 aged 58.

Also Mally relict of the said James HOWARTH who died April 15th. 1846 aged 59.


Here lies the body of Mary the wife of Thomas HOWARTH of Hades-Slack

who died 26th Oct. 1818 aged 40 years.

Also the body of Mary second wife of the above-named Thomas HOWARTH

who died August 21st . 1831 aged 47.

Also the body of Thomas HOWARTH who died Feb 9th . 1857 aged 82


Here lies the body of Zachariah HOWARTH of Thornsgreece

who died June 22 1809 aged 70 years.

  Also Martha his wife who died March 31st . 1817 aged 76 years.


Here lies the body of Richard HAYWARD of Walsden who departed April 1664.

Also Edmund HAYWARD his son died 30 March 1723 aged 86.

Also Richard son of above Edmund HEWARD died 6 Feb 1759 aged 84.


Here lieth the body of Susan wife of Robert HOWARTH in Trough

who departed this life August 3 in the year of our Lord 1735.

Also Robert HOWARTH her husband who died January 14 1767.


GS 1729 AS 1713 HS 1758

Here lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of Robert HOWORTH late of Todmorden Edge

who died first day of Feb. 1785 aged 81.


Here lieth the body of Mary the wife of James HOWORTH of Allescholes

who departed this life 9 June 1799 aged 61 years.

Also the aforesaid James HOWARTH who died Sept 2nd . 1817 aged 84 years.

Also James HOWORTH of Salford their grandson who departed this life Feb 7 1850 aged 55 years.


In memory of Ann the wife of Heyworth HEYWORTH of Todmorden,

who died on the 19th day of June 1819 aged 45 years.

Also Sarah the second wife of Heyworth HEYWORTH

who died 15 July 184? Aged 60 years.

  Also the said Heyworth HEYWORTH who died on the 8th April 1849 aged 82 years.

Also in memory of John Hardman HEYWORTH son of Heyworth HEYWORTH

who died on 18 Jan 1850 aged 48 years.

Also Sarah HEYWORTH of Harehill relict of the late John Hardman HEYWORTH of Todmorden

who died Sept 20th 1861 aged 65 Years.

Also Mary the wife of John LORD


Here resteth the body of Thomas the son of John and Sally HEYWORTH of Square Walsden

who died in August 1826 aged 8 months

Also the body of another son Thomas who died 2 April 1830 aged 1 year 8 months.

Also the body of James their son who 5 March 1835 aged 23 years.

Also the above-named John HEYWORTH who departed this life Oct 18th . 1853 aged 62 years.


Sacred to the memory of Jeremiah HOWARTH of Brick Kiln in Stansfield

who departed this life Nov 6th . 1835 aged 67 years

Also Susan his wife who departed this life January 24th . 1838 in the 70 th year of her age.

Also Susan daughter of John and Hannah HAWORTH of Clough in Walsden

who died January 26th 1824 aged 1 year 2 months.

Also of another Susan their daughter who died July 28th . 1839 aged 5 years and 10 months


Robert LAW son of Robert and Betty LAW of Ramsden Clough

died 4 Nov 1842 aged 33


John Law son of William LAW and Betty of Mellings Died Aug 25 1781 aged 18

Also Job LAW his son died Dec 5 1786 aged 21

Also Enoch his son died Dec 3 1793 aged 14

Also Thomas died Sept 5 1794 aged 21

Also Hannah their daughter died 25 Feb 1796 aged 26

Also the above named William LAW died June 22 1802 aged 63


Sarah wife of Thomas LAW of Mellings died 2 July 1781.

Also above Thomas died Nov 11 1795 aged 87.

Also Mary Alice BAMFORD died July 7 1819 aged 4.


Betty wife of John LAW of Dike died 24 Nov 1774 aged 45.


Robert LAW of Dike Green died 14 April 1770 aged 64.

Also Elizabeth his wife died March 14 1784 aged 83..


Job son of John LAW of Dike died Dec 21 1763

Betty his daughter died 31 May 1776 aged 22.

Also John son of Enoch LAW died 22 Feb 1789 aged 8 weeks


William LAW of Scaitcliffe died Aug 21 1851 aged 63.

Also Mary his wife died June 13 1853 aged 61.


Betty daughter of Robert and Elizabeth LAW of Scaitcliffe

died Jan 16 1841 aged 4 months

Also above Elizabeth died Nov 25 1851 aged 38.


Mary wife of John LAW of Moorside in Todmorden died July 2 1820 aged 42.

Also above John died Oct 20 1825 aged 55.

Also Joseph their son died Jan 23 1830 aged 13

Also William their son died Aug 31 1838 aged 31.

Also John their son died Nov 10 1839 aged 25.


Thomas LAW of Ramsden Wood died in Manchester Feb 6 1853 aged 36.


Samuel LAW of Henshaw Barn Walsden died 14 June 1763 aged 63.

Also Elizabeth his wife died 31 July 1775 aged 73


Samuel LAW of Smales Walsden died July 6 1842 aged 78.

Also Sally his wife died Feb 10 1828 aged 63.

Also Wife of son of Samuel LAW died May 12 1852 aged 47

also 5 of their children


Here lieth the body of Susan wife of George TRAVIS who died March 2nd

Here resteth the body of Joseph TRAVIS of Clough Mill

who departed this life August 22nd 1818 aged 50 years

He was the 1st organist at this church

also James his son who departed this life January 20th 1814 aged 7 years

also John his son who departed this life April 29th 1827 aged 36 years

also William his son organist who departed this life July 5th 1829 aged 31 years



To the memory of Joseph TRAVIS of Woodbottom who died June 15th A.D. 1842 aged 50 years

also Hannah their daughter who died September 27 A.D. 1835 aged 16 months

also Mary their daughter who died October 13th A.D. 1839 aged 12 years


Martha wife of John WOODHEAD died Jan 14th 1730

Also John WOODHEAD died may 18th 1757 aged 80 years

Hannah Daughter of William and Mary SCHOLFIELD of Todmorden died October 1809 aged 5.
Also Cyrill their son died November 5th . 1815 aged 15 days.
Also Thomas their son died January 21 1819 aged 2.
Also Ann their daughter died October 22 1821 aged 9.
Also William their son died October 17th . 1838 aged 28.
Also above named William SCHOLFIELD died May 4th . 1848 aged 67.
Also Mary his wife died October 14th . 1849 in her 70th . Year.
Also James their son died January 7th . 1851 in his 48th . Year.

Mary Ann and Mary, daughters of Abraham and Ann SCHOLFIELD of this town
who died in their infancy.
Also the body of Ann their mother who died April 6th . 1829.

Ann wife of John SCHOLFIELD of Knowlwood who died 8th . August 1800 aged 73.
Also above John who died August 7th . 1812 aged 86.

Mally wife of James SCHOLFIELD of Todmorden died 19th March 1804 aged 58.
Also James their son who died at Bottomley November 18th . 1811 aged 37.
Also above named James , land surveyor of Todmorden, died April 21st . 1833 aged 75.

Cyrill SCHOLFIELD of Steanerbottom died 9 April 1735.
Also Ann SAGER died June 1831 aged 80.
AlsoJohn her husband died February 1837 aged 85.

Mary daughter of John and Betty SCHOLFIELD of Calf Lee died October 21st . 1814 aged 3.
AlsoBetty wife of John SCHOLFIELD of Calf Lee in Walsden

who died November 14th . 1851 aged 62.
Also Sarah their daughter died October 14th . 1852 aged 39.

James LORD of Toad Carr in Ightenhill Park died June 17th . 1773 aged 70.
Also Elizabeth his daughter and wife of Abraham SCHOLFIELD of Scout Top
died February 22nd . 1803 aged 70.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah, the daughter of Martin and Mary HOLT of Todmorden Edge

who died November 23 1822 aged 7 mth.

Also of Peter their son who died November 19th 1829 aged 4 years.

Also Fielden their son who died December 3 1851 aged 37 years.

Also of Mary wife of Martin who died March 30th 1853 aged 68 years.


Parish Registers

Lancashire Parish Register Society have fiche sets for sale of the registers from 1666 to 1780 and have published a book of the transcriptions from 1781 to 1812.

The West Yorkshire Archives have filmed the following, which can be purchased as fiche:

Baptisms 1678 to 1986

Marriages 1669 to 1837

Burials 1666 to 1969

Marriage banns 1821 to 1874 and 1923 to 1940

The memorial inscriptions have been filmed on to microfiche and can be purchased from the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society.


List of Curates of Todmorden


Edmund Howarth 1489
Robert Turnough 1552
Richard Holme 1565
Gilbert Astley 1590
William Norcotte 1604
Thomas Browne 1625
Thomas Whalley 1633
Robert Towne 1643
Francis Core 1650
Thomas Somerton 1653-1658
Thomas Ingham 1682-1693
Thomas Grimshaw 1693
Daniel Pighills 1695
Robert Whitehead 1699
Robert Butterworth 1704
John Welsh 1712-1726
Joseph Sutcliffe 1726-1731
Robert Hargreaves 1742
John Crosse 1770-1775
Joseph Atkinson 1775-1819
Robert Seattle 1819-1821
Joseph Cowell 1821-1846
John Edwards 1846-1864
R.F.W. Molesworth 1868-1875
William A. Conway 1875-1883