name surname occ address   name surname occ address
Thomas Adams joiner Sandhole   Jeremiah Howarth butcher Woodbottom
Abraham Ashworth butcher Strines   John Howarth boot maker Clough
James Ashworth over looker Gauxholme   John Howarth stone getter Knowl Top
James Ashworth butcher Shade   John Howarth labourer Lanebottom
John Ashworth weaver Bridge End   John Howarth labourer Winter Bottom
John Ashworth cabinet maker Dawson Weir   Mary Howarth weaver Shade
Richard Ashworth weaver Waterloo   Nancy Howarth weaver Butcher Hill
William Ashworth carter Gauxholme   Robert Howarth carder Shade
John Bairstow   Inchfield Mill   Samuel Howarth stone cutter Lanebottom
Thomas Banks tailor Portsmouth   Susan Howarth beer shop Bottoms
Abraham Barker over looker Butcher Hill   Susan Howarth   Wood Bottom
Abraham Barker mechanic Dawson Weir   Thomas Howarth spinner Shade
Charles Barker farmer Hangingshaw   William Howarth rover Bottoms
Charles Barker farmer Hangingshaw   William Howarth over looker Gauxholme
Edmund Barker over looker Shade   William Howarth collier Ousle Brink
James Barker labourer Head House   William Howarth carrier Todmorden
James Barker weaver Shade   Zachariah Howarth butcher Lanebottom
James Barker millwright Woodbottom   James Hoyle watchman Wadsworth Mill
John Barker farmer Edge End   John Hughes railway man Winterbutlee
John Barker butcher Vicarage   Edmund Hurst over looker Throstle Hall
John Barker weaver Woodbottom   George Hurst fustian cutter Patmos
Joseph Barker groom Wadsworth Mill   James Hurst carder Ramsden Wood
Peggy Barker shop keeper Rock Nook   John Hurst weaver Shade
Robert Barker weaver Shade   Joseph Hurst labourer Butcher Hill
Robinson Barker overlooker - pits Lumbfoot   Joseph Hurst over looker Shade
Samuel Barker labourer Mellins Clough   Matthew Hurst over looker Stoneswood
William Barker corn miller Travis Mill   John Ingham over looker Lineholme
Mrs. Baron weaver Steanor Bottom   John Ingham spinner Woodbottom
Hannah Barrett warper Waterloo   Thomas Ingham grocer Dawson Weir
William Barrow carrier Todmorden   Abraham Jackson banksman Higher Ditches
John Bentley mason Butcher Hill   Abraham Jackson over looker Ramsden Wood
Samuel Bentley carter Shade   Ann Jackson farmer Higher Ditches
William Bentley engineer Salford   Betty Jackson   Woodbottom
Edmund Billington glazier Patmos   James Jackson weaver Dawson Weir
Betty Binns washer woman Butcher Hill   James Jackson labourer Lanebottom
John Binns labourer Gauxholme   John Jackson weaver Calflee
James Blacka plater Bridge End   John Jackson farmer Potoven
Thomas Blakey boot & shoe maker Woodbottom   John Jackson labourer Winterbottom
James Bleazard cow man Top of All   John Jackson warehouse man Winterbottom
Edmund Blomley iron founder Salford   John Jackson spinner Woodbottom
James Boden labourer Hollings   John Jackson willower Woodbottom
Isaac Bolton book keeper Bottoms   John Jackson weaver Woodbottom
James Bolton mason Top of Hill   Robert Jackson farmer Potoven
Jonas Bolton labourer Bottoms   Samuel Jackson labourer Allescholes
John Bottomley labourer Light Bank   Samuel Jackson pack carrier Brown Roads
Sally Bottomley   Clough ?   Samuel Jackson weaver Heys
Thomas Bottomley book keeper Ramsden Wood   Samuel Jackson farmer Potoven
Thomas Bottomley cotton spinner Spring Mill   Thomas Jackson labourer Doghouse
William Bottomley labourer Bottomley   Thomas Jackson banksman Pellon
John Bramen jobber Stoneswood   Thomas Jackson farmer Ramsden
James Bramley clogger Gauxholme   Thomas Jackson weaver Stonley Barn
Roger Bramley beer shop Newbridge   William Jackson horse driver Furnes
Thomas Branson shoe maker Stoneswood   William Jackson weaver Woodfield
Ambrose Brook winder-on Dawson Weir   Zachariah Jackson carter Thornsgreece
James Brown warper Dawson Weir   Charlotte Johnson   Wadsworth Mill
James Buckley stone getter Stonehouse   Joseph Kay hawker Salford
William Buckley weaver Bearwise   William Kenyon stone getter Stonehouse
Jane Bulcock weaver Portsmouth   John Kerfoot



John Bulcock collier Robinwood   Abraham Kershaw collier Old Banks
Gilbert Butterworth weaver Newbridge   Edmund Kershaw collier Rock Nook
Jacky Butterworth twister Salford   Harriet Kershaw washer woman Bridge End
John Butterworth joiner Salford   James Kershaw banksman Copperas House
John Butterworth twister-in Strines   John Kershaw labourer Bottomley
Joseph Butterworth mason Woodbottom   John Kershaw roller turner Bottoms
Mary Butterworth weaver Waterloo   John Kershaw collier Spring Wells
Nancy Butterworth   Todmorden   Js Kershaw weaver Top of Fold (Inchfield)
Robert Butterworth stone getter Sourhall   Samuel Kershaw butcher Old Banks
Samuel Butterworth mason Woodbottom   Samuel Kershaw stone getter Wadsworth Mill
Thomas Butterworth warper Bottoms   William Kershaw weaver Allescholes
Thomas Butterworth



Bridge End   Edward King clogger Todmorden
Thomas Butterworth weaver Hollings   James King labourer Scout Top
William Butterworth warper Bottoms   John King clogger Todmorden
William Butterworth mason Doghouse   Joseph Knowles druggist Todmorden
Hugh Campbell minister Gauxholme   Henry Lacy weaver Bottoms
Paul Cartright collier Lumbfoot   John Lacy grocer Gauxholme
James Chadwick inn keeper Banks   Thomas Lacy cotton spinner Birks
James Chadwick engineer Wadsworth Mill   Henry Lancaster school master Knowlwood
James Chadwick carter Waterloo   John Lapish mason Gauxholme
Sally Chadwick weaver Deanroyd   Abraham Law farmer Bearnshaw Tower
Sarah Chadwick   Lanebottom   Abraham Law shop keeper Square
William Chadwick cutter Close   Allen Law labourer Lineholme
John Chaffer cartwright Salford   Eazer Law shoe maker Patmos
Mrs Chaffer cartwright Salford   Hannah Law weaver Shade
Mary Chambers   Todmorden   James Law tailor Throstle Hall
James Cheetham silk weaver Doghouse   James Law butcher Woodbottom
Abraham Clegg collier Tankard Hall   John Law farmer Dyke
Isaac Clegg shoe maker Lineholme   John Law butcher Gauxholme
John Clegg over looker Dawson Weir   John Law boatman Lanebottom
William Clegg carter Clough Foot   John Law labourer Shade
Richard Clough mason Knowl   John Law farmer Sourhall
Alb Cockcroft book keeper Shade   John Law roller maker Square
David Cockcroft butcher Gauxholme   John Law spinner Ramsden Wood
George Cockcroft butcher Dawson Weir   Mary Law   Meadow Bottom
Gibson Cockcroft book keeper Dawson Weir   Matthias Law spinner Ramsden Wood
John Cockcroft butcher Dawson Weir   Paul Law spinner Lineholme
Richard Cockcroft clogger Dawson Weir   Robert Law farmer Dyke Green
Susan Cockcroft nurse Dawson Weir   Robert Law farmer High Top
George Cockcroft jnr butcher Todmorden   Robert Law spinner Newbridge


John Collinge watch man Waterloo   Robert Law spinner Ramsden Wood
Ralph Collinge labourer Bridge End   Samuel Law spinner Frithswood
James Cook miner Coolham   Samuel Law labourer Gauxholme
John Coupe toll collector Gauxholme   Samuel Law spinner Ramsden Wood
Abraham Crabtree spinner Frithswood   Samuel Law stone cutter Smales
Charles Crabtree labourer Bearnshaw Tower   Samuel Law farmer Smales
James Crabtree labourer Gauxholme   Samuel Law twister-in Square
James Crabtree farmer Hazelgreave   Thomas Law labourer Butcher Hill
James Crabtree labourer New Townley   Thomas Law weaver Frithswood
John Crabtree labourer Copy Nook   Thomas Law farmer Gorpley
John Crabtree carder Gauxholme   Thomas Law warehouse clerk Shade
John Crabtree labourer New Townley   Thomas Law labourer Shade
John Crabtree farmer New Townley   Thomas Law labourer Woodbottom
Mrs Crabtree farmer West End   William Law carter Scaitcliffe Mill
Samuel Crabtree stretcher Butcher Hill   Zachariah Law stone cutter Deanroyd
Susannah Crabtree weaver Butcher Hill   John Laycock over looker Frithswood
William Crabtree carder Ramsden Wood   Abraham Lees book keeper Salford
John Craven mason Bottoms   Joseph Lobley labourer Woodbottom
John Craven mason Gauxholme   Jacob Longbottom carder Gauxholme
Samuel Craven weaver Winterbottom   John Longbottom over looker Gauxholme
William Crook stone getter Sourhall   Abraham Lord mechanic Doghouse
Abraham Crossley copperas man'fer Gauxholme Stones   Alice Lord shop keeper Travis Mill
Abraham Crossley labourer Lanebottom   Charles Lord mason Light Bank
Abraham Crossley spinner Lineholme   Edmund Lord miller Square
Abraham Crossley weaver Newbridge   Henry Lord carter Holden Gate
Abraham Crossley roller turner Square   Henry Lord farmer Holden Pasture
Abraham Crossley watch man Watty Hole   Henry Lord collier Portsmouth
Anthony Crossley weaver Square   James Lord farmer Allescholes
Ely Crossley farmer Law Hey   James Lord gardener Todmorden
Ely Crossley spinner Wadsworth Mill   James Lord weaver Todmorden Edge
Ely Crossley labourer Winterbottom   James Lord spinner Wadsworth Mill
James Crossley miner Bottomley   James Lord chair maker  
James Crossley shuttle maker Lineholme   John Lord joiner Knowlwood
James Crossley weaver Newbridge   John Lord farmer Saunderclough
James Crossley weaver Strines   Richard Lord collier Ousle Brink
Jeremiah Crossley moulder Butcher Hill   Sarah Lord weaver Shade
John Crossley grocer Clough   Thomas Lord stone mason Bottoms
John Crossley cotton spinner Gauxholme   Thomas Lord farmer Bottoms
John Crossley roller maker Inchfield Fold   William Lord labourer Todmorden
John Crossley labourer Lineholme   William Lord   Wadsworth Mill
John Crossley weaver Square   John Lutey labourer Waterloo
John Crossley roller maker Winterbottom   Fred Mallin inn keeper Sun, Moverley
Sally Crossley   Winterbottom   Mrs Mallinson   Gauxholme
Samuel Crossley labourer Calflee   Abel Marland roller maker Strines Mill
Samuel Crossley vitler Gauxholme   John Marland roller maker Bottoms
Thomas Crossley over looker Knowlwood   John Marland roller maker Strines Mill
William Crossley copperas boiler Gauxholme Stones   Ralph Marland roller maker Newbridge
William Crossley weaver Knowsley Hall   Ellis Marshall warper Sourhall
William Crossley dyer Salford   Ely Marshall hawker Woodbottom
William Crossley sawyer Swineshead   Hannah Marshall   Salford
William Crossley labourer Todmorden   James Marshall joiner Doghouse
Benjamin Crowther weaver Copy Nook   James Marshall scutcher Lineholme
Elias Crowther black smith Bridge End   James Marshall weaver Robinwood
Elias Crowther farmer Midgelden   John Marshall labourer Salford
Elijah Crowther foundry man Salford   John Marshall stone getter Stonehouse
Ely Crowther collier Furnes   Robert Marshall weaver Woodbottom
George Crowther porter Gauxholme   Sally Marshall   Shade
George Crowther wheel wright Lumbfoot   Thomas Marshall labourer Plattshouse
George Crowther labourer Stonehouse   William Marshall stone getter Butcher Hill
James Crowther weaver Bridge End   William Marshall silk twister Dobroyd
James Crowther carter Coolham   John Matthew black smith Winterbottom
James Crowther mason Knowlwood   H. G. Metcalfe tinplate worker Patmos
John Crowther toad waler Coolham   George Midcalf miner Lanebottom
John Crowther farmer Gibbet   Hannah Midgley weaver Top of Hill
John Crowther weaver Nicklety   Joseph Midgley stone getter Hollings
John Crowther plasterer Todmorden   Abraham Mills twister-in Butcher Hill
Joseph Crowther stone getter Bottomley   James Mills farmer Weatshaw
Lawrence Crowther whisket maker Hollingreen   John Mills farmer Todmorden Edge
Mary Crowther   Shade   Robert Mills stone dealer Sandhole
Philip Crowther weaver Bottoms   Charles Mitchell weaver Warland Gate End
Philip Crowther shoe maker Butcher Hill   David Mitchell engineer Dawson Weir
Sarah Crowther   Bottomley   Edmund Mitchell weaver Gibbet
Thomas Crowther carter Hollingreen   James Mitchell farmer Scaitcliffe
William Crowther carter Pastureside   James Mitchell waller Shade
William Crowther farmer Throstle Hall   James Mitchell grocer Wadsworth Mill
William Crowther farmer Todmorden Edge   John Mitchell labourer Bottomley
Ann Crowther or Mitchell   Lumbfoot   John Mitchell weaver Brink Top
John Cryer weaver Allescholes   John Mitchell watch man Clough Foot
Jonathan Cryer mechanic Shade   John Mitchell weaver Sourhall
Samuel Cryer labourer Dawson Weir   John Mitchell weaver Sourhall
William Cryer calico printer Calfholes   John Mitchell joiner Top of Hill
William Cryer labourer Moverley   John Mitchell   Warland Gate End
Joshua Cudworth farmer Ditches   Martin Mitchell   Wadsworth Mill
William Cunliffe sizer Dawson Weir   Mary Mitchell labourer Lineholme
Thomas Dalton minister Patmos   Ogden Mitchell farmer Bottoms
George Davies watch maker Salford   Susannah Mitchell   Brink Top
James Davies sawyer Gauxholme   Thomas Mitchell weaver Gauxholme
Abraham Dawson labourer Scout Top   W. G. Mitchell surgeon Patmos
Betty Dawson weaver Butcher Hill   Joseph Musgrove black smith Shade
Charles Dawson stone cutter Close   Thomas Nash beast dealer Patmos
Hannah Dawson labourer Todmorden Edge   Thomas Naylor miner Lanebottom
James Dawson labourer Butcher Hill   George Needham iron founder Shade
James Dawson farmer Butcher Hill   Joseph Needham moulder Gauxholme
James Dawson stone getter Calflee Cote   Abraham Newell labourer  
John Dawson labourer Bottomley   Edmund Newell labourer Todmorden Edge
John Dawson labourer Butcher Hill   Elias Newell roller maker Strines Mill
John Dawson stone getter Knowl Top   James Newell weaver Clough
John Dawson labourer Pexroyd   James Newell collier Potoven
John Dawson weaver Sourhall   Joab Newell labourer Stoneybrink
John Dawson



Waterloo   John Newell mason Butcher Hill
John Dawson stone getter Waterstalls Mill   John Newell cow man Strines Mill
Joseph Dawson bar house Throstle Hall   Mary Newell char woman Woodbottom
Mary Dawson labourer Doghouse   Robert Newell farmer Ramsden
Mary Dawson   Waterstalls Mill   Samuel Newell warehouse man Ramsden Wood
Robert Dawson farmer Stonehouse   Susan Newell weaver Heys
Susan Dawson   Close   Thomas Newell shop keeper Close
Thomas Dawson weaver Knowlwood Bar   Thomas Newell carter Square
Thomas Dawson warehouse man Woodbottom   William Normanton silk dresser Gauxholme
William Dawson labourer West End   Ann Nuttall baker Butcher Hill


James Dawson & brothers farmer Pingold   Charles Nuttall cotton spinner Bearwise
Benjamin Dearden labourer Hollingworth Gate   James Nuttall moulder Patmos
James Dearden labourer Calfholes   John Nuttall mason Doghouse
James Dearden banksman Rock Nook   Mary Nuttall weaver Butcher Hill
William Dearden labourer Calflee Cote   Samuel Nuttall stone getter Shade
William Dearden labourer Ditches   Thomas Nuttall weaver Dawson Weir
William Dearden labourer Woodbottom   Edmund Nutter weaver Bridge End
William Dennett cabinet maker Shade   John Nutter weaver Butcher Hill
James Dewhirst labourer Scout Top   Stephen Nutter weaver Woodbottom
Daniel Dowd boatman Gauxholme   Daniel Ogden weaver Todmorden Edge
James Driver bar keeper Steanor Bottom   James Ogden weaver Butcher Hill
Edmund Dyson weaver Newbridge   James Ogden weaver Top of Fold (Inchfield)
Abraham Earnshaw collier Lumbfoot   James Ogden weaver Top of Hill
Abraham Earnshaw weaver Swineshead   James Ogden miller Watty Hole
James Earnshaw blacksmith Close   John Ogden weaver Gauxholme
James Earnshaw cow doctor Holden Gate   Mercy Ogden   Dawson Weir
John Earnshaw labourer Banks   Nathaniel Ogden weaver Knowlwood Bar
John Earnshaw groom Plattshouse   Thomas Ogden corn miller Shade
John Earnshaw blacksmith Rock Nook   Thomas Ogden warehouse man Shade
Luke Earnshaw banksman Old Cote   William Ogden overlooker Gauxholme
Mrs Earnshaw farmer Holden Gate   William Olding labourer Gauxholme
William Earnshaw landlord Midgelden Pasture Bottom   John Orell joiner Bridge End
Abraham Eastwood boatman Gauxholme   Sally Parker weaver Woodbottom
James Eastwood twister-in Ramsden Wood   William Parker stone getter Sourhall
John Eastwood school master Edge End   John Parkinson overlooker - pits Calfholes
John Eastwood porter Gauxholme   Abraham Pearson labourer Winterbottom
Joseph Eastwood engineer Gauxholme   John Pearson farmer Howroyd
Sally Eastwood   Shade   Richard Pearson jobber Pot House
Thomas Eastwood tailor Dawson Weir   Robert Pearson shoe maker Waterloo
William Eastwood warper Ramsden Wood   Thomas Pearson butcher Gauxholme
William Eastwood carter Sourhall   Ellen Pickles   Todmorden
George Eccles inn keeper Todmorden   Enoch Pickles mechanic Gauxholme
Abraham Emmet stretcher Butcher Hill   George Pickles ostler Portsmouth
Abraham Farrer plasterer Woodbottom   Hannah Pickles green grocer Salford
James Farrer weaver Bridge End   Israel Pickles blacking maker Woodbottom
William Farrer boatman Gauxholme   James Pickles   Banks
William Farrer weaver Wadsworth Mill   Manuel Pickles mechanic Gauxholme
Edmund Farrow farmer Howroyd   Thomas Pickles labourer Bottoms
James Farrow collier Howroyd   Edmund Pilling carter Midgelden
James Farrow labourer Mellins Clough   James Pilling weaver Far Ends
John Farrow farmer Howroyd   Ned Pilling watchman Bottoms
William Farrow carter Howroyd   Thomas Pollard farmer Stoneswood
John Feltham letter carrier Salford   William Prince mason Old Banks
Abraham Fielden farmer Henshaw Barn   Samuel Procter blacksmith Newbridge
Abraham Fielden mason Meadow Bottom   Henry Ramsbottom cotton spinner Salford
Abraham Fielden carter Pexroyd   Ellen Ratcliffe heald knitter Bridge End
Abraham Fielden cow man Pot House   James Ratcliffe labourer Knowl
Abraham Fielden beer shop Square   James Ratcliffe weaver Waterloo
Abraham Fielden weaver Square   John Ratcliffe farmer Sourhall
Abraham Fielden twister-in Todmorden   John Ratcliffe farmer Woodfield
Abraham Fielden grocer Top of Todmorden   Joseph Ratcliffe overlooker Doghouse
Abraham Fielden weaver Woodbottom   Joseph Ratcliffe labourer Hazelgreave
Betty Fielden dress maker Clough ?   Susan Ratcliffe farmer Hazelgreave
Betty Fielden   Steanor Bottom   Thomas Ratcliffe farmer Clinton
Edmund Fielden labourer Weatshaw   Charles Rawson labourer Woodbottom
Enoch Fielden weaver Pexhouse   Susey Rawson   Waterloo
George Fielden picker maker Inchfield Fold   John Richardson gardener Wadsworth Mill
Hannah Fielden   Warland   Richard Ricroft stone getter Bottomley
James Fielden oiler Bridge End   Luke Rider mechanic Todmorden
James Fielden mason Bridge End   Abraham Rigg weaver Bottoms
James Fielden soap maker Butcher Hill   John Rigg weaver Shade
James Fielden labourer Friths   Susan Rigg   Square
James Fielden labourer Gauxholme   William Rigg joiner Square
James Fielden grocer Patmos   Betty Roberts weaver Bridge End
James Fielden labourer Speke Edge   Edward Roberts tailor Todmorden
James Fielden weaver Square   Lawrence Roberts miner Moverley
James Fielden grocer Top of Todmorden   Robert Roberts carter Bottoms
John Fielden farmer Bottomley   Timothy Roberts cabinet maker Todmorden
John Fielden weaver Bottomley   Susan Robertson cartwright Shade
John Fielden twister-in Butcher Hill   Nancy Robinson warper Waterloo
John Fielden stone cutter Close   Thomas Rockson weaver Gauxholme
John Fielden spinner Clough Mill   Francis Roger vitler Bird in Hand
John Fielden farmer Hollingworth   James Rostron spinner Bearwise
John Fielden labourer Light Bank   Edmund Rothwell shoe maker Shade
John Fielden spinner Lineholme   John Rothwell miner Banks
John Fielden farmer Lodge Hall   Major Rothwell shoe maker Salford
John Fielden farmer Pexhouse   Thomas Savage miller Watty Hole
John Fielden spinner Shade   Abraham Scholfield farmer Friesland
John Fielden weaver Shade   Abraham Scholfield school master Shade
John Fielden weaver Square   Abraham Scholfield farmer  
John Fielden labourer Wadsworth Mill   James Scholfield farmer Calflee
John Fielden cotton spinner Woodbottom   James Scholfield labourer Scout Top
John Fielden stone getter Woodbottom   James Scholfield iron monger Todmorden
John Fielden weaver Woodbottom   James Scholfield labourer Watty
Jos Fielden weaver Bottoms   John Scholfield farmer Calflee
Joseph Fielden blast man Dawson Weir   John Scholfield weaver Hollingworth Gate
Joseph Fielden labourer Watty   John Scholfield overlooker Ramsden Wood
Joshua Fielden roller maker Winterbottom   John Scholfield labourer Shade
Joshua Fielden butcher Woodbottom   John Scholfield weaver Woodbottom
Josiah Fielden carder Lineholme   Joshua Scholfield mason Frithswood
Mally Fielden   Inchfield Fold   Robert Scholfield carrier Gauxholme
Mary Fielden weaver Butcher Hill   William Scholfield labourer Calflee Cote
Mary Fielden   Salford   William Scholfield labourer Gauxholme
Peggy Fielden weaver Woodbottom   William Scholfield iron monger Todmorden
Robert Fielden   Inchfield Fold   William Scholfield carter Waterloo
Samuel Fielden overlooker Butcher Hill   Ely Shackleton carter Butcher Hill
Samuel Fielden overlooker Butcher Hill   John Shackleton labourer Woodbottom
Samuel Fielden labourer Butcher Hill   Hannah Shepherd baker Bridge End
Samuel Fielden labourer Henshaw   Samuel Simpson boot & shoe maker Salford
Samuel Fielden weaver Hollingldon (sic)   John Slater spinner Dawson Weir
Samuel Fielden farmer Scout   William Slater spinner Dawson Weir


Samuel Fielden farmer Scout Top   Hannah Smith   Birks Hall Bar
Samuel Fielden grocer Todmorden   Henry Smith overlooker Sandhole
Samuel Fielden labourer Watty Hole   Howarth Smith shop keeper Shade
Samuel Fielden warehouse man Woodbottom   James Smith weaver Watty
Sarah Fielden   Butcher Hill   John Smith book keeper Butcher Hill
Sutcliffe Fielden collier Midgelden Pasture Bottom   John Smith plasterer Gauxholme
Thomas Fielden stone getter Bottomley   John Smith twister-in Shade
Thomas Fielden weaver Ramsden   John Smith roper Todmorden
Thomas Fielden boatman Salford   Joseph Smith overlooker Bridge End
William Fielden beer shop Bridge End   Joseph Smith miller Stoneswood
William Fielden sizer Butcher Hill   Mrs Smith weaver Woodbottom
William Fielden spinner Clough Mill   Richard Smith   Scaitcliffe Mill
William Fielden labourer Friths   Robert Smith labourer Knowlwood
William Fielden overlooker Frithswood   Thomas Smith mechanic Winterbottom
William Fielden labourer Hollings   Thomas Smith gas maker Woodbottom
William Fielden mason Scout Top   William Smith scutcher Butcher Hill
William Fielden saddler Shade   William Smith overlooker Butcher Hill
William Fielden weaver Shade   William Smith mechanic Gauxholme
  Fielden brothers   Waterside   William Smith stone getter Shade
Henry Firth spinner Gauxholme   William Smith basket maker Woodbottom
John Firth joiner Shade   John Southwell labourer Butcher Hill
Mary Firth   Dobroyd   John Southwell labourer Knowlwood Bar
Nathan Firth farmer Steanor Bottom   William Southwell overlooker Bridge End
Sarah Firth weaver Butcher Hill   John Spencer grocer Shade
George Fleming tailor Salford   Abraham Stansfield gardener Plattshouse
James Fletcher overlooker Inchfield Fold   Abraham Stansfield weaver Warland Gate End
William Fletcher carder Bottoms   Abraham Stansfield weaver Woodbottom
John Forrester overlooker Butcher Hill   Abraham Stansfield joiner Woodbottom
Irom Forton labourer Doghouse   Alice Stansfield grocer Gauxholme
Mordicaih Forton mechanic Salford   Betty Stansfield weaver Butcher Hill
Richard Garlick labourer Gauxholme   Charles Stansfield overlooker Shade
Charles Gibson weaver Butcher Hill   Charles Stansfield stone getter Sourhall
Enoch Gibson twister-in Shade   David Stansfield weaver Woodbottom
James Gibson tailor Butcher Hill   George Stansfield gentleman Knowlwood
James Gibson tailor Knowlwood   George Stansfield spinner Lineholme
James Gibson twister-in Shade   George Stansfield roller maker Winterbottom
John Gibson joiner Vicarage   James Stansfield weaver Shade
Mrs Gibson tailor Knowlwood   James Stansfield whitesmith Shade
Mr Goddard slater Patmos   James Stansfield labourer Stones
James Graham blacksmith Shade   James Stansfield sawyer Woodbottom
Hugh Green railway man Winterbutlee   John Stansfield labourer Carr Barn
Samuel Greenlees saddler Todmorden   John Stansfield weaver Clough
Thomas Greenlees labourer Plattshouse Maltkiln   John Stansfield roller maker Henshaw
Abraham Greenwood farmer Flowerscarr   John Stansfield blacksmith Inchfield Fold
Barker Greenwood twister-in Bridge End   John Stansfield farmer Moorhey Todmorden
Daniel Greenwood weaver Stoneybrink   John Stansfield weaver Shade
Ely Greenwood labourer Plattshouse Maltkiln   John Stansfield carter Stoneswood
Henry Greenwood carter Portsmouth   Joseph Stansfield overlooker Gauxholme
Israel Greenwood labourer Gauxholme   Reuben Stansfield carder Woodbottom
James Greenwood spinner Bridge End   Richard Stansfield collier Midgelden Clough
James Greenwood weaver Bridge End   Sally Stansfield weaver Portsmouth
James Greenwood labourer Gauxholme   Thomas Stansfield stone getter Gauxholme
James Greenwood twister-in Gorpley   Thomas Stansfield farmer Miller Barn
James Greenwood weaver Newbridge   Thomas Stansfield weaver Top of Fold (Inchfield)
James Greenwood weaver Portsmouth   Thomas Stansfield overlooker Woodbottom
James Greenwood labourer Square   Thomas Stansfield overlooker Woodbottom
James Greenwood stone getter Stonehouse   Thomas Stansfield farmer Woodfield
James Greenwood   Todmorden   William Stansfield   Bridge End
James Greenwood labourer Wadsworth Mill   William Stansfield iron founder Salford
James Greenwood weaver Waterloo   William Stansfield engineer Wadsworth Mill
James Greenwood stone getter     Emanuel Stanworth miner Bottomley
John Greenwood weaver Gauxholme   John Stayley gas man Shade
John Greenwood farmer Naze   James Steenson labourer Stonehouse
John Greenwood brewer Portsmouth   Joseph Stell labourer Bearwise
John Greenwood weaver Portsmouth   Joseph Stell mechanic Shade
John Greenwood warehouse clerk Shade   Samuel Stell   Shade
John Greenwood grocer Shade   James Stevenson weaver Throstle Hall
John Greenwood barber Shade   Robert Stevenson stone cutter Bottomley Lane Foot
John Greenwood spinner Square   Thomas Stevenson grocer Woodbottom
John Greenwood weaver Wadsworth Mill   Charles Stott weaver Roundfield
Josiah Greenwood overlooker Lineholme   Hannah Stott   Lanebottom
Mary Greenwood baker Gauxholme   Hannah Stott weaver Weatshaw
Sally Greenwood   Throstle Hall   John Stott weaver Bottoms
Samuel Greenwood lodging house keeper Bridge End   John Stott labourer Calfholes
Samuel Greenwood labourer Gauxholme   Samson Stott collier Coolham
Samuel Greenwood stone cutter Throstle Hall   William Stott warper Sandhole
Samuel Greenwood   Warland Gate End   John Sunderland   Butcher Hill
Thomas Greenwood dyer Butcher Hill   Jonathan Sunderland labourer Watty
Thomas Greenwood farmer Flailcroft   Joseph Sunderland steam man Butcher Hill
Thomas Greenwood hair & plasterer Todmorden   Alice Sutcliffe   Butcher Hill
William Greenwood bobbin turner Portsmouth   Daniel Sutcliffe labourer Light Bank
William Greenwood weaver Todmorden   Daniel Sutcliffe mason Stoneybrink
William Greenwood grocer Todmorden   Gibson Sutcliffe twister-in Lineholme
William Greenwood carder Waterloo   Henry Sutcliffe carder Ramsden Wood
William Greenwood carder Woodbottom   James Sutcliffe carter Bridge End
Allen Gregson sizer Salford   James Sutcliffe weaver Watty Hole
William Gunn twister-in Shade   John Sutcliffe grocer Butcher Hill
James Hacking   Woodbottom   John Sutcliffe labourer Butcher Hill
John Hacking gardener Woodbottom   John Sutcliffe tailor Dawson Weir
Betty Haigh weaver Todmorden Edge   John Sutcliffe carter Gauxholme
John Haigh farmer Dean   John Sutcliffe miller Stoneswood
John Haigh coal agent Pastureside   John Sutcliffe   Wadsworth Mill
John Haigh farmer Redishore   John Sutcliffe grocer Woodbottom
John Haigh carter Rock Nook   Joseph Sutcliffe labourer High Barn
John Haigh overlooker Stoneswood   Joseph Sutcliffe   Todmorden
Joseph Haigh engineer Shade   Joseph Sutcliffe mechanic Woodbottom
Reuben Haigh farmer Hollow Dean   Luke Sutcliffe stretcher Lineholme
Reuben Haigh farmer Moorcock   Mrs Sutcliffe   Salford
Reuben Haigh labourer Nicklety   Richard Sutcliffe labourer Butcher Hill
Reuben Haigh farmer Pastureside   Richard Sutcliffe weaver Travis Mill
Reuben Haigh weaver Shade   Robert Sutcliffe grocer Lineholme
Samuel Haigh stone getter Sourhall   Robert Sutcliffe carter Scout Top
Susan Haigh   Woodbottom   Robert Sutcliffe book keeper Shade
Thomas Haigh labourer Wadsworth Mill   Robert Sutcliffe   Woodbottom
William Haigh weaver Wadsworth Mill   Robert Sutcliffe twister-in Woodbottom
William Haigh boatman Woodbottom   Sally Sutcliffe weaver Waterloo


Abraham Halstead mason Bottoms   Sally Sutcliffe labourer Watty Hole
Hannah Halstead weaver Bridge End   Samuel Sutcliffe willower Law Hey
James Halstead mechanic Gauxholme   Shadrack Sutcliffe overlooker Patmos
John Halstead weaver Knowl   Squire Sutcliffe weaver Woodbottom
John Halstead labourer Swineshead   Stott Sutcliffe grocer Bridge End
Richard Halstead labourer Shade   Susan Sutcliffe baker Doghouse
Robert Halstead weaver Stoneybrink   Thomas Sutcliffe weaver Shade
William Halstead inn keeper Wadsworth Mill   William Sutcliffe carder Bridge End
William Halstead Wood bobbin turner Portsmouth   William Sutcliffe clogger Clough Foot
James Hamer contractor Lanebottom   William Sutcliffe boatman Gauxholme
Henry Hardman engineer Gauxholme   William Sutcliffe warehouse man Knowlwood Bar
James Hardman engineer Shade   Francis Swain clogger Bottoms
James Hargreaves warehouse man Lineholme   Jane Tattersall   Salford
John Hargreaves weaver Flailcroft   Abraham Taylor labourer Gauxholme
Isaac Harrison labourer Shade   Absalom Taylor labourer Woodbottom
John Harrison wood cutter Rakehead Barn   George Taylor overlooker Gauxholme
John Harrison ostler Todmorden   John Taylor shuttle maker Gauxholme
Robert Harrison wood cutter Woodbottom   John Taylor weaver Shade
Abraham Hartley labourer Doghouse   John Taylor   Todmorden
David Hartley stone getter Woodbottom   John Taylor weaver Woodbottom
Edgerton Hartley carter Bridge End   Ralph Taylor labourer Square
Thomas Hartley   Spring Gardens Todmorden   Robert Taylor labourer Gauxholme
Henry Helliwell silk spinner Salford   Thomas Taylor stone cutter Knowl
John Helliwell labourer Stoneswood   William Taylor warehouse man Todmorden
John Helliwell weaver Todmorden Edge   Thomas Thew shoe maker Sandhole
Matthew Helliwell gardener Sandhole   Betty Thomas piecer Waterloo
William Helliwell collier Old Banks   John Thomas   Inchfield Fold Top
William Helliwell carter Shade   Robert Thomas beer seller Gauxholme
Joshua Hepworth weaver Lodge Hall   Shackleton Thompson labourer Bridge End
James Heuworth stone getter Bottomley   William Thornton mason Doghouse
James Heuworth farmer Whiteslack   Obadiah Tipping miner Stonehouse
Henry Hewarth miner Copperas House   Joseph Travis labourer Shade
John Hey collier Spring Wells   Sarah Travis grocer Gauxholme
Abraham Heyworth mason Top of Hill   George Turner carder Shade
Charles Heyworth mason Top of Hill   James Turner overlooker Wadsworth Mill
John Heyworth stone getter Moverley   John Turner carder Throstle Hall
John Heyworth labourer Square   John Turner weaver Woodfield
Joseph Heyworth collier Lumbfoot   Martha Turner   Calfholes
Mally Heyworth weaver Square   John Unsworth twister-in Woodbottom
Mary Heyworth dress maker Throstle Hall   Thomas Unsworth weaver Newbridge
James Highley warehouse man Woodbottom   James Uttley farmer Speke Edge
John Highley farmer Horsepasture   John Uttley butcher Todmorden
John Highley spinner Ramsden Wood   John Uttley farmer Todmorden dge
Reuben Highley weaver Nicklety   Jonas Uttley carter Vicarage
Sally Highley   Gauxholme   Robert Walmsley weaver Dawson Weir
Samuel Highley spinner Woodbottom   Francis Walton weaver Sourhall
William Highley warper Knowlwood   Hannah Walton   Hollings
Sally Hill   Shade   James Walton butcher Hollingworth
Thomas Hill gentleman Bottoms   James Walton weaver Newbridge
Thomas Hill minister Gauxholme   Jane Walton farmer Hollingworth
John Hindle labourer Roundfield   John Walton labourer Sourhall
James Holden farmer Ramsden   Mary Walton   Gauxholme
James Holden   Waterloo   Thomas Walton whisket maker Bridge End
John Holden stone getter Hollings   William Walton weaver Winterbottom
Abraham Hollinrake labourer Gauxholme   Rachel Warburton labourer Doghouse
George Hollinrake labourer Todmorden Edge   Benjamin Watson overlooker Bottoms
John Hollinrake labourer Stones   John Webster weaver Dawson Weir
Robert Hollinrake weaver Sourhall   John Webster farmer High Barn
Ellis Hollows collier Clinton   Thomas Webster gate keeper Wadsworth Mill
Ellis Hollows farmer Higher Hangingshaw   Joshua West weaver Butcher Hill
George Hollows farmer Mellins   Simon Whipp gentleman Doghouse
James Hollows collier Acre Nook   John Whitehead tinman Todmorden
James Hollows porter Gauxholme   William Whitehead weaver Woodbottom
John Hollows labourer Height Houses   Edmund Whittaker delver Holden Gate
William Hollows collier Midgelden Clough   James Whittaker spinner Gauxholme
Henry Holt weaver Woodbottom   James Whittaker black smith Salford
James Holt weaver Bridge End   Sarah Whittaker weaver Butcher Hill
James Holt overlooker Scaitcliffe Mill   William Whittaker weaver Top of Hill
John Holt weaver Dawson Weir   John Widdup spinner Todmorden
John Holt spinner Lineholme   Matthew Wilson grocer Todmorden
John Holt weaver Todmorden Edge   Thomas Wilson spinner Doghouse
Martin Holt picker maker High Barn   John Winsley boot & shoe maker Wadsworth Mill
Richard Holt weaver Shade   Robert Winstanley stone getter Sourhall
Robert Holt overlooker Lineholme   John Wood gas maker Gauxholme
Samuel Holt picker maker Speke Edge   Joseph Wood farmer Stonehouse
Thomas Holt carder Dean   Mally Wood labourer Patmos
Thomas Holt weaver Shade   Thomas Wood spinner Ramsden Wood
Thomas Holt labourer Speke Edge   William Wood carder Newbridge
Thomas Holt picker maker Todmorden Edge   Charles Woodcock weaver Nicklety
James Holt picker maker Henshaw   David Woodcock rag taker Gauxholme
James Horsfall weaver Butcher Hill   James Woodcock carder Clough
James Horsfall overloooker Smithyholme   John Woodcock weaver Calfhey
Luke Horsfall tailor Wadsworth Mill   Samuel Woodcock spinner Henshaw
Richard Horsfall stone cutter Close   Betty Woodhead weaver Bottoms
Richard Horsfall carrier Todmorden   James Woodhead weaver Knowlwood
Samuel Horsfall joiner Todmorden   James Woodhead weaver Woodbottom
James Howard beer shop Calfholes   John Woodhead clogger Bridge End
Robert Howard gentleman Steanor Bottom   John Woodhead labourer Lanebottom
Abraham Howarth collier Old Banks   John Woodhead weaver Moverley
Edmund Howarth labourer Watty Hole   John Woodhead whitesmith Woodbottom
George Howarth mechanic Gauxholme   Joseph Woodhead confectioner Inchfield Fold
Hannah Howarth labourer Doghouse   Joseph Woodhead labourer Woodbottom
James Howarth weaver Bridge End   Richard Woodhead carder Butcher Hill
James Howarth labourer Stonehouse   Samuel Woodhead labourer Calfhey
James Howarth weaver Woodbottom   Samuel Woodhead weaver Lanebottom
James Howarth   Woodcock   William Woodhead carter Bottomley Lane Foot
Jeremiah Howarth labourer Bottoms   William Woodhead weaver Lanebottom
Jeremiah Howarth butcher Todmorden   James Wright miner Calfholes
Jeremiah Howarth labourer Winterbottom   Edmund Wrigley cotton spinner Waterstalls Mill