Tombstones - Lost and Found
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Tombstones Lost and Found
This site was created to give the good folks out there a place to report lost and found tombstones. There are folks out there who have stones in their possession because they inherited them with their new home, someone dumped them, or because they took them from a cemetery and they're afraid to take them back. This site makes it possible to find out where the stones belong and to get them back to the cemetery.

Then we have the flip side. Stones disappear from cemeteries all the time and no one knows what happened to them. This is the place to report those missing stones and to browse through the stones that have been found.

Please, if you know the location of a tombstone that belongs elsewhere, let us know about it.

To browse the names on our found stones.

To browse the names on our lost stones.

To report a FOUND stone.

To report a LOST stone.

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