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1875  CLAYPOLE INQUEST: An inquest was held on Thursday [26 August], by H Beaumont, Esq., deputy coroner, touching the death of John Dawn, when the following evidence was adduced:- Hugh Laughton, of Claypole said on Wednesday about three in the afternoon, he was in his wheelwright's shop, and a boy told him that a coat, hat and stick, was on the river bank. He went to the place and found deceased about 200 yards from the clothes, he was lying face towards the bottom of the river. Witness informed the police-constable, and the body was taken to the Workhouse. Witness noticed a little blood coming from deceased's nose, and that there was a mark upon his forehead. Hannah Betts, nurse to the Union recognised the body as that of John Dawn, late an inmate of the Workhouse. She last saw him on Sunday. He was an old man, but during the time he was under her care, he never showed any symptoms of weak intellect considering his age, he was in her opinion a man of strong mind. He left the Workhouse on Tuesday. Elijah Pearson saw the deceased with his arms, face, and knees, in the river, and assisted in getting him out, and taking him to the Workhouse. - Hugh Laughton sad where the clothes were found the bank slightly slopes to the water. He noticed footprints on the mud as of a person had slipped. They were on the same side of the river as the clothes. George Heard, an inmate of the Workhouse, said deceased, when he left the Union, remarked to him that he would not see him any more. Witness thought he referred to leaving the house, and did not believe he would destroy himself - Edwin Alfred Baxter, master of the Workhouse, said the deceased have no reason for leaving the house He was rather hasty tempered; but was not any trouble. He said he wanted to see some friends, and witness endeavoured to persuade him to remain in the house. The jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased was found drowned, but by what means there was no evidence to show.(1) Grantham Journal
9 Feb 1857  "In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury In the Goods of Robert Thornton Heysham Esquire deceased. Appeared Personally William Dawn (possibly this person) of Nr. 20 Shroton Street Blandford Square [this is in Marylebone] in the County of Middlesex Gentleman and made Oath that He is one of the subscribed Witnesses to the last Will and Testament of the said Robert Thornton Heysham late of Montague Street Portman Square in the County of Middlesex Esquire deceased bearing date the first day of October One thousand eight Hundred and forty nine and . . . [attested?] And He further made Oath that on the first day of October One thousand eight Hundred and forty nine aforesaid the said Testator duly asserted His said Will by signing His name at the foot [ordered?] thereof in manner as . . . appears thereon in the presence of this [Appearer?] and of William Francis Low the afore subscribed Witnesses thereto both of which were produced of the same time and both of whom also at the same time too attested and subscribed the said Will in the presence of the said Testator and of each other -- William Dawn. -- On the 24th day of January 1857 [or 1851] (the said William Dawn was duly sworn to the truth thereof before me -- [signed] F. T. Pratt Sec Pres -- Reginald Appach Not. Pub. [notary public] external link
1 Oct 1849  This is the last Will and Testament of Mr. Robert Thornton Heysham, late of Weston Lordship in the County Of Hertford but now of Number 21 Montague Street, Portman Square in the County of Middlesex, Esquire...
William Francis Low Solt. [solicitor]
of Wimpole Street Cavendish Sqe.
Wiiliam Dawn
16 Bridport Street Blandord Square
Clerk to the said William Francis Low.
1792 Charlotte marr. John Dawn ( Kent Marr. Lic.) 1792 p.389d.external link
Dec 1882 Depositions and recognizance Prosecutor: Edward Dawn of 19 Nelson Street. Witnesses: John Dawn, cab proprietor, son of the prosecutor; James Fowler of Horncastle, sergeant of Lindsey Police. Accused: Joseph Goodale of Spalding. Crime: stealing a mare in the parish of St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln. With information about previous convictions. BROG/1/4/3/138/1 19-27 Dec 1882
1884 John DAWN, 23 Oct 1884, 87
Sarah, w, 10 July 1883, 75
Emily, d, 2 Dec 1914, 78
Headstone A.36 St John the Baptist's Churchyard, Buxton
1863 Richard Plantagenet Dawn born 1901-1997 in Burma was my grandfather. His father was Walter William Archibald Dawn d.1938, Grandfather was William James McGregor Dawn d. 1906 aged 69 and Great Grandfather was James Dawn. Richard was one of 8 children who included Percy Dawn, Bob Dawn, Francis Latouche and Jim Dawn who moved to Winnipeg Canada. Richard went to St Paul's school in Darjeeling India, then Pembroke College Oxford, married Marjorie Nicholls in 1937 and had 1 son Malcolm my father. Jason Dawn Ancestry Boards
1863  Elizabeth Maria Georgiana Dawn born abt 1835 in Coventry, Warwickshire and her brother William James McGregor Dawn born abt 1838 in Bath, Somerset, whose children were Geraldine Mary Cecilia Dawn born 1861, Walter Archibold William Dawn born 1863, Laura Eveline Dawn born 1864, Frances Muriel Dawn born 1866, Harold Frederick Legh Dawn born abt 1869, all born at Burgh Castle, Yarmouth, Norfolk.

According to Thacker's directory Walter Archibald William Dawn show up in India in 1895.

Ancestry Boards
10 May 1831  MELANCHOLY EVENT AT Bottesford near Belvoir Castle on the afternoon of Saturday week, 30th April. It appears that the floor of the privy of the BULL INN of that place composed of wood and which was over the vault, three or four yards in depth, had for some time been in an insecure state, and at the above-mentioned time, four children from 9 to 12 years of age, went into the place and were dancing upon the floor when it gave way and the whole of them went down with it, and all were suffocated in the soil before any help could be obtained. One of the children was the daughter of Mr. David HOE, the Landlord, one the daughter of Mr. GEESON, grocer, one that of Mr. John SUTTON, fellmonger, and the other that of Mr. DAWN, Breather Hills near Barrowby [probably Anna Dawn], who the day previous had come to her aunt´s house at Bottesford to receive her education. An Inquest was held on Monday at the Red Lion before Mr. CLARK, the coroner. Verdict - Accidental Death. The Times
1767 to 1775  Six baptisms and a burial in The Registers of the Chapel of Austerfield

1765 Fanny daughter of Thomas Dawn and Ann his wife April 14th (page 54)
1767 John son of Thomas Dawn and Ann his wife February 8 (page 54)
1769 Jane daughter of Thomas Dawn and Ann his wife May 21th (page 55)
1771 Thomas son of Thomas Dawn and Ann his wife, Feb. 3d (page 55)
1773 George son of Thomas Dawn and Ann his wife, June 3
1775 William son of Thomas Dawn and Ann his wife, July 30 (page 59)

George son of Thomas Dawn, June ye 4th (page 58)

The Registers of the Chapel of Austerfield
1800s  Series One: The Boulton & Watt Archive and the Matthew Boulton Papers from Birmingham Central Library Items 115-130 Correspondence with William Burdon, Thomas F Crane, Jonathan Dawn, John Dawn, James Fairweather and John Thomas Junior. Industrial Revolution: A Documentary History
No date   "The survey of a Parcel of Land in the Parish of Woolsthorpe in the Occupation of Mr Thomas Dawn, Exclusive of Lanes, Hedges and Dikes." Surveyed by J Burroughs. Records relating to George Welborn of Woolsthorpe by Belvoir
10 Oct 1906  Dawn, William James McGrigor, e.s. of James Dawn, Esq., Marlborough Buildings, Bath. B.N.C. Oxon 1856; Cornet 1st Royal Dragoons 1858, retired 1859. M 16 Aug., 1860, Cecilia Elizabeth, 2nd d. of Archibald William Blane, Esq., Collector of Customs and Member of Council, Mauritius; resided at Bannisters, Finchampstead. D in Venice 10 Oct., 1906, aged 69. Winchester College, 1836-1906: a register (1907)
4 Sep 1911  Longacres mine. Henry Dawn, a miner aged 33 was killed. "He was filling loose stone away from the entrance of an old bord and close to the stook he and his mate were working at; he had no right to do this, and while so engaged a large piece of ironstone fell from the corner of the pillar and so injured him that he died the same day; the stone was overhanging and came off from a slip and a cut from an old shot; when found, his pick was in his hand, and it is very likely he had been working loose stone from the pillar side; this accident should not have occurred." Skelton - in - Cleveland in History 1911
9 Apr 1862  John Dawn Age 24 Wheelwright of Braunston [Branston?] Proposed by Br. Willm. Scoffins Seconded by PW John Parr Amount Paid 6s. Possibly this John Redmile Oddfellows 1838-1920 Membership List
8 Aug 1851  William Dawn, age 18, Ag. Lab. born Sussex travelled on Barque Sultana from London 24th April 1851 / Plymouth 2nd May 1851, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 8th August 1851 The Ships List
28 Jan 1859  Harriet Dawn, age 20, Domestic Servant born Kilkenny (nominee immigrant) travelled on Ship North from Liverpool 31st October 1858 (1st Nov.), arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 28th January 1859 The Ships List
15 Aug 1826  Mr. Dawne travelled steerage on Lady Sherbrooke from Three Rivers to Montreal, paying 5/- The Ships List
1871  Duke Walter seems to have been a fairly generous employer. Most employees on the estate received a good wage along with a house (rent free) and coal to a certain value. Mr. Dawn, the head gardener possibly linked to this person had a salary of 120 pounds in 1871, with a free house, gas and coal to the value of two pounds, and an allowance for annual visits to other gardens. [NB in in 1642 the Buccleuch family bought Dalkeith and its estates - in 1871 the current duke was Walter, Fifth Duke of Buccleuch] The History of Dalkeith House and Estate (Scotland)
1871  (Apparently not linked to previous item but a strange coincidence) The ship Duke of Buccleuch bore these passengers, arriving on 20 Jun 1884:

DAWN Albert B Inf
DAWN Eliza age 8
DAWN Eliza age 34
DAWN J S age 31
DAWN John age 5

Queensland State Archives Index to Registers of Immigrant Ships' Arrivals 1848-1912

See also National Archives item

26 Nov. 1805  Marriages at Spalding, 1550 to 1812 Thomas DAWN & Hannah West 26 Nov. 1805 Phillimore’s Lincolnshire Marriage Registers, Volume 1
5 Oct 1812  Marriages at Alford, 1538 to 1837 Andrew Jones, soldier, & Ann DAWN, lic. 5 Oct 1812 Phillimore’s Lincolnshire Marriage Registers Volume 7
1475-1502  M. John Bedale B.Cn.L. ?-1475. Estate ratif. 29 Oct. 1458 (CPR. 1452-1461 p. 464). Exch. c. 3 Dec. 1475 with George Dawne for preb. in St Stephen's, Westminster(2) (CPR. 1467-1477 p. 551).

George Dawne 1475-1502. By exch. Dec. 1475. D. by 22 July 1502 (Reg. Story 11 f. 12b).

Prebendaries: Sutton', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 7: Chichester diocese (1964), pp. 43-44.
1478  Prebendary of Sutton

Parl. Surv. £125, K.B. £18:6:8 ...

1458 JOHN BEDALE. Pa. Ro. 15 Edw. IV. MS. Harl. 6958, fo. 111; 6963, fo. 55. Canon of St. Stephen's, Westminster

1478 GEORGE DAWNE. Ibid. Canon of St. Stephen's, Westminster

1492 JOHN TYRRY. Reg. fo. 12b

FASTI CICESTRENSES An index of the prebendaries - rank and file dignitaries - Deans, Praecentors, Chancellors, Treasurers, Archdeacons of Chichester, Lewes, Canons and Prebendaries in relation to Chichester Cathedral by Rev. Mackenzie E. C. Walcott, B.D., Precentor of Chichester Cathedral

From The Journal of the British Archaeological Association Vol XXII London 1866/MDCCCLXVI pps 110 to 154 Page 146 (electronic page n174)



George Dawne 1473-1483.
Coll. 29 Jan. 1473 (Reg. XII (Hals) f. 106b). Preb. of Freeford 1483

'Prebendaries: Flixton', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 10: Coventry and Lichfield diocese (1964)


George Dawne 1475-?
Instal. 31 Aug. 1475 (Machon, AC p. 141). Occ. 3 Apr. 1486 (Reg. Langton pt. ii f. 9).

'Prebendaries: Ruscombe Southbury', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 3: Salisbury diocese (1962), pp. 82-84
1840-  "When the cotton mills at Papplewick closed, about the year 1840, Mr. Dawn, once a book-keeper at the mills, opened a little school in his cottage at Broomhill. The day opened with a Bible lesson, and his scholars in later years used smilingly to tell of how the one Bible was passed from hand to hand for each to read a verse, their teacher meanwhile smoking his churchwarden pipe. At his death his sister, Miss Dawn, carried on the school for a few years."

Maybe this person

History of Hucknall Torkard by J H Beardsmore (1909)
May 2 1826  In Southampton-street, Covent Garden, of apoplexy, aged 63, George Dawne, esq. solicitor. [hence born 1762/63]

Deaths, The Gentleman's magazine, Volume 139
From January to June, 1826 Volume XCVI p 476

Nov 11 1894  Bessie Howe dau of William Dawn & Ann Maria Abode High St. Occupation Labourer Bampton Baptisms 1880-1932 Transcribed by Russ Davies [Tiverton v5b p395 Dec 1894]
1895  Hulland Ward Trades and Professions. Farmers marked * are cowkeepers

*DAWN | Mrs Esther

Bulmer's 1895 Directory for Derbyshire
04 March 1767  Rosedale (North Riding of Yorkshire) burial

Elisa Dawne wife Jno Dawne

NYCRO Parish registers
1660  DOWNE/DAWNE John
PLACE Ashcombe
1671  Churchstoke Township not chargeable
Owen Dawne 1 hearth
Hearth Tax of Montgomeryshire
14 Oct 1841  Index to the official advertisements listing Gamekeepers and holders of Game Certificates that were published in Trewman's Exeter Flying Post during the period 1800-1860

Issue 3959
Document No. Y3200672547
Name Dawn, John
Of Tavistock
Game List Index
20 Sep 1827  Issue 3243
Document No. Y3200672547
Name Dawne, William
For Goodleigh and Rawleigh
ByR. N. Incledon, esq.

(Assessed Servants, 1l. 5s. each)

Game List Index
1549  Petrockstowe (near Hatherleigh, Devon)
Rector John Dawne
Patron Henry Denys

Saint Petroc's Rectors
1878  Botriphnie Plot 196.

"Be ye also ready". In loving memory of JOHN DAWN who died at Glack, Botriphnie, 1 Decr. 1878 aged 87 years. Also his wife JANE DONALD who died 11 Feby. 1858 aged 71 years. Also of their family JOHN died Decr. 1828 aged 5 years, JESSIE died 17 Octr. 1879 aged 57 years.

Dave McWilliam has kindly submitted this photo of the gravestone.

Moray Burial Research Group

July 1845  Thair was a meeting concerning the poor rates the 9th. £40 was to serve, £15 from the Admiral, £15 from the Church and 10 pounds from the Nons, but John Strathdee, John Dawn and John Dyke as a deputation of Nons kept back the whole proceedings as they would not give the £10 and if the assesment be laid on the parish will have them to thank, Amen The McWillie Diaries. The Diary of a Scottish Tenant Farmer (1826 to 1876). As compiled and researched by Robert McWillie.
July 1854  Begins rather watery, quite warme and growing weather, some oats in our Glack begining to shoot. A meating of the Parochal Board the 3rd. Oats £1-10-6 per 40lb., rather rainy for the middle of July. Our torneeps hoed for the first time 18th., cutting hay the 24th. I catched James Dawn, Glackmuck, stealing my bull to a cow at eleven o'clock on Sunday night the 16th... The McWillie Diaries
February 1858  ... Jean Donald or Dawn, Glack, died the 10th... The McWillie Diaries
October 1861  Capital draying weather now, and all our crop taken in, the 19th, Dufftoon Market day, and all thached the 21st, but 6 without the yard. High wind the 21st and rather misty. About 2 acres to cut on Cottertoon. John Dawn, Glackmuck has none in the 21st, but his clean land, his folks not weall. The Majors, and other people cut his ley and avel, not in the 21st. The McWillie Diaries
December 1862  Begins soft but good for plowing. About one halph of ours plowed the 10th, a small showr of flags the 11th. John Dawn, G lack, rent at present £33, and Scoug £20, both now £83. Blackmoor £35, and now £65. Oats 19s pr qur of 40 lb pr bushell. Barly £1.7s pr qur of 52 lbs. Wm. Taylor still poorly The McWillie Diaries
August 1866  Mutton is back in price, but still high. James Dawn has still his two big oxen. He is begun to build new bires, and keep on for another year. They will grace his new bires. The McWillie Diaries
December 1866  James Dawn has sold his oxen, the one six, the other 7 years old. Has been selling for the past three years, at £120 pr pair. Oats £1.5s. per 40 lbs per bushell. We here James Dawn two big oxen is sold in London for about £90. The McWillie Diaries
July 1867  Begins one day dray, and next rainy. The neeps all down here, but on Cachanhead and Jas. Dawns on the Glackmuck farm. The McWillie Diaries


Indenture dated 1st January 29 George II (1746) BETWEEN Phillip Clarke of Newington Butt in the county of Surrey linen draper and William Clarke of the parish of St. George the Matyre in the said county of Surrey bricklayer of the one part and Samuel Illing of the parish of Camberwell in the county of Surrey aforesaid coal merchant of the other part WHEREAS William Sharp heretofore of the parish of St. Saviou's Southwark in the county of Surrey distiller deceased did by his last will and testament dated 11th December 1722 give devise and bequeath unto his loving wife Sarah Sharpe all that freehold farm and premises commonly called —' Hegg Hill House ', together with all the arable pasture and meadow thereunto belonging, containing by estimation 70 acres and also all orchards, outhousesbarns, stables &c... to the said farm house belonging ... which said premises are situate in or near the parish of Smarden in the county of Kent and then were in the tenure or occupation of John Dawn (?) the elder..TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said premises ... unto his said wife Sarah from..his decease for the term of her natural life.. and if his said wife should happen to have issue by him ...

The witnesses are W. Berry, Hubert Gibbons and Jon Dunstall, St. Saviour's Southwark

Jacob Family Tree

(page 23)


ROBERT DAWN, M.D. Surgeon, 4 August, 1814. Exchanged, 16 January, 1816, to 89th Foot.

[Note: On the 6th November 1816 the 2nd Battalion 89th Regiment marched to Quilon (SW India) with the 1st Battalion where the Regiment remained for 15 years. On January 13, 1831 , the 89th Regiment left India and sailed to England arriving on the 7th of May 1831 after an absence of twenty-five years.]

The history of the Second Dragoons: Royal Scots Greys Edward Almack pub 1908 p.179

c.f. this record




DAWN Edward died 21 Jan 1837 aged 60 also Rebecca, wife of Edward Dawn, died 27 Nov 1852 aged 77 (c.f. Bingham vol. 7b p.192 Dec 1852 )

The Reid Family Tree
3 April 1881 

AREA of 1881 Census Hulland Ward (Description of Enumeration District)

District: Ashbourne, Sub-District: Brailsford

Enumerator: George Dawn

WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900
8 June 1533  On Trinite Sunday, 8 June, these knights were made :—Sir Chr. Corwen. Sir Geffray Mydelton. Sir Hugh Trevyneon. Sir Geo. West. Sir Clement Herleston. Sir Humfrey Feryes. Sir John Dawne. Sir Ric. Haughton. Sir Thos. Langton. Sir Edw. Bowton. Sir Hen. Capell.

'Henry VIII: June 1533, 6-10', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 6: 1533 (1882), pp. 275-284.

Harl. MS. 543, f. 119. B. M.




Pages 1 to 96. Freemen by Birth Page 25/6
Dawn, William, of Sheerness, labourer. 1790
Dawne, Robert, the younger, of Wingham, labourer. 1795

Pages 97 to 166 Freemen by Marriage
Page 113/114 Dawne, Robert, tailor = Susanna, d. of William Mitchelborne, tailor. 1750

The Roll of the Freemen of the City of Canterbury from A.D. 1392 to 1800 by Joseph Meadows Cowper, FSA Canterbury. Printed by Cross and Jackman 1903.
September 23, 1459 

Lancastrians (losing side): Sir John Dawne of Cheshire

Thomas and John Neville, with Sir Thomas Harington, ... were taken prisoners ... by a son of Sir John Dawne who had not gone with his father to the battle (GREGORY, p. 204 ; Chron. ed. Davies, p. 80)

The Battle of Blore Heath (Salisbury) see also battle plan and also Original letters, illustrative of English history and this and and this
1549  Rector of Petrockstowe John Dawne (near Hatherleigh, Devon) Saint Petroc's Rectors

John Dawne Appointed 6 July 1458

Sheriff and Raglor of the County of Flint and Constable of the Castle, Chester Recognizance Rolls 36 & 37 Hen.VI, Qy. John Done, Knt. of Utkingdon, Cheshire

Sheriffs of Flint: 1301-1883
1422-1504  The House of Commons, 1422-1504, Biographies completed: John atte Dawne History of Parliament Annual Review 2005

Monumental Brass Rubbings for England, Herefordshire

Part of canopy of Thomas Dawne 1489 (Hereford - Cathedral, Date/Signature: 1918 - F.G.)

Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology Department of Antiquities

ROBERT HINCKSON, yeoman, of Breage
written: 13 Mar 1722
proved: 8 Jul 1723

... LUCRETIA DAWNE 20 sh. ...

Misc. Cornish Will and Administration Abstracts (part 6) 1669 through 1849
1723  Richard Dawne, constable of Shute [Marked "R"] Devon and Exeter Oath Rolls, 1723 QS17/1/15/4c
1884  Derbyshire WILLS 1525-1928: DAWN John 1884 Buxton (The Year is when Probate was granted) Presumably this John WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900
1792  Charlotte Tongue/Tonge = John Dawn marr.1792 ( Kent Marr. Lic.) p.389d Tongue family trivia
1775 4 Dec  Dawn Sarah - widow Dobrigoe Perran Uthnoe nr Marazion sale (date presumably date of publication) Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury
1776 1 Jan  Dawn Sarah - widow 'Dobridgoe' Perran Uthnoe nr Marazion sale (date presumably date of publication) Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury
1831 23 Feb  Dawn James 8th Hussars marr Frances Phillip Taylor of Bath (date presumably date of publication; marriage was on the 17th) Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury
1854  Marriages: Feb 8th, Catherdral Manchester, William WALPOLE, this town to Sarah dau of Samuel DAWN of Broughton Southport Visiter
A.D. 1469 to 1472  page 1: Item of Thomas Dawne for a holde cofer . . viij d. Receipts and expenses in the building of Bodmin Church
1400s (?) 

page 1253 Bachforth

Sr John Dawne houldeth at Will certaine acre land and pasture in Willaton cont. p est. 8 score acr, and payeth yearly at ye feasts ... £1 13s 4d

Remains, historical & literary, connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester vol IV
21 Apr 1637  Anthoni Dawne = Em Doffot? Hawkesbury Marriages taken from Phillimores Gloucestershire Parish Registers
Thursday May 14, 1846  Arrived the barque "Isabella Watson", 514 tons, A.G.Thompson, master, from London DAWN John Dawn and wife (steerage) Passenger list taken from the May 16, 1846 edition of the "Adelaide Register"
Apl. 18, 1661  Dawne, George, Barnston, co. Notts., husbn., (bur. Langer), Dec. 20, 1658. .. 43 604 Index of wills in the York registry 1660 to 1665

Index of marriages found in both the Parish Register and Archdeacon's Transcripts for Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk from 1598-1599, 1651-1655 & 1671-1830

Richardus OSLER = Plargrita DAWNE (Parish Register)

Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk - Index of Marriages, L-R

11 Aug 1692 


1692 Breage Lucretia DAWNE Widow 25-Jun

1703 Breage Thom DAWNE

BREAGE early burials Years covered 1639-1643 & 1678-1717


Date Sort Male/ Surname Christ/name Bride/Srname Bride/christ Abode

21/09/1641 1641 DAWNE Richard SWANWICK Bridgitt BAS
02/11/1658 1658 DAWNE Richard SHEPPERD Mary BAS
27/02/1666 1666 COULYSHA William DAWNE Elizabeth BAS

Basford Marriages Transcribed by Peter Woodward Records are Copyright © 2003

By the bill enclosed you may perceive how Will. Brereton and his officers handle those I have sent to gather rents in Cheshire. Ralph Dawne charges the tenants to pay no rents except to him, and thus gathers one part of the rent, and I the other ; at which the country murmurs. Ask Mr. Cromwell to discharge Brereton, that the rents be restored, and I be suffered to occupy, or the King will be a loser. Ill rumours prevail...

586. Ric. Strete, Priest, to Dr. Lee .

From: 'Henry VIII: June 1533, 1-5', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 6: 1533 (1882), pp. 262-275.

Name Surname: Constance DONNE(?)
Date: 21 4 1686
Page: 6
Extra Details, Transcriber Queries, Variations In The Bishop's Transcripts: Constance daughter of Thomas Donne? DAWNE

Name Surname: Thom DOWNS
Date: 25 6 1703
Page: 84
Extra Details, Transcriber Queries, Variations In The Bishop's Transcripts: Thomas DAWNE

Breage Burials 1681 to 1718 (Reference: Fiche FP 18/1/2 & Available Bishop's Transcripts)
 1907 Ladies from the clergy section: DAWN Frances Elizabeth Christiana, daug of James Dawn p190 (maiden surname) Contemporary Biographies of Lincolnshire, 1907 publisher: W.T. Pike & Co, 19 Grand Parade, Brighton, UK. Printed in 1907
1842  Surnames of the Barrowby parish: Dawn White's 1842 Directory
March 1827  DAWN Js. Asst Surgeon 3rd Lt Drag. To be Surgeon vice PURD 320 THE NAVAL AND MILITARY MAGAZINE - 1827 extracted from Volume 1, No. 1
5 Apr 1925  Thomas FISHER Anston = Victoria Elsie DAWN Anston (cf Worksop vol.7b p.58 Jun 1925 ) South Anston Parish Marriage Banns, 1914-1949
3 Sep 1852 

Spittlegate Petty Sessions 3 September Eliz. DAWN applied for an order of affiliation upon John SQUIRES, both of Gelston. Mr. WAGSTAFF appeared in support of the application, and Mr. BURNABY, of Newark, against it. The former called the girl’s master (J. E. BAILEY, of Gelston), his servant man (Chas. SOMERFIELD), and Mary PRATT, as witnesses, but as their evidence did not corroborate the fact in any material points the application was dismissed.

[Seemingly the father of John Squires Dawn]

Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury newspaper 10 September 1852
1861  DAWN, Andrew, age 50, schoolmaster at Cleethorpes in 1861, RG9/2390 F55 Pg 28 Schoolteachers and Headmasters

18 Nov 1896 


Cropwell Bishop (Nottinghamshire) Requests for Allotments at the Parish Council Meeting on 18th November 1896: S Dawn

Cropwell Bishop valuation list made in 1909: Saml Dawn, Lime Kiln Inn both presumably this Samuel

The Reid and Woodward family tree
 Thursday, August 3, 1848 Bankrupts 1843-1900 Walter Dawn builder of Holloway Street, Exeter. Gale Document No Y3200678328 Exeter Flying Post Issue Number 4312 Genuki: Devon
1919  Allen Dawn, 137 Weelsby Street, Dk. Hnd., Minesweeper Absent Voters 1919, Grimsby & Cleethorpes
1919  Walter Dawn 137 Weelsby Street, Engineman Absent Voters 1919, Grimsby & Cleethorpes
1919  Frederick Olaf Dawn, 47 Hildyard Street, 1760T.S. Engm. RNRT Victory X. P'smouth Absent Voters 1919, Grimsby & Cleethorpes
27 Dec  1861 William Dawn (date is admission date) Index to Enrolled Freemen of Grimsby, 1780-1930
1901  Andrew Dawn, A E Dawn, Charles Dawn, Edgar Dawn, Wm Dawn of Euphrasia Township, Ontario p. 161;
Josiah Dawn, St Vincent, Ontario p. 233

All descendants of Jonathon Dawn b.1807, emigrated to Ontario abt 1840 (3)

Union Publishing Co's farmers and business directory for the counties of Bruce, Grey and Simcoe
1880  US Federal Census 1880 (Tipton, Moniteau, Missouri): Robert Dawn b. Wales abt 1830 marr. to May b. Wales abt 1840

Possibly the same Robert Dawn who appeared in the 1851 UK census: Robert Dawn b.1828 Bristol, labourer resident (as lodger) in Aberystruth, Monmouthshire, Wales.

Two others also in Aberystruth (cannot confirm if from same household): John Dawn b.1801 Devon, William Dawn b.1836 Monmouthshire, Wales.

Moniteau County, Missouri Families
1842  Barrowby surnames: White's 1842 Directory lists the following surnames in the parish: ...DAWN White's 1842 Directory (Genuki)
11 Apr 1925 Marriage of Thomas FISHER of North Anston (Railway Man aged 34 Bachelor) to Victoria Elsie DAWN of North Anston (aged 27 Spinster). Witnesses Frank Bibby & Alice Smalley. Groom son of Thomas, Miner. Bride daughter of Martin, deceased Miner - By Banns ANSTON: The Parish Marriage Registers for South Anston (Genuki)

Cecilia Elizabeth Blane, m. 16 Aug. 1860, William James McGrigor Dawn, 1st Royal Dragoons; and has issue 1e to 5e.

1e. Walter Archibald William Dawn (Rangoon) b 5 July 1863 unm.
2e. Harold Frederick Legh Dawn (Rangoon) b. 28 July 1868; m. 16 Dec 1901, Adeline Violet Marie, da. of Cat. Kerby, R.N.
3e. Laura Eveline Dawn, unm.
4e. Frances Muriel Dawn, m. 9 Oct 1886, Major Archibald McLacklan, Royal Scots
5e. Rachel Margaret Dawn, unm.

The Plantegenet Roll of the Blood Royal Exeter Volumel p225 (Google Book) Originally published: London, 1907
1540 Commissions of Gaol Delivery. Nottingham Gaol.—Sir Brian Stapleton, Sir John Markeham, Sir Nic. Styrley, Sir John Chaworth, Sir John Dawne, Edm. Molyneux, serjeant-at-law, John Constable, John Hercy, Ant. Nevell, Michael Clerkson, and Leonard Skevyngton. Westm., 21 Dec. From: Henry VIII: December 1540, 26-31', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 16: 1540-1541 (1898), pp. 162-178.
1690 - 1800 London Lives 1690 - 1800 - Crime, Poverty and Social Policy in the Metropolis = 17 results however links to were down on the day I looked Search at


(1) Courtesy of Rita Lloyd

(2) The Canons of St Stephen's, the religious order which had held the services for the royal family, were dismissed in 1547 and by 1550 St Stephen's Chapel had become the first permanent home of the House of Commons

(3) Courtesy of Bill and Ruth Gurney

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