Joseph Junior

    Joseph Long, Jr. was the twin brother of John, born in Tennessee on December 9, 1807. His birthdate is recorded in the Long Family Bible Record. Joseph Long, Jr. of Lincoln County, Tennessee, named William F. Long as his brother when he made his will in 1838. That clearly identifies him as the son of Joseph Long, Senior, and Catherine Foster.
    Joseph Long, Jr. married Matilda Flack. Matilda Flack was born in 1804 and died in 1873. Matilda was probably the sister of Rufus K. Flack. Rufus Flack was a partner in Joseph's business, and later lived in Mississippi.
    A newspaper in Lincoln County, Tennessee noted on Saturday, August 14, 1830, that the partnership between William F. Long and Joseph Long, Jr. had been dissolved. William F. Long, Rufus K. Flack and Joseph Long, Jr. were partners in the firm of William F. Long & Co. The relationship was apparently not unduly strained, however, because the will of Joseph Long, Jr. which was made on September 5, 1838, named "my brother William F. Long and Rufus Flack to be my executors". Joseph's will also directed that his "lands and rented".

Estate settlement

    The probate of the estate of Joseph Long, Jr. includes a two page long list of people owing notes to the estate. The list includes Timothy O. S. Long, John Long, Henry & J Long, Rufus K. Flack, Mrs. Matilda Long and many others.

Widow remarries

    After Joseph's death on September 6, 1838, Joseph's widow Matilda married Aug. 21, 1842 Michael Holt in Lincoln County, Tennessee. In the 1850 census, Michael Holt's household included Matilda's children by Joseph Long, Jr., as well as their two daughters, Henrietta Holt (b 1844) and Jane B Holt (b 14 January 1846).
    Michael Holt was dead by March of 1855 when his widow, Matilda, was appointed to administer his estate. Matilda Flack Long Holt was dead by 29 January 1874 when Robert Long qualified as the administrator of her estate.
    Matilda and Michael Holt's daughter, Jane B. Holt married John A Barrett about 1864. She died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 6 Feb 1928. Jane and John Barrett had three children.


    Census records indicate Matilda and Joseph Long, Jr. had four children:
Robert W. 1832-1912
Mary Ann 1833-
William R. 1834-
Albert J. 1838-

Robert W. Long

    Robert W. Long is buried in Lincoln County, Tennessee, in the Petersburg Cemetery. His tombstone reads "Feb. 12 1832-Feb. 20, 1912 A Confederate Soldier". His wife is also buried there: Tabitha Long November 10, 1836 - December 9, 1916. In Lincoln County, Robert W. Long married Tabitha Bledsoe October 22, 1857. According to Goodspeed, their children were Alva M (Mrs. J. C. Moore), Nora I. (Mrs. C. A. Talley), Thomas A., Fannie E. (Mrs. O. B. Taylor), James B., Helen B. and Affa C.
    In the 1880 census of Lincoln County, Tennessee, E D 124 Sheet 26 shows Joseph Jr.'s son, Robert Long with his wife Tabitha and children Iva 21, Nora 18, Thomas A.14, Fannie S. 12, Jinnie B. 10, Ellen 7 and Alford 3.


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