1925 NY State Census Records

1925 NY State Census Records


1925 NEW YORK STATE CENSUS, WYOMING CO. Java, Family History Library Film #0529183

      Java, Dist 1 p7, Town Line Road
Last Name First Name Relation Color Sex Age Occupation Other Data
SQUIRES Ernest head white male 35 Farmer US Citizen
SQUIRES Hellen wife white female 28 Housekeeper US Citizen
SQUIRES Catharine daughter white female 4    
SQUIRES Vincent son white male 3    
SQUIRES Edward son white male 1    
      Notes: Helen HACKETT SQUIRE(S) was the daughter of John M. HACKETT and Mary MURPHY; granddaughter of James H. HACKETT & Alice O'HERN

      Java, S. Main
KEENAN James head white male 58 Farmer US Citizen
KEENAN Mary wife white female 40 Housekeeper US Citizen
KEENAN Francis son white male 14    
KEENAN Alice daughter white female 13    
KEENAN Lorraine daughter white female 10    
KEENAN James son white male 9    
KEENAN Donald son white male 6    
KEENAN Paul son white male 3    
      Notes: James Keenan was the son of John KEENAN & Alice MURPHY, grandson of William MURPHY and Johanna TOBIN, and
         great-grandson of James and Alice TOBIN

      SHEER Road, p9
SHEER Peter head white male 69 Farmer US Citizen
SHEER Julia wife white female 65 Housekeeper US Citizen
HYMAN Ruth grandaughter white female 10    
HYMAN Robert grandson white male 7    
      Notes: Julia HALLIGAN SHEER was the daughter if Richard HALLIGAN & Mary TOBIN, and granddaughter of James & Alice TOBIN.
         Julie's daughter Elizabeth SHEER married Philo EDGERTON

      Java, Lake Road, District 1, p10
RAFFERTY Mary C. head white female 61 Prop. Summer Resort US Citizen
JUVET Lillian sister white female 58   US Citizen
JUVET Paul nephew white male 21 Auto Salesman  
JUVET Nicholas nephew white male 16    
JUVET Lillian niece white female 19    
JUVET Richard nephew white male 11    
      Notes: Lillian ROCHE JUVET was the daughter of William ROCHE & Ellen O'HERN and granddaughter of John O'HERN and Bridget TOBIN.
         Paul Juvet married Agnes Rowena Roche in 1926
         Lillian died after the 1925 census was taken but before her mother's death on 25 February 1927

      Java, Lake Road, District 1, p10
HACKETT John head white male 52 Farmer US Citizen
HACKETT Bertha wife white female 48 Housekeeper US Citizen
HACKETT Catherine daughter white female 26 Tel Operator  
HACKETT Florence daughter white female 20 Housemaid  
HACKETT Mary daughter white female 19 Spooler-Silk Mill  
HACKETT Alice daughter white female 17 Housemaid  
HACKETT James son white male 15    
HACKETT Celia daughter white female 15    
HACKETT John son white male 13    
HACKETT Gertrude daughter white female 11    
HACKETT Henry son white male 10    
HACKETT Joseph son white male 8    
HACKETT Rita daughter white female 7    
      Notes: John HACKETT is the son of James H. HACKETT & Alice O'HERN

HOLDEN John head white male 54 Farmer US Citizen
HOLDEN Marie wife white female 52 Housekeeper US Citizen
HOLDEN Edward son white male 23 Farm Laborer US Citizen
HOLDEN Josephine daughter white female 21 School Teacher US Citizen
      Notes: In 1928 Edward HOLDEN married Alice HACKETT, daughter of John M. and Bertha Beutler Hackett

      Java, District 2, Java Center Street, p2
ROCHE William H. head white male 62 RR Section Boss US Citizen
ROCHE Ellen F. wife white female 58 Housekeeper US Citizen
ROCHE Rowena A. daughter white female 21 Bookkeeping  
ROCHE Georgia B. daughter white female 19 Labor-Knitting Mill  
ROCHE William E. son white male 16 School  
ROCHE Alice daughter white female 11 School  
      Notes: Ellen O'HERN ROCHE was the daughter of John O'HERN & Bridget TOBIN. Georgia married Edmund
         KESSLER, William married Alice KEENAN, Alice married Mr. ___ Ace



Published originally in Hackett Heirlooms, June 1991, page 15. Permission granted by author
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