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     Newspaper archives with their collections of millions of old newspaper articles have always been a treasure trove for historical research, but in pre-digital days, a treasure that one approached with grim determination.  Fortunately the world has changed!  A century of vintage newspaper articles can now be searched with ease online.

     Serving as daily (or weekly) diaries of local communities and their inhabitants, newspapers are excellent sources of family history.  As such, they provide a wonderful, often untapped, resource for genealogists, providing accounts of events not recorded elsewhere. The determined genealogical researcher can use newspapers to not only find the expected, marriage, birth announcements and obituaries, but also announcements of anniversaries, legal notices, letters to the editor, and social columns filled with local news of a more personal nature. Whether daily or monthly, urban or rural, newspapers can open a new window into the lives of your ancestors.


Tips for Finding Ancestors in Online Newspaper Collections:

·         Individual web sites offer different search capabilities, so study the site's search tips and any tutorials it offers.

·         If possible on the site, narrow your search to the city where your ancestor lived or a newspaper covering the area, and to the date range of your ancestor's life span or the event you're researching.   

·         Try alternate spellings of your ancestor's name, as well as any nicknames. If the site allows it, use wildcards to catch misspellings.   

·         Check the search tips to see if the site lets you exclude words or perform proximity searches.

·         Also search for words that might be included in newspaper articles about your ancestor: names of family members, the street where he lived, his occupation, schools he attended, etc.    

·         Even with the bells and whistles of digital searching, you may have to find newspapers published around the date of the event you're researching, then browse the pages for articles relevant to your research.


     All of the records and databases listed below are FREE and can be accessed and searched without having to pay for a subscription.   We try not to list any sites that have only a few records for the purpose of getting you to a website that will charge a fee to actually see the record beyond just a name.  

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gional records

World, National and Regional Records

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U.S. States, Territories and Local Records

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North Dakota





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Looking For A Specific Place or Keyword ??

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Use the “Find” function in the Edit pull down menu.  You can also access this function by holding down the Control key while pressing the F key (Ctrl+F) on your keyboard.  For the best search results: PLACE = type in the first three or four words of the title; KEYWORD = type in only one word for each search.

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States, Territories and Local Records

Arrow (red up) ALABAMA:

·    Alabama Newspapers on Microflim Database

·    Alabama Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) ALASKA:

·    Fairbanks Area and Juneau Empire Newspaper Indexes

·    Tundra Times (1962-1997)

·    Alaska Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) ARIZONA:

·    Casa Grande Public Library Archives, Pinal County (1912-2007)

·    Little Cowpuncher (1934-1943)


Arrow (red up) ARKANSAS:

·    Arkansas Online Newspaper Database

·    Gentry Courier Journal/Journal-Advance (1869-1949) Benton Co.

·    Arkansas Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) CALIFORNIA:

·    El Clamor Publico (1855-1859)

·    Covina Public Library Archives, Los Angeles County (1895-1974)

·    Oviatt Library Digital Newspaper Collection (20th century)

·    San Francisco Chronicle (1995-)

·    Whittier Historic Newspaper Collection (1883-1923)

·    California Digital Newspaper Collection (1849-1911)


Arrow (red up) COLORADO:

·    Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection (1859-1923)

·    Estes Park's Historic Newspaper Collection (1908-1924)

·    Colorado Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) CONNECTICUT:

·    Connecticut Online Historical Newspapers

·    Newspapers of Connecticut

·    Connecticut Newspapers published in 1876


Arrow (red up) DELAWARE:

·    Delaware Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Washington, DC:


Arrow (red up) FLORIDA:

·    Florida broadsides and other ephemera, 1800-2000

·    Boca Raton newspaper archive

·    Central Florida Memory newspaper clippings (19th-20th century)

·    Florida Digital Newspaper Library


Arrow (red up) GEORGIA:

·    Athens Historic Newspapers Archive

·    Atlanta Historic Newspapers Archive

·    Columbus Enquirer Archive

·    Georgia Historic Newspapers

·    Southern Israelite Archive

·    Macon Telegraph Archive

·    Milledgeville Historic Newspapers Archive

·    Red and Black; Text searchable images, (1893-2006)

·    Historical Broadsides


Arrow (red up) HAWAII:

·    Hawaiian Language Nupepa Collection (1834-1948)

·    Historical Hawaiian Language Newspapers; 19th-early 20th C.

·    Honolulu Star-Bulletin; (1996- )


Arrow (red up) IDAHO:

·    Idaho County Free Press, Vital Records, 1886-1903

·    Idaho Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) ILLINOIS:

·    Barrington Review (1914-1930)

·    Chicago Sentinel (1911-1949)

·    Dziennik Zwiazkowy, Chicago Polish-language paper,1908-17

·    Farm, Field and Fireside Agricultural Newspaper Collection  

·    Flora Public Library Digital Newspapers (1883-1926)

·    Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection (1903-1936)

·    North Suburban Library (near Chicago)

·    Quincy, Illinois; Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive (1835-1891)

·    Sterling Newspaper Archives (1854-2007)

·    Illinois Online Historical Newspapers

·    Illinois – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) INDIANA:

·    Indiana Online Historical Newspapers

·    Evansville Press (?-1998) incomplete index

·    Indianapolis Newspapers Database incomplete index

·    Muncie Post-Democrat (1921-1950)

·    New Albany Newspaper Database (1848-1889)

·    Terre Haute news and obituaries archives (1992-present)

·    Vevay/Switzerland County newspapers (1840-1901)

·    Indianapolis Recorder: 1899-2005


Arrow (red up) IOWA:

·    Adams County Newspaper Archives (1890-2000)

·    Altoona Public Library Archives, Polk County (1876-2000)

·    Buffalo Center Tribune Archives, Winnebago County (1894-2007)

·    Carroll Public Library Archives, Carroll County (1884-1997)

·    Cedar Rapids Library Archives, Linn County (1857-1998)

·    Charles City (Floyd County) Press (1930-1931)

·    Johnston Historical Society Archive, Polk County (1970-2007)

·    Glenwood Public Library Archives, Mills County (1864-1987)

·    Mills County Newspaper Archives (1864-2002)

·    Sioux County Newspaper Archives (1872-2007)

·    Sumner Public Library Archives, Bremer County (1881-2001)

·    Iowa Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) KANSAS:

·    Kansas Online Historical Newspapers

·    Kansas – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) KENTUCKY:

·    Northern Kentucky Newspaper Index

·    Kentuckiana Digital Library - Historic Kentucky Newspapers

·    Kentucky – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) LOUISIANA:

·    Louisiana Newspaper Access Program

·    Louisiana Online Historical Newspapers

·    Louisiana – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) MAINE:

·    Brunswick newspapers (1853-1960) index only

·    Maine Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) MARYLAND:

·    Maryland Early State Records newspapers (1802-1965)

·    Newspaper, Maryland Gazette - 1728-1839

·    The Crutch (Annapolis, Maryland), January 9, 1864-May 13, 1865


Arrow (red up) MASSACHUSETTS:

·    Barnstable Patriot (1830-1930)

·    The Daily Source (2005-present)

·    Diário de Notícias, New Bedford (1919-1973) in Portuguese

·    The Harvard Crimson (1873 - Current) in image

·    Provincetown Advocate (1918, 1931-1934 and 1936-1967)


Arrow (red up) MICHIGAN:

·    Northern Michigan, Newspaper Surname Index

·    Cass City Chronicle (1881-2009)

·    Commercial Record, Saugatuck-Douglas (1868-1959)

·    Grosse Pointe Public Library Local History Archives: Newspapers

·    The Signal of Liberty newspaper, Ann Arbor (1841-1847)


Arrow (red up) MINNESOTA:

·    Farm, Field and Fireside Agricultural Newspaper Collection  

·    Holt Weekly News (1911-1952)

·    Winona Newspaper Project, (1855-1946) in image

·    Daily Globe (Saint Paul, Minn.) – 1880-1884

·    St. Paul Daily Globe (Saint Paul, Minn.) – 1884-1896

·    The Saint Paul Globe (Saint Paul, Minn.) – 1896-1905

·    The Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, Minn.) – 1901


Arrow (red up) MISSISSIPPI:


Arrow (red up) MISSOURI:

·    Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune Archives, Livingston Co.1889-2008

·    Historic Missouri Newspaper Project (various)

·    Historic Missouri Newspaper Project in text

·    Missouri Digital Heritage: Newspaper Collection

·    Missouri – Misc. Newspaper Records

·    Missouri: Local Historical Societies Newsletters


Arrow (red up) MONTANA:

·    Montana Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) NEBRASKA:

·    Nebraska State Newspaper Extraction Project extracts only


Arrow (red up) NEVADA:

·    Henderson Digital Public Library

·    Las Vegas Age (1905-1924; incomplete run) in image

·    Nevada Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) NEW HAMPSHIRE:

·    New Hampshire Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) NEW JERSEY:

·    Bordentown area newspapers (1845-2002)

·    New Jersey Online Historical Newspapers

·    various Burlington County newspapers (1810-1980s)

·    Cranbury Press (1886-1926) in image

·    NJ Mirror, Burlington, NJ: Oct. 14, 1818 to March 5, 1947

·    New Jersey, Red Bank Register Newspaper Archives 1878-1991

·    various historical New Jersey papers


Arrow (red up) NEW MEXICO:

·    New Mexico Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) NEW YORK:

·    Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841-1902), Brooklyn, NY

·    Freedom's Journal (1827-1829), New York City, NY

·    Friend of Man (1836-1842), Utica, NY

·    The Griffin (1933-1948), Buffalo, NY

·    New York Times, (1851-1922), and (1987-present)

·    New York Tribune, New York City; index only (1875-1884, 1895)

·    Historic Rochester Newspapers (19th to early 20th century)

·    The Spectrum, University at Buffalo (1950-1957),

·    Suffolk County Historic Newspapers

·    Historical Newspapers of the Rochester, New York Region

·    Northern New York Historical Newspapers

·    Over 13,501,000 Old New York State Historical Newspaper Pages

·    Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY, Gazetteer


Arrow (red up) NORTH CAROLINA:

·    North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project (1751-1898)

·    North Carolina Newspapers

·    North Carolina: Index to the News & Observer, 1926-92

·    North Carolina Newspapers dating from 1752-1890s


Arrow (red up) NORTH DAKOTA:

·    Fargo Forum Newspaper Index 1879-1995

·    North Dakota Online Historical Newspapers

·    North Dakota – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) OHIO:

·    Ohio Jewish Chronicle; Columbus, Ohio (1922-1994)

·    Ohio – Misc. Newspaper Records

·    Minster Post 1894-1965: Auglaize, Shelby, & Mercer counties, OH


Arrow (red up) OKLAHOMA:

·    The Tulsa World (1989-)

·    Oklahoma Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) OREGON:

·    Oregon Newspapers Index; index only

·    Historic Oregon Newspapers

·    The Daily Morning Astorian; 1883-11-101890-12-31

·    Tri-Weekly Astorian; 1873-07-011874-01-31

·    The Daily Astorian; 1876-05-011883-11-09

·    Oregon Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) PENNSYLVANIA:

·    Ambler Gazette, Montgomery County (1894-1931)

·    Delaware County Library Archives (1876-2007)

·    Green Free Library Archives, Wellsboro, Tioga Co. (1838-2007)

·    Greenville Public Library Archives, Mercer County (1869-2007)

·    Newspaper Archives of Smethport, McKean Co., PA (1833-1977)

·    Pennsylvania Digital Repository

·    Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers

·    Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project

·    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1990- )

·    Pennsylvania – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) RHODE ISLAND:

·    Rhode Island Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) SOUTH CAROLINA:

·    The New South Newspaper, Port Royal & Beaufort, SC,1862-66

·    South Carolina Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) SOUTH DAKOTA:

·    Deadwood Historical Newspapers Index (1876-1894); index only

·    South Dakota Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) TENNESSEE:

·    Tennessee Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) TEXAS:

·    Houston Chronicle (1985-)

·    La Marque Times (1921-1998) Galveston County

·    Nesbitt Memorial Library, Colorado County

·    San Antonio Daily Light (1886-1907)

·    Wellington Leader (1909-2008) Collingsworth County

·    Texas – Misc. Newspaper Records

·    Texas: Newspapers Online


Arrow (red up) UTAH:

·    Harold B. Lee Library, BYU: Newspapers in “Collections by Format”

·    Utah Digital Newspapers (various)

·    Deseret News (Weekly Edition), 1850 - 1898

·    Deseret News 1899-1910 (Daily Evening Edition)


Arrow (red up) VERMONT:

·    Vermont Online Historical Newspapers

·    Vermont – Misc. Newspaper Records


Arrow (red up) VIRGINIA:

·    Fairfax Co. Historical Newspaper Index 1785-2000 non-consecutive

·    Richmond Daily Dispatch (1860-1865)

·    Richmond Then and Now (1860-1989) text-only collection of articles

·    Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg) (1736-1780)

·    Petersburg, Va., Public Library Newspaper Index 1797-1877


Arrow (red up) WASHINGTON:

·    Port Townsend Leader (1901-1910)

·    Seattle Post-Intelligencer (1986-1999)

·    Seattle Times (1990-)

·    Walla Wallop, Walla Walla Army Air Base (1944-1946)

·    Washington Historic Newspapers (1852-1892)


Arrow (red up) WEST VIRGINIA:


Arrow (red up) WISCONSIN:

·    Wisconsin Online Historical Newspapers


Arrow (red up) WYOMING:

·    Wyoming Newspaper Project (1849-1922)

·    Wyoming Online Historical Newspapers


World, National and Regional Records

Arrow (red up) UNITED STATES of AMERICA:

·      Bibliography of American Newspapers

·      Centennial Newspaper Exhibition, 1876

·      Chronicling America multiple USA papers

·      Early America (1750-1790) three early newspapers

· (1700-2004) pages about major events

·      Labor Press Project (1892-1998)

·      Newspaper Archives/Indexes/Morgues Lib. of Congress

·      The Epoch Times Online Print Archive (2000- )

·      Stars and Stripes (1918-1919)

·    Time (magazine); (1923- ) in text

·    Newsweek; (1990- ) in text

·    U.S. News & World Report; [2]

·    Northwest History Database (early 20th century)

·    Newspaper Indexes – at Rootsweb

·    New England Ancestors Magazine

·    Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Ads, 1831-1920



·    Northern Ireland:

·    The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737-1800

·    Ireland Old News – 18th and 19th century newspapers

·    Irish Newspaper Extracts 1720 to 1865



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