Traces, Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1December 2008

To our Davis Family and Friends:

"Traces" is a newsletter that we are sending to family, friends, and the many nice people we have met through years of research into the Davis families of Ulster County and vicinity. Research into our Davises has turned up some "mystery" Davises - people who suddenly appeared on the scene, or don't seem to fit in with the established Davis families of Ulster County. Our families are among them, so we started researching many of the other Davis families to see how we all connect. We are always delighted to meet new "cousins."

This newsletter is free and available to Davis descendants or anyone interested in local history. In subsequent newsletters, we will tell you stories about people and places, new discoveries, the Davis DNA project and more. "Traces" will be sent to you periodically and we hope you will learn more about your Davis ancestors and that we can all share information and stories about these people of the past.

And we would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Holidays to all our friends and kinfolk.

Richard, Diana and Barbara

Who we are:
Richard Davis of LaHave, Nova Scotia, descendant of Moses Davis and Lydia Markle.

Diana Davis Deppe of Hudson Falls, N.Y., sister of Richard.

Barbara Davis Schaffer of Livingston, NJ, descendant of William Davis and Maria Kittle.

How you can help:
We don't expect you all to get bitten by the genealogy bug. But many of you have stories to tell, photographs to share, family artifacts to tell us about. We would especially like to hear from you if you have information about your Davis ancestors who fought in either the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. Many of your stories and photos may appear here. For those who live in the Ulster County area or have some time to help with research, there are ways you can help: Looking up documents at the county courthouse or Genealogical Society and going through old newspapers, for example.

To contact us:
E-mail Richard Davis at
[email protected]

or Barbara Schaffer at
[email protected]

Regular mail: Diana Davis Deppe, 28 Thomas Ave., Hudson Falls, NY 12839

If you would like to subscribe to Traces send an e-mail to [email protected] for an e-mail version, or for a paper copy send a note to Diana Davis Deppe, 28 Thomas Ave., Hudson Falls, NY 12839.
Also, if you know someone who would appreciate receiving Traces feel free to forward it, or send us an e-mail or postal address and we will send it to them.
NOTE: E-mail or write if you do not want to receive Traces in the future.

More Davis Genealogy:
Many Davis names can be found in our gedcoms, which are online genealogical databases:

Another Davis Family Tree

Thomas Davis
Born in Rochester Township, Ulster Co., NY, May 24, 1883, the son of Thomas Davis Sr., and Louisa Rose, died Sep. 25, 1912 in Haven, Sullivan Co., NY.

Horace and Margarette Davis
Horace E. Davis and Margarette Ann Edwards were married January 1, 1862 in Youngsville, Sullivan County, NY, and celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1912. This photograph was given to their son, Ralph B. Davis, and his wife, Maud. Written on the back in Margarette's hand is: "Here we come Ralph & Maud, 72 years, 66 years."

Middletown Davises
We are working on articles on several Davis families who moved to the Middletown, New York, area in the mid 1800s to early 1900s. We are specifically looking for descendants of Harrison Davis, b 15 Mar 1863; James Davis, b abt 1868; Moses E. Davis, b abt 1846; and James B. Davis, b abt 1807. If anyone knows of these or any Davis family from the Middletown area whose roots go back to that time we'd love to hear from you.

Davises in Accord Cemetery
Over 45 Davises are listed in the Accord Rural Cemetery, Ulster County, New York. Our research suggests that nearly all come from two patriarchs, Conrad Davis, born about 1790, and Moses Davis, born about 1800. Were these men related?

Kit Davis
Christopher "Kit" Davis, interpreter, trapper and generally colorful character, was one of the first settlers of what is now Ulster County. How many of us will prove to be related to him?

Henry Wooden Davis
We will share some personal recollections about Henry Wooden Davis and his son, James Wallace Davis, proprietor of the Davis Hotel in Livingston Manor, NY, as recorded by the latter's granddaughter.

And More...

Taken from the Ellenville Journal, Ellenville, New York.

May 7, 1852
In Ellenville, Alfred Davis married Miss Mary T. Jansen.

May 6, 1853
In Kingston, George Davis married Nelly Freer, April 30th.

August 5, 1859
Rachel Ann Davis of Leurenkill married Mr. Levi S. Courtright of Dutchess Co.

January 10, 1862
Mr. Thomas Smith married Miss Sarah M. Davis, both of Rochester.

Washington G. Davis married Sarah M. Bush, both of Alligerville.

April 2, 1864
William Davis, 70, died March 21st, Bloomingburgh.

March 20, 1869
Jane Davis died Feb. 28th, wife of Reuben Davis.

January 15, 1870
Miss Ellen Davis of Fallsburgh, married Edgar Gray of Greenfield, and Moses E. Davis married Miss Abbey C. Smith of Monticello.
(Ellen Davis and Moses Davis were brother and sister.)

February 15, 1870
James L. Davis married Julia A. Cross, both of Lackawack.

January 6, 1872
Reuben O. Davis, of Lackawack, married Harriet N. Hide of Napanoch.

September 20, 1873
George H. Davis married Mary Draxson, both of Lackawack.

May 11, 1877
In Morsston, Lizzie Davis married James G. Stevens, formerly of Napanoch.

Davises Meet at Irwin Reunion
by Barbara Davis Schaffer

The Irwin Reunion was held on September 20th in Napanoch, NY. It was a beautiful day when I drove nearly two hours to meet my new-found cousin, Rick Davis, and his wife, Carmen. But long before I ever knew Rick, I had "known" his brother, Gary, in an all-too-obvious situation.

For twelve years we had known each other through work: I the administrator at an engineering firm in New Jersey, he an engineer at a firm with which we do business. Obviously, I knew he was a Davis, but what he didn't know about me was that I was also a Davis, and it never occurred to me to share this bit of information with him. Other than a quick "hello" whenever he called the office, we never met, and Davis was never part of our brief conversations.

Unknowingly, the day I found his father's obituary on microfilm at the local library, I could hardly believe what I was reading: Gary was one of the children's names listed. Could this possibly be the same person I knew from work? The next day I sent him an email stating he would be surprised to know that I was not contacting him regarding company business. IF his ancestors were--and I proceeded to name his father, grandfather, gr-grandfather, 2nd gr-grandfather, 3rd gr-grandfather -- THEN, we share the same 4th gr-grandfather, William Davis.

It was only a matter of minutes before he called and I will never forget his booming voice, "Barbara! Gary Davis here. I've got goose bumps." Not only had I made a connection with another branch of my extended Davis family but I also discovered that some of the engineers with whom I work had attended the funeral services for his dad.

As it turns out, Gary's brother Rick is the genealogist of the family. The Irwin Reunion gave Rick and I time to share Davis information and visit a local cemetery. We even discovered we had common acquaintances in New Jersey. I still have not met Gary face to face, but one of these days I will, perhaps at a Davis Reunion.

The Davis-Irwin Connection

William Davis and Maria Kittle were married August 1774 in the Wawarsing Reformed Dutch Church. Three of their seven children are known to have married: Jacobus, John and Maria. Jacobus married Nancy Wooden, John married Charity Wilson and Maria married James Irwin. The descendants of these three siblings attended the 2008 Irwin Reunion. Barbara Davis Schaffer is a descendant of Jacobus and Rick Davis is a descendant of John.

by Diana Davis Deppe

Through diligent research, sometimes genealogical mysteries are solved. For many years, Richard and I wondered what happened to Lydia, the second wife of Moses Davis and our great, great grandmother.

Lydia was born in 1830, the 7th child of Cornelius Markle and Mary Conner. By the time she married Moses Davis, she already had one child. She named him John Morey, presumably after his father. The early New Paltz town court record indicates the child was "illegitimate."

Lydia Markle and Moses Davis were married in 1849 in New Paltz by the Tuthill town justice. Her age was listed as 23, although she was just 19, and Moses gave his age as 45. Moses had lost his first wife, Jane Van Benschoten, six years earlier and his children from that marriage were grown. Moses, Lydia and children are recorded in the 1850 census in Shawangunk and in 1855 Wawarsing.

We learned that Lydia had six children: John Morey, Jane, Thomas, Moses, Sarah and another son named John.

Moses Davis died after 1855 -- one source says 1861 -- as they are no longer recorded in the census. For years, we did not know what happened to Lydia. So far, we have not found her or her children in the 1860 or 1870 censuses. It took some sleuthing, hunting down records and hunches to find out what became of her.

The census gave a clue. There were two women named Lydia in the 1880 Rochester census in the area where Moses' relatives were living up in the Trapps. After lengthy research into one of them led to a dead end, we started looking at Lydia Canfield, listed in the census with her husband Henry. Later censuses listed Henry, but with a wife named Elizabeth. The 1900 census lists Henry and Elizabeth and living with them a grandson, Warren Davis. At the New York State Archives in Albany we ordered death certificates for Henry and Elizabeth Canfield. They died the same day in 1915. The certificates arrived in the mail a week later and we learned that Lydia and Elizabeth were the same person. The death certificate was signed by her daughter, "Mrs. Isaac Smith" -- Sarah Davis..

Recent Discoveries
by Diana Davis Deppe

Our research recently took us to the New York State Archives in Albany. There, you can order birth, death and marriage certificates directly and you get them in a week, rather than ordering by mail and waiting 6 months or more. They cost $22 each to order them, but we will make available any that we have for free. E-mail us to request a copy.

Here are some we recently acquired:

Emory J. Davis and Lizzie Hadden, Jan. 28, 1892, Middletown. Groom born in Centreville, N.Y., occupation salesman. Father's name: Moses E. Davis, mother, Abbie C. Smith. Bride, born in Slate Hill, parents John Hadden and Mary Van Ness.

Ralph M. Davis and Edna Louise Winters, town of Waywayanda, Dec. 20, 1919. Groom lives in Johnsons, farmer, age 21, parents Emery Davis and Lizzie Van Gordon. Bride, 19, of Waywayanda, parents John W. Winters and Ida Force.

Charles M. Davis and May Silkworth, Feb. 27, 1908. Groom, 20, a machinist, Hasbrouck Ave., Kingston, born Hurley. Father Conrad R. Davis and Satie Winfield. Bride, born Brodhead's Bridge, 20, parents Ennist Silkworth and Minnie Bardin.

Robert Canal Davis, June 28, 1902, father Oscar B. Davis of Middletown, 30, cigar maker, born in Centreville Station, mother Maggie L. Davis, nee looks like Owens, born McAfee Valley, N.J., age 28.

Ralph Evans Davis, Nov. 17, 1923, father Ralph Emery Davis of Slate Hill, farm work contractor, 26; mother Edna Louise Winters, born Westtown, has 2 children.

Moses Davis, 67, Jan. 10, 1894, born in Olive, father Henry P. Davis, mother Mariah Plough, died in Kingston of phithicic pulmonialis.

Clara LeRoy Woolsey (adopted daughter of James Wallace Davis and Hannah Jane LeRoy), May 27, 1933, 361 Manning Blvd., Albany, widow of Wellington R. Woolsey, age 61, father Brewster R. Burr, birthplace unknown, mother unknown. Signed by her granddaughter, Doris Baird, of Manning Blvd., died of sigmoid carcinoma.

Gray, Davis & Krum's was a general store located in Parksville, Sullivan County, NY. Proprietors James D. Gray, Harrison W. Davis, and Milton Krum catered to their customers by keeping a store stocked with "goods as are wanted in every family in the town." Not only were they dealers in dry goods, groceries, outerwear, medicines, and stoves but they were also agents for Elias Howe Improved Sewing Machines and Mason & Hamlin's Organs. This advertisement is from Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory of Sullivan County, NY, 1872-1873.

(John) William Davis
by Richard Davis

John William Davis was the eldest son of Conrad Davis and Jane Schoonmaker. Going by his middle name, William lived in Rochester Township, Ulster County, New York and was a farmer his entire life. All his family members listed below lived in the Wawarsing or Rochester Township area of Ulster County, except possibly Joseph W. Davis, born 1881, son of Abraham Davis, who may be in the 1910 to 1930 censuses in New Haven Connecticut, yet to be proven.

(1) (John) William Davis (9 Nov 1811 - 18 Feb 1894)
& Catharine Jane Conner
m abt. 1835
(2) Jacob Henry Davis (16 Jun 1836 - )
& Elizabeth Unknown (May 1837 - )
m abt. 1860
(3) Jefferson Davis (abt 1861 - )
(3) Hannah Davis (abt 1863 - )
(3) Anna L. Davis (abt 1875 - )
(2) Joseph Davis (10 Jul 1838 - 1913)
& Blandina Schoonmaker (1840 - 1918)
m. 25 Nov 1860, Rochester Town, Ulster Co., NY
(3) Abraham Davis (May 1863 - )
& Alida Decker (Aug 1863 - )
m. 14 Sep 1880, Rochester Town, Ulster Co., NY
(4) Joseph W. Davis (Jan 1881 - )
(3) Ralph Davis (abt 1864 - 1967)
& Florence Laurence (abt 1870 - )
m. 10 Apr 1889, Rochester Town, Ulster Co. NY
(4) Nina Davis (Jun 1889 - )
& George Edwin Houck (abt 1886 - )
m. 25 Nov 1905, Wawarsing, Ulster Co. NY
(4) Tuttle Davis (20 Jul 1890 - )
(4) Lawrence Davis (May 1894 - )
(3) Jason T. Davis (1 Aug 1867 - 20 Aug 1867)
(3) Dora Davis (1870 - )
(3) Preston Davis (1879 - )
& Christina Unknown (abt 1879 - )
m. abt 1900
(2) Sarah Maria Davis* (9 May 1841 - )
& Thomas S. Smith (1837 - 1877)
m. 26 Dec 1861, Wawarsing, Ulster Co. NY
(3) Flora Smith (abt 1863 - )
(3) Charlotte Smith (abt 1865 - )
(3) James Smith (abt 1867 - )
(3) Carrie Smith (Aug 1869 - )
(3) William Smith (abt 1871 - )
(3) Annie Smith (1875 - )
(2) Sarah Maria Davis* (9 May 1841 - )
& Fred (Lewis?) Lawrence (Jun 1834 - )
m. abt 1891
(2) Solomon Davis (abt 1843 - )
(2) Charlotte Davis (abt 1849 - )
(2) William Davis (abt 1857 - )

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