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   Fairview Cemetery    at Gainesville, Cooke Co.Tx. Over 2800 names from the older sections

99 cemeteries    in Cooke County

Montague   County Cemeteries

Head Of Elm Cemerty at St. Jo.

Old Belknap cemetery   in Young County.

View the cemeteries  and graves of some of our family and kin.
View the Loving N.M.Cemetery  and others in New Mexico.

The Mobley - Ellis Connection

I have received permission to include material from Bill Ellis's book "George Richard Ellis" His ancestors and descendants. This book is a lifetime of work and research by Bill and Carol and has thousands of old pictures that can only be called "treasures". It also contains thousands of surnames and I will attempt to add some here and also twenty or so pages about the Mobleys and Ellis's and kin. There are over 330 pages in Bill's book and it comes in a big binder. I do not have room here to include the whole book so those of you that may want more information, heres his address. Bill Ellis-- 1201 maple St. -- Friona Tx. 79035. ph. 806-250-3053.

Pages from Bills Book.

"Note" most of the pages below are Jpegs and may show with an expander in the lower right. click it to expand the pic.

Census pages has pictures

16 pages of census taken from Bills book

Byler, Kerley, Mobley, Ellis, Roberson, Robertson, Robinson, Ryan, Cox, Nored, Norrid, Norid, Nord, Fletcher, Whitecotton, Wilson, Caldwell, Neeld, Elder and more.

Page with 32 family sheets

William J. and Alvina Evaline Hunt

Victoria Ellis Mobley

Census records for Victoria Ellis Mobley

Family sheet for Victoria Ellis and R. A. Lon Mobley

Walter A. and William Dean Mobley

Marion and Helen Hudley Mobley

James Algie Mobley and others

Lon Mobley

Lon and Victoria Mobley

Martha Mobley Hunt

Mobley --- Hunt line explained

Ruth Mobley and Jessie Young

Willie and Dovie Mobley...Robert Ferdman Mobley--Byford and others

Pedigree page

The Mobley Connection

William J.Mobley above, the patriarch of the Mobley clan, and my gr,gr,gr grand father. "note" The picture and information about William J. is from Bill Ellis's book, and sent to me by Eva Lee Russell, gr,gr,gr grand daughter of William J. My thanks to the both of them.

William J. and family pic
2005 Mobley reunion near Bowie
Grandpa Jarid Jordan Alonzo Mobley
Jarid Mobley's only living offspring Alby Mobley..Found
Visit Aspermont
The Sam Mobley Family
The Montague Mobleys Connection
Rosenbloom ( Lon ) and Victoria Ellis Mobley
William Dean and Mollie Welch Mobley
Scenes Around North Texas

The Tarvin Connection

"Reddick Smallwood Tarvin" in an old photo, found at Paul Tarvins home in Oklahoma. The date is not known. on the right is Jim "Mack" Tarvin and Tomer Lee Mobley Tarvin the date is 1935

Time Line for Reddick and Mary MaGahee Tarvin and their children.

Click here for the Roswell New Mexico Tarvin/Mobley 2003 reunion page.

On the Tarvin side...most of the past known to us comes from Aunt Lola Tarvin Thompson, Dororthy Tarvin Gibson, and Carol Zangerl and the many researchers who have helped us research our past. My special thanks to them all and thanks also to our Cousins Paul Tarvin and Dianna King Tarvin.

Jim (Mack) Tarvin son of Reddick S.
Jim and Tomer Tarvin's Later Years
Tarvin Family Association...Link
Aunt Lola Tarvin Thompson

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