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Person Captured by the Indians in Pennsylvania

This listing is from Treasures of the Past

Persons Captured by the Indians in Pennsylvania 

Armstrong, Mrs James and 2 children one named Elizabeth.  Mrs Armstrong escaped to Ft Augusta 26 Jun 1757, Elizabeth delivered up at Canajoharie NY 12 Apr 1759 

Braylinger, Hannah, wife of Jacob, and two children (one starved to death at Kittanning), captured near New Berlin 16 Oct. 1755

Clark, a daughter of William, captured with widow Jordan. 

Everhart, Margaret, d/o George  Everhart of Schuylkill Co, captured 1755, returned 1764 

Grey, Mrs John and daughter Jane, 1756 Juniata Co, mother escaped a year later.   In treaty of 1764 the children were returned.   Mrs Grey could not identify Jane but took a little girl anyway. The girl later married a Mr Gillespie. 

Hess, Peter and son Henry, Smithfield Twp Monroe Co on 1 Jan 1756, Peter was killed later, Henry was delivered up at the Easton Conference in Nov same year 

Hoeth, Mary, Caroline and Catherine, captured near what is now Kresgeville, Monroe Co on 12 Dec. 1755

Jordan, a widow of Cumberland Co, captured in the fall of 1755. 

Knox, Jane, captured in Big Cove.  Later in life, married Hugh Martin, s/o Mrs. John Martin. 

Le Roy, Jacob, brother of Marie, captured 16 Oct. 1755, went with girls to Chinklacamosse (Clearfield ) where he was left with Delaware Indians. 

Le Roy, Marie, about 12 when captured near New Berlin, was taken with Barbara Leininger to Chinklacamoose (Clearfield), to Punxsutawney and finally to Kittanning;   later to other Indian villages.  They escaped from Muskingum on 16 Mar. 1759. 

Leininger, Barbara, about 12 years old when captured near New Berlin  on 16 Oct. 1755. 

Leininger, Rachel (Regina), sister of Barbara. 

Lick, Peter and sons William and John, captured near New Berlin 16 Oct. 1755 

Martin, Mrs. John, captured at Big Cove, Huntingdon Co, 1 Nov. 1755  with these children: Mary, aged 19, Martha 12, Janet 2, James 10 and William 8, Mary Martin died at Kittanning, James, William and Martha were returned in 1764.  Mrs. Martin found Janet in Canada, sailed to England, and then took ship for Philadelphia.  Janet, in 1774, married John Jamison 

McMullen, Daniel, captured 1755, escaped from Tioga in Sep. 1756. 

Mitcheltree, Hugh, husband of Mrs Mitchelltree who was killed, captured in March 1756 

Moffit, Thos, escaped from Indians at Tioga with McMullen to Ft Augusta Sep 1756 

Nicholas, Joseph, Thos and Catherine 27 Jan 1756 Juniata Co 

Riddle, John, s/o William, 5 July 1763, captured in Juniata Co and at the time he was restored to family about 1767 had been made an Indian brave.   Lived in Walker Twp Juniata Co 

Rote, George age 12 and sister Rody age 14, captured near Mifflinburg Union Co 1781. Separated but met near present Clarion and were returned together.  Rody married James Ben and lived in Centre Co 

Smith, James: native of Franklin Co., PA, captured near Bedford  on 5 Jul. 1755, spent most of the time at Mahoning and Muskingum, went to Montreal  in 1759; escaped and reached home in 1760. Was captain on Pennsylvania Line during Rev. War, promoted to Colonel in 1778.  Moved to KY in 1788.  Died Washington Co., KY in 1812 

Weeser, Leonard & William Monroe Co Jan 1756 

Wheeler, Marion; captured near New Berlin 16 Oct. 1755

Wilcox, John, 27 Jan 1756 Juniata Co 

Williamson, Peter, Northampton, captured 1755, escaped a few months later 


Persons Killed by Indians in Pennsylvania 


Adams, Mrs. John, and four children, Blue Hills, 1755. 

Moravian Missionaries of Carbon Co., killed 24 Nov. 1755 were: 

          Anders, Gottlieb and Joanna, with their child, Christina. 

          Fabricius, George, a clerk 

         Gattermayer, John 

         Lesly, John Frederick 

         Nitchman, Martin and Susanna 

         Presser, Martin 

         Schweigert, George 

        Sonseman, Anna Catherine 

These missionaries were buried near Lehighton.  The grave is marked by a monument.  (says Susan Nitschman was captured and died in less than a year at Tioga. 

Bastian, lived near New Berlin, killed 16 Oct. 1755

Bauman, John, killed Jan 1756 Northampton  Co 

Beslinger, (Male) killed in Berks Co. in fall of 1755. 

Boomper, Christian, 15 Jan 1756  killed near Bethlehem

Bossert, Philip, Lower Smithfield Twp present Monroe Co 

Brosius, Sebastian, Berks Co, fall of 1755. 

Burman, Nicholas, Smithfield Twp Northampton Co 31 Dec. 1755 

Candel, Rudolph, killed in Berks Co, fall of 1755. 

Cola, mother and her eight year old child. 

Coleman, William, killed 1 Jan. 1756  Smithfield Twp Monroe Co, then Northampton

Everhart, George and family, except Margaret who was captured in Schuylkill Co., fall of 1755. 

Gotlieb, laborer, killed 1 Jan. 1756  Smithfield Twp Monroe Co then Northampton 

Heil, child of Nicholas, Jan 1756 Moore Twp Northampton Co 

Hoeth, Frederick, wife and four children near Gnadhutten, Northampton Co. now Monroe Co 12 Dec. 1755

Hold, Felty and Michael, 15 Jan. 1756  near Bethlehem 

Hoss, Hans Adam, father of Peter Hoss, 31 Dec. 1755

Hoss, Peter, captured in Smithfield Twp Monroe Co, and killed sometime afterward 

Knuckel, Laurence, 15 Jan 1756  near Bethlehem 

Le Roy, Jean Jaques (alias King) father of Marie LeRoy, killed 16 Oct. 1755  near New Berlin 

Leinberger, John, killed Berks Co, fall of 1755 

Leininger, father of Barbara & Regina, who were captured, killed near New Berlin   on 16 Oct. 1755. 

Lewis, John, wife and 3 children Blue Hills 1755. 

McClellan, David, Cumberland Co (now Franklin Co), 1755 

McMullen, William, killed in Blue Hills, probably Nov. 1755 with his brother-in-law. 

Miller, Jacob, wife and 6 children in Blue Hills, 1755. 

Mitchelltree, Mrs Hugh, 27 Jan 1756  Juniata Co, her husband was in Carlisle at the time she was killed. 

Ney, Michael, killed in Tulpocken neighborhood, fall of 1755. 

Nicholas, Edward, 27 Jan 1756,  killed at Mitcheltrees 

Nicholas, Edward Sr and wife, 27 Jan 1756 

Nicholason, Adam and wife killed near Ft Patterson  Juniata Co Jan or Feb 1756 

Shaver, Peter of Huntingdon Co, killed in Tuscarora Valley. 

Sheridan, William and 12 members of his household probably Feb 1756 

Snyder, Jacob, wife and 5 children in Blue Hills, near Susquehanna. 

Spring, Casper, killed in Berks Co, fall 1755 

Watson, James, killed in the Blue Hills, probably in Nov. 1755, with his brother-in-law Wm McMullen 

Weiss, Nicholas, killed near Fenneresville, Monroe Co, Dec. 1755. 

Wolf, single man who died as a result of injuries, Also a child of Jacob Wolf.