Letters from Uncle John

Following are excerpts from letters from John T. BUCKLEY (1863-1940), Fairfield Twp., Franklin Co., Indiana, to his sister Martha Ellen "Mattie" [BUCKLEY] DAVIS (1853-1927) who lived at Fountaintown, Shelby Co., Ind. at the time. (spelling and punctuation original; my additions/comments are in [brackets]) ["Mattie" was my great-grandmother]

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Fairfield Ind. Jan 27th 1889 "Geo. COOPER a near neighbor of ours who was an habitual drunkard was at Cincinnati on a spree and was run over by the cars and died a few days later from his injuries he was brought home and buried."

Fairfield Ind. 3/31 1889 "Miss Nola PARROTT was married last Saturday night ... there was several there, the Bloomingrove Brass Band came out and serenaded them. Jake SPEER has bought a farm near Hamilton, Ohio of 75 acres at $30.00 per acre, will move there in Sept. next. Mrs. JONES is getting along as well as could be expected. John BUCKLEY's have sold out and gone to Cozad Neb. The children will not go till about June. Verne & Effie are teaching. Jas. HARRELL has sould out & moved to Liberty. I've been working for Jno. POWERS for about two weeks. ...picket fencing of Uncle David LOGAN. SPEER's has about 100 Rd. [rod] to build this spring."

Fairfield Ind. Feb 2nd, '90 "There is a great deal of sickness in the neighborhood but mostly 'Grip.' Mr. Aaron YOUNTS has been sick for about 7 weeks ... Rosa was sick for about 3 weeks ... there were four down sick at Wm YOUNTS at once - Mary, Wm., Phebe and Louis. they are all about well now but Mary who may be sick for several weeks as she has a bronchial affection. Mrs. Adam BERG died very sudden of acute pneumonie ... a sister of John DONOGH at Fairfield was buried to-day; another sister is not expected to live. The Hon. M. V. B. BENNETT of Kansas made a rousing Prohibition speech at Fairfield last night which was well attended and had telling effects."

Fairfield Ind., Mar 30, 1890 "Mary YOUNTS, after a lingering illness of about 8 weeks, died two weeks ago yesterday, and was buried the following Monday. She is missed very --- by her family and neighbors. There were four death induced by "Grip," in Fairfield 2 of the DONOGH women, Grand Ma BEST and Sam LOGAN he is a brother to Josh HAYWARDs wife and he married one of Billy BROWNs girls. [building fences for] ... George SNIDER ... John CONRAD ... Jas. SNIDER. Billy GALLAGHER came here [from Richmond] ... Josie TRUSLER has come back from her visit... I'm going to Dunlapsville Friday night next ... to hear Van BENNETT the 'Kansas Cyclone' he is a staunch Prohibitionist.

Fairfield, Indiana, Feb. 15th, 1891. "Uncle John MASTERS Died a few weeks ago. His six sons acted as Pall Bearers they did also at their Mothers Funeral, 4 years ago. I received a letter from Coz. Ella GALLAGHER [in Richmond] some time ago. She said that it was Coz. Jake COVERT that lived in Washington D.C. instead of Will COVERT. I do not know what business he is in but I suppose he has a Government position of some kind. I will send you a years subscription to the 'Laurel Review' Our County Paper ... T. L. DICKENSON has become an associate Editor. Politically the Paper is Neutral."

Fairfield, Ind. Oct 1st, 1893 "... the YOUNTS Boys will help me. Will YOUNTS and family spent the day with us today. Charley KLIPPLE died of Brights Desease Tuesday eve and was buried Thursday. He was the oldest son of Philip and Harriet KLIPPLE. We were all school children together. Rev. R. L. KINNEAR, the M.E. Minister of this place will be on the Morristown Circuit next year he has been on this charge 4 years. Aunt Jane JOHNSTON died the saturday after you left and was buried the Monday following. Will KAY and his son and Marshall KAY of Colters Corner called on us the week of the G.A.R. at Indl'p's. Will lives at Lake Charles, La."

Fairfield Ind. Mar 19 - 1895 "Alice TEMPLETON's son Sonolley [Smolley?] died Friday night, was buried yesterday at Brookville. He was nearly 17 years of age, all the son they had, he weighed, before he took sick, 200 he was so large of his age he took pneumonia and died. they all take it so hard. just one daughter is all that is left leaving only 3 in family."

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