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Mount Hope Cemetery, Friendship, NY

Mount Hope Cemetery, Friendship, NY

(Click here for Google map - cemetery not labeled on map, so I centered the view on it.)

These are photos submitted by correspondents researching the MIDDAUGH family in New York state.  These photos were taken around June 3, 2005 in Mount Hope Cemetery, Friendship, NY.  Inscriptions are as accurate as I can make them out, but may have errors.

There is a more complete survey of this cemetery located on USGenweb at the following address:

Entering Friendship, NY  - "Welcome to Friendship est. 1815"

Mount Hope Cemetery sign  - Mount Hope Cemetery sign

family group of stones  - Family group of stones.  These are too far from the camera for me to make out any inscriptions.

  1.  - large CORBIN monument

  2.  - MASTEN family stone.  Inscription reads as follows:

    Alonzo L. MASTEN
    1852 - 1932

    Phebe F., his wife
    1857 - 1932

    Mary Agnus their dau.
    1877 - 18??

    According to a correspondent, Phebe was the daughter of Robert E. and Susan Middaugh (see below).

    Because of the veteran's flag next to the stone, I tried to find Alonzo MASTEN's name in military records, but had no luck.  He doesn't seem to have been the right age for the major U.S. military conflicts during his lifetime - too young for the Civil War and too old for the later wars.  It is possible that the flag is for someone listed on the other side of the stone.  I did manage to find this family in census records.

    1880 census for Chester, Orange County, New York shows what appears to be this family.  Alonzo MASTEN, laborer, born ca. 1852, wife Fidelia born ca. 1857, daughter Agness born ca. 1878.  Also living with them were GeorgeW. MASTEN, "restaurant", born ca. 1847 and Herbert MASTEN, born ca. 1870, both listed only as "boarder" - no relationship stated.  Alonzo is also listed in the 1860 and 1870 censuses for Chester, Orange County, NY.

    1910 census for Friendship, Allegany County shows Alonzo L. MASTEN, farmer, born ca. 1853 and his wife Fidelia P. MIDDAUGH (her brother and his wife were living with them at the time), born ca. 1858, married ca. 1888, had 3 children, two still living at the time of the 1910 census. Mr. MASTEN's brother-in-law Charles S. MIDDAUGH, farmer, born ca. 1860 and his new wife (married 1 year, no children yet in 1910) Daisy D. MIDDAUGH, born ca. 1882 in Ohio were living with the MASTEN family at the time.  This may be the Charles S. MIDDAUGH listed on the MIDDAUGH family stone (# 11) below.

  3.  - MIDDAUGH, Glenda L., 1931 - 2001 and Frederick L., 1926 - 1995.

       - Frederick L. MIDDAUGH, S2 US Navy, World War II, Aug. 14, 1925? or 1926? - Oct. 28, 1995  (This appears to be the military stone for the Frederick L. MIDDAUGH listed on the family stone immediately above).

  4.  - MIDDAUGH, Pearl, 1883 - 1943 and Walter, 1881? - 1958

  5.  - large MIDDAUGH monument

  6.  - A baby's grave.  Inscription reads:  "Darling, Harold V. MIDDAUGH, 1910 - 1911"

  7.    - MIDDAUGH, W. Vincent, 1908 - 1986 and Ruby S., 1905 - 1992

  8.  - MIDDAUGH, A. Lewis, 1898? - 1960 and Jessie J., 1892 - 1989

  9.  - MIDDAUGH, Elizabeth ???, 1852 - 1925 and Marcellus Latta, 1850 - 1920

  10.  - MIDDAUGH, A. I., Oct 1824 - May 1911

  11.  - MIDDAUGH family stone.  Inscription reads as follows:

    Robert E. MIDDAUGH
    1829 - 1913

    Susan M., his wife
    1830 - 1888

    Their children

    Theodore D.
    1858 - 1942

    Charles S.
    1859 - 1925

  12.  - MULKIN, Bessie M. Middaugh, 1885 - 1942 and Ora O., 1885 - 1963.  Inscription includes Masonic and Eastern Star symbols.

  13.  - REW family monument.  This appears to go with the small stones listed below.

  14.  - Edgar H., 1848 - 1904

  15.  - Mary L., 1852 - 1922

  16.  - Bess Rew BURLINGAME, 1881 - 1947

  17.    - Leslie F. SWARTHOUT, AEM3 US Navy, World War II, Mar. 27, 1920 - Feb. 26, 1988

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