Bratton Cemetery

Bratton Cemetery

Bratton Cemetery (click here for Google map) is located in Texas just south of Round Rock near where the borders of Travis County and Williamson County meet.  The cemetery is on the south side of F.M. 1325 just before it reaches the intersection with IH-35 on the east side of the Limestone Ranch apartment complex.  The survey below is as complete as we could get it of all the headstones that we could find that had legible inscriptions.

This survey was made on January 9, 2003.  The earliest death year we were able to read was 1847, for three members of the ROBEY family.  The latest death year we found was 1963 for Sy R. BULLOCK.  The cemetery is kept well cleared, but several stones have suffered vandalism.  We saw two old marble slabs that appeared to have been broken off fairly recently.  See also the Bratton Cemetery listings on Find-A-Grave, which have some better photos of several of the stones.

None of these people are related to me and I have no further information on any of them.

There is an earlier survey of this cemetery done by someone else that was posted to the message boards on     Bratton Cemetery survey done on October 26, 2001.  This is a bit difficult to read, but looks as though they may have gotten some stones that we missed or were unable to read in our survey.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger photos.

Bratton Cemetery

Bratton Cemetery
Grave Stones

None of these people are related to me and I have no further information on any of them.

We meant to bring chalk, but somehow Mom and I both managed to forget it anyway.  We will have to remember to go back someday with some chalk and try harder to identify some of the "unknowns" and "illegibles" on the list below.

  1. Milly  Milly - detail of name carving  Milly - enhanced detail of name carving  UNKNOWN, Milly.  This stone is located in the northwestern corner of the cemetery.  The word "MILLY" is barely visible on this stone.  If there was any other inscription on this stone, we couldn't make it out.

  2. Zebulon  Zebulon - closeup of carving  UNKNOWN, Zebulon.  Birth date illegible.  Death date appears to read "DEC ?? 186?"  This stone is near Milly's above and is similar in style and carving.

  3. illegible marker  UNKNOWN.  This marker is of the same style as the PENNINGTON markers below, but is not in the same plot.  Between the lichen and the erosion, the inscription was so far gone that it was impossible for us to make out what it said.

  4. Zola T. Asher  ASHER, Zola T., daughter of L. B. & R. A. ASHER, born July 27, 1877, died June 3, 1901.  The smaller stone leaning against the monument bears the initials "Z. T. A." - probably her footstone.

    "Jesus said; I am the resurrection
    amd the life; he that believeth on me,
    though he were dead, yet shall he live.
    [John 11:25]"

  5. Bobbie Jane Bratton  BRATTON, Bobbie Jane, born Dec. 28, 1869, died Jan. 4, 1948.

  6. stones of John and Jane Bratton and their son Robert  BRATTON plot - John and Jane.

    1. Jane Bratton  inscription for Jane Bratton  Jane BRATTON, born October 6, 1813, died February 10, 1906, "Farewell dear mother, sweet thy rest."  The top part of the monument has apparently been put on the base the wrong way around because the word "FATHER" is carved in big letters underneath Jane's inscription.

    2. John Bratton  John Bratton inscription  John BRATTON, born August 18, 1812, died October 11, 1855, verse reads "".  This side of the monument is badly weathered and hard to read.  Dates corroborated by his individual stone nearby (below).  The individual stone adds his age - 43 years.

      John Bratton - individual marker  BRATTON, John, born Aug. 8, 1812, died Oct. 11, 1855, Age 43 years.  This is the individual marker for John BRATTON listed on the small obelisk above.

  7. Robert Bratton  closeup of inscription  BRATTON, Robert, born July 13, 1851, died July 18, 1853, aged 2 years.  Robert's stone has been broken off and leaned against the monument of Jane and John Bratton above.  Possibly Robert was one of their descendants.  The inscription does not show up well in my photos, although the carving is fairly deep and intact.  It is easier to see in person.

  8. John and Mary P. Bratton  BRATTON monument - John and Mary.  This large stone is located on the edge of one of two large broken concrete slabs near the center of the cemetery.

    1. John BRATTON, "Father", born March 31, 1856, died June 15, 1930.
    2. Mary P. BRATTON, "Mother", born Jan. 13, 1859, died Sept. 6, 1911

  9. Bratton plot looking northwest  Bratton plot looking southeast  BRATTON stone - Robert and Ellen.  This is located inside an iron fence next to a very old juniper tree.  There is a mailbox on a post next to the fence with the name Bratton on it.  The ornamental knob from the top of the stone has come off and rests on the ground next to the stone.

    1. Robert B. Bratton  Robert BRATTON, husband of E. M. BRATTON, born April 15, 1828, died Dec. 8, 1869.

    2. Ellen M. Bratton  Ellen M. BRATTON, wife of R. BRATTON, born Aug. 31, 1834, died Jan. 8, 1877.

      "Kind father of love, thou are gone to thy
      rest.  Forever to bask in the joy of the

  10. William H. Bratton  BRATTON, William H., son of W. A. & W. E. BRATTON, born Oct. 2, 1880, died Nov. 15, 1880.

  11. Mrs. Winnie L. Bratton  BRATTON, Mrs. Winnie E., wife of W. H. BRATTON, born Oct. 2, 1840, died April 29, 1907.

    "A precious one from us
    has gone.
    A voice we loved is stilled.
    A place is vacant in our
    (last line usually reads "That never can be filled." - may be broken off on the base)

    Bullock family plot  BULLOCK family plot - very long plot with many graves marked off by small head and footstones and outlined with stone blocks.  No names except on the two larger monuments below.

  12. Jesse Bullock  BULLOCK, Jesse, born Feb. 28, 1839, died May 14, 1921.  "We hope to meet again."

  13. John M. Bullock  John M. Bullock - detail  BULLOCK, John M., born Jan. 14, 1885, died March 15, 1911.  Woodmen of the World emblem.  "Gone but not forgotten"

  14. Jessie Ada Bullock  Jessie Ada Bullock funeral home marker  BULLOCK, Jessie Ada, "Mother", 1878 - 1944.  "Rest in peace."  Metal funeral home marker also present - gives birth year of 1877.

  15. Sy R. Bullock  Sy R. Bullock funeral home marker  BULLOCK, Sy R., "Father", 1870 - 1963.  "Rest in peace."  Funeral home marker also present - gives death date as April 6, 1963 and age at death of 92 yrs, 10 mos, 17 days.  A funeral home in Taylor, Texas - name appears to read "CON?RA or CON?BA Funeral Home".

  16. Bailey M Daniel  DANIEL, Bailey M., born Apr. 27, 1905, died Dec. 25, 1931.

  17. Henry Daniel  DANIEL, Henry, born July 28, 1896, died Mar. 9, 1928.  "Gone but not forgotten"

  18. J. Mark Daniel  DANIEL, J. Mark, born Oct. 15, 1863, died Dec. 20, 1945.

  19. J. H. Daniel  DANIEL, J. H., born Aug. 5, 1859, died Oct. 19, 1934.  This stone does not show up well in the photo, but was much easier to read in person.

  20. USA Veteran's Flag  John Henry Daniel  inscription  (military stone) DANIEL, John Henry, Texas, Fireman 3CL, U. S. N. R. F., March 9, 1928.

  21. Sallie P. Daniel  DANIEL, Sallie P., born Dec. 25, 1864, died Apr. 30, 1946.

  22. E. B. Davis  DAVIS, E. B., born Dec. 25, 1870, died Apr. 8, 1892.  Stone broken in three pieces.

  23. Joseph D. F. Edwards  EDWARDS, Joseph D. F., son of R. A. & M. F. Edwards, born September 14, 1880, died April 10, 1900.  "Beneath this stone, in soft repose / Is laid a mother's dearest pride."

  24. C. C. Hicks  HICKS, C. C., son of Henry and E. HICKS, born Jan. 26, 1853, died Aug. 18, 1872.

  25. Nancy and Isaac Hicks  HICKS, Nancy and Isaac (two children memorialized on the same stone). Carving on top of stone - image of a broken flute? over clasped hands.

    1. Nancy C. HICKS, born Aug. 20, 1861
    2. Isaac H. HICKS, born Dec. 5, 1865

      Death date for both is given as "drowned July 14, 1874"

  26. Sophia L. Hicks  HICKS, Sophia L., daughter of S. J. and M. E. HICKS, born Dec. 9, 1873, died July 30, 1874.  This stone is on its back on the ground and is broken in several pieces, but the carving is still in good shape.

  27. illegible stone near southwest corner  HYLAND, infant.  Infant son of U. or V. B. & H. J. HYLAND, born and died July 4, 1902.  "A little flower of love / that blossomed but to die".  See his Find-A-Grave entry for better photos.

  28. Confederate Veteran's Flag  McNEESE, B. F.  There are two stones here back-to-back for Mr. McNeese:  one a military stone and one placed by the family.  According to a correspondent, this is Benjamin Franklin McNeese, born in Arkansas.

    1. B. F. McNeese - military stone  (military stone) B. F. McNEESE, Grey's Co., 37 Texas Cav., C. S. A.  The face of this formerly white marble stone is badly blackened and the inscription does not show up well in this photo.  It is easier to see in person.

    2. B. F. McNeese - family stone  (family stone) B. F. McNEESE, born Jan. 27, 1845, died Jan. 21, 1889, "At rest in God".

  29. Mrs. B. F. McNeese  McNEESE, Mrs. B. F., "Mother", 1853 - 1937.  According to a correspondent, this is Williamett Bratton McNeese, wife of Benjamin Franklin McNeese above.

  30. Ben F. McNeese  McNEESE, Ben F., "Father", born June 22, 1882, died Dec. 1, 1954.  "To Our Dearest Father".  According to a correspondent, this is Benjamin Franklin McNeese, son of Benjamin Franklin McNeese and Williamett Bratton above.

  31. Ethel B. McNeese  McNEESE, Ethel B., "Mother", born July 3, 1884, died June 12, 1933.  "Gone But Not Forgotten"

  32. Hazel McNeese  McNEESE, Hazel, born Dec. 1, 1913, died Oct. 11, 1922.  This stone is easier to read in person.  The highly polished granite finish with non-contrasting inscription makes it difficult to photograph.

  33. Opal McNeese  Opal McNeese detail  McNEESE, Opal, daughter of B. F. & E. B. McNEESE, born May 20, 1909, died, March 3 or 13, 1911.  Illegible single-line inscription.

  34. Robert McNeese  McNEESE, Robert, 1891 - 1918.

  35. Waymon McNeese  McNEESE, Waymon, son of B. F. & E. B. McNEESE, born Sept. 8, 1905, died May 8, 1906.  "Our little one is / at rest in Heaven."

  36. J. S. Mercer  MERCER, J. S., born Dec. 20, 1840, died Apr. 22, 1908?  This stone was difficult to make out with all the growth on its face - may say "gone but not forgotten" above carving of clasped hands.

    Information below provided by a relative who confirmed the death date from the death certificate:

    John S Mercer, born in TX - Son of Jesse Mercer and Emily Caroline Stroud.
    Brother of Sarah J and William H Mercer.  Half-Brother of Francis M, Joseph D and Isabella A Mercer.
    Joseph married, about 1868 in TX, Easter "Jane" Hicks.
    Father of Etta, Charles Patterson and Lee Mercer. Other children, if any, unknown at this time.
    Grandson of William Mercer and Isabell Malloy.
    John died in McNeil, Travis Co., TX.
    Cause of Death: Edema of Lungs.
    Contributory Causes: Bronchial and Kidney Trouble.

  37. Thomas J. Milborn  MILBORN, Thomas J., "IN / Memory / of / Thomas J. MILBORN / Was born February / the 2nd 1845.  And departed / this Life September the 11th 1854 (or 1864 - stone is broken off and hard to read here)

  38. Eliza Milburn  MILBURN, Eliza, born Nov. 4, 1822, died Jan. 15, 1904, aged 81 years, 2 Mos., 11 days.  At the top of the stone above the clasped hands:  "In loving remembrance of".  Verse at bottom of stone reads:  "Dearest mother thou hast left us / but tis God that has bereft us / He can all our sorrows heal."

  39. Mary Milburn  MILBURN, Mary, In / memory of / Mary MILBURN / was born October the 25th 1805 / And departed this life / July the 22nd 18?? (last two digits of year eroded completely off the stone - a correspondent with better photo equipment reads it as 1857) / Age 51 years and 8 mo / nths and 2 days

  40. Thomas Milburn  MILBURN, Thomas, In / memory of / Thomas MILBURN / was born February the 25th, 1802 / and departed this life February / the 14th 1855 age 56 years / and 11 moths (sic.) & 19 days.  (the transcription appears to be accurate, so I guess somebody's math was a bit off when they gave the stonecarver the information)  The stone in the background is his footstone (all of the MILBORN / MILBURN stones of this shape have matching footstones, some of which are unusually large).

  41. Wm. Milburn  MILBURN, Wm., born Mar. 8, 1823, died Oct. 16, 1878.  There is a Masonic emblem on the stone.  The small stone in front of William's in the photo is the footstone of Thomas J. MILBORN above.  The verse appears to read as follows:

    "Forget thee I will not.  I cannot
    Thy name
    Engraved on my heart doth
    Forever remain
    The palms of my hands
    While I look on and see
    The wounds I received when
    Suffering for thee."

  42. baby boys  attempt to read stone  NOE, infant sons.  See the Find-A-Grave listing for a better photo.  This small, difficult to read blackened marble stone is set into the edge of a large broken concrete slab near the center of the cemetery.  The green lines on the right hand photo are an overlay that I did in Paintshop Pro in an attempt to read the inscription.  Nothing was actually applied to the stone.  The inscription appears to read:

    & ELVIE J. NOE"

    PENNINGTON family plot.  The three grave markers listed below are odd flat "art deco" looking things (stone? metal?) laid in the ground.  The inscriptions are in such low relief that they only show up in very strong contrasty light and even then the inscriptions cast only very faint shadows by which to read them.  They may not show up at all in the photos.

  43. Lillian Pennington  PENNINGTON, Lillian Wood, born Jan. 5, 1880, died Jan. 25, 1940

  44. Chas. Dudley Pennington  PENNINGTON, Chas. Dudley, born Oct. 29, 1874, died Jan. 19, 1940.

  45. Chas. Clifford Pennington  detail showing inscription  PENNINGTON, Chas. Clifford, born May 19, 1901, died Dec. 14, 1923.  This is the only marker where the inscription showed up well enough to see in the photograph.

  46. Annie S. and William H. Pennington  PENNINGTON, Annie S. & William H.

    1. Annie S. PENNINGTON, 1853 - 1920
    2. William H. PENNINGTON, 1848 - 1919

    PUTNAM family plot - several small low stones near a bush by the fence on the north side of the cemetery.  These have a sort of coarse, pebbly, surface.

  47. Putnam baby  PUTNAM, Baby Son, 1907.

  48. Chester Owen Putnam  PUTNAM, Chester Owen, 1895.

  49. John Owen Putnam  PUTNAM, John Owen, 1871 - 1916.

  50. Johnnie Arabella Putnam  PUTNAM, Johnnie Arabella, 1868 - 1943.  This stone has a deep chip in the top, which partially obscures the word "Arabella."

  51. William John Putnam  PUTNAM, William John, 1839 - 1910.

  52. Reissig marker  enhanced inscription  digital photo provided by living relatives  REISSIG, Ella and Klaerchen.  This stone is near the fence along the north side of the cemetery.  The yellow lines on the center photo are an overlay that I did in Paintshop Pro in an attempt to read the inscription.  Nothing was actually applied to the stone.    We were unable to make out what this stone said (we are still kicking ourselves for forgetting the chalk), but a relative of this family has provided a translation of the inscription, which is written in German.

    Rest in God
    Ella b. Apr 30, 1886 and
    Klaerchen REISSIG
    b. 27 May 1885 - 2 June 1886

    According to relatives, "Klaerchen" is a diminutive nickname ("little Klara").  The two children buried here are Klara Augusta Reissig and Ella Louise Reissig.  A relative has submitted some information for the Reissig family.

    Reissig family (rich text .rtf file) - 8k.  Neater formatted layout - should be readable by most Windows compatible word processors (Word, Wordpad, etc.).

    Reissig family (plain ASCII .txt file) - 7k.  Messier unformatted layout, but readable by a wider variety of programs.

    I made a gedcom file of the Reissig family information and uploaded it to Rootsweb's Worldconnect service.  Reissig database.

  53. RICHEY, H. A.  Born April 15, 1846, died June 1, 1876.  See the Find-A-Grave listing for photos (I didn't see this stone when I was there).

    Robey family plot  Robey monument - southwest side  ROBEY family monument - large marble monument with draped urn on top.  The year 1885 is carved near the top of the southwest side of the monument.  The photos of the inscriptions below may look a bit dark because they have been digitally enhanced to try to make them easier to read.  There is more information on this ROBEY family at the William and Mary Robey Homepage.

    northwest side of Robey monument  northwest side of Robey monument - closeup  Northwest side.

    1. Maria ROBEY / Born in / Scioto Co. O. / Aug. 27, 1815 / Died / Mar. 19, 1864.
    2. Emily A. ROBEY / Born / Feb. 20, 1845, Died in Tex. / July 6, 1853.
    3. Mary L. ROBEY / born Jan. 19, 1847 / Died In Tex. / Dec. 2, 1847.

    southwest side of Robey monument  Southwest Side.

    1. William ROBEY / born in Md. / near Washington City / Nov. 15, 1777 / Died near Austin City Tex. / July 20, 1875.
    2. Mary / wife of / Wm. ROBEY / Born in Va. / near Washington City / 1788 / Died near / Austin City Tex. / Oct. 29, 1869.
    3. Thomas L. ROBEY / Born near / Portsmouth O. / Aug. 14, 1821 / Died in / Williamson Co. Tex. / Oct. 1847.
    4. Mary J. ROBEY / born near Portsmouth O. / June 4, 1831 / died in Williamson Co. Tex. / Sept. 1847.

    southeast side of Robey monument  Southeast Side

    1. Lizzie May / Wife of / J. B. HUDNALL / Born near / Merrilltown Tex. / Oct. 20, 1861 / died / June 16, 1885.
    2. F. A. ROBEY / son of / William & Mary / ROBEY / Born near Portsmouth O. / Sept 3, 1823 / died near Merrilltown / March 20, 1899.
    3. Alfred / son of / T. L. & M. A. ROBEY / born Feb. 10, 1884 / died June 28, 1897.

    northeast side of Robey monument  detail of initials  Northeast Side.  The initials "R. & H." (Robey & Hudnall?) are carved near the top of this side of the monument.

    1. Annie S. / wife of / F. A. ROBEY / Born near / Terre Haute Ind. / April 19, 1834 / Died near / Merrilltown Tex. / April 12, 1864.
    2. William ROBEY / born near / Merrilltown Tex. / May, 1859 / Died / Oct. 1859.
    3. T. L. ROBEY / Born / Jan. 14, 1855 / Died / May 13, 1893.

  54. Emma A. Robey  ROBEY, Emma A., Feb. 26 1863 - Dec. 31, 1930.

  55. George Rogers - looking north  George Rogers - looking west  Woodmen of the World emblem - digitally enhanced  ROGERS, George, born June 13, 1861, died Nov. 15, 1907.  There is a "Woodmen of the World" emblem on this stone.

  56. Maryetta Rogers  detail  ROGERS, Mary Etta. , dau. of J. A. & M. R. Rogers, born April 16, 1903, died May 21, 1903.

  57. Rogers family monument - north and west sides  Rogers family monument - east and north sides  ROGERS family monument - small marble obelisk.

    1. James Rogers  ROGERS, James, son of John and Elizabeth ROGERS, born Mar. 11, 1819, died Nov. 10, 1864.

    2. Mrs. N. E. Rogers  ROGERS, Mrs. N. E., dau. of R. and N. BRATTON, born July 25, 1832, died Feb. 11, 1898.

    3. Nancy E. Rogers  ROGERS, Nancy E., born Mar. 5, 1854, died Oct. 21, 1854.

    4. Mary A. Rogers  Mary A. Rogers  ROGERS, Mary A., born May ?, 186?, died Jan. ??, 1865.

  58. Salstrom baby girl  SALSTROM?, ??ra (Vera? Laura?), daughter of Victor and Lena, born June ?, 1907, died June ??, 1907.  "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven."  This reddish stone with a dove on the top had a coarse pebbly surface and was difficult to read.  This stone is located in the southwest corner of the cemetery very close to where the fences meet.

  59. E. Shepperd  E. Shepperd - closeup  SHEPPERD, E. C., daughter of E. W. T. & Q. A. SHEPPERD, born Sept. 19, 1873, died Feb. 26, 1875.

  60. S. E. Shepperd  S. E. Shepperd stone  SHEPPERD, S. E., daughter of E. W. T. & Q. A. SHEPPERD, born Jan. 30, 1869, died July 11, 1870.

  61. Shurman baby  SHURMAN, infant son of T. J. and M. C. SHURMAN, born July 7, 1865.

  62. SHURMAN, C. A., son of T. J. & M. C. SHURMAN, born Jan. 12, 1871, died March 7, 1872.  This stone was broken off and face down.  We turned it over to get the inscription.  I was apparently so busy helping Mom scrape mud off the inscription that I forgot to photograph the stone.  It looks very much like the stone of the other SHURMAN baby above.  See the Find-A-Grave listing for someone else's photo.

  63. Ida Simpson  SIMPSON, Ida, daughter of S. J. & E. SIMPSON, born Oct. 2, 1890, died Mar. 30, 1900.

  64. Smith baby  SMITH, baby.  Infant son of W. R. & Ellen SMITH, born & died Dec. 20, 1901

  65. Joe E. Studer  STUDER, Joe E., 1867 - 1947.

  66. Kate Pennington Studer  STUDER, Kate Pennington, 1872 - 1942.

    Studer children  Three STUDER children marked both by a small obelisk and three smaller individual stones.  All four are badly eroded and difficult to read.  The information below is combined from both.

  67. Melba Studer - obelisk  Melba Studer - individual stone  STUDER, Melba, dau. of J. & K. STUDER, born September 15, 1908, died November 20, 1909.  "Another little angel / before the Heavenly throne."  The letter "M" is just barely legible on her individual stone.

  68. Nelson D. Studer - obelisk  Nelson D. Studer - individual stone  STUDER, Nelson D., son of J. & K. Studer, born May 21, 1911, died June 16, 1912.

  69. Reginald Studer - obelisk  Reginald Studer - individual stone  STUDER, Reginald, son of J. & K. STUDER, born March 18, 1900, died Nov. 13, 1901.  "God needed one more angel child amidst his shining band."  This is the only side of the obelisk that was clear and easy to read.  On the corresponding small stone, we were just barely able to make out the letter "R" in his name.

  70. Augustia Thompson  Augustia Thompson  THOMPSON, Augustia, wife of J. N. THOMPSON, born Oct. 30, 1864, died Sept. 2, 1896.  "Gone to a better land."

  71. Bertie Lee Thompson  THOMPSON, Bertie Lee, "Our Darling", son of J. N. & A. THOMPSON, born Aug. 5, 1892, died Sept. 20, 1892.

  72. Gillie Ann Thompson  THOMPSON, Gillie Ann, "Our Mother's grave", wife of W. S. THOMPSON, born 1828, died July 10, 1880.

    "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep
    from which none ever wakes to weep.
    Many daughters have done
    virtuously.  But thou hast
    excelled them all.

  73. Katie Thompson  THOMPSON, Katie, "Our Step Mother", second wife of W. S. THOMPSON, born March 3, 1838, died Feb. 11, 1899.  There is a five-line verse at the bottom of the stone.  Part of it has been broken off and the rest is difficult to read.

    "Blessed are the dead which die
    In the Lord for (henceforth, yea)
    (saith) the spirit that they may
    (rest from their labors) and
    (their works do) follow them.

  74. William S. Thompson  William S. Thompson detail  THOMPSON, William S., "Our Father", born Oct. 16, 1823, died Oct. 27, 1903.  "Gone but not forgotten"  This was a standard small obelisk.  The column has been knocked off and rests on the ground, making the inscription difficult to read.

  75. Winnie C. Thompson  THOMPSON, Winnie C., daughter of W. S. & G. A. THOMPSON, born July 27, 1857, died March 17, 1876.  "Asleep in Jesus, that dearest / Friend.  In whom my hopes / of Heaven depend."  Stone has a wreath of roses carved on the top - writing on the ribbon in the center reads "Meet me in Heaven Was Her Last Request".

  76. James Alexander Townsend  TOWNSEND, James Alexander, son of I. D. & L. A. TOWNSEND, born June 20, 1880, died Oct. 17, 1881.  There is a line of writing carved above the image of the lamb which reads "Sweet Babe Rest in Peace".

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