Barringer Ancestral Photos

Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches

Some of the following information originally came from my grandmother's book, "Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches" (published 1987).  This book is known to contain some errors.  If you have any corrections or additions, please contact me.

Much additional information and several family photographs have been very generously contributed by relatives.

Barringer Family Reunion Information

Updated to me via email May 14, 2014

The Barringer Family Reunion Began Thirty Years Ago
August 1984 - August 2014

Let's all gather at Davis Park in West Shokan, NY on August 2, 2014.
to celebrate our Family Reunion that began 30 years ago in August 1984.
The reunion will start at noon and will end when we finish making memories.
The grill will be hot cooking hamburgers and hot dogs with the trimmings.
Plates and plastic ware will be provided.
Please bring your favorite dish to share.
Please provide your own beverage.  "Thanks"

Bring lots of picture that have been taken over the last thirty years to share and we can all laugh at the styles that have changed from clothing to hair do's.  We can take a moment to remember the loves no longer with us.

Please pass this invitation around your family so no one is forgotten.
For questions call or e-mail:
Vince Barringer - 845-657-2064
Davida Gray - 845-657-2276 or

Hope to see you all!


Page 2:  Peter Barringer (ca. 1785 - 1860) and Descendants

Many members of this family are buried in Tongore Cemetery and Palentown Cemetery, both in Ulster County, NY.  The Kerr side of the family has its own small photo page.

  1. Peter Baringer stone approximately 1990  Peter Baringer stone May 2002  Peter Baringer (ca. 1785 - May 9, 1860) and Catharine Baringer stone approximately 1990  Catharine Baringer stone May 2002  Catharine Hauver (abt. 1787 - 1857?) had fifteen children (according to Bible and census records), of whom my great great great grandfather, Frederick William Barringer was the twelfth.  They are buried in Laurel Cemetery in Watson Hollow, Ulster County, New York along with the parents of Elnora (Kerr) Barringer below.  I believe I read somewhere that Laurel Cemetery is located on property that was once part of the farm that belonged to Peter and Catherine.  The white stuff on the lettering in the older snapshots is chalk that my grandmother used to try to make the inscription show up better.  According to a list of re-interments from cemeteries on Ashokan Reservoir property, Peter and Catherine were moved to Laurel Cemetery from Bloom and Brodhead Cemeteries.

    Grandma found a summons to attend the probate of Peter's will.  I transcribe the faded photocopy here:

    The People of the State of New York

    To: Thomas Barenger, Sarah Ann, wife of Jacob Traver residing in the State of Pennsylvania, Solomon Barenger, Peter P. Barenger, Frederick William Barenger, Margeret, wife of John Ennist, Armanda, wife of Uriah Avery, Catherine wife of Alsop H. Lane, Jane wife of Andrew P. Avery, , Fammy wife of Gordon C. Boice all residing in the Town of Olive, Ulster Co., NY, Peter Buely residing in the town of Marbletown in said County, Lemuel Buly and Elizabeth wife of James H. Eckert and in the State of Iowa, all of full age


    YOU, and each of you, are hereby cited to appear at a Surrogate Court, to be held before our Surrogate of the County of Ulster, at his office in the village of Kingston, in said County on the 14th day of May next at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, then and there to addent (if you see fit) the Probate of the last Will and Testament of Peter Barenger, late of the town of Olive, Ulster County, deceased, presented to our Surrogate to be proved and recorded as a Will of real and personal estate, in pursuance of the Statute, on the application of Michael Barenger (surname mis-spelled, crossed out, and re-written) the Executor named therein.

    In Testimony Whereof, we have caused the seal of office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed.

    Witness, James M. Cooper, Surrogate of our said County of Ulster, at Kingston, this 26 day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one.

    (Signed J. M. Cooper)

    Descendants of Peter Barringer and Catherine Haver/Hauver:

    1. Margaret Barringer (b. February 1811) married John Ennist, Jr. (b. 1814).  They had four children.

      1. Peter Ennist (b. 1836)
      2. Samuel Ennist (b. 1837)
      3. Mary Margaret Ennist (b. 1842) married Andrew Harkness
      4. Mickel or Michael Ennist (b. 1844)

    2. John Barringer (b. March 23, 1812).

    3. Maria Barringer (b. July 22, 1813).  Maria married William Buley and they had three children:  Peter, Lemuel, and Elizabeth.

    4. Solomon Haver Barringer (b. April 9, 1815) married Rebecca Bell.  They had ten children.

      1. Sarah C. Barringer (b. abt. 1839) married Martin M. Markle.
      2. grave marker for Peter H. Barringer, son Noah, and wives  Peter H. Barringer (1841 - 1899) married Rachel Beesmer (1847 - 1895).  Peter may have married later to Ellen Sheeley.  Peter and Rachel had two sons - all this family are buried in Palentown Cemetery.
        1. Noah Barringer (b. 1866) married Kate Palen (b. 1865)
        2. grave marker for Herman Barringer and family  Herman Barringer (b. 1874) married Martha Miller (b. 1872).  According to the family grave marker, they had at least the following three children:
          1. Ur (b. 1894).  This is an odd name - possibly short for "Uriah"?
          2. Ruth (b. 1896)
          3. Luie (b. 1900)

      3. monument of William E. Barringer and family  William E. Barringer (b. 1843) married Amanda Van Leuvan.  William and Amanda are buried in Palentown Cemetery along with their son William and his wife Minnie Keator and two children (William and Minnie's?)

      4. Beesmer monument  Beesmer monument closeup  children of Joseph and Agness Beesmer  Rebecca Barringer (1844 - 1876) married Joseph Beesmer (1845 - 1900).  Joseph Beesmer and his three wives are all buried in Palentown cemetery.

      5. Jane Barringer (b. 1845).

      6. Ruth Barringer (b. 1847).

      7. grave of Zadock and Samantha Bell Barringer  Zadock P. Barringer (1849 - 1933) married Samantha Bell.  They had five children.  Some of the descendants in this line intermarried with my other lines.  Zadock and Samantha are buried in Palentown Cemetery.  The grave stone of Zadock's son Arthur and his wife Roena Van Kleeck can be seen in the background of this photo.

        1. Arthur Barringer and Abram Van Kleeck    Roena (Van Kleeck) Barringer  grave of Arthur and Roena Van Kleeck Barringer  Arthur Barringer (b. 1874) married Roena Van Kleeck (1878 - 1955).  Arthur is the man on the left in the photo of the two men.  The man on the right is Roena's half brother, Abram Van Kleeck (my great grandfather).  They had two children.  Roena was the daughter of David Van Kleeck and Adeline Van Leuvan.  Arthur and Roena had three children.  See the Van Kleeck page for additional photos and information.

          1. Roena and Arthur's son Earl (1900 - 1906) died in childhood and is buried in Palentown Cemetery with his parents.

          2. Delia Barringer Lewis  Delia Ann Barringer  Roena and Arthur's daughter Delia Ann Barringer (1901 - 1973), wife of Frank Lewis.  Delia and Frank had five children.  Click the photo to see a larger image.

          3. Floyd Barringer (1903 - 1971) married Lena Constable.  They had seven children.

            Floyd Barringer family in 1956 Floyd and Lena Barringer and their children in 1956.  I'm not sure yet which ones are which and several are still living, so I haven't put any names on this photo.

        2. grave of Henry and Julia Barringer Van Kleeck  grave of Ralph Van Kleeck and his wife Gladys Wells  graves of Reba Van Kleeck and Harry Shurter  Julia A. Barringer (1877 - 1963) married Henry Francis Van Kleeck (1869 - 1927), the brother of my great grandfather Abram Van Kleeck.  Julia and Henry had three children.  Julia and her daughter Reba may be seen in the photo of various Barringer family members standing on a bridge in Phoenicia (below, under the listing for Freeman and Elnora (Kerr) Barringer).  Information on Henry's line may be found on the Van Kleeck page.  Henry and Julia are buried in Palentown Cemetery along with their sons David and Ralph.  Reba and her husband Harry Shurter are also buried in Palentown, but in a different part of the cemetery.

        3. grave of Irving and Sylvia Collins Barringer  Irving Barringer (1883 - 1974) married Sylvia Collins (1893 - 1986).  They had seven children.  Sylvia was the daughter of Alfred Collins (1832 - 1905) and Mary Markle (1851 - 1919).  Irving and Sylvia are buried in Palentown Cemetery along with some of their children.

          Alfred Collins  Mary Markle Collins  Sylvia's parents, Alfred Collins (1832 - 1905) and his second wife Mary Markle (1851 - 1919) are also buried in Palentown Cemetery.  These photos were submitted by a descendant of Alfred Collins and his first wife, Mary Jane Shufeldt (1834 - 1885)

        4. Elmer Barringer (ca. 1887 - 1948).

        5. grave of Otis and Wilma Beesmer Barringer  Otis Barringer (1893 - 1960) married Wilma Beesmer (1900 - 1986).  Otis and Wilma are buried in Palentown Cemetery.  Otis' parents Zadock and Samantha are on the other side of the same stone.  I have found twelve children for Otis and Wilma so far.

          1. USA Veteran's Flag  Lorin O. Barringer  Lorin O. Barringer (1923 - 1989) married a woman named Lola (1926 - 1975).  They had two children that I know of.  Lorin and Lola are buried in Palentown Cemetery.
          2. Gerald Elting Barringer (1927 - 1967).  Gerald is also buried in Palentown Cemetery, but I do not have a photo of his stone.
          3. David Barringer (dates unknown) - is mentioned as a survivor in Gerald's obituary, but does not appear in Lorin's.

      8. Billetje Barringer (b. 1852) married Frederick Barklow.
      9. Solomon Haver Barringer, Jr. (b. 1856) married Phoebe Compton.
      10. Harvey Barringer (b. abt. 1861) married Mary G. Beesmer.

    5. chimney of Uriah and Arminda (Barringer) Avery's house  Arminda Barringer (1817 - 1899) married Uriah Avery (1815 - 1899).  Uriah was the brother of Andrew Perry Avery.  At some point they lived in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.  They were living in the Moon Haw area in Olive Twp. (I think), Ulster County, NY when, in her 80s, Arminda dropped a lighted lantern.  She died from the resulting burns and Uriah died two weeks later.  This photo, contributed by a relative, is of the chimney from that house.  The chimney is still there.  I took a photo of it when I was in the area in May 2002, but have not scanned it yet.  It may not come out well as the nearby creek was quite high and I didn't want to try to cross it to get closer with my heavy camera bag.  For more information on Uriah and Arminda and their fourteen children, see my Avery/Every page.

    6. Peter Barringer (1818 - 1890) married Sarah Constable (1817 - 1917).  They had four children:
      1. Fammy or Fanny Barringer (1842 - 1901) married Abram Winchell.
      2. Abram Barringer (born ca. 1845) married Rebecca.
        1. Mary Emma Barringer (born 1870) married ca 1891 to John E. Nichols (born 1868)
          1. unknown Nichols (died sometime before 1900 census)
          2. Theresa Nichols (born ca. 1902)
        2. Peter Martin Barringer (1877 - 1955) married ca. 1902 to Jennie Plimley (born ca. 1884)
          1. Burton Abram Barringer (1903 - 1980), surname spelled "Barrenger" in some records and on his grave marker.   Burton married in 1929 to Lillian Avery/Every (ca. 1901 - 1952).  Apparently resided in Polk County, North Carolina.
            1. Beverly Arlene Barringer (1934 - 2007) married a Kiser.  She apparently resided in Noblesville, Indiana.
          2. Bertha Barringer (born ca. 1905) married a Davis.
          3. Raymond S. Barringer (1908 - 1977) married ca. 1929 to Daisy (born ca. 1903)
          4. Herbert Barringer (1909 - 1954)
        3. Bertha Ann Barringer (born 1872)
      3. John Ennis Barringer (1851 - 1935) married in 1873 to Louisa Margaret Bell
        1. Nancy Barringer
        2. Sarah Barringer
        3. Lewis Barringer
        4. Fammie Barringer

      4. Sarah Melissa Barringer (also known as Melissa Barringer, 1859 - 1883) married in 1880 to John Rappleyea.

    7. Michael Barringer (1820 - 1907) married in 1863 to Sarah C. Buley (1845 - 1935).  They had three children:
      1. William Levan Barringer (born 1863)
      2. Elizabeth Barringer (died in infancy in 1872)
      3. Frank Atwood Barringer (born 1877)

    8. Catherine Barringer (b. March 11, 1822) married Alsop Lane.

    9. Edith Barringer (b. December 13, 1823).

    10.  Andrew Perry Avery, Jr.  Andrew P. Every and his wife Jane  Andrew P. and Jane Every - wider shot  Jane Edith or Jane Eliza Barringer (1825 -1894) married in 1846 to Andrew Perry Avery, Jr. (1823 - 1918).  They evidently also moved out west, because they appear to have been married in Wisconsin.  The photo of them is scanned from a photocopy in "Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches" - location of the original photograph of her is unknown.  The caption reads:

      "Jane Edith BARRINGER, Dau of Peter and Cath. HAUVER BARRINGER and her husband Andrew Perry AVERY.  He in Civil War listed 'gray eyes - hair mixed - 5' 10" son of Andrew P AVERY and Judah BELL"

       Jane and Andrew are buried in Bushkill Cemetery.  They had seven children.

      1. David Herman Avery (1847 - 1926) married Jane Ann Kerr (1853 - 1893).  They had nine children.
      2. Juda or Judith C. Avery (b. 1849).
      3. Frederick William Avery (b. 1852 - died young).
      4. Sarah A. Avery (b. 1853).
      5. Mary E. Avery (b. 1854).
      6. Andrew Avery (b. 1856).  I have a strong suspicion that his middle name was probably "Perry".
      7. Jane E. Avery (b. 1859).

    11. USA Veteran's Flag  Thomas P. Barringer (b. January 7, 1827) married Hannah Traver and they moved to Pennsylvania.  Thomas was in Company G, 143rd Pennsylvania Regiment in the Civil War from 1862 to 1865.  Thomas and Hannah are buried in Beaumont Cemetery, Beaumont, Pennsylvania.

      From "Tangled Roots and Twisted Branches":

      When Thomas and his brother-in-law Jacob Traver left Olive Township, Ulster County, NY, they settled in South Run, Monroe Township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.  The place was all woodland.  One lived on one side of a hill and the other on the other side across from each other.  They made log houses, lived in them, and cleared and tilled the land and made large farms.
      Thomas and Hannah had seven children:
      1. Sarah Ann
      2. Matilda
      3. Melissa
      4. George
      5. Mercy (died young - name per a relative who has seen the grave marker in Pennsylvania - Grandma's book lists this child's name as "Mercury")
      6. Olive (died in infancy - info per a relative)
      7. and another baby who died in infancy.

    12. Frederick William Barringer tintype  Judah / Judith Avery / Every tintype  tintype of Frederick and Judah together  Judith/Judah (Avery/Every) Barringer  Frederick William Barringer (1829 - 1908) married Judith/Judah Avery/Every (1831 - 1897).  Judith and Frederick had seven children, of whom my great great grandfather Freeman was the second.  Judith's father was 1812 veteran Andrew Perry Avery (see below), and her aunt was Jeremiah Van Kleeck's wife Sally (Andrew Perry Avery's sister).  See the Van Kleeck section for photos of her Aunt Sally and Sally's descendants.  The three tintypes were generously contributed by another descendant.  The photo of Judith in her later years (far right) is an unusually good snapshot of a cabinet card.  The location of the original cabinet card is unknown.  For more information on Judith's family, see my Avery / Every page.

      Frederick William Barringer and Judith Avery had seven children:

      1.    Thomas Barringer (born 1852) married Mary Elizabeth van de Mark.  Photos courtesy of a descendant.  They had five children:

        1. Judith Catherine Barringer (1873 - 1920) married Edward Davis in 1893.  I have no information on whether there were any children.
        2. Harriet Barringer (1878 - 1964) married William Van de Mark.  They had three children.
        3. John Albert Barringer (1880 - 1958) married Emma Merrihew in 1901.  They had three children.
        4. Daniel F. Barringer (born 1885).  No further information.
        5. Rebecca Jane "Becky" Barringer (1889 - 1958) married John Conner.  They had at least one child.

      2. Freeman BarringerElnora (Kerr/Karr) Barringer  Freeman Swartout Barringer (1854-1927) and Elnora Kerr (1856-1929).  Elnora was one of six children of Richard Kerr (1821 or 1822 - 1890) and his second wife Lucinda Shufeldt (1822-1904).  Clicking the photos will bring up a page with additional photos and information on Freeman and Elnora.  I have more on the Kerr family on another page, including a photo of Elnora as a little girl.  Freeman and Elnora had twelve children:

        Barringer family ca. 1898  This is a photocopy of a photo taken circa 1898.  It was sent to me by a descendant of Hattie Barringer and Lester Personeus (see below) who owns the original.  It shows Freeman and his wife Elnora with their six youngest children.  The elderly lady on the far right in the rocking chair is Elnora's mother, Lucinda (Shufelt) Kerr.  On the porch in the back are Freeman's brother Thomas (see above) and one of his sons - from his age, I think this is probably John Albert.

        Barringer descendants in 1914  Freeman and Elnora and their descendants taken on the occasion of Freeman's 60th birthday in January, 1914.  Many of their children and grandchildren listed below are included in this photograph.  Click for a page listing all the people in this photo.

        Four generations of Kerr descendants  Four generation photo showing Elnora (Kerr) Barringer and descendants.  Elnora (Kerr) Barringer (1856 - 1929, seated on right), Bertha (Barringer) Van Kleeck (1874 - 1953, seated on left, see also the Van Kleeck section), Vera (Van Kleeck) Winne (1900-1997, standing in back), and Vera's oldest child Alice Marguerite (Winne) Schuster (1921 - 2009).  Click the photo to see a larger image.

        Barringers in Phoenicia, 1919  Barringers and friends in Phoenicia, Ulster Co., NY in 1919.  Click for a larger photo with more information.

        1. Bertha (Barringer) Van Kleeck  Bertha Barringer (1874-1953), my great-grandmother, married Abram Van Kleeck (1871-1954) in 1891.  This photo was probably taken sometime in the late 1920s or early 1930s?  For photos of her husband and seven children, see the Van Kleeck section.  Click the photo to see a larger image.

        2. Elta Ann Barringer (1875-1924) married Ulysses Grant Oakley (dates unknown).  They had two daughters that I know of.

          1. Blanche Oakley married Culver Ten Broeck. They had two sons:
            1. Culver Ten Broeck, Jr. (1921 - 1997).  His wife is still living, so I won't name her here.
            2. Owen Ten Broeck (1926 - 1996).  Owen married a woman named Betty (1925 - 2006).
          2. Mary Oakley (1902 - 1965) married first to LeRoy Brower (ca. 1902 - 1949).  They had four children.  After LeRoy Brower's death, Mary married Edmund Baker (dates unknown).

        3. Frederick William "Fred" Barringer (1878-1935) married Emma Markle (dates unknown).  They had seven children.

          1. Nettie Barringer (1899 - 1943) married Kasper Gerlach (1898 - 1957) and they apparently had three children.
          2. Jessie Barringer (died 1981) married Tyler Hughes, Sr. and they had six children.
          3. USA Veteran's Flag  Claude Barringer  Claude J. Barringer (1900 - 1989) married a woman named Hoffman.  I don't think they had any children.  Her first name is variously given as Ida May, Inamae, and "Bonnie".  Claude was in the US Army during World War I.  I don't have any details of his service.  The 1900 census lists a child named Frank, born ca. April 1900 with this family.  Did the census taker get Claude's name wrong or is this another child?
          4. Anna Mae Barringer (ca. 1904 - bef. 1989) married Joseph Yerry and they had two children.
          5. LeRoy Barringer (1910 - 1994) married twice.  He married first to Thelma Beaver (1916 - 1947).  They had at least one child.  LeRoy married second to Charlotte Stoutenburg (1921 - 1989).  There were no children from the second marriage.
          6. Floyd Barringer (1912 - 1997) married first to Mildred Freer and had four children.  Floyd married second to Kathleen (last name unknown) and they apparently had at least one child.
          7. Mildred Barringer (ca. 1916 - aft 1989) married somebody surnamed Quick.  No further information yet.

        4. Richard C. Barringer (1880-1958).  I thought we had a portrait of Richard, but I can't seem to find it now.  Richard appears in the above 1919 group photo taken in Phoenicia, NY (the very tall man on the far left).  He married Annabelle Simpkins (1918 - 1968) in 1937.  They had one son - Richard C. Barringer, Jr. (1957 - 2008).  He may have been married once or twice before Annabelle - no known children from these relationships.

        5. infant boy (1882 - 1882)

        6. Gordon A. Barringer (1883 - 1888)

        7. Grover C. Barringer (1888 - 1900)

        8. George Benjamin Barringer, Sr. (1889 - 1958) married Emma Della (or Ammadella) Wells (1886 - 1952).  They had the following eight children:

          1. Rhea Barringer (1909 - 1977) married in 1929 to Neil Banks (1896 - 1976).  I have fourteen children listed for them.
          2. Beatrice Elnora Barringer (ca. 1912 - 1967) married Horace Ellsworth, Jr. (1908 - 1987).  I have thirteen children listed for them.
          3. Minnie Barringer (1913 - 1986) married Silas "Cye" Ellsworth, Sr. (1913 - 1969).  Silas was in the U. S. Army during World War II.  They had five children.
          4. Edna Barringer (ca. 1916 - 1953) married John? Scully (dates unknown).  They had six children.
          5. Emma Della / Ammadella "Mickey" Barringer (1920 - 1997) married George Lewis Ellsworth, Sr. and they had at least two children.
          6.  George Benjamin Barringer, Jr. (1922 - 1988) was in the U. S. Army during World War II and was later a police officer in Kingston, New York.  He married in 1944 to Alberta Trowbridge (1924 - 2002) and they had three children.
          7.  Richard C. Barringer (1925 - 1990) was in the U. S. Navy during World War II.  His wife and kids may still be living, so I won't name them here..
          8. Evelyn Barringer (ca. 1929 - 1947)

        9. Milton Nichols and Elta (Van Kleeck) Rifenburg Daly  Nichols graves in Tongore Cemetery  grave of Milton Nichols  grave of Mabel (Barringer) Nichols  grave of Ira Nichols  Mabel Barringer (1891 - 1960) married Milton Nichols (1880 - 1938).  They had five children.  We don't seem to have any photos of Mabel (except the above large family portrait), but I did manage to find this one of Milton.  The little girl in the photo is one of the daughters of Mabel's sister Bertha (see above):  Elta Ann (Van Kleeck) Rifenburg Daly.  For more about Bertha and Elta, see the Van Kleeck section.  The snapshot of Milton with Elta was probably taken circa 1909 or 1910.  Milton, Mabel, and their son Ira (1909 - 1935) are buried in Tongore Cemetery.  Click the photos to see larger images.

          1. Ira Nichols (1909 - 1935)
          2. Alfred Nichols (1913 or 1914 - died "in his teens").  The 1920 and 30 censuses list him as Wilford Nichols born ca. 1917.
          3. Doris Mae Nichols (1926 - 2002).  Uknown whether her husband is still living.
          4. Clarence "Bud" Nichols (1928 - 2002).  Uknown whether his wife is still living.
          5. Ronald Bruce Nichols (1935 - 1983).  Uknown whether his wife is still living.

        10. Minnie Barringer (1893-1960) married Henry Wells (1893 - 1976).  They had five children.
          1. Gladys Wells (1916 - 1993) married Ralph Van Kleeck (1909 - 1972).  Ralph was the son of Henry Francis Van Kleeck and Julia Barringer (see above section on the descendants of Zadock Barringer).
          2. Gretchen Frances Wells (1919 - 2000)
          3. Everett Henry Wells (1921 - 1989) married twice and had nine children.
          4. Charles Arthur Wells (1926 - 1990).  His wife may still be living and I have no children listed for him.

        11. Harriet (Barringer) Personeus  grave of Lester and Hattie Barringer Personeus  Personeus monument with bench  Harriet "Hattie" Barringer (1895-1971) married Lester Personeus (1893 - 1983) in 1916.  They had eleven children.  Hattie and Lester and at least one of their daughters are buried along with many other members of the Personeus family in Tongore Cemetery.

          Personeus family ca. 1935  This is a Personeus family portrait taken about 1935 or 1936.  This is a copy sent to me by a descendant of Lester and Hattie Personeus.  I started to label these, but never got around to looking up the rest of the people in it.  A descendant of the family submitted a version with everybody labeled, which I have uploaded here.

          steam shovels at Gilboa Dam  Lester worked in construction and this photo of steam shovels at work on Gilboa Dam may have been from one of Lester's jobs, as Mom remembers that they used to live up that way and Lester worked on construction projects like this.  This may also have had something to do with the Van Kleeck family as my grandmother remembers her father, Abram Van Kleeck, and older brothers working as laborers on this project.

          1. Lester and Hattie Personeus with Catherine  Catherine Elnora Personeus (ca. 1916 - 1978) as a baby in a family portrait with her parents.  The photo is a copy sent to me by a descendant of one of Lester and Hattie's other children.

            Freeman, daughter and son-in-law, and their daughter  Katherine again.  She is shown here with her parents and her mother's father, Freeman Swartout Barringer.  Doesn't Catherine look thrilled to be having her picture taken?  Photo probably taken around 1920?  Click the photo to see a larger image.

          2.  Lester Personeus, Jr. - portrait  Lester Personeus, Jr. - flight suit  Lester Personeus, Jr. - uniform  Lester Personeus, Jr. (1919 - 2004).  World War II veteran.  In 1942, Lester married Eleanor Nagle (1919-1998).  There is an obituary for Lester at  There are some photos of Lester with his crew and B-17 bomber in World War II at the following websites:

            • Lester Personeus' memorial page on's Honor Wall.  I added links from there to the memorial pages for his siblings who were also in World War II (no photos yet for the siblings).

            • - annotations by member jharpool identifying crew members in photos of B-17 Flying Fortress "Nora"

            • Corbis Images - Crew of the Flying Fortress "Nora"

            • Google Books - B-17 Groups of the Eighth Air Force by Martin Bowman

            • article about flag retirement ceremony in September, 2002 mentions Lester Personeus as one of the veterans participating and mentions a little about his service.

          3.  Harriet Louise Personeus (1920 - 2008).  Harriet was in a nurse in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  She married Charles McGowan and later divorced him.  I can't find any mention of her having children.  There is a 2007 article at about her service as a Navy nurse.
          4.  Gordon R. Personeus (1922 - 1991).  Newspaper interview with sister Harriet states that all four of her brothers were in World War II.
          5.  Douglas O'Connor Personeus (1924 - 2006)  Newspaper interview with sister Harriet states that all four of her brothers were in World War II.
          6.  Arlington McKenzie "Olly" Personeus (1926 - 2002).  Arlington married Jacqueline Post who died in November of 2014.  Arlington was a veteran of World War II.  Ashes scattered instead of burial.  Obituary at  One of Arlington's daughters informs me there are mistakes in the obituary:  Arlington died on November 28th not the 29th at Harborside Healthcare in Amesbury, Massachusetts.  He never lived in Merrimac, Massachusetts - his daughter maintained a post office box for him there.  Prior to Amesbury, he lived in River Vale, New Jersey.
          7. Gloria Personeus (1928 - 1972)
          8. Beverly Personeus (1930 - 1984)
          9. Dariel J. Personeus (1933 - 2000)

        12. Hattie (Barringer) Personeus and Edith (Barringer) Leonard? or Bradford?  Edith Barringer (1898 - after 1958). Edith is on the right in the photo - on the left is her sister Harriet "Hattie" (Barringer) Personeus.  Edith married in 1915 to George A. Leonard (born ca. 1895) and later to Edward Bradford, Sr. (born ca. 1895).  We have very little information on Edith.  She appears to have had the following children.
          1. Patricia Virginia Leonard (ca. Dec 1919 - Dec 1924).
          2. Bruce Leonard (1933 - 2011) married Hilda Ann Shurter (1931 - 2012), the daughter of Harry Shurter and Reba Van Kleeck.

          3. Edward Bradford died sometime before 2011 when he is mentioned in Bruce Leonard's obituary as already being deceased.

      3. Alvinette or Alvanetta Barringer (1857-1876)

      4. Uriah Barringer (1860 - 1938) married Mary Ann Gray (1862 - 1944).  They had four children.

        1. Matilda Barringer (dates unknown)
        2. a daughter who married George Sutton
        3. Elmer D. Barringer (b. 1899 or 1900)
        4. Everett Barringer (1904 - 1970) married Nellie Conner (1903 - 1980)

      5. Mary Ann or Miriam Ann Barringer (1863-1865)

      6. Aner Barringer (1867 - 1902) married October 22, 1889 to Garrett "Gary" Sutton (1845 - 1927).  They had six children.  "Aner" seems to me to be a very unusual first name - this spelling per a family Bible entry submitted by a descandant.  Her daughter Cornelia's obituary spells the name "Aynor".  The obituary of her son Garrey spells it "Amer".

        1. Walter Sutton (born ca. 1886)
        2. Julia C. Sutton (born ca. 1888) married James Krom.
        3. Jane "Janie" Sutton (born ca. 1892) married Frank Kouhoupt.
        4. Cornelia Sutton (born ca. 1892) married Wilfred Coddington.  I have ten children listed for them.
        5. Arthur Sutton (born ca. 1898)
        6. Garret "Gary" Sutton (died 1969) married Mabel Osterhout.

      7. Barringer Barley 50th anniversary  Julia Catherine Barringer (1870-1950) married in 1888 to Jacob Barley.  They had three children:  William, Cornelius, and Martha.  This photo of Julia and Jacob was taken on July 10, 1938 for their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.

        1. Martha (Barley) Winchell  Martha Barley (1889 - 1976).  Martha married Cummings Winchell and they had a son and a daughter.

          1. Winchell children  Martha (Barley) Winchell's two children.

            1. Letha Adeline Winchell (1909 - 2003) married in 1930 to Earl R. Gedney (1907 - 1981).  They may have had at least one child.
            2. Leighton Winchell (1912 - 2005) married in 1933 to Florence Topp (1915 - 1984).  They had six children.

        2. William Barley (1891 - 1969) married Francis Corser and had two children.
        3. Cornelius Barley (1905 - 1979).

      8. "Nodie" Barringer (dates unknown).  This name was included on a transcript of family Bible entries sent to me by another descendant.  It may be another child that died young - seems to go with this generation, but no ideas yet about dates or birth order.  I am checking for further information.

    13. Sarah Ann Barringer (1831 - 1874) married in 1848 to Jacob Traver.  Sarah and Jacob apparently moved to Pennsylvania along with Sarah's brother Thomas and his wife (Jacob's sister) Hannah.  I have no information on any children that may have been born to Sarah and Jacob.

    14. Fama / Fammy Barringer (1833 - 1902) married Gordon Boice.  They had at least one son - Freeman Tiffany Boice (1866 - 1948).  This family also apparently moved to Pennsylvania.

    15. Sarah M. Barringer (b. abt. 1841).

BARRINGER page 1:  Johannes Conradt Barringer through Peter Barringer (ca. 1785 - 1860)



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