Gordon Van Kleeck

Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

Gordon Van Kleeck
1894 - 1977

Gordon in World War I

portrait of Gordon Van Kleeck in uniform  Gordon Van Kleeck in World War I.  Gordon enlisted as a Private in 1918 and was in Co. F, 51st Pioneer Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces.  I believe he was a Corporal when he mustered out.  The Pioneers apparently did road construction work and etc.  This photo has written on the back: "Gordon Van Kleeck in France 1917".  The portrait may very well have been taken in France, but as far as I know, Gordon did not enlist until spring or summer of 1918 and did not get to France until August of 1918.  Click the photo to see a larger image.

Gordon's Certificate of Appreciation  Certificate of Appreciation given by the City of Kingston to the men in Gordon's unit.  The original was too large to fit in the scanner, so the eagle at the top of the page is cut off.  The writing is a bit fancy and reads as follows:

Certificate of Appreciation



we, the Mayor and members of the Common Council, hereby express to

Gordon Van Kleeck

our grateful appreciation of your patriotic service with the
American forces in the GREAT WAR for World Freedom, and
we commend and thank you for your noble efforts performed so well,
and we extend to you a hearty welcome upon your return.

Given this first day of Oct. A.D. 1919
under the seal of the City of Kingston, N.Y.

On the bottom, on either side of the seal of the City of Kingston, are the signatures of the City Clerk, the Mayor, and the President of the Common Council.  I can't quite make out the names from their fancy signatures.

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Gordon as a Civilian

Gordon Van Kleeck  Gordon Van Kleeck

Gordon Van Kleeck and three friends  Gordon Van Kleeck and three unidentified friends.

Gordon Van Kleeck  Gordon Van Kleeck portrait.  This may have been taken around the time of his wedding to Genevieve Winne in 1923 as he appears to be wearing the same suit and flower as in the photo below.  Click the photo to see a larger image.

Gordon and Genevieve in 1923  Gordon Van Kleeck and Genevieve (Winne) Van Kleeck (1888 - bef. 1977) at their wedding in 1923.  Click the photo to see a larger image.

Genevieve and her aunt  Genevieve (Winne) Van Kleeck and her Aunt "Tiney" - probably Christine Winne, the older sister of Genevieve's father Eugene Winne.

Winne house     Winne house detail - Genevieve and her parents     Winne house detail - Genevieve's sister  The house of Genevieve (Winne) Van Kleeck's family on Hurley Avenue in Kingston.  The house was still there when I was last in the area, but painted entirely white.  The last time I visited the area, it belonged to the Lions Club or Elks Club or something and had a circular driveway coming up to the front steps.  The four people on the front lawn are (I think), from left to right:  Genevieve's parents (Eugene and Cora (Hull) Winne sitting on the bench with the dog), Genevieve (Winne) Van Kleeck (standing in front of the porch steps), Genevieve's sister (Jessie (Winne) Dubois - leaning against far right side of the porch).

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