Adolph Lang at Camp Wadsworth, SC in 1918

Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

Adolph "Dolph" Lang
at Camp Wadsworth,
South Carolina
in 1918

These photos were generously contributed by Dolph's grand-daughter.

Enclosed a postcard from my Grandfather Adolph Lang to my Grandmother Esther Lang from Spartanburg 1918.  He called his sweetheart "Ettie" and she called him "Dolph".  He returned home unharmed and they lived to have a loving family.  He was a doughboy in training at Camp Wadsworth and appears as the center trainee marksman from 1916-1918.

Grandad "Dolph" was a pistol...a lot of fun with a ton of outrageous stories.  I'll always remember him with great fondness.

There is a scanned map of the camp on another web site at The Brooklyn Genealogy Information Site.  This is a very large image file and may take a few minutes to load completely.

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