Gordon Van Kleeck's war journal - part 15 - Trier

Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

Pvt. Gordon Van Kleeck

Co. F. 51 Pioneer Inf.

American Expeditionary Forces

Part 15

May 25.

We worked on the Remount (?) up to the 23rd.  That after noon orders came in to move next morning at nine oclock.  However the train was not ready until about two oclock and we had to hang around to that time.  Now we are in barracks at Trier getting rid of some of our equipment.  The whole Regiment is in here I think and we will probably leave tomorrow morning.  I hear our next stop is Le Mans and I suppose we will will go to Brest from there.  These German barracks are fine and the non-coms all have good rooms.  I am in with Wienekski.  Was sick all last night and have been to the docter this morning.  I guess there is no doubt we are going home now.

(After this point the writing is faded and difficult to decipher)

May 30
Malicorne France

Was to the doctor again and he first suggested the hospital but as I objected he let me off.  Was very sick most of the day but was able to leave with the Company when it went to the train later that afternoon.  We slept on the train that night but did not leave until the next morning at eight oclock.  We had box cars with forty men to a car.  Our bed sacks were filled with excelsior but at night we were packed in like sardines.  Wednesday the 28th we landed in this place.  It is named Malicorne and is near Le Mans.  Most of us are billeted in ga___ etm_ around here and have been kept busy with inspections.  Also we have turned quite a lot of stuff in and are (our) packs are much lighter.  I think we leave for port in a couple of days.

Malicorne France
June 3

Have had several inspections lately.  The last one, yesterday, was by a captain from the embarkation center and I believe it was the final one.  We all hope so any how.  Two men from this platoon were just made sergeants.  I dont think we will leave for Brest until the first of next week.  Until then we will drill.  Two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon.  Lieut. Fields is drilling this platoon and he sure makes it snappy.  There is a rumor around that we may parade in Albany when we get in the States.  Most of the boys seem against it.

June 7

Have been drilling as usual and this morning the Regiment was assembled while our colers (collars) were decorated.  We have all been given a service bar with one star on it.  According to latest reports we are going to St Naizare either the 10th or 11th and will sail at once.

Malicorne France.
June 9, 1919.

Sunday forenoon we were all inspected for cooties by a couple of officers from Le Mans.  One man in our company was found to have them.  Today we were taken for a short hike during hours in the morning.  At night we had regimental retreat for the first time.  Afterwards our picture was taken.

June 15
Montargu France.

We left Malicorne Friday the 13th in the afternoon.  Hiked to Nazair.  Our packs were carried on auto trucks.  About 6:30 that evening we left Nazair in the usual box cars and arrived here early next morning.  We are billeted in _l__ans and attics and are having plenty of inspections.  Last night we had equipment inspection after ___ a l____ and were _as__ ___ ___ anything we needed now (new?).  Have had cootie inspection twice.  Were paid late last night after inspection and I drew 218.00 francs.  As g____al a f_____sgh of fellows we d____ again.  Today __ ____ ___ we have not had much to do but I think tomorrow will be a busy day.  We will probably stay here about a week.

June 19
St. Naizare France

Had a little excitement Sunday night.  Some soldiers and Frenchmen had a fight and the whole battalion was (confined to?) the (streets in their billets?).  I heard the ____ was coming so Mays and I went for a walk along the river.  When we came back a few hours later we came near getting in trouble over but everyone was allowed to go out again.  Had usual drill and bathing for two days and then left Wednesday.

The journal ends here.  If there were more pages after this point, we don't have them.

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