World War I journal of Gordon Van Kleeck

Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

World War I
Journal of
Gordon Van Kleeck

The journal that Gordon kept as the historian for his unit was written in a small spiral pocket notebook.  Most spelling etc. has been left as he wrote it in the original.  I have corrected some of the French place names with the help of a correspondent who lives in the part of France that Gordon's unit moved through.  I have occasionally filled in a missing word or two in parentheses, especially on the last few entries of Part 15 which are badly faded and difficult to make out.  I have also divided it into manageable chunks, roughly according to location.

Some of the people mentioned in the journal:  Genevieve was probably Genevieve Winne, the woman Gordon would marry in 1923.  Everett and Freeman were his brothers.  Roxy, Vera, Elta, and Dot were his sisters.  Gordon also mentions exchanging letters with someone named "Alice", but I'm not sure who she was.  A "Ralph" is also mentioned - this is probably Ralph Sparling who is mentioned in Gordon's letters home from France.

Gordon mentions a buddy named "Charlie Mays" several times.  The way it was written in the journal, it looked like "Mayr", but I thought that was a bit odd.  Also, one of Gordon's letters home mentions this name as "Mays", so that is how I spelled it here.

I have some old European postcards from the World War I era that I've bought at shows.  Some of them may be of places Gordon mentions in the journal.  I hope to look through them, scan any that would be relevant, and put them on this page.

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