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Partial letter to Gordon Van Kleeck's sister (probably Roxy)

Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York

by Roxy Triebel

Partial letter to Gordon Van Kleeck's sister
(probably Roxy Van Kleeck)

Spartanburg, S.C.

July 8, 1918

Dear Sis:

I will write just a few lines tonight in answer to your letter.  I ought to answer Mr. Parker's letter but have been busy as the Dickens for a few days and may not get a chance to do it for a while.  We are pretty certain of leaving here either Thursday or Friday and I reckon will have our hands full.  Will you please explain to him.

I have expressed my suit case and am sending the key in this letter.  There is a pennant for decorating the writing room in there somewhere and a sprig of holly that I picked in the woods Sunday.  Also there is a package of my private correspondence that you had better keep out of for some of it might burn your fingers.  I dont know when it will get there but it will have a bill attached to it I suppose.  I could not send it any other way but you wont mind a small amount like that I am sure.  You had better not send any more mail to me for a few days as it wil be delayed anyhow.  On second thought I guess some one had better send me a letter for there might be some mistake although I think not.  There will be a good chance of getting a leave of absence to go home for three or four days I guess.  At least that is what we hear. There is not much new to write ...

(this is all we currently have of this letter - will keep digging for the other pages)

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