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Parcel Tanker Service


Iver Bugge of Larvik, established his company, in 1905, importing coal on sailing vessels. His business failed after WWI. Shell Oil (Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd ) also feeling the pressure of markets, decided to sell off their fleet, and charter those ships. One of these companies was Skibs A/S Nanset, controlled by Iver Bugge. In 1927 the company took delivery of the SS ABSIA ( originally a cargo vessel built in Glasgow in 1918, converted to a tanker by Shell ) and renamed her SALSAAS. The association with Shell came to an end after WWII and Skibs A/S Nanset pioneered, with others (Henry Collingwood and A O Andersen, Haldor Virik and L. Gill-Johannessen), the parcel tanker concept.


Henry Collingwood, of London, was a distributor of SUN lubricating oils in the UK. Originally he had imported the oils in drums from the USA, but because of the high demand he decided to import in bulk. He approached A.O. Anderson in Norway. Three ships were employed, each having twenty four cargo tanks and were provided with two pump rooms, enabling them to handle multiple grades.

SANDEFJORD 5676 tons 1950 : Haldor Virik

SVANAAS 5665 tons 1949 : Iver Bugge

BUCCANEER 5675 tons 1950 : A O Andersen

The company was originally traded as the 'Tanker Parcel Service' and, as the concept developed, moved on to transporting vegetable oils in bulk and from the early sixties various chemical products. They later came up with an identity of Anco from ANdersen / COllingwood.


Besides the ships which Andersen owned and  ran before the formation of ANCO, Parcel Tanker Trade was pioneered by the firm of A.O. Andersen ( which later became Ole Schrøder ). Captain Rudolf Histand, Andersen’s technical consultant, had developed plans for specialised tankers designed to carry several grades of oil simultaneously as far back as 1944.

Three contracts based on these plans were placed at Sweden’s Götaverken shipyard,

and the 8,800 dwt SVANAÅS (Iver Bugge), delivered in August 1949,

is said to have been the world’s first parcel tanker.


AO Andersen’s business interests included A.O. Andersen & Co Eftf A/S,

Flere Brukere, Anco Tanker Service A/S, Saga Shipping Group,

Ole Schrøder & Co., Carsten Hansteen and Sagatiltak A/S


Ole Schrøder’s  business interests included Ole Schrøder & Co. A/S,

Flere Brukere and Saga Shipping Group


Anco Tanker Service A/S

were registered as

Anco Parcel Tanker Operators and Tanker Brokers


The major ship owners of Parcel Tanker Service are listed below,

and each page includes ships

which they owned before 1964,

when the ANCO identity came into being.





A.O. Andersen lost the BUCCANEER in this Operation



Iver Bugge’s SUNNAAS became Heerema’s first Crane Ship




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