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Haldor Virik was born in 1880;

he established his A/S Eskimo Shipping Company in 1910.

A/S Oceana had owned a series of barques and whalers; JASON, HERTA, CASTOR, POLARSTJERNEN, CITO, FRANKLIN, PENDA, ARIES, ELIDA, FORTUNA and FREMAD. On the 20th December 1909 six of these ships were purchased by Haldor Virik; ARIES, CITO, FRANKLIN, FORTUNA, FREMAD and HERTA complete with the business, stock and yard, for the sum of 215,000 krone, and so A/S Oceana passed to Haldor Virik. He opened his new company of sail ships in seal and bottlenose hunting and named it A/S Fortuna.

This was renamed in 1910 as A/S Eskimo, with the same ships.

In 1912 he formed A/S Hvalfangerselskapet Odd, with steamships ODD, SOBRAON and three smaller boats. Later incorporating A/S Hvalfangerselskapet Normanna, with a steamer NORMANNA and sail ships. NORMANNA was sunk by a Uboat. Then he added the steamer GUVERNØREN to A/S Odd.

In 1921, GUVERNØREN was wrecked in fog off the Falkland Islands.

Business was falling and, in 1926,

he disposed of all stock of the company.

Knowing the nature of modern business markets,

Haldor Virik turned to tankers, and purchased

NORMANNA (2), which was lost in a fire,

and FRANGO, which was sold.

He then purchased SANDAR (torpedoed in 1942)

and HERBJØRN (which he renamed SANDEFJORD),

which was captured by the ADMIRAL SCHEER.

After WWII, his first ship purchase was KATTEGAT, renamed SANDAR

and another, for carrying lubricating oil, was delivered, the SANDEFJORD.



Built 1910  Nylands mek.Verksted, Oslo, Norway

Yard Nr 220

For  A/S Odd (Haldor Virik), Sandefjord

177 brt;  63 nrt

111ft x 20ft x 11ft 10ins

Triple expansion; 84 bhp; by shipbuilder.

Whaling catcher

1916 Sold ; Thor Dahl, Sandefjord

1917 Transferred ; Bryde & Dahls Hvalfangerselskab A/S (Thor Dahl), Sandefjord

1922 Renamed THOR SENIOR.

1924 Renamed ANADYR ; Hvalfangerselskapet A/S Vega

        (H. A. Christensen A/S), Sandefjord.

1927  Renamed DELFIN ; Cia Argentina de Pesca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1928  21st February : Sunk outside Bahia Langara.



Built 1889 Sunderland

2,404 grt.

Norwegian whale factory ship

1912 Purchased by Haldor Virik

1914 Renamed  ORION (A. Andersen, Chile).



Steel barque built as QUILPUÉ

Built 1890  Russell & Co., Port Glasgow

Yard Nr 249

For F.H. Vaughan, Liverpool.

1910 ROALD AMUNDSEN ; A/S Laboremus (T. Dannevig & Co.), Sandefjord.

1912 Renamed MIMOSA.

1913 Sold ; Haldor Virik, Sandefjord.

1915 Sold ; Cia de Pesca N. do Brasil (T. Rynning, Sandefjord), Pernambuco.

1916 Sold ; Fritz S. Klem, Sandefjord.

1916 May : Sold ; A/S Dansk Svovlsyre og Superfosfatfabrik, Copenhagen.

1916 30th May : Sold ; Rederi AB Mimosa (Harald Schüssler), Stockholm

         Swedish Reg. No. 5810 ; Call Sign JVQH.

         Remeasured :225ft x 36ft x 21ft 6ins

         1,408 grt; 1,286 nrt; 2,200 dwt.

1924 5th December : Sold ; Rud. Neugebauer & Co., Hamburg. For scrapping.



Built  1885  Sir W.G. Armstrong, Mitchell, Newcastle as HAJEEN

For  Bedouin Steam Navigation Co. of Liverpool ( Manager W & R Thomson ).
A/S Normanna v/Haldor Virik A/S, Sandefjord


310ft 6ins x 39ft

9.5 knots

1900 Renamed BERRIZ ; Aznar y Cia , Bilbao.
1907 Renamed BELGIAN PRINCE ; Wallsend Slipway & Engine Co.,

         Engines repaired ( Management James Knott ).
1910 Renamed NORMANNA ; Haldor Virik,

         Hvalfangerakties Normanna, Sandfjord.
1911 Rebuilt as a whaling factory ( Framnæs Mek.Verksted, Sandefjord )
1917 22nd February : Torpedoed by Uboat U-21, off the Isles of Scilly.

         Some survivors were picked up by a Scillonian sloop.

On 22 February 1917 a small convoy of seven Dutch merchant ships, EEMLAND, JACATRA, NOORDERDIJK, ZAANDIJK, MENADO, BANDOENG and GAASTERLAND, left Falmouth Harbour, bound for the Netherlands. They had been sheltering in Falmouth; the German Government had guaranteed their safety. International Law required a warning and examination of papers before any action was taken.

At 15.30 hours the convoy spotted two boats, with survivors of the NORMANNA; they approached to pick up the survivors. U-21 surfaced and demanded that all the ships of the convoy had to be abandoned. One of the captains rowed towards the submarine, to show his papers; before he had reached the submarine, three merchant ships had been torpedoed.

After the crews had left, the other ships were set with time bombs.

The survivors headed towards Isles of Scilly in their boats and were seen by the Bishop Rock Lighthouse keepers, who at once signalled for the lifeboat. The St. Agnes lifeboat CHARLES DEERE JAMES went off and found two boats full of men. A lifeboatman was put in each to pilot them to safety, and she then searched farther afield, finding one more boat, bringing the total of men the lifeboat had saved to 47. The St Mary’s lifeboat found others and piloted them into St Mary’s harbour.

More men were assisted by trawlers. All 300 returned safely.

The MENADO was towed back to Falmouth by a trawler.


The full story of this drama of treachery against

a Neutral European Country can be read HERE.

Details on The Dutch Ships






ON 93837

Built 1889 as RUNIC, a livestock carrier, by Harland & Wolff, Belfast

Launched New Year's Day 1889.

1889  21st February : Maiden voyage Liverpool to New York.

Call Sign : MJGB

5043 grt

430ft 8ins x 45ft 3ins x 30ft 4ins

For the White Star Line.

Designed to carry 1,000 head of live cattle or general cargo.

Accommodation for 48 passengers.

1895  Renamed TAMPICAN ; West India & Pacific Steamship Company.

1899  Transferred to Leyland Line.

1912  Sold to H. E. Moss & Co, Liverpool.

1912  Renamed IMO ; South Pacific Whaling Company, Oslo, Norway.

          Converted to a Whaling Factory ship.

1917  6th December : Incident in Halifax Harbour, where IMO collided

          with MONT BLANC ( French Line ), causing a massive explosion.

IMO was leaving Halifax in ballast, chartered to the Belgian Relief Committee. She collided with the inbound MONT BLANC in the Narrows of Halifax Harbour. Sparks from the collision ignited MONT BLANC's cargo, leading to the massive explosion which devastated the North End of Halifax. MONT BLANC, was carrying 2,800 tons of munitions, which exploded. The blast ripped through the Richmond district of the city. It was felt 270 miles away. Around 1,600 people were killed, 2,000 more were missing and never found, 9,000 injured and 25,000 were made temporarily homeless. Over 1,600 buildings in a 16 mile radius were destroyed and 12,000 more were damaged. The total property loss was estimated at $35m. The explosion also caused a 13 foot tidal wave that destroyed buildings and damaged warships. All of the crew of the MONT BLANC had survived; fearing that the vessel would blow up straight away after the collision, they had taken to their lifeboats. MONT BLANC was obliterated, not a scrap was found. IMO had been driven across the harbour, by the blast, beached on the Dartmouth shore. The blast wrecked her upper works, killing most of those on the bridge (her captain the pilot and five of her crew members), sparing those below decks, as her hull had sustained relatively light damage.

1918  Bought and Repaired by Haldor Virik. Renamed GUVERNØREN.

          Remained as a Whaling Factory ship for A/S Odd.

1921  30th November : Went aground on a reef, in fog, twenty miles from

          Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. Total loss.

          The wreck still sits with her rusting bows above water.


Guvernøren  as Runic



Built 1908  William Doxford & Co., Sunderland.

Yard Nr 395

3,836 grt.

349ft 2ins x 49ft x 24ft

Triple expansion Dixford steam engine.

10 knots

For  Rederi A.G. Oceana (Manager H.H. Schmidt), Hamburg

1914  12th August : Captured by French gunboat LA ZELEE

           Port Lenao, Makatea.

1914  22nd September : Sunk by SMS SCHARNHORST

          at Papeete. Sold to John A. Hooper, USA.

1914  15th December : Refloated and repaired.

1916  Renamed REPUBLIC ; John A. Hooper, San Francisco.

1917  Chile S.S. Co., Inc., New York.

1924  Renamed NORMANNA ; Haldor Virik, Stavanger.

1925  21st February : On fire, with a cargo of paper pulp, en route

          Gothenburg to Rio de Janiero. Grounded at Teneriefe.

1925  19th June : Sold to shipbreakers.

1925  17th August ; Arrived at Rotterdam under tow, for scrapping.



Built as Turbine Steamer GOLAA (cylindrical tanks)

Built 1917  Chester Shipbuilding Co., Chester, Philadelphia, U.S.A

Yard Nr 339

Delivered 17th May 1917 to US Shipping Board.

Then to Fr. Siegwarth, Tønsberg.

Chester records show 5,500grt;  8,750dwt.

5,672 grt; 4,547 nrt; 8,220 dwt

401ft 10ins x 54ft 4ins x 30ft 3ins 

1920 Handed over to D/S A/S Golaa (C. Wildhagen & Co.), Sandefjord
1927 C. Wildhagen, Sandefjord

1927 Renamed FRANGO ; A/S Frango (Haldor Virik & Co.), Sandefjord
         Converted to a whaling factory ship, of 6,400grt

1930 Sold to Bryde og Dahl - The American Whaling Co., Inc.

         (A/S Thor Dahl, Sandefjord), Wilmington, Delaware, USA

         Engines replaced by a triple expansion steam engine,

         built by Lilleshall Engineering Co., Oakengates, Staffs

1940 December : Renamed CLIFFORD ; Frango Corporation, Panama

         (A/S Thor Dahl, Sandefjord).
1941  Captured by Japanese Navy.

          Renamed HAKKO MARU ; Teikoku Senpaku KK, Japan
1944  4th January : Torpedoed and sunk by USS BLUEFISH.

          Position 07.10N : 108.25E, about 200 miles N of Great Natuna Island









Included are details of the


Though they are not Virik Ships, they have a relevant history.


SANDEFJORD 1937 was captured by the ADMIRAL SCHEER

following the attack on Convoy HX84.



Built  1928 for Haldor Virik  

12,000 dwt; 7624grt

2nd May 1942 : At 2253, the unescorted Sandar ( voyaging from Trinidad to Gibraltar ) was hit amidships by two torpedoes from U-66 but still continued at slow speed although the midships section caught fire. She was hit in the aft part by a coup de grâce at 2310 and sank by the stern after 10 minutes. Position 11.42N : 61.10W.  The survivors abandoned ship in the port lifeboat and the motorboat because the starboard boat had been destroyed. The first mate and the boatswain were lost. The U-boat surfaced and questioned the survivors in the boats and provided them food, first-aid material and the course and distance for land before leaving the area. The survivors were picked up the next day after being spotted by an aircraft by the American merchantman ALCOA PILOT about 25 miles north of Port of Spain. The master, who had been terribly burned was immediately admitted to a hospital in Port of Spain but died shortly afterwards.



Built 1928  by F. Schichau, Danzig, Germany

Tanker 6031 grt

For  Ol -Transport GmbH (John T. Essberger) Germany

1939 German Navy requisitioned as OLSCHIFF 2

1940  Accompanied by JAN WELLEM, en route to Narvik with oil supplies for the invasion fleet on 9th April, she took refuge in the Glåmfjord south of Bodø, fearing mines in Vestfjord. She was discovered, Norwegian warship NORDKAPP opened fire. KATTEGAT was scuttled by her own crew. Position 58.26N : 17.25E.

10th April 1940 : The JAN WELLEM had arrived at Narvik on the afternoon

of the 8th April; wondering why the KATTEGAT had not arrived, a search was sent out at 1045 hours, by Marine Command and they discovered that, on the 9th April, 34 of the crew had been captured, and five had escaped into the surrounding hills. NORDKAPP had found her laying at anchor, at Sandågbukta Neverda. The crew refused to abandon ship and so scuttled her. The captain explained why KATTEGAT was laying at anchor, he had been given intelligence as to the British minefield in Vestfjorden.

1940 Raised 14th June : Repaired in July; Renamed BODØ; Norwegian flag. Under way to Tromsø she was attacked and damaged by German aircraft.

1940 September : Salvaged and repaired, she again sailed for Germany;

         Renamed KATTEGAT; John T Essberger.

1944  She was damaged in an RAF raid, and ran aground and was

         stranded near Sandefjord 10th November.

1945  2nd April : Whilst in dock for repairs at Framnæs Mek.Verksted,

          Sandefjord, KATTEGAT was bombed and further damaged by

          RAF aircraft fire. Docks and ships were severely damaged.

1945  May : Sandefjord Docks and KATTEGAT repaired.

1945   6th September : KATTEGAT Awarded to Norway.

1946  17th July : Purchased as KATTEGAT; Renamed SANDAR;

          Viriks Rederi A/S, Norway; Haldor Virik.

1959   Arrived at Antwerp, Belgium, 13th November for demolition.


Sandar   ex Kattegat



8894 grt

Built 1921  Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack

As Passenger/Cargo steamer WURTTEMBERG

For Hamburg America Line, Hamburg.

Deutsche Walfang Gesellschaft, Hamburg

1936  Renamed JAN WELLEM ; Henkel & Co. GmbH, Wesermunde.

          Converted to Whale Factory Ship, remeasured 11,776 grt.

1939  November: Requisitioned by the Kreigsmarine as a base ship and

          converted into a tanker.

1940  Arrived at Narvik, 8th April, having left KATTEGAT behind.

          Scuttled 28th April at Narvik to avoid capture by British forces.

1940  Refloated August ; badly burned-out forward and amidships,

1943  Repaired and recommissioned April, as a base ship, at Libau.

1946  Wrecked, beached 6th June ;

          At Heikendorfer Bucht, position 54.22N : 10.11E.

1947  Broken up at Blyth by Hughes Bolckow


There has been a suggestion that KATTEGAT had been renamed

as EMPIRE TEGEBYA – I believe this confusion has arisen out of the

name of another J T Essberger ship, the ELSA ESSBERGER as she became renamed EMPIRE TEGENYA. Also, Haldor Virik records show that KATTEGAT was purchased in the name KATTEGAT.



Built 1930 Deutsche Werft, Hamburg

For J.T.Essberger.

1172 tons; 235ft x 37ft 

1938 LISA ESSBERGER ;  J.T.Essberger, Hamburg.
1940 Requisitioned by the German Navy.
1945 Seized by Allies at Copenhagen.
1947 LISA ESSBERGER ; J.T.Essberger, Hamburg
1960 OLSTAUER ; R.C.Eckelmann, Hamburg.
1964 ATTIKI ; C.Diamantis, Greece.
1968 PELOPONNISIS ; Greek Tanker Shipping Co.
1979 Scrapped at Kynossoura, Greece.



     [ Sister ship of Yard Nr 425 STORAAS ]

Built 1929 A/B Gotaverken, Gøteborg, Sweden

Yard Nr  415                     

ON 187370

12,000 dwt; 8,038 grt; 4,549 nrt

559ft 6ins x 59ft x 35ft

Call Sign : LDIF

Engines Gøtaverken diesel

1929 HERBJØRN ; Sigurd Herlofson & Co, Norway

1937 Sold to Haldor Virik A/S, Sandefjord.; Renamed SANDEFJORD.

ADMIRAL SCHEER attacked Convoy HX84 on 5th November 1940,

off Newfoundland, position 52.45N : 32.13W, and then sailed south.

1941  18th January : On voyage from Cape Town to Freetown with a

          cargo of 11,000 tons of crude oil, SANDEFJORD was captured

          by ADMIRAL SCHEER. Position 6.29S : 4.25W.

          A prize crew was placed on board and she was sent south to

          position 11S : 02W ; later, sent south again to rendezvous.

1941  26th January : At Point, Codename "Andalusien" 15S : 18W,

          ADMIRAL SCHEER and captured Norwegian tanker SANDEFJORD

          met German ships THOR, PINGUIN, EUROFELD and NORDMARK;

          and another captured ship, the DUQUESA.

          More than 200 prisoners were transferred to SANDEFJORD,

          which was taken to France by the prize crew.

1941  27th February : Arrived Bordeaux in occupied France.

1941 17th March ; Renamed MONSUN ( German flag ).

1943 Set fire in an RAF bombing raid at Nantes, 25th September.

1944 Scuttled at Nantes on 10th August, used as a blockship.

1945 Raised in March, and repaired.

1946 Renamed BRIÉRE ; Societe Anonyme Courtage et Transports, Le Havre.

1954 Renamed CAPE MOUNT ; Transoceanic Transport. Co., Liberia

1955 Renamed CEDAR TRADER ; Trader Line Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda.

1964  Laid up at Hong Kong, 4th May. Driven aground at Hong Kong,

          5th September, by Typhoon "Ruby". Re-floated, 20th October and

          subsequently sold to Hong Kong Breakers in a damaged condition.



5675 tons

Built 1950  AB Gotaverken, Gothenburg.

415ft  x 55ft 2ins x 31ft 9ins

6cyl 2s. csa diesel by shipbuilders.

Call Sign : LHRH.

For Haldor Virik, Viriks Rederi A/S,  Sandefjord.

1964  ANCO SAILOR ; Virik`s Rederi A/S, Norway

1966  TAIPIENG ; Ocean Tramping Co. Ltd, London; Hong Kong

1970  TAIPIENG ; Nan Yang Shipping Co., Somali Republic

1977  TAIPIENG ; Fortune Sea Transport, Panama.

1978  TA CHING Nr 410; China Ocean Shipping Co, China

1980  DA QING Nr 410 ; China Ocean Shipping Co, China

Deleted from Lloyds Register 1992


Sandefjord 1950





Raymond Forward